Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Can't hide Spiritual knowledge and truth for ever under critical analysis in action-Israel in Black Jacob Seed- Land in house of Reuben!

Genocide and conspiracy to commit God killing no joke-tried, but faith and spirit live on then and today, illuminating truth, lies and deceit-jealousy and envy.  Caucasians for along time thought they were the ultimate power on the planet only to find they were merely pawns in the game trying to destroy 'original Power in Black'.  In the process of their emergence on the world stage they became aware of Eve-and her relation to Adam.  Using that knowledge and understanding they were able too seduce  the Black woman into his plan of destruction, too weaken, then eliminate the Black Man's power, ultimately, wiping him off the planet in the name of Christianity.  ' It doesn't matter what you do or how you do it...God forgives.  what does it matter if they go all over the planet creating chaos-raising hell'...they're justify ...God forgives!'  Esau enters the equation of jealousy and denial relative to Jacob and his uncle-finding Judas in Judea wanted the Power and foundation of Israel and the destruction of Joseph and Reuben!  This demon went all over the world planting his seed in the Black Woman who abandoned her children for the Caucasians children-who promised her love and power as she raised his Quadroon-Octoroon-Creole -Mulattoes  children in Occidental western Culture.  Many Black lands and people around the world accepted white men's son and daughters because of their black mothers.  Mulattoes  and Creoles fathers  they considered Black.   Only in resent times did we learned the truth, especially, in American society they feel nothing for Black using Islam as a cover!   Also, Italy-Spain-France-Haiti, Brazil and others you'll find as part of the United Nations' and Moors, who don't consider themselves as Black  until fruitful benefits are given in the action and name of Black.  All of a sudden they're 'Black'.    This is because Caucasian Whites have given up on Black women and replaced her in his desire for Colored women  because he thought Black Women were going to get him into the real prize, which was and is 'The Promised Lands Of Israel'  which even the Zionist Caucasians of Europe found ( she could not do!)  So now, the Black woman like Eve-lost her Man and place and stays miserable and angry even as the colored woman whom the Black man accepted-lost out trying to take his Spirit as Isis-coming out of Egypt-Ethiopia the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Church.  All this and more came to lite when 'Reuben Seed of Jacob' went to War Spiritually, in the Sixties, ending in the 'One Day War' of 1968!'   The Kings Highway- The Door Of Life!  The Ascension in Black and the Aliyah-Rapture!  Dethroning of Isis and defeat of white Israel while the covers were pulled off the Mulattoes trying too  replaced the 'Black Man as Black with  Colored, Black and White woman as his prize, which he hoped would give him the ' Royal Crown Of God In Black'  Oop!  didn't happen, Jacobs Seed, House of Black Israel came through in the foundation of the Land and Nation( Reuben in Divine Intervention by the Supreme Lord Of The Living Most High God!)  Faith-Black Is Beautiful Stay well- in Black Power!  Abraham Isaac and Jacob (C)  8/30/2016  God Is!   Reuben Beckles

Monday, August 29, 2016

A Leopard never changes it's spots And Devil is Still a Devil wanting you to forgive and forget !

