Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Soverienty and Justice not change up with two Masters-Slavery or Freedom?

This system lies, game playing,  usury and pretense will leave you in the dark as frustrated slaves-begging, doing for others hating yourselves, with no future and purpose!  Can't have two masters pretending something for nothing no righteous spiritual foundation and land upon which to create, love build for self and kind.  Slave Masters in this system, on this land, will have you believe this land and system of trickery is theirs to give you the slaves -non citizens, a Constitution and freedom where you march and beg them for the right too vote and die for him and his kind because of his white pale skin and funny money that's going up in smoke, like them who used you and your kind, to take this land and others around the world to build their empire.  You and your kind were brought to these shores in Chains and Shackles with knowledge and free slave Labor.  Built the foundation of this nation which him and his kind call the greatest country in the world...( His world!  His world and how he does business.  He buys your so-called leaders and they must do his bidding, to the detriment of Black you!)  The reason they have been able to destroy many Black folk here and the world, is because of the Black Judas sellouts. The continued fight of Black Spiritual warriors whom he calls Crazy Terrorist, is his headache,  knowing that they White Supremacists are non-believers of the faith-Spiritual Faith!  Pretender's. This is one of the reasons they choose not to give or address the issue of (Restitution for Free slave Labor -Reparations and Land)!  His Greed Selfishness lies, deceit and ability to organize usury of deception and bribery has kept him living well with his Army, Law a politics  and control of the money system- with his picture staring you in the face to say nothing of his method to deceive as an impostor in the name of Brotherhood and Love of Jesus-which in truth-he doesn't give a damn so long as he gets his way as Blood Sucking Vampires! The Chaos which they created is coming too an end. He's going mad trying to hold' Black folk' in check as a buffer between him and his kind!  You can't serve two Masters.  He knows it!  Your deliverance...Spiritual Rapture, Aliyah!... they call crazy talk, until they examine the physical action that became-Spiritual  and Divine By Reuben, Seed of Jacob Sun Of Simeon, Crossing over the Jordan -Walking  The King's Highway.  and because of it-yours truly, was called insane taken into their system of Hospital and Court.  Beaten-to wallow in pain on concrete floors only to be released a free Man-because they couldn't fight the  Spirit of 'Divine intervention' and Black Truth In Action! Black To Black-Soul To Soul-Spirit To Spirit In the God Force !I Am-No Trick no  Lie No Game!   (C) 8/28/2015     Love is  Black Power!!                           Reuben Beckles

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lest We Forget' as talk goes on with No Substancial Meaning or Purpose Other Than to Self destruct.

No Lie-Trick or Game 'Lest we Forget,' why we were brought here and remain in chaos on this land of Opportunity.  Opportunities for others, not for Black self and kind.  Yes, their are opportunities for Black faces from Africa, the Caribbean Central and South America-but these are  not the same folk as the Black Slaves and their descendants who slaved labor for free and made the foundation of this Nation the envy of the world.  These black faces of Negros and Colored opportunist are issue passports by the 'State Department' and told to have nothing to do with' Lazy Blacks' born in this System.  So, you see them parading around the Malls with gun on their sides watching you, protecting Whites and others goods  for sale with smiles on their faces,  chests extended out like a woman breasts. It's only after they're here for awhile when the reality of Black Slavery sets in, they and  their Children began going crazy. Before then the 'Lazy Black Slaves' could tell them nothing!  This holds true for Mexicans -Latinos-Chinese , Koreans , people from Vietnam-Philippinos  and all others who fall under the Mantel of (White Supremacy)!  After they're given the do's and don't about Blacks they're then given  an American dose of White Supremacy,  hit in the head with the shocker about the 'Lazy Black Slaves'.  They're the only folk who arrived on these shores against their Will'  in Chains and shackles- and remain in a State Of War' having a legal claim on and against the Government and it's People for Restitution and Reparations which includes them as new comers!   They find, they too, owe Black Slaves as part of the American Debt, standing on the backs of  non-Citizens as such, have no claim to this Land.  This is why many Indian Tribes told the Black Slaves they are no longer apart of their Sovereignty and the Indian Nations who have a treaty with the United States Government!   Blacks would do well to come out of this insane state of denial-crying and begging for Justice and integration-restoration of the 'Voting rights act'  -Commissions to Study' the Effects of Slavery' -using the 'Constitution to defend their illegal state of being as non Citizens trying to act like Citizens because you as Non Citizens Slaves, changed course in  the  middle of the Ocean as Warriors, fighting for real Freedom for self and kind- too wannabe  acceptance in a nation of Imposter's and demons!  What's new?  Blacks are still non acceptable slaves pretending Citizenship-as apart of Louis Farrakhan call for 'Ten Thousand Fearless Men' from a Christian Church- forgetting Elijah Mohammad before his death said:  There Would Be No more Islam-I don't Know What it would be-But it won't be Islam!"   It should come as no surprise, when he; 'Farrakhan' gave many of them in the Nation, to Sciencetology'. ' Lest We Forget'...Jim Jones and his love for all folk(Blacks Primarily)   They drank his Love portion...Men Women and Children and are now dead-dead- Dead!' White Israel-imposter's-Isis dethroned and the attempt to destroy all and everything Black here an around the world is no game!  Their failed attempt should bare witness to this truth.  From the Kings high way -Door of Life ' and the Aliyah-Rapture!  ...Beyond the Jordan into  Land of and House of Reuben  Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  with no apologies.  Lest We Forget,'  demand and move on that which is yours ( The Continent) in faith and birth right....Spirit to Spirit-Love to Love Black to Black in Black Power!(C) 8/16/2015            No Game -Trick No Lies!           Reuben Beckles 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Massive Array of Leaders Falling by Wayside after Pay Off and No Solutions- Latest;Ten Thousand Black Men Wanted For Suicide Mission!?

