Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, March 01, 2013

From The House Of Reuben-Israel-Seed of Jacob-Son Of Simeon! Old School-New School!

February has been a very interesting month for many of us in this society of  hypocrisy, usury, chaos and uncertainty.  I've just finished reading for a second time( The Aquarium Conspiracy) which deals with personal and social transformation! I've been in many situations met many groups and individuals and it never ceases to amaze me as to the numbers of folk looking for something for nothing in this melting pot-not just something for nothing-but how unprepared they are to receive something of value when offered the very thing they claim to want especially, when they find out there's no free lunch and a cost to everything and work in everything!...most will say don't be so Judgemental-who are you to Judge?  This is where things strange-as I observe most don't have a foundation or a clue as to it's relevant in what is known in  this new day and time...(New School !)  I look around and see Libraries, schools, churches, buildings containing court houses with the scales of blind justice-being held by a woman with police and lawyers riding in marked and unmarked cars-called Law enforcers-constantly making Judgement calls.  The jails and prisons are full of Judgement calls-The society is going through unbelievable struggles and pain because of Judgement calls and many people are loosing well earned and deserving incomes(Jobs) because of judgement calls-but then this is New School(Unconditional Love) where you can act on someones emotions-right or wrong with no fear of  real Justice...everything is in the here and now! New school!  Keep it- I'll stand in March and a real foundation and Justice-Old School!  ...knowing You Reap What You Sow!  There are restraints and balances-rewards and punishment-cause and effect...right and wrong, honor and deserving Love-knowing that you don't throw pearls in a melting pot of swine saying it will come out saying a pigs not pork- or a wolf won't raid the hen house !  The real problem I have with this New School as a Black Man-knowing Who- Where -Why I Am-involving Justice and truth for the slaves-Black Slaves in this nation is because the new school has no concept of the truth and justice in the political and social arena of time relative to the foundation of this nation!  Moreover, when the slave master calls them to what they say is their duty to fight and die for the privilege of a people constantly kicking them in the behind! with no Treaty-nothing of value but a promise and talk! If you return to these shore in one piece and a sane mind-tell me based on the history and insanity black folk had to go through and still going through in spite of the talk that black folk are free as all other peoples who take action for themselves and kind never forgetting their foundation!! But then, I say "Lest We Forget!" Justice in the Old School!  3/1/2013  Reuben...(C) Restitution-Reparations-Land...Seed Of Jacob Son of Simeon                Reuben Beckles