For sometime now, yours truly has been standing, fighting and writing for what I know is Justice and Black truth, taking abuse and ridiculed-jailed lied on and about because of the position I believed and know to be truth in  action-not talk!  Action that others were talking around  half stepping getting paid as non- believers and Judas Black sellouts!...males pimps, punks and Sissie's   in politics, home and the pulpit.  Female lying wenches  and begging bitches who think they're as much Man as Man!  I don't see them taking a stand concerning Isis Coming out of Egypt and the 'Book Of the Dead and her continuing role she's playing in the destruction of the Black Male and the sacrifice of death she's making of her children to destroy the authority of the male image!  She never speaks of the impostors Caucasians calling themselves 'Original Jews' whom she embraces as her 'Soul Mate'.   Is she or Ethiopians going to tell you the role both she and the punk pimps are playing  in the Vatican with the long knives-deceit and Eastern Stars, Jesuits and homo-sexuality? How and when did the punk pimps of the pulpit or she as Isis, make a claim, as a Divine Creator-throw her self out of the 'Garden-taking Adam with her to fight for truth and denounce the 'People and phony State Of Israel? Blacks said nothing! ...yet, Helen Thomas ' correspondent to the' White House  made her truth known-denounced them all, telling them to go back where they came from knowing 'Putin' head Man in Russia, knows who they are!  My question is 'why the silence from the Punk Pimps of the Pulpit?  Why nothing from the Black Lying Wenches and Begging Bitches who knew and know the truth unless they were apart of a tremendous sellout-part of Judas  and the Colored White- Genocide Conspiracy to commit  God Killing!...while telling me in no uncertain terms that 'I should forget the past and move on.'  Jesus Loves us all-I must grow up in the Lord'  to which I say- do away with History in Action and documented history Books and the knowledge of reaping what you sow !  Love of my self and self worth will not allow anyone to change or interpret who and what I am  for their own selfish benefits in what ever form that may take.  I move and stand for Black truth in Israel ...Jacob Seed for self and kind!  Land Reparations and Restitution for Black Slavery in America-in chains and shackles...destruction of culture language families-forced  free  slave labor and identity theft, known in the Rapture Aliyah-by the Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High God!....for the truth of me and my kind a debt is Owed and due as the only people who were brought too this Land and system against our will-builders of this foundation!   Claim= Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars and counting (Compounded Interest) in Copyrights-Patients and other valuables! ...Gold Diamond Silver!  Reuben (C) 8/29/2016   Seed of Jacob  Sun  Son Of Simeon     No Games Lie or Tricks! Supreme Lord Of The Living Most High Is! Stay Well and know-   The Devil Is Still A Devil-ever smiling and Changing-hoping to get and keep you off guard.             Abraham Isaac and Jacob              Faith         Reuben Beckles

Friday, August 26, 2016

Black Judas Sellouts as lying hustlers-pimps and sissies trying to use maximum degrees to discredit Jacob and seed- Reuben in Action!

