Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2014-January..."Lest We Forget-Black is Beautiful In a Foundation of Truth-Faith-Belief in Action...No Pretense and Phonies Allowed!

Here we are in the beginning of a new year and the Blood Sucking vampires and demons are out in full force-pretending-lying-stealing and gaming...pretending to be the head of truth and righteousness hoping the righteous in the faith will accept them by letting their guard down as they pull you into the common wealth of destruction.  These demons hate themselves so how are they going to tell you they love all folk in this so-called colored blind society knowing they hate Black with a passion as their mission is to destroy everything in righteous Black-Man, Woman and Child and their history.  They are not playing a game as they smile in your face and pat you on the back.    This situation is deadly serious if you are truly aware of the time in which we live as your so-call leaders promote the Indians-Mexicans-Latinos-Brown-Red and Aryan White Caucasians as the true (Hebrews-Israelites ) while at the same time they keep referring you to Scriptures-knowing scriptures don't tell them this lie!...even Esau and Ishmael in Arab doctrine know better than this even with all their hate for Black they call Spook-Jacob because they don't understand  the meaning nor wisdom within the Spiritual frame work of the Divine Holy Ghost(meaning the people-land and faith) is not for them!  The people did not create themselves  nor the land or conditions that motivates us in our historical or daily activities-this is Divine-given by the Divine Creator!  The problem is with so- call Black Spiritual leaders whom have sold the people out for the thirty pieces of silver...known as Judas sells outs- Christ, Sanhedrin Council right down to this very day worshipping the devil they created in the name of Christ!  Go into your Electronic Media or Newsprint and you will hear them telling the world Abraham-Isaac and Jacob never existed-there were no such people in Prophecy, therefore, no land no God of a Divine Order...too them it's all a hoax.!  These words are spoken by their Imps  while their Bishops( one important one in the South, told his congregation in no uncertain terms( forget your past-meaning your history as it relates to Slavery and foundation or you will lose your destiny!  What destiny without a past.!  Seems to me that what he and others like him are doing is selling the people into continual bondage  without the Debt of slavery being solved-which is the same as The late Dr  Martin Luther King Jr. that gave up the land and Identity of the Slaves- Black folk to white Bloodsucking vampires in the East -God stepped in-took him too the Mountain Top and showed him the Land and the fool he had become...ooph! too late, now he just wants to do Gods will!  Is this not the same as Elijah and his Student Min. Louis Farrakhan telling Black folk the Devils are White folk-then he sell them out to the white folk of Scientology ? This type of foolishness is design to keep Black folk-the slave of America-off their station and off balance and away from the truth and faith-so as to keep you from all contact with the Spirit of your God in Prophecy-Identity and Land with nothing!  Perpetual Slavery and Bondage which is not, nor was it ever the purpose of Jacob's seed-Divine Destiny, but, it was and is, the demonic scheme of these satanic Bloodsucking Vampires who talk about Brotherhood, love and the Common Wealth of all Men while they rip off peoples-Cultures-Land and resources along with Identity theft-in the name of World Peace and Religion.  Take a look around you and see how great the faith and your God was and is. From the bowels of Hatred, Insane Slavery-usury and trickery-Castration- lynchings  -broken homes and then some-you name it this is a demon that is never to be trusted and nothing you will ever do will be for your best interest but for him and his kind  You are now being told to believe that we are all one people on the planet even as History shows you otherwise..."Lest we  Forget!"  Bishops are not Kings-and they can not nor will they tell you their wisdom-knowledge and experience came by the way of the King's High Way and the action within the door of Life...The  dethroning of Judas in Isis -Egypt-Ethiopia-ISIS-and exposing Ethiopia's  on going participation with the devils  within the walls of the Vatican and the secular state of Vampires called Israel and their deception and quest to take over and control the world.  The real fight is between Christian Caucasians-and so-called White Zionist Jews who bought off many blacks Judas sellouts who languish under their umbrella as so -called Communists-these are the ones who have managed to convince a majority of non suspecting Blacks-Arabs and others to join them in their Crusade to promote phony brotherhood in the name of religion around the world and the destruction of God in the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob along with the destruction of Black Israel and the seed of Jacob! This is why there is no real discussion on the question of Black Sovereignty, relative to action for the land mass in question-that these thugs and bloodsucking vampires tried to steal in the middle east in (1968 and the "One Day War")!  They were beaten as an Army and exposed as Identity Thieves-because the Prophecy nor the land belonged to them or their kind!  They wanted Canaan-the land of the original nine houses on the West bank of the Jordan -along with the land  belonging too the two and a half tribes on the East side of the Jordan=Reuben-Gad and half Tribe of Manasseh!  Why do I know this is true and not a made up story?  Because I am Reuben-alive and well...When the word came I moved by faith-in the twelve articles of Faith...walked the King's High Way enter Spiritual Door Of Life and took the Throne in My House given by the Divine Creator!  This is no idle claim in the name of the Aliyah-Rapture!  People and nations around the world were claiming this land as theirs-why didn't or couldn't they take an action to do as I did? By my action I was placed in a position to be Judged by what many call a  Book with no value-poison! I am here to tell the world and the Black Slaves to whom the land belongs-the land is real as is prophecy and your God-just as Africa was and is call the Land of the Black! You have but one interest- preservation, for your self and kind-from generation to generation-as do all other people.!  Stop being used in the name of your God and kind-move and take an action for what is yours!  Reparations-Restitution and Land-To let others tell you that they are going to do for you that which you can should do for yourself is pure folly!   My Land and it's meaning is not for sale at any price-and will not be taken-I kid you not!  Reuben- Seed Of Jacob -Sun of Simeon (C) 2014   "Lest We Forget" Stand Tall, Black Is Beautiful !                          ...Reuben Beckles