Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Time out for a Little Critical Analysts relative to Black Slavery in U.S Reparation Restitution And Promised Land!

First let's understand the issue at hand is slavery and cause and effect to a group of Black folk from a Land mass called Black Continent(Africa!).  These folk didn't give up their freedom and sovereignty willingly to be placed in chains and shackles after being ripped from families like cattle, placed on ships from Europe, maned by European profiteers to suffer a plight worst than anything you can imagine and end up on American soil to be auctioned off to the highest bidder and endure cruelties unheard of to the human mind and psychic.  Many didn't make the complete journey losing their lives to sharks of the Atlantic ocean voluntary or involuntary.  Millions, call the depths of the ocean, there home.  With all the pain and suffering they were forced to endure they built the foundation of America with forced free slave labor,  making possible the financial wealth of Christian European nations-along with those who carry the identity as European Jews-(Zionist, Ashkenazim , money lenders and enforcers!...Caucasians all!  Caught between a rock and a hard place the slaves were told they were free by the great Emancipator- President Lincoln knowing they would never be free among these degenerate vampires who not only had them enslaved here but the people on the land mass of Africa from which they were taken.  These vampires continued to rape the land and peoples of their wealth from which Caucasians Whites and Jews were able to set in motion vast money making machines around the world in the form of Banks-Insurance Companies-Foundations and brokerage Houses.  They made tremendous wealth then and now...all based on Slavery and Black Free Labor!  Today, in many parts of the world Blacks have rallied around the call of Reparations as have other Ethnic Groups-if they Submit, accepting White Supremacy, they are paid and allowed  to enter some form of trade agreements and given a seat in the United Nations as recognized Humans-( Always under White Supremacy!)  Many Black  recognized nations, who think they're free, fit in this Category-living Caucasian Culture-speaking both European language as well as  their own in dialect or otherwise.  From the Slave Owners, educational and financial foundations, countries and peoples are held in check. The Aryan's on the European continent involving country's like Germany, France, England, say they are born to rule under Christendom -While Russians, Spain, Belgium and Eastern Jews under Zionism-Sephardi and Ashkenazim are all in a separate tug of war and are using the knowledge of Black Folk in America as scrape goats.  They can do this because of the role Black Judas sellout are playing as leaders of the flock in Religion Politics , Education and Law.  Most of these so-call Black leaders have profited greatly through the Rockefeller foundations -Ford foundations or the many Jewish foundation-whose wealth came through slave traders and they know it, calling the shots in Law and Politics.  These sellouts call meeting after meeting In the Black Communities across the land of America involving pay offs, pretending to be in favor of Justice relative to Reparations and Restitution for Black Slaves and their descendant's only to end in talk and more talk which is what Congressman, Conyers has been doing for years(Studying the Effects of Slavery-got twenty to fifty million dollars in the process of doing nothing-which is nothing more than a punk sissies process of game playing!)  Lets say that after all facts are placed on the table ' black representatives are told "you're not entitled to anything but integration in our system", we're sorry' !...what then?  Where do you go from there?  You fought in their wars, still you're not wanted as citizens and are being denied, shot down even in your house of worship. What's your next move? ... do you say " I love you mas'sa ."  This is where the big problem rest  In truth-faith-belief- action -knowledge, back to faith and belief!  Their can be no Reparations Restitution without Land!  Your Knowledge and Faith in the Supreme Being should have taught you this! You had the knowledge, you claim the Faith, but you and others didn't believe it! When Justice and duty called you to Action and the season was known, you failed to act in your own behalf.  This was and is the meaning of the Sixties for Black Folk!" Lest WE Forget!  Hell is the truth seen too late in it's season!  Yours truly, Reuben, Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon acted-Watts, Kings highway, Sent packet of knowledge and information all over this country-east west north and south and the world of what was demanded for self and kind{Reparations)so that when the massive sellouts were taking place and the joint forces of Egypt Ethiopia-U.S. and Isis took place with the Vampire State of White Israel at the helm, Reuben in the Spirit of the Most High by Faith and belief moved into Action...defeated Isis-wiped out Zionist attempt to take over the lands beyond the Jordan after  claiming they were the heirs-Reuben took the Throne and the Land in Black Israel! Action By Faith!  Do you think with all your knowledge the Devil is going to give in on talk or that he has a change of heart?  Is a Elephant heavy?  Does a Leopard change it's spots?...No and a pig is still pork!..."God Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Is Still Supreme!...No Game No Trick No Lie!  Where do you leader's of the flock go from here?   Reuben (C) 7/16/2015  Where is your Land Your Faith-Freedom Sovereignty or Truth Seen too Late?         Faith         Reuben Beckles

Monday, July 13, 2015

From the Kings Highway-Door Of Life "Reuben -Jacob Seed In Black Israel !

