Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Slavery-Free Slave Labor-non Citizens Slaves-Insubordinate Children-And Satan!

The Secret-not so secret weapon of Satan and his war against' The Living Most High God' are families and their children.  Laws and safe guards are devised to keep confusion within the family structure where child can do no wrong but accept hand outs without punishment or responsibility...a silver spoon from the 'Great Society' of non producers.  The Book and experience in life shows us the way of proper action and thinking towards self and kind from the family unit out!  The Father as King in his relation to God to the Female Mother  down to the siblings.  Not Male to Male-same sex Female to Female..but.the natural order.  Something Satan can't handle!  This works from the inside out when you are tuned in on the Divine order of things!  Today, Sons fight Fathers-Daughters fight Fathers and Mothers looking for acceptance and free handouts.  It works when you stand on your own land from the bottom up to the top and on both sides of your being.  It will not and can't work when blacks as non citizens slaves are controlled by others not of your kind-belief God and system-where you are being abused and shot down daily in the name of Law and order by these greedy bloodsucking vampires controlled by black satanic Judas sellouts in religious forms of secret societies within the political arms of Zionist, Ashkenazim and Sephardi entities-where black females who hate themselves are given the impression they control and rule in the home -education-politics religion and the system of laws in general where black males have very little input -if any!  They create conditions where the male child fights the father's authority.  she stands by watching the female child play the father against her and the father! Not getting her way the female will often times fight the father stronger than the son which in most cases ends in the court system in favor of the female controlled by Caucasians and Black Judas sellouts talking 'No Justice  No Peace!...Black lives Matter! these vampires imps meet their victims  at the jail house doors where beatings and deaths occur and body parts are sold too the highest bidder for scientific research.  Money not Justice controls.  God's truth and Justice are mere words-a game for gamer( something for nothing with the child as focal point who are being told the essence of their being is entitlement-not effort and work with responsibility!  This is the child's doom and destruction with no purpose-God or righteous foundation with Satan at the head!...holding the family hostage!  This is also the destruction of a people who have loss their way to integration-acceptance and hatred of self and kind in relation to the Supreme Lord of the Living  Most High God-of the I Am That I Am! All in Black Power and the Door of Life and the Kings High Way...Israel by faith in Abraham, Isaac and Jacob known in Christ!  No game Trick or Lies as Divine Judgment is Real(C) 10/27/2015 Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun -Son of Simeon    "Lest We Forget"  Love Self and Kind!                   Reuben Beckles