This country and the degrees of knowledge by Occidental in Black and Whites involves ( thirty two degree- thirty third honorarium. )  These are the same monster sellouts and gamers who don't want the truth to be known and there participation and involvement in the big lie  and death!  Their actions  jealousy envy and hatred of myself ( Reuben in Action ) was so great  that to them, Truth and Justice in the Divine Order-Had to go!  They are the ones who set in motion my destruction in the name of Jesus) and Greek Civilization in their organizations across this land of Slavery-called the United States of America! They don't honor or  respect the ' Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and certainly, not the actions I took too over come the trap they set for my death along with the Destruction of Black Israel- whom they hate, giving up, the( Nine and a half Tribes) and their knowledge on the West Bank , now claimed by pot holes!  They sold their spirit wisdom and attachment and any claim they may have had to the land for crumbs.   They know this is truth as do there imps all over the world.   It was Mr Sanford Alexander, one of them...Owner of the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper' in Los Angeles' who saw the hand writing on the wall telling me nothing but pointing me in the Right direction which over came their degrees within ( Three Hundred and Sixty degrees of Action) and Divine Intervention and Judgment!  Remember and think about this when trying to deny truth.   Oriental East in Black, has memory, in action, related to the mind....physical, soul and spirit!   Occidental on the other hand has memory, computerized and written on paper, done, in action, or other wise.  They don't rely on pure talk relative too memory!  So today, when these hypocritical sissies and clowns say Reuben, didn't do what we did in action they lie...envious as I stand firm  for my truth and claim  in Black within the foundation of slavery and Black in this nation.  It's more than talk because of Divine Intervention by the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God in Israel and Prophecy which these Judas Sellouts know, pushing Christ's doom'  and the Twelve disciples who disowned him in the Order of Satan and House of Esau with there hearts and minds up the behinds of the Occidentals in the West joining the ranks of ( the Colored conspiracy and Genocide in Black Lives Matter.'  What you think is Islam under 'Elijah and Farrakhan-  Jessie Jackson and his rainbow coalition- Sharpton -and the rest of these lying activists who don't give a   dam for Blacks and righteous spiritual truth or the people and nation is nothing more than Spiritual death.  They are much like Isis and Eve who want control and power turning their Men into women of equality in' White Supremacy-transgender gays and lesbians- same sex marriage, which is nothing more than political marriage and social acceptance haven given up the Divine Spirit and Wisdom and replaced it with 'Orange is the new Black as " Black Lives Matter!'  The reason there are few Black Fathers in the home, raising the Children, is because the Men don't teach truth from generation to generation and the females don't want them, opting to have no fruit from the womb in Black.  Instead, like Hollywood, they choose to be seen as' harlots of the world'...women of means, looking  for a flaw in her male counter part so she can deliver him and his Children up  'to White Supremacy!' ...with no creation and self worth for self and kind!  Now that the truth is out, it wouldn't matter if members of my own family.... Sons or Daughters rejects their self worth -Spirit  Truth and Wisdom... my Actions and Claim relative to Divine Judgment  is real and not for sale, at any price!  ..I am Reuben Seed of Jacob!  Sun Son of Simeon-  Man.  The Land, Birthright and Action in and for Black Israel, is Real!   (C) 8/26/2016   From the Kings Highway and the door of Life.  Females, whom the world is now trying too claim as God, is a sham a joke and the Men who follow her in this nonsense is lower than low who don't want the responsibility of standing  in action-on point! No woman walks the Kings Highway or does what the chosen in Black Man must do because it's in his DNA the essence of who and what he is!...does that mean he's degrading -putting you down?  No!...he's on his Station!  God Is... as a Leopard doesn't change it's spots - a pig is still pork and Elephant heavy.  Trump wants Blacks under him in' White Supremacy ' too give you jobs sense  you have nothing to give knowing you sold out and have nothing to loose. No land to create for self and kind!  ...The Devil is Still a Devil and he needs and wants you as much as you need and want him!  