Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Spiritual and Divine Revelation Walking Through Prophecy and Scriptures As Reuben -Judged By The Supreme Lord Of The Living Most High ! Action-Not Talk Relative too Black Israel!

Under Black Power I am Reuben-Seed of Jacob, given the last name, in the hospital...Beckles, by my Father and Mother for acceptance living in Western Society and Culture.  Why is this important?  Because, in ancient times and culture-Israel represented...One God-One Name and Land- One People! I was physically born in America by and from Black.  Spirit to Spirit, Soul to Soul I was chosen as a Twin to Walk Spiritually through Scriptures from the beginning too the 'Book of  Revelations' ending in the Aliyah, (Rapture) reconnecting Black to their origin of the Divine Creator...Slaves who came to this land called America, in Chains and Shackles and almost destroyed by these Judas sellouts and European Blood thirsty demons... to work and build the foundation of this land-making tremendous wealth and profits for this nation and the world!  The Satanic Spirit of the 'Great Whore', Esau and others made of the same Spirit are at the head and bottom of the greed, envy, jealousy and deception found with the Genocide of Blacks around the world.  The poverty, chaos and insanity created by these lying sissies, thugs and pimps is awesome to those effected directly and indirectly!  What they have sown-they will and must reap!  So, when I Say  to the Slaves, then and now I mean  the Original descendants.  Slavery is over!  Our responsibility for our future is ours! You are due Payment for 'Genocide- free Slave Labor' with compounded Interest at today's going rates in what ever form this nation, it's allies and enemies hold in value. It is and will be yours  as a debt owed!...'no Lie-Trick and No Games!  For those who gave up the faith of Prophecy and the Father selling their birthright and land on the West Bank of the Jordan out to the  Satanic forces of Europe (Ashkenazim, Sephardi and Zionist  so-called Jews as did  Esau relative too Jacob...what did you think you have coming playing your game in Christianity  and Islam?...through Judas?  Reuben and Simeon returned home...leaving you, your lies and land in Sink Holes!  You chose to leave the Faith for crumbs,  joining satanic forces of Europe and America... to fight and die taking lands and people for harlots causing untold suffering and pain in the name of 'Democratic Capital Enterprise and Discovery.!  You cut off Gods people to their Land and Culture language and inheritance for a job and acceptance in the voting booth- Satanic Pulpit, to control with funny money backed by 'free slave labor and ignorance!'    How many times did you cross the waters into another time Zone  trying to enter the promised lands of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh  only to fail when by faith, Reuben found the Kings Highway and entered the door of Life.  You used the knowledge of ISIS and the Book of the dead.  You were and are the lying force behind the Creole-Mulattoes, White Supreme power and color's trying to destroy Prophecy and Jacob!  You are never to be trusted as a Devil then and a foolish, hypocritical devil now!  You have no love for yourself and you don't have any for your kind now!  You set in motion a scheme to cut Man-the Seed of Jacob off from History and Prophecy ... You failed along with your scheming imps and can't lie out of this one as Reuben, In the Spiritual Faith,  without any of your organizational  input -walked through the fire and hatred you set in motion to find the truth and was Judged by the Father in and of the Divine Creation -Crossed into the Land Coveted by you and others...and took the righteous Throne given by God!  You tried to take it...couldn't.  Can't be bought and not for Sale!'  Here's one for You and Your Kind!   Go- East West North And South with your 33 degrees you claim to have or higher. (I don't claim to be in this organization or any other!...only by faith in Action -you'll fine fire, air, earth and water.  Walk and find the Royal Kings Highway. Take note: every inch of ground will be covered by Black Righteous Warriors with long knives on both sides and in back of you.  All at one another's throats.  Find the Door - Find the Land...Find the Throne! If it be yours as you and others claim TAKE IT!  If Not, Hell awaits you!  A Leopard doesn't change it's Spots. A pig is Still Pork !  Faith and Truth is Still what it is. God's Domain!) ... a lying hypocritical, demonic, blood thirsty impostor Devil is just what he is   A Devil!   Black Power in Faith-Stay Well and Love yourself!   Black Israel( Abraham-Isaac-Prophecy in Jacob!)  (C) 4/26/2016        Reuben from the Kings Highway-Door of Life!    Seed Of Jacob-Sun Son Of Simeon   A debt owed- free Slave labor in Chains and Shackles from one land mass to another  not coming here from their own free will!  So now, you don't have to asked like the Leader of the Nation of Islam"  who ever heard of the Feet Leading the Head?....  all  in relation to the Rainbow Coalition-Malcolm X also taught by Mr Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper.   Now, ask why wasn't his Stature and African House ever built concerning his activities  in Leimert Park or across this Land?  What was his connection with other organizations; Le'gon,  Elijah and The Constitution'  Of these United States, completed by Action taken by yours truly along with the realization  and death of the late Dr  King and Demise of My Twin and Khalid Muhammad  as America crumbles in the Panama Papers as the King cross over in the Faith and Blessing of the Divine Creator-Denied across the board!           Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

From my Black perspective and Spiritual insight- Self destruction and Genocide has been and continues because Black Judas Sellout and their 'White Supremists Slave Masters deem it necessary for their survival !