Why are White folk languishing in hell'  while having Black folk in and around the world believing they too are doomed?  It's because of Slavery-Cause and Effect' and Caucasian money, organizations set up to destroy every and anything Black of substance and value!  Ask yourselves, 'what is it that's keeps slavery alive, especially, in the 'Hallow Arms in the Corporate State' called the United States?...White Christian selfishness and Greed, blind deceit in White Supremacy!  European Caucasians, Blood thirty-lying impostors calling themselves, 'Jews (Israeli-of Black Scriptures) of which they're not-but in, White Supremacy, they are able to hide this simple truth with the help of Lying Black Judas sellouts who hate themselves and kind.  That's what make the "thirty pieces of Silver so relevant and important in today's world.  Black faces in high places doing what they're told relative to Black Destruction.  It's the Money factor and hidden truth that keeps Black folk in Check going crazy with White folk at the helm, calling the shots, making Policy to the detriment of Black!  The Christian Aryan's used raw power and Christian Institutions to get and service their  needs relative to Black, while White European Zionists uses (His power of knowledge in White Zionism in Ashkenazim and Sephardi organizational States to control people and situations to their benefit. Hence, you'll find all their key people in education, finance, medical, political and legal professions and religions on the front lines of what is called activism on the street and mainstream Media, Magazines, Newsprint, Radio, television and the Motion Picture Industry.  Even Manufacturing and distribution heads.  All of these entities were and are used to promote White Supremacy  in Zionism for themselves, separate and apart from the Aryan's of which they are part of and help to destroy Black!  However, there best laid plans fell apart, in (1968 -"One Day War"- using Egyptian and Ethiopian knowledge-the Tarot Cards-from the Book of The dead-using all their converts an armies from around the world, they moved against Jacob's Seed and Land of Reuben-Gad -Half Tribe of Manasseh. They got their scheming lying behinds wiped out! No forgiveness-no love nor turning the other cheek.  They were defeated and roundly exposed as Reuben from the (12th House) in his season, on time, under the direction and guidance of the Supreme Lord of the Living most High In The Spirit, wiped these impostor's out!  They found out that "Hell Is The Truth Seen Too Late!"  This is why Black Judas sellouts and their White Supremacist brothers are hell bent on total integration hoping to get out of the hell they created in greed and selfishness, jealousy -trying to be someone they're not, in a place they don't belong!  Think about all the wealth they made and Hell they created during and after the slave trade which continues today. All they can say "I'm sorry...but we're not going to pay in atonement, ( Reparations-Restitution ...Land!)   Truth Is-China who gave up there Sovereignty after Six thousand years of History, entered into trade alliance with these blood thirsty monsters -can't save them, not even Mexico or Africans can help these Pimp hustling thugs turn the tide in their rush into Hell..!  The Rapture-Aliyah-Kings Highway-Door of Life-Watts and the defeat of Hidden Isis is just apart of Divine Wisdom in Action! faith in Action-no game -lie-no Trick!  All things in Season On Time ! (C) 7/13/2015   Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon!  The Media that pointed my Way By Faith-Herald Dispatch Black Weekly- Mr Sanford Alexander!  Faith In Action, Land  or Action, not for sale at any price!  The Shooting down of Black Clergy and Youth-or the sellouts of Black warriors, male or female will not help the Satanic forces from the hell they have coming and are in.  Black truth and Justice in Jacob's Israel is real as is the truth in Faith!     Reuben-God Is! The Living Most High!                 Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Why America-it's allies and Black Judas sellouts won't settle the problem of Black Slavery!

Plain and simple-Usury Selfishness and Greed relative to their financial  institutions !  Think about free slave labor as a money making machine and the assets accumulated  around the world in the name of White Supremacy dominance and the emergence of China as a Super Power -removing  the American dollar and Reserve System from it's number one status in the Financial Markets around the world.  In it's place would emerge (China's currency Reserve system-the Yuan).  This will have a tremendous effect on American economic-political- legal-social and educational institutions.  This in addition to America's Stock, Bonds Real estate, cash and other profit making assets. America's borrowing practices cannot continue without it's ability to pay, especially, sense America is no longer on the' Once hallowed Gold Standard!'  What China doesn't realize is the unspoken debt they have incurred relative to America and Slavery- compounded interest at today's going rate-inflation included( Reparations-Restitution and Land....all valuable Assets.  Black folk  and their descendant's are here-the claim is  here and the debt, will be paid, regardless to how the pie is cut and by whom.  These are the folk who did not come to these shores freely and create all this wealth  that has become the foundation of the worlds financial Institutions.  Black folk, slave labor, humanity and spiritually  is for real, on the line, in prophecy!  They too, China, will be dealt with in a manner they think is not possible (but then. so did the Zionist Imposter's  calling themselves Jews claiming the land mass of Black Israel) who were defeated in the " One Day War" in 1968) !  China, therefore, wants all the assets she thinks America processes, which includes the land beyond the Jordan!  They too. are in for a big surprise as was Isis and the world along with there Black Judas sellouts!  This is no game!  To exchange one Slave master for another is insane but most folk are in denial  claiming sleep, pretense and love unconditional in a dream!  Facts and truth relative to my God in Prophecy is real -the I Am that I Am Supreme Lord Of The Living most High -From the Kings High way and the Door of Life" I Am Reuben ...Seed Of Jacob Sun-Son of Simeon  In the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!   Black Power and Justice for Self and Kind!                   (C) 7/7/2015       Reuben Beckles