Curtis Mayfield knew as do I,' there's  a hell below and that's where you're headed like Dr king stated,  leading his people into the burning house of impostors, envy selfishness and greed...much like Dr  Dubois, 'The Mulattos'  who did every thing in his Educated mouth and power to defame and destroy Marcus Garvey'  and his approach  to America's Black Slave problem.  He couldn't wait to leave these shores to live and die in Ghana!    Black Power-Stay Well -Love self and Kind! Compounded Interest and Counting' Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion in dollars-Land-Gold Diamonds Copyrights, Patients and other Valuables in our Spiritual Journey Home!   Reuben Seed of Jacob...No game Lie or Trick!  Imposters and Sellouts can make no claim-you belong to Satan of no truth and the Devil is Still  a Devil!              Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Analysis of problem and solution to Black Slavery in America!

Plain and simple; the influx of Blacks from the Continent of Africa, the Middle East, Belize and the Caribbean have fooled, tricked and convince Blacks in America who have borne the brunt of America's brutality in and under this demonic system, that the path towards real freedom and equality was acceptance of the brotherhood of humanity. We should  learn to live in harmony-black and white as one people.  This is a concept unknown and unacceptable to the 'Occidental Mind'.  The Indians in this part of the world found this out calling them a people who speak with 'fork tongue'.  Saying one thing, meaning another!  I maintain, as "Reuben, seed of Jacob that the Blacks coming from these other parts of the world in the form of  'Immigration-integration'  knew this truth but wanted the 'White woman and White Currency along with White identity. Totally dissatisfied  with who and where they were on this planet.  Black Slavery and  Black participation was stripped from the minds from those who were forced to labor under this insane-barbaric conditions which included the slaves off springs and descendants.  Today, when you look around the country and see Black that you perceive to be apart of you in  ( Education- Law-Politics- Science -Religion-the Arts of Hollywood-so called're being tricked.  Encouraged to join secret societies controlled by the Church you think has your best  interest at heart.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.   They don't give a damn-they want your blessings and birthright which includes the Land and resources they give up and sold out 'Spiritually'  to gain favor in this Land of 'Free Slave Labor' on a foundation they get paid to keep you in check as slaves!  The sixties, was about Black Pride and Freedom- Land Reparations and Restitution-which they could not get  because their sellout was Divine and Spiritual, hence, they're not entitled too anything that Blacks fought and died for here, which would make us free- independent and self governing-not dependent denying 'God  self and kind!    The sellout was a  denial of prophecy, Self worth and the' Divine Supreme Creator' in all aspects of life and they know it ! They are well aware of the 'Rapture Aliyah' and the Birthright of Reuben-Seed of Jacob and the Faith they gave up-like Esau!  None of these Judas  sellout sissies  can  claim anything or part of what we are claiming in the form of Twelve Hundred Million Billion-Trillion Zillion Dollars Gold Silver-Diamonds and growing in compounded interest( Copyrights Patients and other valuables. They have not shone themselves to be worthy brothers or friends asking or telling us to return home and come from under this insane chaos!  Our actions in 'Watts- Black Power and the Kings Highway in the door of Life' not death in ISIS and the Book of the Dead and her Dethroning! The Defeat of Occidental Israelites vampire Impostors and the (One Day War of 1968) trying to take over and  steal the 'Promised Land of Jacob-Black Israel!  ...something even Judea and the nine and a half houses of Israel couldn't do! The problem facing Black America-is self and kind . The way has been paved for your true freedom and independence .  Talk and pointing the finger  will not solve the problem . A Devil is Still a Devil- Trump and Hillary  Clinton can't and won't return the Spirit you either sold or gave up-as you beg for integration and acceptance while you play the game of 'Black Lives Matter- knowing your actions are don't give a damn! hating yourselves or you wouldn't be in the position where Donald Trump tells you " join him...what the hell do you have to lose...?  nothing!  you choose 'White Supremacy for them to run your lives!...your minds!  There is an entertainer who sang...' if there's a  hell below- we're all gon'na go!   Oop, sorry, there is a hell and I'm not going with  you!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God Is !   (C) 8/24/2016   Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon In the Faith in Action and Judgment -Black is Beautiful!  Stay Well. Can't Hide- No Trick, no lie, no game!   Choice is yours!        Reuben Beckles   

