Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Semitic Region Called the Middle East And Land claimed by Caucasians of Eastern Europe Can't and will Never work!

From the 'Door of Life and the Kings highway' I am Reuben-Seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon and the Twelfth House of Israel.   Prophecy and Justice tells us, 'there will be no peace among the Combatants ...neither Arab or Demonic Jews claiming the Land and Birthright of Jacob belonging in  ('Black Israel).'  Judea and Judas along with Esau  and these lying hypocritical, blood thirsty Caucasian Vampires Zionist, calling themselves Hebrews Israelites, Jews, of Biblical Prophecy, are phonies to the bone.  Their claim and intent is to Annex and take over the entire region called the 'Middle East!'  They failed because of the '1968 One Day War! Spiritual Divine Intervention and Reuben's involvement in the Aliyah ( Rapture).   The world and Judas Sellouts  must have thought 'God was dead  and prophecy was some kind of social popularity contest giving in too these phonies whom they knew were frauds causing political and economic woes in Europe.  'Black Death and Slavery in Africa!   'Lest We Forget  these are the same Caucasian Zionist from Europe working with the 'White Power Structure in South Africa pushing the Slave trade while creating weapons of mass destruction, including, the Atomic Bomb!  They believe in 'Black  Genocide and Destruction while smiling in your face  keeping  you poor with High interest rates in America using deception, Identity thief and Black belief in integration for the wrong reasons!  The Book of Revelations will tell you and their acts, will show you, they are not Jews at all!...pretending to be apart of ' Semitic Judaism, the  original Tribes of Israel, knowing they never were and could never be!  This accounts for so much turmoil in the region there and among Blacks here.  It's all Usury! ...Faking it, too Make it!   Slavery has never been addressed truthfully except by 'Marcus Garvey and his Back to Africa Movement'.  It was the  'Hunt Foundation which funded Elijah  Muhammad,  Masons and  Muslims who in turn, destroyed his movement.  They accept Abraham, while discarding Isaac and Jacob as 'Spookism!  Even my Twin Brother' Raymond was caught up in the madness of Arab Islam' along with Khalid Muhammad and a whole host of Others!  It even confused one of my mentors at times. (Mr Sanford Alexander,  of the 'Herald Dispatch News paper!'  Now it comes out-their new leader is fighting God,  Spiritual Wisdom and Truth in Prophecy.  No matter!  Truth is still truth! The ( One Day War 1968-Kings High way, defeat of phony Zionist, White Israel' and Isis in the Book of the Dead, headed by Dr  Legon' with 'Watts' leading the foundation, proves, my God in Black Israel no Fake, in Righteous Judgment.  After all the talk and promotion by hypocritical  phonies,  lying punks and pimps in the pulpits benefiting lying wenches and begging bitches using Jesus and Islam knowing they want nothing to do with trust, truth  and love of self and kind, they would rather go down with 'White Supremest' and lying Black devils trying to kill off righteous Black men as heads of their domains and families.  They are hypocrites to the bone and want nothing too do with reclaiming their God given Lands or the claim of debt owed for land  and free Slave labor in Genocide ! Here's the truth in righteous judgment. They wanted my destruction As Reuben, Seed of Jacob and foundation of Spiritual faith, in action, that caused the judgment I walked.  A Judgment  they can't undo!  Sealing their own fate in jealousy and  envy not wanting Justice, Real Freedom and Sovereignty for those they claim to represent!  They must now find the 'Needle in the hay stack relative too the 'Kings High Way'... go through it  themselves, as a group or as individuals which they can't fake involving  fire air earth and water and the long knives and warriors of Justice. Think in terms of a Juice Blender- a garbage disposal moving in all directions along the path of faith they created for believers, keeping us from getting to the other side they claimed, they owned!   Let Ecclesiastes, Acts and Revelations  be your guide.  God of truth must be with you cause the devil knows he can't make it!   Slavery is over and Black is Still Beautiful. By Faith (C) 5/30/2017        Reuben, by Faith ... Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  We are all not the Same!  In our season,  God Is Supreme Lord of The Living Most High-in the door of Life!                Reuben Beckles

Monday, May 08, 2017

African Blacks-Central and South Americans including Most Blacks from Grand Bahamas able to gain entry into United States to make money and destroy the Legal Claim of forced Free Slave Labor and the knowledge of the foundation Built by them!!

