Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, September 20, 2013

A bankrupt America and it's Spiritual and Moral Leadership has put the world in complete and utter chaos because of greed-selfishness and Identity crisis!

Amid the lights and glamor of the entertainment industry leaders rise and are presented to this nation and the world as creators-thinkers-actors on the move with supreme wisdom embracing all peoples and nations with undying love for humanity until you examine reality-the truth!  Identity Crisis...I say again...Identity Crisis within the border's of this nation called America-land of the free-home of the brave given with blood-sweat and free labor which we know in history are identified as Black Slaves-degraded beyond all moral perception wandering around this land for something so simple as a job and the privilege to vote for people they don't know -people who are master's in the art of deceit and making promises.  This Black slave after being stripped of all his self worth and now speaks one language without the benefit of real knowledge and education is expected to perform as free and responsible  free folk with the people who put him in this crazy position at the head of any thing of value which includes the family...which can only increase his devalued state in Identity Crisis!  Now you're free to sustain his life and kind at your expense which you do en mass-as you work-protect-fight and die for him-even to the point of suggesting in the religious houses he allows you to build that we are all the same-God is total Love on your part!  One day-the real spirit of freedom and Justice descends on the minds and in the hearts of some among the weary and faithful creating fear and terror across the land and they are called psychopathic sick animals-not stating who and what system put them in they're current position. Would you believe their so-called leadership who refuse to deal with the real solution, because they didn't place, themselves and kind in Identity Crisis- across the board-We are the benefactors of Identity Theft! Today, you have everybody coming out of the wood work claiming Blacks birth right-the degraded slaves in America-because Land -Restitution-Reparations belong to them coming from chains and shackles and the foundation of free labor-who are now called African Americans including the Slave Master on the continent who put you and your  ancestors in this demonic system-for their benefit, to pacify their lust for power greed and laziness!  Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, and many other Muslim lands are increasingly are being made a pawn in this "World Wide Game", their greed  and selfishness in their religion-along with their denial of Israel in Black -Abraham -Isaac and Jacob in Prophecy is playing a major part  in there own demise secretly holding hands with the White Zionist and the west for financial gain only to find out the price they must pay will be total chaos and destruction and the Chinese will be no exception in the exchange of weapons in mass destruction!  In my Spiritual Journey up the "Kings Highway, "let it be known that at the end of this Highway is (Damascus  Syria) who is now biting the dust in the name of poisonous gas -weapons of mass destruction on their own people!  ...really!  What happened and is still happening to Black folk here in America as degraded Slaves whom people from all over the world including Creoles-Mulattoes and Black Judas sellouts -walk, stand and rip off in the name of Freedom and Democracy and the gift of Identity Crisis and Poverty! The King Has Spoken! "Lest We Forget! The Truth In Black Is Beautiful! (C) Sept. 20/2013 Reuben-A Man-Son of Simeon Seed of Jacob...  Justice!   Rapture-Aliyah "One Day War"...Prophecy and God is Real-No Dream!                                                  Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the Mist Of Chaos Lies and Deciet-Black Man Stands For Value -Justice And Truth and Not Pretense!

