Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Plain and Simple-Let's Keep it Real "Lest We Forget!" All that Seems Black and Beautiful Standing On the Square of Justice-Is not Black Nor Real !

America, as a corporate structure in world affairs has every right to be concern as it sees it's house of cards come tumbling down-just like 'humpty dumpy! The time and days of slavery and usury are over and the New World has found they never left the Old World and it's values of Wisdom and Understanding relative to ethnicity, religion and geography (territory)!  The Law makers-Political Pundits-Educators and Financial Giants-Money Men  thought with the emergent of Democracy they world be able to rule the world as Blue Blood elites using America and the United Nations as a model in which to move their ideas and values around the world as a New world Order for cheap labor-middle class as a buffer and the destruction of Black as an underclass. The Caucasian(White Zionist) around the world was used to turn Black slaves into Zombies and thoughtless mummies to do the bidding of the Aryans Caucasians in the name of Christians  that started in Ethiopia and purified in the Vatican under canon Law and White rule using Black Israel as a model and the knowledge of Judas. The house of Judah(Tribe) and the Sanhedrin Council.  This is why you see a lot of folk walking around as white folk calling themselves Jews pawning themselves off as the real Israelite of Scripture...they're bloodsucking vampires-impostors and they know it.  They are Khazar's! Many Gentiles are waking up to this simple truth. The problem in today's world of Slavery which is perpetuated within the church, secret societies and Black Judas male sellouts  and their female counter parts.  They hate themselves as Black and the value that goes with it.  They sell themselves out to the highest bidder take money then find employment within the system of usury then go into denial  hoping  Civil Rights will help them gain acceptance!  Now they find the New world and usury could never replace old world wisdom and values given from the Divine Creator.  The Civil Rights Movement of the sixties was designed to destroy the Faith of Jacob's seed.  What shocked the world was Reuben 12th House of Black Israel claiming his Birth right, the territorial land in the East beyond the Jordan and the Kings High Way by Faith creating Divine Intervention and Judgment  by the Divine Creator of the original houses of Israel.  This is why Black Slaves, builders of the foundation in this corporate State-called the United States of America, are living in confusion and chaos. Misled then sold out by the knowing-their leaders the flock accepted the impostors and could not respond to the Aliyah-Rapture when the word went out(To Whom does the Land beyond the fertile Crescent belong? Meaning land mass and territorial geographical land and faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?  Only Reuben responded by Action!   The Nation of Islam-Church and Synagogue know it as do the flock who now live in denial and want nothing to do with Yours truly...Reuben!        No matter!  Now comes the truth from the very folk who claim to be a part of the faith. The very folk who brought them off and now want nothing to do with Black.  Hell is going on in Europe Asia-Africa the Middle East and elsewhere-New world can't take over and remove Old world Land and Prophecy!  Just came  across a News Print Called "Jewish Journal" dated September 26/October 2, 2014...Second page will tell you these folk spend time and Money in Synagogue  pretending to be a people they're not-pray in a language they don't understand to a God they don't believe in!  These are people that many Black women claim as their soul mates and will fight the Black man tooth and nail to defend her sorry position loving Jesus while hating Black Beautiful...Is a Elephant  heavy- is a pig Pork?    From the Kings high Way-Reuben seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon  (C) 9/30/2014            Faith   I Am   Land Reparations Restitution   Reuben Beckles

Friday, September 26, 2014

Astrology-Astrometry In age Of Aquarius Essence of Conspiracy to Commit God Killing!