Interesting things happen when people are faced in a moment of truth relative to Black folk and Slavery who are faced with not a dream but the reality of Solutions.  Talk and denial is the order of the day.  We're told to sacrifice, get an Education, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and love everybody-this is the land of Opportunity for everyone, but the Slaves, who made it possible with free slave labor.  Now we're being told by a Colored President that 'We Can Do Anything' as Americans in this great land of Opportunity forgetting the foundation of Slavery and Black folk-by suggesting he is the President of all the people-all people but Black, is what he saying!  Coming from 'Kenya' he never went through a damn thing like the Slaves in and of America-which is why he can't relate to Reparations Restitution and land for the Black Slaves as Non Citizens. He's enjoying the fruit of their free labor!  Now were faced with a hypocritical situation involving the Nation of Islam and  Minister Farrakhan calling for Ten Thousand Men-fearless who aren't afraid to die for the Cause.  What Cause?  This organization has been around for a long time.  Many good men have come and gone-My Twin Brother among them.  I have problems with this entire situation because of my relationship with our Father who was confronted by my Twin after talking with him he said- you're missing something -same as Catholic-I suggest you go back and do some investigation-they may not be what you think they are!  He never spoke to my Father after then.  It was sometime later, after 'Watts' when he and I spoke and he said:  I came looking for you with some of my friends, where were you?  I was on a Spiritual Journey that took me out of the country  into the lands beyond the 'Fertile Crescent'  and the Jordan-where were you and the Black Woman and the many folks you claim to be fighting for?  You and your leaders claim to be fighting for freedom, Justice and land along with the creation of Jobs-I don't see it.  Other than Talk, I don't see them as a group or Nation, pulling it off.  Watts is on fire and they're saying "Why Burn up the area's where we live?  The Honorable Elijah Mohammad teaches us...'  I know, like our father said: investigate a little deeper.  We are not Citizen's -this is not our Land!  Sometime later My Twin died.  Today, we are faced with a horrendous situation with the same folk.  Black folk talking about 'Watts' and the after-math in print and Newsprint talking about Unity and how things are the same if not worst...well what did you expect(  A pig is still Pork and the lying, hypocritical blood sucking Vampires is still a low down dirty Devil, pretending to be so much in love  Black living in denial you say; well things are getting better!  Now comes Farrakhan, speaking in a Christian Church to an over flowing crowd said:' I'm looking for Ten Thousand Black fearless men( A suicide Squad) to do What?  Where are you going? you collected millions, fronted by the Hunt Foundation and you still don't have any Land! Muslim Men -Christian Men. You Challenge the Government under Obama to do what?  If you don't know by now you're Non-Citizens in a System that's Designed to destroy Blacks then stay in denial-something is terribly wrong with you and the whole setup!  ...My Solution, admit you're not Citizens-Claim your birthright as men and women from the Land of the Blacks(Africa-the entire Land Mass-)  Send some of our Prodigal Suns Daughters across the waters with the' Restitution and Reparation fund's and make provisions for Blacks to return to their lands based on the foundation of free slave labor-and the Hell they and their descendants have been forced to endure all paid in the form of compounded interest!  You may be surprise in how Justice in the Spirit works-as it will take the Spirit Wisdom and knowledge greater than what you're currently dealing with!  This is not something you hassle and fight over you've been doing that for Centuries going no where -with no future! This becomes a Spiritual Movement by for and of the people in Truth- No Lie-Trick or game and you'll let the world know "We Are For Real!    Reuben-Seed Of Jacob Sun of Simeon In the Aliyah...Rapture!  Kings Highway!  Black Power Soul to Soul- Spirit to Spirit-Love in the I Am truth and faith-Abraham Isaac and Jacob (C) 8/14/2015            Reuben Beckles