Truth behind 'Critical Analysis' up front and personal in action is not appreciated or wanted by Blacks entering into this country from other parts of the world.  What they found in Blacks here is the Spirit they gave up there. Not dead but alive! They came here to receive the Legacies and Gifts that should and will accrue too 'Black Slaves of America.'  When they work and move among blacks here, they bring ignorance, death, envy and jealousy.  Their eye on the prize, is Money!  Integration among  Latins and Europeans, telling Blacks here' We are our own worst Enemy' suggesting, we put ourselves in this position of continued slavery and death, without the participation from those arriving here from the Black Continent.  Let's examine the facts and truth of these late comers as Blacks among us, enjoying what they call the 'Good Life!'...made possible by the Black Slaves which is part of  on going 'Black Genocide'  rooted in the Medical and Legal Professions.  Lets say you have a Case that requires legal input-but you don't have the means to follow through in action.  In this system you may have a case ( but you lose!)   Or, you may have a Medical Problem as did I with pain in the thigh and hip!  I went too a practicing African Doctor who prescribed  a Mental Solution in the form of a Tablet called ' ( OXYCODONE)"  which over a period of time will make you an addict- and  the end results= Death!        Meaning, just another Black of value' White Supremist  and Black Judas Sellouts, won't have too deal with!  If you're Black, born in this System, right across the board you'll witness similar situations concerning life and death with ( Gentrification ) the prime mover of America's slave problems.(  Identity theft , Sovereignty with Land, compensation for destruction of language, families , culture,  forced free slave labor- Reparations Restitution and a legal debt claim!  Those Blacks and others moving into this Country legally, integrated, into this system as Citizens are also held responsible for this debt!...this is why you're hated and your death is wanted and needed, as prophecy unfolds and the truth of Jacob's seed is known within the frame work of Reuben's Actions and  Judgment with Divine Intervention  and the  ( One Day War-1968)! ...Spiritual Rapture and Cross over of the Jordan-taking the land and throne with no Organizational help but the Divine Creator Himself,  by Faith! Take that to the Bank!  God Rules Supreme!  The  devil knows this and never changes nor a leopard it's spots and fakery, lies, tricks and games  will never work and will end in  'Up Front and Personal to the point in Action-In Truth! (C) 5/8/2017   Reuben-Seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon...Black Faith in Abraham Isaac and Jacob and the 'Kings Highway and the Needle within the Door of Life'   Stay Well-Black is Beautiful !   Can't Fake It-Too Make it!!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Two Hundred Fifty years or more behind the times-too late trying to Fake and Make it as the Spirit moves in truth on time in action as a mustard seed!

Offense, defense...Media social news in Fox Serial account of events that they reported, shook up the nation, in the form of ' Defense'  ( 1992 ), Los Angeles Black riots.'  Facts, does not represent the truth relative to Black folk and their communities across the nation because in reality, it was warfare primarily between Mexican Latinos and Asians.  The Latinos were claiming this territory as there's, even though they were faced with the truth and 'Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo' of  ( 1848).  This land and people were sold out to the United States Republic of Caucasians for the sum of Twenty to Fifty Million Dollars in Gold and Silver!  With the infusion of Coloreds-Creoles and Mulattoes and a few misguided Blacks' the riot spread and was reported and framed to make it appear to be 'Black rage, gone wild making Blacks, the scape goat and tricks to their insanity!  The real shakeup and Revolution  came in the form of 'Offense'  in a  Place,  known as 'Watts, California!  Totally unexpected, coming from a people thought to be dead and child like! The record will show and reflect ,  action taken of  tremendous historical importance ( 1963-19965....1968!   No Trick- No Lie and No Games!  It was not 'Reactionary or Defensive' but Offensive and Spiritual!  Prophecy and Divine Intervention by yours truly in Action without the help or knowledge of any organization.  It took the Nation and the world by surprise because Black communities, even though being preyed on and treated like animals  were not educated or prepared for the action that took place Spiritually!  All organizations of any value that lent themselves to Black thought had been infiltrated and taken over by Judas sellouts and the United States Government.  Freedom and Justice with sovereign Land was not apart of the Agenda'!  White Power and Slavery was!  Today, the Judas sellouts have positions and jobs across this land! They have all become apart of the  phony education and destruction of Black families as well as the land from where our ancestry started!  These pimp punks could careless about the destruction and history relative to the foundation they stand on in Free Slave Labor!  They feel nothing of Prophecy, which they sold out and gave up!  Today, they move in quiet rage, jealousy and envy, realizing they have been exposed in there blind attempt to fulfill the 'White Power Dream.'   I don't Care if they  say they're Moors-Africans-Masons Shriner's- Illuminati-or what ever educational or religious faith they claim, all they want is Money and recognition.  These are  some of the reasons these sorry so-called leaders were caught off balance with their pants down, hands in the cookie jar, pushing integration and the sameness of all people with nothing including righteous truth!  What they do know running scared, is  this, is a Spiritual War!  The Devil never changes nor a Leopard it's spots!  You can't get a Divine Spiritual Blessing you sold out, saying it was nothing, now expect something!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Is !  From the Kings High Way-Door of Life !          Reuben Seed of Jacob in the Faith- Sun Son of Simeon!  Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-  Claim remains the Same!       (C)  5/4/2017   Reuben Beckles  Stay Well,  Truth is Still Truth!