If Black folk living in America were to admit and submit to the dilemma being faced by blacks  across this land then there must be a recognition and understanding of the ' cause and effect'  of Slavery-chains and shackles and free slave labor as our Black Foundation that has made it possible for the leadership and privileged class to tell the World...with meaning " This is the 'Greatest Land and Country on Earth!'  They can say this with pride-omitting solution because of ( Forced Slave Free Labor and stolen knowledge-they didn't pay for!)    We have been given much knowledge and wisdom over the years of what the leadership, privileged class of Black and white Supremacist claim is good for the Nation-but Blacks, a  people who didn't come here of their own free will remain a constant source of ill will, in poverty, keeping hope alive for others to live the good life,  call freedom.  The good life for the slaves is' forget the past...go along,  get along under the dictates of the Slave Masters singing,' We Shall over Come!...Some Day!...but not Today!'  You're being beat down- shot down-abused misused-thrown in jails not because of choice, but because you're apart of a System that's a money making machine that helps to keep you in a demoralized condition of Genocide!  If you, the Black Slaves, knew and understood your role in History Relative to Divine Prophecy, you would stop being used against yourselves and turn this insanity upside down over night ...understanding the meaning and depth of real freedom for self and kind in the form of ( Land-Restitution and Reparations)!  You will never be free and accepted in this so-called free society for white folk anymore than (Judas is accepted as a Traitor) seen as a scumbag!  Blacks are seen as servants who produce wealth  and the good life for others in what ever form that takes!  The slaves are told to join the Arm forces under the American umbrella controlled by the Policy makers, Bankers and Identity thieves who have a problem with some folk over seas, they call Terrorists.  Slaves, who think they're free, don't question this nonsense.  Whether you have a family or not go...blowing up some folk you don't even know, in a place speaking a language, in a culture-you know nothing about!  You return to these shores, mindless, homeless looking for a job-to pay taxes for just being!  Some of you find out some real knowledge and truth becoming religious leaders, Lawyers and politicians but you don't tell us a dam thing about the real stuff going down...going along, to get along!  What cause were you fighting and dying for?  What was the nature spirit and culture of the people you found living on those lands you were sent to destroy?  Did you think like the Vatican...Roman Catholic Church, you would employ the 'Doctrine of Discovery' blow-up the folk living in harmony and take their land. Did you find you were still a slave or that one of the major Political and Economical countries in the world ( England)... has a  impostor as  Queen sitting on the throne making major decisions that are bogus. Making policies , signing Tariffs and alliances, major agreements with other countries  in Europe and other countries around the world having no legal authority...making these agreements-null and void!  This is why many of these off shore accounts, here and abroad, have the holders of these accounts running scared-stealing the wealth of the people within the various country's in chaos.  It can be called Panama or what ever.  A theft and lying Devil, is still a devil.  You, the Slave, can't get to the off shore accounts have nothing. The Slave Masters have You and the Accounts. This then is another form of Genocide where the holders of off shore accounts  can travel to places like' Africa, land of the Blacks' as one of the allies who helped  put you and your descendants in your present state of slavery...make war on certain states, buy off the leaders in others and take the land and resources leaving the people in poverty.   