Monday, August 10, 2015

Black Power towards Self and kind-Spirit too Spirit-Love to love in the Foundation Of Life And Truth! Action For Real !

For sometime yours truly has been speaking and writing about Sovereignty land Reparations Restitution for the benefit of self and kind-No Lie, Tricks and Game!  This is all relative to the foundation of and freedom concerning Black Slaves of America.  I do not speak with 'fork tongue' say one thing and meaning another!  I'm not a punk sissy standing in the pulpit of religion or hiding out in some secret social society, lawyer-politician-activist-agent provocateur pretending that I'm working for Black slaves in America, when I'm not!   This is why confusion and Chaos is so prevalent on the American scene today.  Blacks Slaves did not come to these shore willingly but in chains and shackles, worked as animal slaves for the wealth and opportunities for other peoples and nation states not for freedom, not for Citizenship-equality or liberty.  I don't care if those who are coming here from  Europe-Australia, Asia the Caribbean-Central or South America, come here, all came here, standing on the Action of Free Slave Labor-Black Slave Labor!!  They came here Legally or illegally with or without passports to make a bad situation better for themselves and kind.  They wanted nothing to do with anything that would make the lives of Black folk better except in a usury capacity then and now.  Check the record... when the Slaves rebel for Justice and freedom -whites call it rioting hoodlums -terrorist, disturbing their peace-they turn out the National Guard,  Army and police thugs whose game is to protect and serve the middle upper, upper money class, giving rise to the educated, legal politicians making laws to protect their interests as the Lawless!  Remember these are the same folk who made it a criminal act to teach the Slaves to read write-giving them any form of education, punishable by death!  But here's the trick-many blacks were brought to these shores from other area's of the world who had been educated in the Caucasian system to live in and among black slaves so that when the slaves who built the foundation of the nation(in free labor) got ready to make his move for real freedom the slave Masters knew it-then and now hence, Creole, Mulattoes and other Blacks(Judas Sellouts)!  Today, the Nation is full of Talkers-Agent provocateurs concern with the illusion of freedom with no Sovereignty Land Restitution or Reparations.  These are the real hustlers, pimps, thugs, sissies who are on the pay rolls of pretending White and black Christians  along with their counter parts within the ranks of international Jews(White Caucasians) who bought the Souls and Spirits of Blacks-who now pay Lip Service to Jesus!  Let's get down to some real Truth in Action-for Self and kind!   This weekend-Los Angeles Times and other News media, printed a lot about the action  that took place in this country in August 1965 and what the writers called the" Watts riot!"...thugs running wild!  These folk write and talk like college professors who talk in theory but haven't a clue. Truth is they lie-it was a Spiritual movement that the powers that be couldn't handle-I know-I was there! was a signal in action that Slavery was over and real lives were put on the line to make it happen.  This is when and why the Rapture was Made! The Kings highway was walked-the I Am That I Am spoke and came alive with yours truly at the Helm by Faith-Your religious leaders and teacher Satan' knows this truth, all are running scared-not believing in Prophecy.  Today, you're being told" Watts" is populated by Latinos, (70-80percent)  but, with no real power! Equal Opportunities on the rise with transgender and homosexual Marriages-live where you want too live. Do what ever-we will set up civil rights commissions and jail the guilty.  Problem is, the Lawless in control remain the problem!  They brought their misery, selfishness and greed-lies deceit and insanity to the table in identity theft and the table of humanity upset the scales of Justice!  "Watts" was about Judgment-Power of the Lawless-rotten foods-decaying Schools, broken Homes, Criminal police, no Just representation, Joblessness, dehumanization of an entire populace living in insanity for the  benefit of Usury in Laws under a Constitution never design with Black folk in mind-it was then as now, for the benefit of White supremacy!  High credit interest rates.  A court system that jailed folk on suspicion and curfew of whatever the police thought it should be including reckless eyeballing-to insure law and order filling the court system, camps and other places of internment for blacks.  It was then as it is now a continued state of war to keep the coffers of White Supremacy filled at the expense and debasement of Blacks 'plain and simple'   'Watts' wasn't about these other folk and their so-called freedom of opportunity' was about freedom from the terrorist action of the Lawless tyrants who set in motion and deed,  this insanity called, Slavery lived by those whose worked from sun up to sun down living in conditions not even an animal should be forced to live in, yet, Blacks in this Nation, in this System, endure the Cause and Effect known as Slavery! Everything created by Blacks for Black enrichment is taken over by Whites for White it's their System and how they do business. The unpaid debt to the Slaves and their descendants is on and remains on the table in the form of Land Restitution Reparations. no amount of talk lies, deceit, hypocrisy and imposter's can and will change theses truths as the Spiritual Law of Justice and Karma under Divine Authority in Prophecy Wills, it so.  Illusion is not the reality of the real.  Separation is the reality- integration of things getting better, is the Illusion, in the form of your money and System for Black!   Love in Israel and Black Power...Black to Black- Spirit to Spirit- Love to Love in Action! To all of you who think this is all about some crazy Black color talk...know, that I Reuben, didn't justify my action on color, those in control brought it too me.  They speak in glorious terms as to how great they are. They Castrated you , lynched you, broke up your homes, gave you diseases, brought you to this land in chains and shackles took your identity and turned you into something you're not-if these lying bloodsucking vampires didn't do this to you as black, then this truth is not for you-you have no claim no future and destiny with this truth and Justice-my God is not your God, of the I Am!  You need not knock on my Door as  I Am in the Faith Of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-Sun Of Simeon, Reuben: I don't play games lie or trick folk! Truth is ask yourselves why are so many sink holes bringing havoc to the West Bank of the Jordan while hell is being conducted inside of what is called' White Israel'. Imposter's can't stand. A Devil is  Just a Devil- a Leopard doesn't change  it's Spots and a pig is still Pork!              (C) 8/10/2015          Reuben Beckles