How profound is the term" You Reap What You Sow" knowing most want to reap the rewards for someone else's labor but want nothing to do with the performance of the labor!...which is like knowing their is a divine creator and all want to partake of his creation but want nothing to do with the creator and as a results-pretense and chaos! so it is with the American Black Man and slavery!  We gave the best in labor -experience and wisdom but when the time came for the debt to be paid and freedom we were and are told God loves all- good things come to those who wait then spit on the life's force-despise and abused us until we said' enough is enough' we want what we earned including our land and freedom in the form of Black Power and destruction of a system killing us all then the real terrorists and deceiver's of truth declare 'God is a Terrorist because you have too" Reap what you've sown" against the Slaves who were sold into this system against their will who up until that point in time were free on their land!  Today, after much destruction of Culture -Language- Families and Spirits we are told integration looking up to these Black Judas Sellouts and their White skin counter parts is the way to go.  Take the Black Man out of the home-praise the woman-give her a job-fill the jails with the Black man and the races can live in harmony...problem solved!  The end results...Chaos across the board!  What the Slaves didn't know then or now nor understand, the only solution wanted by the slave master is there total destruction and their demise of their Spiritual Identity as it relates to there Status and Land!  This accounts for the turmoil here and around the world.  In Financial Institutions-Religions-Political and Educational Institutions, Homes and even the Military structures and values are being shaken to there core foundations because they were and are apart of the destruction of Jacob's Seed!...trying to destroy them from the root!...Only Divine intervention and the Action of Reuben and the twelfth house prevented their success and their leaders be they activist or otherwise know it!  Now we are given the motion picture industry and the television media of togetherness and strong sexual content of so-called Black pictorial entertainment which is nothing more than some colored white folk pretending to be Black with no content relative to real solutions because they want no Black solution...hiding from the truth-they must and will "Reap What they have Sown!"  This is the truth! The Wisdom They're trying to bury!  This is much like the situation in Syria where much is being said about mustard Poisson gas and that nations ability to stock pile it and it's use on it's people by their leader-well guess what?  Would you believe the U.S. and Russia are the largest developers and owner of these weapons of mass destruction and this country even with it's colored President and his wife who know the history of Black slaves here have put forth no real solutions for the continuation of the Black problem in this nation and it's foundation relative to the Creator!  "The Kings Highway has been shone and walked by yours truly Reuben..."Lest We Forget"-Black Is Beautiful In Truth and Wisdom and the Land is not for sale nor can it be bought or taken-Witness the (1968 One Day War)!  The King Has Spoken.!  Black Man's solution to his problem and our Nation is to have the standing debt paid with compounded interest-Land-Restitution Reparations!...anything less is pure folly and time will reveal the truth of it while exposing the phonies!     Reuben (C) Sept. 18/2013   Seed of Jacob- Son- A Man of Simeon!                                              Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Soverienty-Freedom with Justice and Land for Degraded Black Folks in America The Slaves!

With Freedom and Justice on ones own land comes a price of work rooted in sustain understanding and values that gives life from the divine creator to the divine created !  Do Blacks folk just want to pretend freedom as they party- work and give lip service to the world about the joy of living a free and productive life as degraded slaves in America?  A heavy price was paid for the freedom of Black folk located here in America, who had been ripped from a continent of milk and honey and total sovereignty -demoralized-degraded in chains and shackles-culture and families destroyed beyond all moral and spiritual belief still slaving under the slave mastered watchful eyes as they live high in the knowledge of Black identity whom they claim to hate in their so-called prized white skins of a special class-knowing you were never paid for the free labor you and your ancestors performed in building the foundation of this nation !  Others came to these shores-but not as you did!  They came as professionals-craftsman-skilled or unskilled they were accepted and got paid enabling them to educate their off springs to the best of education while stripping you of your language while at the same time denying you and your sons and daughters any semblance of education-until it suited the nations needs in the fifties and sixties and only then at the point of a gun by the Federal Government-the same folk who degraded and demoralize you as animals!  ...this was and is to make Blacks accept- think of colored Creoles and Mulattoes as Black which would be and extension of Identity Theft! time Blacks would loose all sense of identity and self worth to be eliminated as animals with nothing in the over all conspiracy to commit God killing !  Those Black in the pulpit of religions and your Secret Social orders get paid big bucks to keep this knowledge secret!  Things got so heavy in the sixties until the spirit of God raised Reuben(myself) into the Aliyah-Rapture-Seed of Jacob  to the Kings Highway into the knowledge of Prophecy and the Land-of the Original Hebrews-Israelites while destroying Isis in Egypt as the head promoted by Black Judas sellouts-Ishmael and Esau which was all a plot too keep America Caucasians,..Aryans and White -while promoting the greatest of all hypocrites pretending to be Jews(Israelites) of the Bibles and replace the degraded demoralized blacks in America, as the chosen foundation of this nation and the world!...which could only be accomplished if Judas in Satan, could get the Black female in Isis to take the Black man's Spirit and remove him as the head and in many cases it worked allowing for integration and mass homosexuality!  Check the Laws not just governing Exclusion- but same sex marriage along with the marches for Jobs and freedom in the name of Civil Rights-suggesting  we are  all one people-the same!  This is why there is so such hell going on here and  the middle east-it belongs to the Black man-the same land Dr King tried to give away! Your leaders, Black and White fools, trying to claim Jacobs Birthright claiming Blacks here are lazy, give you the image of the porch monkey's. This includes those whom the government is allowing to immigrate here from the Grand Bahamas and Africa-who were apart of the original sellouts as they see the ability to live and make money at the expense of the unknowing Slaves whom they keep secretly in the dark-in chaos while smiling in your face!  "Lest We Forget-Black is Beautiful and the foundation of the debt owed has not been paid with compounded interest!  This along with Land will give you Status and freedom-uncovering Identity Theft! (C) Sept.11/2013 Reuben   Reparations-Restitution-Land! Seed of Jacob Son Of Simeon!                Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Looking at the Past to the Future is a Good thing for the Black Slaves in America!