House of Pisces -Land and throne of Reuben-belief and faith in action( in Age of Aquarius) Reuben, seed of Jacob and foundation Of Israel-Hebrew Black man during the sixties was to have been sacrificed for money and continued slavery in the name of Civil Rights and Justice!  It was set up by Black and colored Judas sellouts that was part of the Sanhedrin Council through Egypt, Greece, Ethiopia the Vatican-and the money Corporation of the United States along with the Caucasian Zionist . The game was to give knowledge and Spirits of the Black world to White Western World-raising the White culture of nations around the world as we now know it. Greedy black Judas sellouts in their envy and self hate wrapped in jealousy created these monster bloodsucking republic nation states  made slavery tremendously profitable and Cotton King-creating unmentionable pain and suffering for blacks we know  as  slave animals!  Arabs and Moors who were also in on common wealth of suffering and profit didn't care because they never considered themselves Black.  The Age of Aquarius was and is about exterminating Black Prophecy, Jacob seed of Israel and true Black Sovereignty. the land mass and faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  Today you'll find Caucasians all over the place  calling themselves Jews in Palestine making claims under Identity theft about a people and land whose birth Right they're trying to seal and claim knowing Caucasians had nothing to do with that part of the world. Judah was a part of Israel-same as Texas is only apart of the U.S. That area and land belongs to Black folk " Lest We Forget!"  The One Day War was about giving  total Sovereignty to Caucasians over that area and exterminate all  Blacks who would not submit-plain and simple.  That is what the International trade routes-Law -Identity theft and money is all about!  Blacks as an under class and white Superiority!  This is why people from around the world can tell the Black Slaves  of America who they are. Slavery has left Blacks in America working begging for acceptance-Clueless!  Nations and peoples all over the world are in a conspiracy to keep the cross of the Square -Justice and Sovereignty a secret.  White Brown Yellow Red-Black Judas sellouts fighting for a piece of the pie with the Vampires of Satan controlling the Cross  Double Cross!  This is why none can tell you the effects of Reuben's Sovereign action in the Spirit of Faith and the degrees of Knowledge they carry-because his actions over came all they were claiming to be about in truth but were really fighting him and his kind against Divine truth.  I don't care if it were Christians who are now in denial- those in the name of Islam (Peace) under Elijah who claimed this is all there is on this plain-submit too them.  They all found out they failed because of Divine Intervention  and Reuben's entering the door of life-they wanted the creation not the creator-the I Am!  In the Age Of Aquarius' these folk found they were fighting for dethroned Isis and against the Divine Spirit (Twelfth House of Black Israel-foundation in Astrology-faith)-part of the awaking of Watts-an extension of the Kings High Way and the door of Life-One Day War-1968! while defeating the state  of so called Israel-Palestine! Slavery was over-Satan Busted  as the Money makers and lenders in slave United States went into denial claiming God so loved the world why don't slaves get over slavery and get an education- go to work!  So great was the demonic effect upon the slaves they too went into denial pushing aside thoughts of freedom and Sovereignty-Separation!  Would you believe in todays Age of Aquarius, Egypt-Ethiopia, Vatican even the Moors are claiming Sovereignty among the very black folk they enslaved by denying their Blackness as Black slaves rise to demand their birthright and claim Freedom and sovereignty  in Land Reparations and Restitution!  Elijah, Dr King and the Hierarchy among Black folk were all hating themselves fighting for the crumbs and acceptance of while termites and bloodsucking sissies vampires!  Black slaves of America, almost lost it all were it not for God-in the Spirit of  Prophecy and Divine intervention not believed or understood by most of what it takes to be free and a believer in the faith-yet,action is required if Sovereignty is to be had! (C) 9/26/2014          Reuben...  Seed Of Jacob Sun of Simeon-Truth from the Kings High Way and the Door of Life! How do I know about the Aliyah -Rapture?...action  by Faith...In I Am!  Reuben Beckles              Pisces Alive!  "Age Of Aquarius

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grow up or continue the path of Denial Slavery and nothing at the end of your journey but death!