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Time-Critical analysis-movement in Action as Jacob seed in Black-Not wanted by Negros-Black Judas Sellouts and Colored -Black White Judas impostors

The days of hypocritical  lies and deceit concerning the Black  Slave situation in America and it's solution should be easy to solve when you know yourself,  kind and God of the living Most High!  Not in just talk, but action !  It is the Truth in the Word that will move you to  Act, relative to Divine Law and Prophecy if you love yourself- mean business and are for real...nothing else matters!  The only thing you have to offer will be ' Body Mind Soul and Spirit -to be Judged by the Divine Creator' in Action- not make believe !  You will find the difference between the 'Oriental and Occidental concepts of life and living,  between Caucasian-Black and White.  Deceit, lies and Truth!  The problem in America today relative to this 'Black-White situation of Slavery and the foundation that  has given rise to the  'legal claim' in behalf of the Slaves in the form of 'Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Dollars in gold silver-compounded interest and growing...Copy Rights-Patients and other valuables, including land based on Genocide and Free Slave Labor of the 'Original Blacks' from the Land of the Blacks ( Continent of Africa ...Egypt, Ethiopia who hate themselves and that hatred extended to the 'Sandhedrin  Council' and Egypt who placed warriors on the boarder Of 'Black Israel' as a thorn  in their side.  That hatred is the same as 'Esau who couldn't face the truth of his actions thinking the birthright was nothing!  Judea, relative to Judas wanted the power and foundation of Israel'  which laid in the House Of Reuben ' First born of Israel-Black!  Because of envy and jealousy and a lost of Identity and history- language and the desire of Blacks wanting to be accepted as 'White in White' today, we  live in mass confusion and chaos .   Creoles, Mulattoes-Coloreds who are basically of European Ancestry  and culture  want nothing to do with Black but accept the term Black as a means of using Black in order to gain acceptance in White Society and Political, Educational, Legal  and Religious activity which is made possible through their Degrees of Shrinedom and the Masonic Order!  This is why you're given 'Obama as a so called Black President-coming from Kenya' that's now in stone chaos along  with the Zionists, Ashkenazim and Sephardi Jews of Europe!  He's nothing more than those sissies in Ethiopia  and the United Nations who accept those phony Caucasians pretending to be the Israelites of the Bible-even after being told and shone, they're a bunch of lying demons!  One of my mentors ' Mr Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper-here in Los Angeles knew this-collecting money-half stepping, using me as a buffer to catch the hell for his talk and my ignorance and righteous action!  His problem like the rest of the Black sellouts across the land even after accepting crumbs wanted to believe but knew they would never be accepted!...knowing they had sold the Land and Birthright out to Satan and that they were to be destroyed if the Seed of Jacob in Prophecy Survived.  They needed a scrape goat. I was Chosen.  They the Black Judas clowns and sissies knew who I was before I knew myself  and went on my Spiritual Journey ' ending into the 'Land of  Ancient Israel.  This includes Legon'   Elijah  Mohammad-Malcolm X. Dr King! The entire movement of the Sixties was an act - to destroy Black in the name of Black and make the Black Woman Goddess!  The entire Script was taken from the ' Protocol calls of Zion'...gave them a Show! Take the Black fathers out of the homes and let your children destroy the wisdom and knowledge of the foundation of truth!   What theses punk sissies didn't count on....'Yours Truly'  Reuben Seed of Jacob- Sun of Simeon coming through for real-in Action-in the prophecy and blowing there game plan to hell with them in it as they were caught running up and down some mountains and hills in some distant  land blowing up some folk they didn't even know as slaves for their White and Colored Slave Masters whose hidden agenda was to destroy Black Ancient Prophecy and the Promised Land of Abraham Isaac and Jacob with Esau at the head in the name of a White Jesus 'and Europeans Jewish bloodthirsty Vampire Impostors! For the most part this is why so many Blacks are in jail today across the country for crimes not committed being told ' Black Live Matter'  Jesus Loves everybody, trying to make Reuben the heavy in the Judgment of our Divine actions in the Birthright.  Not  working! (Jesus said" pick up your Cross and follow him!"  If you don't have the balls to be for real-sit down and be quite or get you a job-live under mama whose Loves her White Jesus! (C) 8/21/2016  Stay Well with the truth and claim on your Black Foundation-Black is Beautiful In Just Power and Faith.  Reuben Seed of Jacob -Sun of Son Simeon.  Reparations Restitution and Land!  No Trick game or Lies 'Lest we Forget' The devil is still A low down dirty devil!!             Reuben Beckles

