Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clear the air of Slavery in America-By Black For Black

To clear the air with truth and love of ones self in relation to one's own God's force is to bring redemption to self and kind. To continue on a path of helping and loving every one and people other than self is insane. At the end of the day you and your children will have no future-no foundation-no life's force-nothing but doom and death! No amount of talk concerning-love -religion-education-money or back in the day will be of any value because you have a profound hatred of your self. You live-fight and die in every one's business but your own. When other nationalities choose to take care of their business excluding you-there are cries of racism! My attention was drawn to a word covered by the national and international news media last week-a word that almost bought the nation to a stand still because of the action an attitude of Black intelligentsia. The word spoken by a Caucasian woman to a Black woman married to a white man was(niggard)! The amount of time and energy given to this word was insane! Can you imagine what would happen if this time and energy could have been spent on finding a solution to the real black problems in this nation relative to race. To me this insane foolishness was generated as a ploy by colored and white folk to get Black folk involved in the insanity! The hostess of the show using the word was stated to be Jewish-strange, Helen Thomas, who no -longer works as a White House Correspondent -told her and other so-called Jews to stop playing games occupying other peoples land and go back to where they came from-(Europe)! My position is that they are Not the Jews of Divine Prophecy of Scripture(Bible) not Semitic and not from the Seed of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-which gets us to the real problem of Blacks in America' constantly selling themselves, knowledge and spirits to Caucasian Zionist-to religions for thirty pieces of silver-same as Judas and the San Hedron Counsel-Blacks selling spirits out to Rome and others. When the time came to free the Slaves of America-these knowledgeable leaders ended up fighting for Americas white power structure and the continuation of slavery even though they knew prophecy and slavery was over! They knew the foundation of this nation and Black-the only group sold-brought to this nation in chains and shackles against their will and endured insanity unknown to any people on the planet-yet-we survive-we live! Our solution is to be paid by this nation and people then return home to our land and redeem ourselves in a state of redemption-to the spirit of God-Self and Kind and to hell with these other folk who don't give a damn for themselves and feel nothing for you except your destruction in usury. The whole civil rights movement-the rise and fall within the nation of Islam to the whole issue, fabric of and insane people and a people who have all but losted their minds. You cannot continue to state you want freedom -independence respect and Justice without demanding that which is yours in relation to your foundation on this land in this system that is not yours-while at the same time fight for a melting pot of integration while your future and children are being eaten alive- and you and your leaders proclaim(back in the day when you called us niggers-we went to church-said Amen-watch Black folk being burned-lynched-beaten-kicked -stomped mis-used and abused beyond all moral perception. Back in the day is today...leadership crying-moaning over poor education-no jobs-home fore closers-home life in question as prison population rises and printed money gets funny...all while the Elite Black Intelligentsia-fight their White counterpart over the word Niggard! I hope you will visit me on my Blogger-Twitter and YouTube where we talk Solution-not fun and game! (c) August 17Th 2010 Reuben Seed of Jacob- sun of Simeon ....Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black Power-Time to clear the air

Sometime ago, I made a statement concerning Black power-who I am- what I represent as Reuben-Seed of Jacob- son of Simeon from the twelfth house of Israel and the Kings highway beyond the fertile crescent-sovereignty-Black -love of self and kind-land not for sale at any price-while giving a solution to Black slaves and their descendant's here in America. I was ridiculed-laughed at-thrown in jail-and family placed in jeopardy! Today, I stand and have not changed one inch watching those in responsible positions laughing the loudest moving in fear having lost their wisdom -with no place to run or hide after taking the thirty pieces of silver and a job pledging secrecy and faithfulness in their service to the devil. These Black folk are now in the forefront crying fowl as they find themselves in a sinking- abandon ship pointing their fingers at everyone else but themselves! They include Ministers-lawyers-Politicians-Educators-Publishers-of books and newsprint-Members of secret societies and many of the agent provocateurs within and out of the Black communities-both male and female! Many have traveled the globe looking for a home only to return to this slave plantation and talk about their founding fathers of this land and state we are all equal-the same and the slave and their descendant's remain on the plantation...a Slave! These folk are well educated and know Lincoln did not free the slaves and the fourteen amendment merely ripped off the slaves children by telling them they were free in the wilderness of North America with nothing but talk and not even a good dream-Black farmers in the south under the USDA-won their case in court involving racial injustice and have never been paid-nor were their parents...the original slaves. The Civil war didn't pay them-the army just killed off some folk and displaced the others- compounding the problem with Creole-mulattoes-octoroons who don't give a damn for-black except for what they can get in the name of religion-or when it suits their purpose to claim Black for monetary or Political reasons. They basically feel and act as the same Black Judas sellouts on the continent who sold out other Blacks to Europe-and the western world. You see them and their seeds today living in certain isolated areas looking at you and I funny as if we were something from out of space. Truth is -what they don't want the slaves to know living on this plantation-that if it were not for the action taken by Black power and the Spirit of God relative to Reuben's action in the sixties everything Black all over the world would have been wiped out-this is truth-the conspiracy to commit God killing was just that heavy-and I have no trust in them-now-tomorrow or ever and none of them came forth with a bowl of rice-prunes or a tooth pick to feed me or my family. Yet, it was God in the Spirit-who put it in my heart and mind through the book- word- in action to free his people as we walked the King's High Way. Today they deny it and by doing so- claim it's all false and God is nothing! Even as the nation they fight so hard to hold up is crumbling and the world is moving towards complete and utter chaos-but then these same folk don't believe in Prophecy-they think it's a joke-so did the people around Noah and The Ark-In the Secret Doctrine ISIS Goddess of Egypt and the book of the dead had never been dethrone-or that she wasn't about taking Spirit-until she ran into hell in the sixties! Today, Black slaves have a and your descendant's need land and payment to think and do for yourself and not depend and live under the slave master-with knowledge and degrees coming out your mind and ears begging and crying for jobs-a place to create-a place to live while your run in and out of the Church -Mosques-Temples -going no where-but into the crumbling...burning house!...GOD IS-God LIVES! Reuben -Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob Fools-lying pretenders-need not apply and knock on my door...this is not a game! (c) August 11 2010 Reuben Beckles