In today's world no one wants to grow up-it seems to be a joy in following and being accepted- if you're a Black male Man forget your self and kind-forget your history before after and during slavery!  If this sounds like a broken record  so be it. Black men will have to ask themselves why do we go from Boys to Uncle while forming groups of non thinkers fighting among ourselves all for the benefit of others on turf we don't control or own this includes the sports we participate in and action we show  the world as entertainment.  Fighting and dying in distant land destroying peoples and cultures in a manner unknown in history involving thinking folk as humans.  I say humans because many folk are walking around today as demons creating all forms of chaos while Blacks rely on many of these demons pretending as humans for" good will" and help.The problem is it's can't and won't happen.  The reason for this as I see it-you have given up your identity and Manhood along with your history and knowledge and the reason Blacks  were brought to these shores.  Many men and women  have given their wisdom knowledge and lives to continue our presence on this planet and in the universe.  If this were not so myself and like minded folk would not be here today, writing speaking to self and kind.  Instead of growing up many are wasting away standing around waiting for someone to make the first move towards independence and Justice.  Those of higher knowledge and degrees will do nothing but take a pay off and talk but will never take an action to move on the talk.  They wait until someone from the foundation, innocence, comes along and moves on the talk.  He's successful and gets result, but the majority have something else in mind...his death and usury the name of sweet Jesus and their religion.  Money, Job Creation-United Nation's Agenda(21)- Fema's  consecration camps for slaves and homeless-underclass of Blacks who have fought worked and died for this system -blood sucking vampires and bankers who made cotton king while the slaves and their descendants got nothing but talk at the end of the day. Talk of Freedom and Liberty!  How long do you think you'll have too wake up to the truth and find the balls to demand that which belongs to the nation within this nation-Black Slaves ...Land Restitution Reparations-or are you waiting for Concentration  camps and extermination thinking your Education will save the day for you with a white woman on your arm!  As for yours truly-I see the tsunami and prophecy-Land and the fires of Hell created by fools of folly and disbelievers!  Watts and the Awaking-Kings Highway and the door of Life- One Day War-1968-Isis dethroned-Blood sucking vampire of so-called Israel " Lest We Forget"  Black Judas sellouts from Ethiopia-Egypt-Vatican-Greece  on the Land of the Blacks and their European partners in crime!  Reuben(C) 9/23/2014    Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon ...Faith !                                 Reuben Beckles

Friday, September 19, 2014

Nations-Coloreds-Cultures around the world in their respectives religions now trying to claim Royal Birthright of Jacob and blessings in Black-yet want nothing to do with Black!