I wouldn't be surprised if the monies stolen from certain countries coffeurs around the world causing economical chaos,  including,  Trillions that can't be found in the Pentagon, CIA or other agency's are in some off shore accounts preparing for the war between China -Russia  Armaggeldon, exposing the real reason for all this madness on the 'Continent Of Africa'-Land of the Blacks and it's resources...killing of the Black Slaves In America and their debt which has come due with compounded  interests! Genocide and free slave labor!...The demise and truth of Jacob Seed is what the world wants to destroy in Prophecy and Black Israel.  The (War of 1968, Watts,  Isis and the Identity  theft of  White Impostors and Black Judas Sellouts exposed those fake phonies sissies claiming to be the Seed of Jacob has shown them as liars and impostors!  Blood hungry Vampires in Satan. World deceivers.  Zionist, Askenaizim and Sephardic Caucasian Jews who have been aided by Black Judas sellouts in Judea and other parts of the world.  The  push for integration in Black America, is to be able to confuse and make sure the fathers of the children and seed are removed from the homes and off the planet, so that the children of Jacobs leanage will never come to lite- leaving the door open for Esau and his Satanic imps to take over the Land and birthright of Jacobs Israel. (Black!)  This is one of the reasons why there is so much confusion and turmoil between Blacks and Mexicans.  The Mexicans bought into this notion of conversion into the Masonic order and Judaism.  Convinced they too were entitled to claim the Birthright...Not so!...can't be brought by one phony to another! The Original ask, 'why should I convert to that which, I am by Birth?'   Therein is the difference.  'Like Esau, we're not the same!'  I don't come through the White Zionists nor the 'Treaty of Guadalupe Hildigo'..!  If your people sell you out for Twenty -fifty million dollars in gold and silver- what do you do with the Indian or Moor culture trying to claim the Land-people and birthright cross the Jordan!  Where were you, when I made the Aliyah -Rapture in Black as the Seed of Jacob, Sun-Son of Simeon-In the Twelfth House of Reuben?  All relative to the Land and Spiritual Throne relative to the Black Slaves of America and the debt owed!  Looks like the Caucasian, pretending, Jews of which you're apart sold you a bill of goods ...maybe you can fine the answers in Spain as the Prophecy of 'Black Israel didn't include you.  Where were you in the Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob ? (C) 4/12/2016    I am Reuben Seed of Jacob.  Sun Son of Simeon  Foundation of Israel  Twelfth  House-in the Rapture-Aliyah of the Kings Highway cross the river Jordan and the 'Door Of Life!  No Trick lies and no games and I didn't come to this knowledge and wisdom by deceit or trickery.  For those of you who think this is falsehood -find the highway-enter the door and take the Throne and Land-this is Spiritual  Wisdom and Truth.  True Black Warriors, await you!  A Leopard doesn't Change it's Spots and the devil Is Still a Devil-Black Is Beautiful!  Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High Lord, Is God!-------Take that to the Bank!      Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Slavery-Free Slavery Labor a Debt owed in real Financial Terms Is no Joke! America and It's Foundation of Bankers around the World-World Bankers-IMF along with American Institutions of Black Judas Sissies and Sellouts are at the Root cause of Black Genocide!