Friday, August 19, 2016

Divine Wisdom and Insight Concerning black folk arriving in America as immigrants from all over the world hurting because of Black Truth they gave up!

If we play games thinking life is a game trick and a sham with no value-character or valued responsibility, then those Blacks arriving on the shores of America as partakers of the American  dream-standing on the foundation of Blacks, who think they're free, yet, are in big trouble.   You know they're nothing more than economical -political cannon fodder, being used like the animals. You think by standing and living aloof with a smile and envy on your faces which turns to hate when you find we're not asleep but  paid an awesome price just to be alive as descendants of the slaves  you helped to sellout from the continent.  At this point I will just say that history-Black truth and history,  will speak for it's self as you stand on a foundation of insane inhumanity and hell built by slaves coming  from the same part of the world as you.  In your quest for economical freedom and political acceptance you never thought you would have to pay the tremendous price you are now paying and will continue to pay for selling out the Spirit, Land and it's people to enter this land and system because you thought you were free and white'  trading the best of everything on the planet earth-(God Given)  like Esau, thought the blessing had no value!  Today, many of you, now that your eyes have been opened are claiming,' we're all the same-Brothers and Sisters trying to turn your skins white like your minds, as you find Judas sellouts all over the place, shook up when you learn 'The Supreme Lord Of The Living Most High God' that you and your Brothers in White Supremacy' thought was nothing is  alive and well. Blessings  you thought was dead,  'In Black Israel' with Knowledge, Truth Experience and Wisdom  you found over your heads unable to deal with.  Following the Coloreds, Creoles, Mulatto's and Whites as apart of there culture in a political Coalition  of Integration and death you hoped would be the demise of 'Divine Black Truth!'  What do you do now after given up the land, birthright and truth you knew in Prophecy as the Slaves and foundation you are standing on in Black, has a Spiritual Divine Claim of Over ' Twelve Hundred Million Billion  Trillion Dollars and counting, in Gold-Silver, Diamonds Copyrights, Patients and other valuables with compounded Interest-based on Free Slave Labor! Not coming to this land of  our own free will- destroying our Identity -Culture Language Family in Chains and Shackles.  Burned, Castrated, lynched, dehumanized. Beaten, tricked lied too on and about  to this very day.  Black Judas sellouts from all over the world use the 'Constitution ' telling the foundation of Blacks, who made their freedom possible, that it's not politically correct to speak in terms befitting the acts of monsters because it might offend the Slave Masers! which I asked- where  were you sissies when these monsters, being the salvages they are, you now claim as brothers?  They were doing every bestial thing known to the animal kingdom?!  It took our Faith-Mind Body Spirit and Soul in the Spirit Of the Living God along with Divine Intervention to come from under his demonic, selfish, greedy, destruction.  Today, you can talk about 'love everybody' can't we all just get along?'  Hell No!  I'm moving In concert with the truth in Black Prophecy and Faith in the building of our Spiritual home in Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  ...knowing these Men  were about faith and belief in God!  They were Not God!'  But believed in God!  Yours truly, as Reuben Seed of Jacob, because of Action taken, by belief and faith,  could never have survived the ordeal laid on my mind  heart and soul-laid in my lap knowledge and wisdom, to be acted upon in the form of Watts- broken Home and family- walking the Kings Highway- War of (1968) ...The dethroning of Isis and  defeat of the European Zionist and White Impostors, Calling themselves Jews in a Land that's not theirs and never was!  The Educational-Economical Political and Spiritual games being played across the board by Blacks here and around the world is very dangerous if not committed to truth and real justice.  They will be caught in the Tsunami of time and death with no future in the arms of Isis, Satan and the 'Book of the dead...not the Door of Life!...nor the return of Christ because it requires divine wisdom and truth in Just Action.  (C) 8/19/2016   Reuben-Seed of Jacob   Sun son Man of Simeon and Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  Stay well-Black is Beautiful as is Israel- truth and prophecy!           "Lest We Forget'  Supreme Lord Of the Living God -Is!.. and Satan the Devil is Still the Devil and a pig is still pork!  Talk with no real action-will end with nothing!  Solution Reparations Restitution Land !          Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Critical Analysis-Spiritual Truth ad Divine Wisdom in Action relative too Black Slaves in America!

Black Slaves and their descendants living in America in the Twenty First Century, can no longer pretend ignorance -deny their foundation and status claiming to love everybody while on the bottom of the ladder of this bestial Society, claiming freedom for all it's people, knowing that doesn't include you as Blacks across the landscape.  If  this isn't a statement of fact...why special laws and legislation?...'Civil Rights' -Voting Rights- Housing acts-so-call Church-school and commerce laws all based on your acceptance of the 'status quo' and death of integration rooted in this nations ( Colored System) which cuts you off from your History and Foundation.  You  join this nations arm services to fight it's wars under White Supremacy and when you realize you're fighting yourself  and kind but sees your woman as the prize to plant his seed and fulfill his insane destiny of destruction and chaos! ...ending with the Black Males total destruction-because  Black will be unable to produce himself and kind dying from the 'Master Plan' called disease of the mind' with no purpose, language land or future being striped of the very essence of life.  Just finished reading Sundays Newspaper where USC is giving ' College programs to returning 'Military Warriors' teaching them how to adapt to College and study effectively in a democracy-themed seminar!  But now check this goodie out.  These Military folk are required to think and respond when asked a question by there  instructor.  however,  in the Military, you don't're told what to do-how to do it-when to do it on Command!...from what I can see these are white folk teaching white folk to think!'  What in the Hell do you think is happening to the multitude of blacks serving ( Their Country)?  If ' Black Lives Matter' According to so-called Black leadership across the board and Black condition with all the Marching, talk, killings dying's- broken homes are still taking place, then there is no doubt in my mind that these Judas Sellouts are the Devils, working strong, for these White Satanic Monsters! ...telling Blacks to Love everybody- so that we can witness en mas-the complete genocide and murder of Blacks here and on the continent  of Africa by one of the oldest free Republics on the Planet (Ethiopia) welcoming and giving praises too the top leader representing that bloodsucking Vampire State of so- called Israel-knowing as do the United Nations and the United States that they are not from Jacob seed! ...they're White Caucasians!  Ethiopia's entire Parliament are a lying bunch of hypocritical Judas punks who have destroyed themselves!  Being a part of them from the culture and land as Black men and women they cannot and will not do, as we do  here.  Fight for our Justice and freedom. We make the  'Divine Claim '  of Twelve Hundred Billion Trillion Dollars in Land  Gold Sliver Diamonds and other Valuables still counting with compounded Interest!  They too will pay to Divine Justice, Just like the rest on the continent  and here, under Divine Law!  All these folk who think they can lie steal promote Slavery and other crimes and get away accepting benefits under the pretext of innocence will find themselves in a situation they don't believe and didn't see coming, blinded by envy selfishness and greed!   Action in time- On Time !  Love self and kind-Black is Beautiful-Stay well in faith and truth..."Lest We Forget ' A pig is  Still Pork and a Leopard never changes it's Spots and you can bet, "The Devil in Satan Is Still  Devil!!  From the Kings High way and the Door of Life' I Am Reuben Seed of Jacob- Sun Son- In Black Israel No Lie No Game and no Trick  The Supreme Lord of the living Most High God ' Is!  Faith In Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and you can take my truth to the Bank in Action!! (C) 8/10/2016      Reuben Beckles