I don't know about you-but yours truly is witnessing some weird and strange situations happening around the Globe relative to Black slaves of America and their foundation of free labor-chains and shackles-broken homes-lynchings-murders -castrations-beating-Identity theft and a whole host of unspeakable crimes committed against them as black folk right across the board.  We the descendants of a captive people owe a tremendous debt to their faith in our God that sustains us today as we speak one language given by those who profited then and now  physically and mentally as they now attempt to destroy the very folk who made it possible for a system of White Capitalism and phony white supremacy  they teach in their schools and universities- Black Inferiority- unless something   white motivated Black to achieve, relative to White standards...Is that insane or did I miss something?  These folk are Johnnie come lately on the planet who have been shone and given everything they have by Black and others yet they talk and act as though they created themselves.  What amazes yours truly are the Blacks along with the Judas sellouts who want nothing more than to be accepted leaving their children with no real future as a people-no faith-no growth that they can accept-no God they fight in ignorance. It's all insanity considering how many millions died on the high seas before landing on these shores and else where  that gave rise to the wealth and power of this nation only to be told that we the descendants the foundation and builders of this nation aren't entitled to anything but talk in freedom!  The Revolutionary and Civil Wars and Black participation  was movement in action-Cotton became King, Black action-World War One and two-Black Action!   Korea-Vietnam  weren't just wood pieces moving themselves across a chess board to say nothing about the current wars to make the world safer and freer for whiteness, White folk-Afghanistan-Iran-Iraq-Land of the Blacks and middle East-central America, Cuba-Philippine's-Twin towers...these wars and other of a clandestine nature not mentioned were and are being funded with funds earned from the action of the slaves that made 'Cotton King-Reparations that was never given to an entitled people for free labor due Restitution whom whites then and now, considered Blacks as property and by giving Blacks a religion that personified white image Blacks wouldn't think twice about dying to sustain their so-called White brothers!  This is the reality of The "One Day War" Awakening of Watts Revolution-Rebellion)-Kings Highway Wisdom walked by Your Truly-Justice Freedom and Soveriegnty  into the door of life-Land in the Aliyah( Rapture!...All in and through Jacobs Seed Black Power-Black Faith in the Sixties-knowing many Black folk lost their faith gave it up and sold themselves to the devil who now state ...we're all the same-knowing it's a lie!  They just didn't have the balls to commit and sustain themselves in the truth of faith-love-truth and kind after all, they're taught ( Jesus loved and Died for Everybody) knowing the people he loved and taught denied him and didn't pick up a tooth pick to help him and couldn't wait for him to die!  If you check the record of Marcus Garvey  Malcolm X  you'll find a similar set of facts! The difference between these other folk and my self-though they be my brothers I'm no game -no trick and my faith is real with my God of Black Love-Black Truth-Sovereignty and Land God given and not for sale at any price knowing my worth and faith as Jacob's seed Sun of Simeon!  Having said this, I'm not here to die for Black or White insanity tricks and game playing with any nations or groups.  Justice says you owe with compounded interest  plain and simple!  When this nation was attacked they didn't tell it's people and leaders-let's forget about it and pray for their forgiveness-they went to war decimated those responsible and blew them into the dark ages of time-veteran homes and hospital are a testament of action yet, they're the same folk in denial when it comes to the foundation of Black Folk- free slave  labor and Justice...well, don't say anything when Karma through Black power and Divine Intervention extracts Justice.  Then you can take your American case to the Capitalist  Communist Zionist who had Germany by the balls economically during WWII-before they were put into concentration camps   given rise  to the Holocaust. Both you and your partners in crime can talk about the reparations given to the Indian and the Japanese internment camps. They were legal citizens!  Now ask your freedom loving -bloodsucking Vampires-what is the difference with hard working Blacks who never came here of their own free will to be your slaves as property!  (C) 9/19/2014   Reuben seed of Jacob     Black is Beautiful  Sun of Simeon in the Faith! Reuben Beckles  

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Careful thought-Study and Experience-Black is beautiful but not to Black female who wants to be White while giving Black male hell-concluding we're all the same as she fights for the devil's acceptance!

Make no mistake this blogger is written from a Black man's observation, experience, knowledge and wisdom.  Sometime back I was talking with one of my daughters in-home school teachers-during our conversation she stated as a black woman that instead of schooling black children they should first examine the black females because she's the one raising the children and she has strong mental problems and is in need of help! She smiled, turned and walked away!  I have been giving thought and making observations for sometime now and if the black male doesn't have his head on straight knowing who he is with a strong foundation relative too the wilderness of North America, and slavery with all it's causes and effect he's in trouble with her and any children they may have.  Fact is they'll be living in an insane relationship of Trick or over and around the plantation of cotton-the white male image and the system of usury and white Capitalism.   The jails are full of Black males who thought they were involved with black women who loved themselves as Black but in fact, they were and are giving birth to White men son's and daughters  using religion to cover up  their  insane actions.  Their mind set and actions runs deep as they play the love hate thing too keep him off balance- not thinking-acting and dressing for him- male to female but female to female and homosexual gay life within the frame work of integration-usury and slavery all with the acceptance of religion and Jesus loving everyone- everybody!...Trick or Treat you wake up to find out it's all a game ...a  sham!  The game she's playing here is being played out on the "Land of the Blacks(Africa-Middle East) .  Where ever she and Isis are it's the same game while the Man to keep harmony in the U.S. never takes point relative to Land-Restitution and Reparations - Freedom Sovereignty because in the back of his mind he knows she's not with or for him- sound crazy-it's factual-the truth! As for yours truly I'm standing as Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Sun of Simeon awaking of Watts-Kings Highway-Door of Life -One Day War! 1968-Black Power and Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob moving in the direction of a tremendous Tsunami and House cleaning in the Spirit of Divine Intervention and there will be no T.V. no debate No Tricks-No Game!  God Is-I Am (C) 9/16/2014     Reuben Beckles 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The real Royal Blood Line of Black Is Beautiful relative to Jacobs Seed and Prophecy Is No Game-Free was not given by Marches-Ministers And game playing Politicans Money Changers!