Monday, August 03, 2015

Strictly Black and beautiful regarding Black self and Kind in America and the illusion of Citizenship!

Up front and no apologies -to hell with Slavery, it's attending ills and denying phony  wannabes! There were Black folk who came before me-lived and died for freedom and Justice.  They moved on facts and truth and never looked back determined to see that sovereign day and time for real Freedom and Justice on Land they controlled under Feet- over their Heads and on Both sides of a Free People not folly and greed,   knowing they were not motivated by  pretense, usury, jealousy selfishness and hatred of self and kind in thought and deed.  They knew they were in a place and time they did not choose.  They knew this system, land, Constitution and so called humane culture was not for  Black folk nor  his seed pretending Citizenship was out of the question. ( No game-No Trick and No lie!)  You will never be on a foundation of truth talking, begging and fighting for other folk other than your self and kind.  I don't care how you cut the pie or where you find Blacks in the Diaspora (American Blacks are different.)  Not that we choose to be different  the system and experience and  those who control it made it so, for themselves and kind-European Caucasians.  You won't find them making apologies for it anymore than they can state 'they didn't completely destroy and wipe out peoples and cultures around the world in the name of their freedom and pale so-called white skin!'  Slavery and their Blood sucking vampire brothers  so-called Jews from Eastern Europe, Caucasians, somehow made them think they were Gods of the planet or better still (the Universe)!  Their actions and thought process has been aided and abetted  by members within the ranks of Black folk from Egypt and Ethiopia-Moors who don't see themselves as Black along with Creoles and Mulattoes.  It was the Judas sellouts within the ranks of the  Sanhedrin Council where blacks were giving their knowledge and spirits to Caucasians in the Vatican-Greece -Spain-Portugal helping too give rise to White Supremacy among White Christians- and so called Jews of Europe who were then and now at war with and among themselves. You know them as Sephardi-Ashkenazim and Zionists!  These crazy degenerates wiped out millions of 'Black Folk' on the Land of the Blacks' High seas and around the world!  'Robert Williams from North Carolina who righteously questioned Black participation in Korea and Vietnam -followed by Dr King and others!   Marcus Garvey knew integration was a game and moved his Black Star line into action by Blacks for Blacks',  returning to the Land of the Blacks after being rebuffed by other blacks in the Caribbean area.  He was joined and protected by ' Queen Mother Moore' and other Blacks with Guns knowing, Mr Garvey was no Game! I was called to action at that time during the Korean war and refused to be drafted  believing I was not a Citizen going through many situations I choose not discuss at this time.  It wasn't until I made my Spiritual journey in the Sixties  that I knew I wasn't a Citizen.  Why would I lay my Spirit and Soul on the line for a people and Land  who hated me knowing I was not apart of them was my question. The deeper I investigated while watching the Japanese being removed from homes and property along with  Black slaves  being auction off  into the armed services in what was suppose to be our Country, gave me a very uneasy feeling I couldn't explain while at the same time watching  blacks leaving these shores in defense of what they called their Country(The United States Of America), it made no sense then and it makes no sense now! Blacks are not considered Citizens then nor now and no amount of talk will make it so that's why we're electrocuted like cattle-lynched, castrated mutilated -one language, as families were broken and torn apart-jails filled to capacity-land given and taken-all in the face of free slave labor fighting for White freedom here abroad yet, denying Blacks Freedom and Justice in all facets of life in this country?...for what, acceptance and integration?  