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Slavery Againest Your Will-Gives you non recognition as Black folk-with the sham and game of "Black Lives Matter!"

If you have no consciousness or knowledge of self and kind, Land or God, then you are a Zombie with nothing, going no where -can and will be used for the gain of others who use you to destroy yourselves in the name of integration and progress in a Country on a land controlled by a system of White Elite manipulators and Black Judas sellouts who are envious and jealous of true Black Israel-Jacob seed ...Prophecy and the Land-which is coveted by impostors and nations the world over, especially, Black Slaves in America, who are playing this game of Freedom Justice and Independence.  Chaos and confusion is continued by you who don't want to recognize the value of your history and foundation as black.  You accept Creoles and Mulattoses who have their own history and culture as Sons and Daughters of White folk who think they're better and look down on you as too dark.  The schools that you think are Black were schools setup for the While man's children-urged by the White woman-which didn't include Black-knowing there was and is a difference-not only in looks but in the DNA in order to defuse the emergent of Black awareness and power.  Today, his Sons and Daughters are claiming to be you as Black and like the Zionist-Jewish Caucasian from Europe they want your Divine Birthright living out the lie of Esau and the trickeration of Satan!   There aim is to misguide and kill off any and everything Black-this is how deep their envy and jealousy runs.  They promote, 'Plan Parenthood '  which means the death of Black Babies!  The Fight between  'Dr Duboise and Marcus Garvey was real then and now between Colored and Black Folk in families across the land with 'Farrakhan selling Blacks out in the name of Black!   The Spit between Dr King  and Elijah and that whole Civil Rights Movement of Genocide was real, found out too late by Dr King after he was taken to the top of 'The Mountain.'   Your colored Educators-Religious leaders Lawyers in the Justice and political departments know this truth pushing 'Black Lives Matter' as a death trap for integration with the acceptance of So-called Jewish Gentiles Sons and Daughter while pushing Black females as God' proclaiming we're 'all the same!'  ...taking  pages from Adam and Eve- Sodom and Gomorrah and the suicide of Judas and same sex marriages!...'Black lives Matter', like Civil Rights -Voting rights Act... it's all a sham intended  to deny Blacks a place on the planet earth!  This is why my actions has always been and still is  about Self and kind as Black-Hebrews Israelite!  Has nothing to do with Arab, Moors Transgender, everyone and thing in between as impostors, claiming to be someone they're not, wanting something they're not entitled too. My Actions, knowledge truth and insight is like an earthquake in the middle of the ocean-no place to run no place to hide,  and pay day means ( you reap what you've pay to the Unwilling Slaves and their Descendants for Genocide and all other attending ill's, ( Land Reparations and  Restitutions)  Twelve Hundred Billion Trillion and counting in Gold Silver Diamonds-Copyrights-Patients and other Valuables in Compounded Interest-or in the end, Fire consumes it all.  How do I know?  ...I entered the Land in the Aliyah-Rapture. of Divine Spiritually and Seed of Jacob as part of the Kings Highway and the Door of Life!  Under The Supreme Lord of the Living Most High my Acts were not done for every body and this is the secrecy known by the Elite, controlling the world from Egypt- Ethiopia Vatican Greece  UN-United State Germany Switzerland-many on the Continent of Africa  South America and Mexico China and the dope running Cartels. France, Belgium and Spain. ' Lest We Forget,"  The Black Judas Sellout here and Across the board who hate themselves-Males and Females!  If you think this is all a joke of make belief  take the( Action ) I was  forced to take with only one way out of this land and no Organizational help in the Action or Judgment.  In relation to the voting process, Donald Trump told the world he would lead them all into the Promised Land-that all the Politicians have been  bought and paid for, including Hillary. He says is nothing!'  Noting Ex governor Wallace who Stated "( There's not a dimes worth of Different between the Democrats or Republican party of (Twiddle  and dumb)!  A Devil is Still a Devil and truth is Just truth-take that too the bank! (C) 8/7/2016 Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon- Faith Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  Stay well -Black is Beautiful    Reuben Beckles.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Pretenders to the throne of Gods original spirit and truth In Hell-as truth and non-action-seen too late!