The above title is true and factual-phony do-gooders and lying impostors had black folks in a position to be destroyed all over the world and especially here in America.  It was only through Divine intervention and the Spiritual action of Reuben-by faith as the Seed of Jacob coming from the foundation that blocked these satanic, bloodsucking cowards and sissies and they know it.  They used the truth and knowledge creating chaos and a dream of make believe freedom to perform an undeclared act of war for the benefit of Aryan White Supremacy-so-called Caucasian Zionist Jewish movement which was  promoted by so called Black Leadership who hated themselves in the so-called Civil Rights Movement' of the Sixties. These leaders were paid tremendous sums of money...some on the Christian side others on so-called Jewish side-some didn't care hating prophecy and Black so much they just took the money and ran thinking they would be saved denying and selling their souls...same as Esau and Judas - disciples Of Christ!  These Negro Colored folk were in all facets of Black life! ...much like on the land of the Blacks-Europeans would never have been able too penetrate Black life without the help of the leadership which included Mulattoes and Moors who knew the people and trade routes.  Also, who the Israelites(Hebrews really were and are!) The love of self and kind-God Faith and Black Power turned the tide which now has these petty thieves shaking their heads wondering what's up-what church do you belong?  Indeed, the sixties were something to behold.  The impostor's failed along with their Goddess Isis looking for souls and a hiding place not understanding the Black Royal Blood Line, as they push Equality and fake Brotherhood-Integration and the Common Wealth which is nothing more than Capitalism -world wide and Slavery, knowing it's foundation is Black America and the debt owed to Black Slaves who are being told they're free.  Where and with what?   Begging and Marching is no freedom and no Sovereignty!  The only freedom Black folk were given was in chains and shackles-in America, led by coloreds under White Supremacy from the eastern part of this land-Marching into the hell hole plantations of Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana. Today-Blacks are still being led by these same folk-to March, March...without chains and shackles-for so-called Civil Rights-Hell we got tried of Marching during the awakening of "Watts'!  You are now being shone how free you're not, by the situation in (St Louis-Ferguson)  What you're not being told and shone is that Blacks are still slaves all over this land that was set up for white folk. The real fight is between White Christians and Jews who don't want to see Black Independence and freedom.  Blacks are being used as pawns in the game as an under class!  They sell you dope-give you poor schools- they cut your water off knowing your economical base with no jobs is driving you crazy. You don't own the land you squat on!  You drive cars you don't manufacture and get fined tickets that keep you poor and frustrated while you support a system and people(white Christians and Jews) that see you only as Economical cannon Fodder. You fill their Jails and  fight their Wars!  The Men Folk languish on the battle fields across the world  created not by you but them!  You're in jail for using dope they flood the nation with then use your women folk in or out of Church-giving them jobs you can't find-on the land in a system you built.  Today, you have what is known as Integration under a Constitution that wasn't designed for you yet you say you're free and Equal.  If all this is true and it is- Why would God in the Spirit of Jacob-House of Reuben give you Divine Intervention in Black Power for real freedom and Justice! Whites-Colors and Judas sellouts teach you from the Koran-Bible-old and new and you claim color doesn't matter-yet, this whole System was and is based on Color-with Black on the bottom?  I Reuben, will and can tell you this simple truth as a Black Man from the door of Life- Black Man is not on the bottom-Black Man Walked the Kings Highway-Black Man defeated Isis and the phony state of Israel claiming  the land Mass of Palestine and the Bible.  This is a fact!  The Aryan Christians know this as do the Zionist Jews. The knowledge of this reality didn't start in the west but the east!  Ethiopia-Egypt-known in Saudi Arabia-Mexico-Central and South America-China who sold out to the west now trying to claim Africa-all while Black Israel stands-(Is)!  The claim for the Slaves in America-since this is the foundation of Economical Capitalism is Land Restitution Reparations-no debate! No people on this planet came through what Black folk in this nation have suffered...yet stand today!...Black Is Beautiful!   (C)   Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon  (Faith-I Am)  9/10/2014       Reuben Beckles