Your religious houses are full of agent provocateurs  from the pulpit into the pews-secret or other wise for the benefit of the slave masters sustains by mothers with children who thought they were free being told,' take your man out of the home and we will help you!'  Today, the men were removed-the jails are full. Most homes are controlled by everybody but Black and the women believe they are as much man as man as the children go crazy as she pushes integration in her bed room, her Man stands on the corner, pushing religion.  How backward is that?   Don't get me wrong there are many women who see through this game of insanity.  Such a woman can be found in the person of Dr Julia Hare who Say's to hell with  current  organizations they talk Black but love and work for white,' we must have a new organization for the benefit of Black first and last.   I will mention a few others such as 'Shahrazad  Ali ' Francis Crest Welsing,  knowing there are a multitude of unmentioned!  But for now, let's deal with Nelson Mandela and the ANC. Talked Black, trained by white Zionist.  Came down to a moment of Truth, Winnie his wife was  beaten, tormented and the people lost South Africa!   Nelson in my opinion was not true to the spirit of Justice -Liberty and Freedom for Black.  Go along to get along was his meaning of freedom.  A temporary set back for the people. 'Let us hope not for ever! Many men have come forth with much knowledge and wisdom for Black but lived by other, not Black.  still they talk...solution? No action for self and kind!  Talk without action will get you nothing but more talk and death!  Action for your self will get you life in Freedom and Justice-Land Reparations Restitution and Sovereignty!  If your woman is not with you, so be simply means, she wasn't with you from the beginning!  The devil doesn't Change and that's who she loves!  A pig is pork and will kill the brains of the man,  he will follow her, like 'Adam followed Eve- out of the Garden!' A Zebra doesn't change it's stripes and a Leopard will never change it's spots-the Supreme Lord is still the  Most High!...  And this Blood sucking vampire is still a low down dirty devil! We must not forget The work of Chancellor Williams' And the Destruction of Black Civilization" Brought to life by Dr Khalid Muhammad who informed Blacks before his demise of Mecca' And the Arabs and their contempt for Blacks in the Holy City and around the world promoted by insane White Supremacy, now in denial, in the Arms of so-called blood sucking vampire Jews from Eastern Europe- same folk Helen Thomas told to go Home or back to where ever they came from!  So now as Reuben I leave you in Black too Black Love and Spirit.  Watts was Action!  Kings High way wasn't found by talk; it was action-Slavery was a movement in Action!   Action is due in full payment in Land Reparations and Restitution with Compounded Interest-or as was shone to me, there will be nothing but fire consuming it's self.  Justice -Karma and God is real as is the faith and Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  Isis turned on Black, joined these vampires of so-called white Israel in Identity theft and was wiped out (1968 One Day War) Action! This is no Pretense or lie-it's no game! If you're for real it will require action and that for real!  (Lest We Forget !  Hell Is truth Seen Too Late in it's Season!  From the Door Of Life-and cross the Jordan Spirit too Spirit...Soul to Soul... Love to Love I Am that I Am-God Is!     Reuben   ...Seed Of Jacob  Sun Of Simeon     Faith -Black Israel Truth  No Game  No  Lie  No Trick !(C) August/3rd 2015    Reuben Beckles