Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nation and Organization of Black Judas sellouts pretending demands of Reuben(Israel) Seed of Jacob-relative to Black Land-Reparations-Restitution

Pretending and hiding by this nation and others around the world will not succeed in their attempt to delay or dismiss our claim and demands for Justice for the Black slaves of America even with Black Judas sellouts and their lying colored imps around the world in their hire! The core of our demands is the truth in action-Slavery and free Black Labor the foundation of America's rise to glory and power-without which this nation would not be! This is a spiritual fact that lie at the heart and soul -the people of America! We are deeply aware that slavery has been in other parts of the world for a long time-including the land of the blacks from which the slaves of America was taken-today you call this land mass Africa-where many languages and dialects are spoken. America calls this land -Home of the Brave-Land of the free where opportunities abound! These words do not speak to Black folk-the Slaves and their descendants-who never arrived on these shores as free men and women-but in chains and shackles from neck to feet-ripped from the cradle of civilization like animals-into a vacuum of nothing less-where unspoken inhumane treatment was the order of the day and moment-millions raped-shaughtered-beaten-staved and thrown over board into the ocean-before reaching the land of the free-home of the brave! These captured folk had families-Mothers-Fathers-Sisters-Brothers-near and distant extended family's-same as their captors! Yet here we are on the land of the free-separated-sold-castrated-lynched- burned all in the name of free enterprise and opportunity the American way! From plantation to plantation from money maker to money maker-Black Judas sellouts-Zionist-Religious leaders -Politicians all like today made and make tremendous wealth on innocence -ignorant and free labor as the land was taken from it's original people-the American Indians who were also sovereign-fighting the good fight even as the word went out-this was fertile ground-discovered land for Europeans-British -Spanish-French Empires-among others not mentioned! Came time for freedom in the melting pot of America-it was Talk for and too Black-action in deeds for all others. Where was the Slaves going with non acceptance-no Land -no pay-even with one language-or tongue-English! As it turns out even the Indian tribes being moved from place to place on his own land we now call reservations ended up owning black slaves and at some point decided to make them free as members of their tribes-which the Black slaves accepted only to find out their freedom was short lived! As I write this Blog-in the twenty-first century the sovereign Nation-the Cherokee's decided to amend their Constitution making the Black ex slaves and their descendant who tough they were free no longer apart of the tribe! Where do they go from here as ex slaves with no land-no sense of belonging after thinking they were better than the other Blacks who were turned away with no pay or land yet fights for this land and system hoping this land and dream of brotherhood will be theirs but deep down in their soul and spirit-know it will never be! This was not the Prophecy given to you on your land peoples of Abraham-Isaac-nor Jacob for which we are! Truth is these folk are living an out an out lie using your Identity stealing your birthright trying to enter the promised lands as the God head! As Black-with knowledge education and experience second to none we speak one language-experience what no other people can and have been made to endure-yet we are told the country and system is broke-the Debt out of control-sickness -insanity rampant-cost on all fronts above your ability too pay and you have no jobs in this system-home of the brave -land of the free for opportunists! The divine has spoken and theirs more to come-In the form of Fire Air Earth and Water ! Liars -Phonies Judas sellouts working for in and out of this system cannot hide anymore using sorcery-med-physical knowledge-this is not the Black man's Land-system or home-check the East coast-moving West-Back to East-Truth...God is-from Ethiopia-Egypt-Europe-America-Latin America-Islands Everything in between-Jordan-God is...I am Reuben-Son of Simeon Seed of Jacob! (@)8/30/11 Reuben Beckles

Friday, August 05, 2011

Awesome lessons to be learned-concerning God-Jacob's seed-Wisdom and Black Power

God-prophecy-Jacob's seed in the Twenty first century has become extremely interesting as Afro- American Negroes and Judas Black folk didn't believe in truth and prophecy taking crumbs while building institutions and entities hoping for a fast getaway in case truth surfaced! Truth is the slaves and their descendant's have an out-a solution that Judas and his con men couldn't or didn't want to see or deal with! The Spiritual Cross over that Yours truly made in the sixties traveling the Kings highway) and the "One Day War" has meaning far beyond what your leaders won't say and refuse to tell their followers and the world...Identity theft is over-slavery is over and the game is up! While we were fighting for the people-Reparations-Restitution-Land in prophecy Black Judas sellouts had the people fighting among themselves for crumbs on this land in a system that in time it would crumble and out of folly and desperation you would kill yourselves bowing to his greed and insanity. These so called leaders are the same folk who broke up our families in the name of marriage love and jobs-while joining your enemies telling you to join the army to die and fight in order to be all you can be! Your woman-your Queen through the knowledge of his entities and organizations didn't marry you but him or other women under his domination-so as to keep you off balance in hell with Isis at the helm! The debt and mounting worlds problems are an indication of things to come because these leaders knew the truth but chose not to move in that direction-non believer's pretenders to the throne! Again the nations of the world have been put in check mate--by Judas promising them some thing that not theirs-the promised land that they themselves can't enter-if this is a lie why did Judas commit suicide-why did the nations of the world try to claim and steal the land they knew was not theirs as they cry today about a debt problem and slavery they created! I did indeed walk the kings Highway-crossed over into the land of Reuben-for self and kind-was Judged and stand! For those who deny this truth-knowing the world has been put in check mate claim it and take it! They will find God and the real Black man's Army-this is no play thing! Reuben-son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob (@) August 5-2011 Reuben Beckles