Monday, September 08, 2014

On the record of Justice and truth-Reuben Seed of Jacob Spiritual Actions of the Sixties made plain!

Yours truly has been on this journey for along time and as I've stated before I'll state now-"This is not a trick nor a game-to believers God in Prophecy is real-most don't know because as men they're afraid to act as Men and women can't do a Man job!  I don't care how hard she tried pretending we're the same and equal-or how many men sings her praises as she takes point you will always end in folly where man is called to do his job relative to the Divine Order of things.  If you think this is a joke relative to today's topic have her find the Kings Highway-walk it and come back with wisdom and solution for the slaves problems here in America and not submit to more slavery in the name of Jesus even his disciples disowned him and he was made free through Divine Intervention. What you have going on today is usury and talk no action  except the money plate - slavery remains on the plate of Capitalism and usury in brotherhood after death!  The reason for slavery's continued existence is the game being played by those in high responsible positions who have waxed fat at the expense of black folk whose suffering and torment in broken homes-castration-lynching-stripped of language and Identity land...self worth and any other form of dehumanization !  It wasn't just the awaking of Watts that wound bring about the end to Black slavery in America but the "One Day War of 1968" and the king's Highway, it's Divine Wisdom and the door of the Black Man for Black folk!  If you say Black Man didn't take this action it was a Woman-then tell the world how was Isis- known the world over- defeated?...Isis was known to the underworld and raised by Osiris and used by many nations of the world(Egypt-Greece-Ethiopia-Vatican-Arab nation States-including America!  She gave her knowledge-wisdom and support to the white imposter state of (so called Israel) and the One Day War of 1968  was her death-she failed! as did the state she represented!  These various countries around the world who are living in tremendous chaos is a direct results of her defeat-the leaders she represented  talked the equality in brotherhood of Man and love of Jesus, were and are nothing more than greedy bloodsucking vampires-who had nothing to do with Jesus, but worshiped Satan and his attempt to regain his place in heaven but had to go through and destroy Jacobs seed who was in the faith of the Divine Creator "I Am that I am" hence, these folk were about destroying the faith and killing of God!  Reuben was the force that blocked this insanity and defeated Isis while working for Mr Sandford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper who was a follower of Isis not known by yours truly at the time-who ended up telling many of his followers that he didn't know how I was doing what I was doing by taking the action I took because he didn't tell me anything and he didn't-I was moving by faith and no organization-this is why faith based organizations and secret societies wanted my death-knowing they had the knowledge  and did nothing but collect money -talk about a dream and enforce slavery! The leaders refuse to talk about real solutions for the Slaves which is (Land-Reparations and Restitution) because Satan is now claiming their Souls as they are in denial using the woman looking for a hiding place-pushing same sex marriage and females who died with Isis thinking they were as much Man as Man!...Check the record including those countries I've mentioned along with the Sandhedrin Council!  These folk are at war with God -the Divine Creator in Prophecy!  Dr King told the World-Canaan-Palestine belonged to Satan-the Caucasian Jews...leave them alone!  He paid for the lie after he was shone the promised Land by God!  Elijah Muhammad said their would be no more Islam after him and we watched as Min. Louis Farrahan give many of his followers to Scientology!  Again check the record-Israel is as the foundation of Black Is Beautiful  (C) 9/8/2014 Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon    From the Kings Highway -Door Of Life!          Reuben Beckles