Have you ever asked your self what is wrong with the mind set of the majority of Black folk in this country living in a system they know is not theirs, on a land they don't control (Monetary-Politically- Military-culturally or Educationally!) It's time to place blame where it's due from the top to the bottom of phony leadership.  I find it appalling that so much time has passed with truly knowledgeable people giving of themselves in thought and time to and for a people who did not come to these shores of their own free will-but in chains and shackles.  The only group of folk that lost every human value and purpose for being while building the foundation of this land  for others to enjoy that they themselves, even now, cannot enjoy as free men and women. Their world is full of hypocrites  and demons!  Black folk have been fed mountains of worthless dreams and fairy tales of brotherhood -love and honor -tied to Citizenship that they are still looking for in the form of Unitarian acceptance...not believed, seen, nor practiced by these other groups and nationalities.  The end results is  what other groups see as natural to solve problems among and for themselves,Blacks have every body and their cousins telling them what they can-should and should not do if it doesn't include the world of demonic liars and hypocrites who at the end of the day, want nothing but financial gain  and political votes from their ever loving slaves!  Even if you leave these shores and do any amount of traveling you'll find Blacks on the bottom of the cultural social-economic political ladder where Black leaders are nothing but fronts pretending to their own kind they're in control.  These so-called leaders fill their pockets with funds from International Bankers  by selling off  the land and it's resources.  At the end of the day they have land in Europe and other places around the world with massive, secret, off shore accounts  in the British Virgin Islands...Panama papers where people from the 'Land of the Black Continent' Like Mobutu-Mugabe- Amin and others have been able to amassed tremendous amounts of wealth by keeping their own poor an impoverished.  Without poor working folk these clowns would be nothing!  Same thing is true concerning many of these so-called leaders of Black America, especially, those who run your secret social orders and religious houses who are forever pointing the fingers at those who have been demoralized by policy and action by the thugs and sissies in sheep's  clothing.  These blood hungry demons and impostors are now claiming to be apart of Jacobs Seed- Black Israel, whom they hate and if they could would take the identity and land belonging to Reuben on the other side of the Fertile Crescent  and Jordan-claim it as their own and wipe Black out at the drop of a dime and feel nothing which is why they did nothing to stand and fight 'The White Supremacy of so called Israel-ISIS and all other phonies who knew the truth, instead, sold out to Satan and his legions of Esau-Ishmael Black Judas sellouts of Judea-the Ethiopians within the walls of the Vatican helped to raise Egypt and destroyed the Moors influence in the East and West.  Blacks are  poor because of their insane  desire to promote brotherhood  in the 'Greece Hellenic Council'  the Sanhedrin Council where many exchanges of knowledge and Spirits took place-also in Ethiopia where Christendom was born, ending up White' in Europe ...'White in Egypt-until  Nasser' raised the consciences of the people concerning Black Hebrews leaving Egypt and returning  'White?  The Sellout was so great along with the denial of the Supreme Lord of Israel by the nine and a half tribes that the Land that was once theirs has been turns into sink-holes and the air of destruction will be their Legacy. White Impostors claiming Israel lied when Reuben found the Kings Highway in the Spiritual Rapture of the Sixties Crossed over into the Land and took the Throne...not to be taken and not for sale at any price!  This is why you have confusion concerning Black folk in America's so-called leadership relative to Land Reparations and Restitution for Black Slaves in America!  In their present state of Poverty-who else can make this claim and have it stand under Divine Authority?  Donald Trump and his kind with his status and their Money key think they can buy anything or body even Patients and Copyrights which is why he went into the Churches and made a secret deal with the sellouts of the Nine and a half tribes in the Church.  After the meeting he tells the world what the meeting was about.  He would lead America and the World into the "Promised Lands" ...that even Dr. King didn't believe was real until God took him in the Spirit to the top of the Mountain and showed him the real deal.  He was One of the Top Judas Sellouts that even Ex President Lyndon Johnson found out  to late causing him to step down as President of these United States, when the false phony State Of White so-Israel ( created the 'War of 1968)' and Isis was dethroned trying to take the Land and failed!  This,  because of the information sent to the White House and Justice Department by yours truly.  Throwing me in jail -at the same time claiming I was insane or a terrorist nonsense, didn't work.   I wasn't playing then and I'm not playing now!  ...Is God alive and real!  Should you and others doubt it, keep moving down this insane path towards Armaggeldon and the world will soon come to know...Reuben in Israel is Black and not playing a game of Lies -Tricks or foolishness ! The Copy righted material that is being used, without my consent( written or orally given) is real and the Devil is still a Devil  ...Compounded interests at today's going rates based on a debt of Slavery and free Labor wrapped in Divine Wisdom and Justice is also real! (C) 4/6/2016    Reuben Seed of Jacob   Sun Son Of Simeon in Spiritual Faith!  In Action ...Door of Life and the Kings Highway.  Abraham Isaac and Jacob!    Judas cannot sell Black Israel out for money and usury to these Bloodsucking phony vampires gaining Justification at our expense .  Trust never  you pay!    No Game Trick -No Lie!                   Reuben Beckles