Greed , selfishness and jealousy can't get around black Israel, genocide, and debt owed to slaves in America as claim surfaces and interest mounts and counting in the form of Reparations, Restitution and Land!  ( Compounded Interest on-Twelve Hundred Billion Trillion Dollars In Land-Gold and Silver-Diamonds -Patients and Copyrights and other valuables.)   All based on a people stolen from a Sovereign land mass-bought to this land in chain and shackles against their will-while losing millions on the high seas suffering the loss of language-families-culture all beyond all human understanding that even Genocide, can't explain while walking around in today's world as Slaves and their descendants work and pretend no foundation, no past-mired in the hypocrisy of our so-called leaders who are nothing more than punk Judas sellouts  telling us to join the freedom march in Religion- Education on a higher level of insanity where the 'Voting Rights Act- Civil Rights and integration will make us free so that we can shout like the late Dr King, who led the people into this burning house... ( thanking God almighty at last we're free! work and beg at the Slave masters table of pimps punks, liars and thieves under the Law!  These sorry misfits and punks tell us to let them do the thinking for us and forget the past-rooted in the truth and building this nations foundation  with free slave labor while forced to live as animals. Lynched-raped-beaten-castrated-denied all humanity as we speak one language ( His ) even while raising his children and denying our own while being slaughtered for learning to read and write! Today, many nations around the world are claiming to be you in the truth of your divine birthright which includes Creoles and Mulatto's who for the most part are the Slave Masters Children and they will tell you and the world with pride and dignity, 'White Supremacy' runs through their blood, they are above Black!  They give you the' Voting Rights Act and special schools while hiding the Pole Tax of Mutilation and Castration of your genitals.   When you vote for people Like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, you're inviting Death to you and your Kind whom you claim to love as 'Black Life's Matter'. Trump told you and the world he and his Elite Friends have bought and paid for both Democrats and Republicans who don't feel anything for people (not of their Class )! Were it not for Divine intervention I would be classified as a Terrorist and headed for the Graveyard!  Why didn't it happen?  ...because of the 'Spiritual War- of 1968 and other action as Jacobs Seed where the Judas Impostors were defeated- Isis was dethroned-  Watts surfaced and 'White Israel was exposed  having no claim to the Linage or Land they tried to claim was theirs!   Believe it or not, Black Judas sellouts in the Mosques-Churches, nations of Egypt and Ethiopia know it as do many other countries (meaning the United Nations) have been and are behind this insanity.  They don't say anything and can't move because they have been paid off as the non-believers and bullies punks they are....pretending to be  Servants of the People!  Does this exclude these blood thirsty vampire impostors (European Caucasians- Never?!' The Hell they are catching and reaping is what they have created for the innocent as Pretenders to the Throne.  This includes these Black low down dirty Snakes!  Only Money and destruction of truth is there faith!   (C)  Reuben    8/3/2016  Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob    Seed of Jacob Sun-Son Man of Simeon!  A pig is still pork anyway you cut it and A devil is still a devil!  From the Kings Highway and the Door of Life....No game , No Trick and No Lie!     Black Is Beautiful- Love Self and Kind ! Take this too the Bank-  A Debt Owed!            Reuben  Beckles