The above title is true provided you're being led by self and kind in the reality of sovereignty in prophecy for Status- land and value of self other wise you are doomed in folly for the next thousand years or longer being led and used pimped by smiling faces and folk who don't give one good damn for you let alone Black.  No one can give the Black man Sovereignty and freedom but the Black man himself...he must want it-desire it and put his life on the line for it.  What makes him different is how and why he was brought to these shores from cramped sardines conditions in chains and shackles as property to slave labor for White stock and European culture that has now been expanded to nations and nationalities all over the world because of their bond to religion  military and financial ties.  Your common tie too your self and kind is from one continent-one language- as Black one purpose-to serve the needs of another and to remain on the bottom with no sense of worth!  After all the hell and destruction you couldn't be destroyed- die off and slavery, they say, is over!  What got you in the mess as I see it was and is Judas sellout in their lust for fame and greed-pure jealousy.  So now you're still being told you're "Free As Last" do what with what-you have no Land-no status-no Sovereignty as you March and beg for jobs looking for a place to rest your body and lay your head trying to make sense of all the insanity! Think about this as you walk and March to the Capitals around this nation ending up in Washington...whose leading you?  Everybody but you and that's because they are not going to deal with the reality of your foundation and what you're really due and what they really want!  Your birthright-your death-your culture and Land! Whose leading you...Esau, Ishmael-Colored folk-White folk-Latin Latinos as brown folk-Females who think and are being told they're as much man as you because they  are being given notice with jobs and told they're the head of the house as their children go crazy! The folks I just mention could care less for you-they want for themselves pretending we are all the same as brothers-you find it out too late  they have no real solution to  the  Black situation  and certainty no Civil Rights plan to meet your needs from the foundation up as Man is a life giver-A  Time binder in history and future!  One of your greatest problems that you have yet to learn is the acceptance of your self and not the acceptance of others! The Orientals have to some extent learned this especially the Chinese who are making a strong move on western culture and financial institutions.  You'll wake up and learn it was Black folk and culture who gave them their civilization thousands of year ago-today they too are thriving to take Black folk over-but then that too will end in folly!...strange, to me-when you know and move on that truth for what's right..."Black is truly Beautiful!" What you need is Status in Land-Sovereignty in Prophecy!  The Debt for free Labor must be paid-and your Ancestral land given that could never be sold check the nature of your birthright in time !  The King has spoken-Reparations-Restitution and Land!  (C) Sept.4/2013    Reuben Seed Of Jacob Son of Simeon           ...Reuben Beckles