Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

America-Slavery-Debt...Time to Address Real problems With real Solutions

Time for America to stop playing games-admit that it's leader's have been played-brought off totally unable to solve this nation and the worlds problems as leaders of Western Civilization. In most cases all it's representatives want is recognition and a pay check and the ability to send many of it's citizens with lesser minds to serve and die in distant lands-destroying peoples and cultures in the name of protecting America against terrorists as problems within it's own borders go wanting-poor education-jobs-political folly-monetary debt and funny money-Id theft-but most important the problem and solution to Slavery-the root cause of it's problems. It's my observation and opinion that Black nor white want to address and solve this festering situation-which will be their down fall as brown-red-yellow and coloreds across the nation and planet move here and build on the gravy train of ignorance in slavery-this also includes the Blacks from Africa-Grand Bahamas-Caribbean-Belize-Central and South America-knowing the difference of themselves and the Blacks of North America. The Black and white Zionist who were and are free in this society-perpetuate this insane game of slavery who make money and don't want any real solution to the problem-they're Educators Politicians Ministers in pulpits Lawyers Bankers pretending activism across this land making allot of noise-so does an empty wagon! The southern congressman (Honorable Steven King) on June 15, 2011 attached an amendment to an Agriculture appropriations bill to prohibit the government from paying claims to Black farmers who won the money in a class action discrimination civil law suit-suggesting it was a form of reparations-that the matter was settled by the shedding of Yankee blood during the Civil War! He was followed by a colored Reverend(Wayne Perelman) who wrote a book concerning the tactics and antics of his brother-President Obama-speaking before a largely white audience-he proclaimed America was not a slave holding nation as they built schools-churches and institutions -fought and died for the freedom of Black folk-suggesting Black folk had did nothing for themselves-that they owe everything they have to the great white slave master completely over looking the conditions that brought slavery to these shores in cramped slave ships-from another continent-against their will-in chains and shackles-speaking a language not English! Worked from sun up til sun down on plantations surrounded by terrorists-who shot-lynched-castrated men folk-ripped their family's apart while having their way with the women-raped and burned them and was never paid-by Black or white slave owners. To cap it off the Civil War was fought to unified the nation states(country)-so that the North could compete with the south whose civilization was based on free slave labor...even many of this nations founders had slaves and felt nothing! Today slave descendants think they're free because they were allowed to get what is known as an education enabling them to have a middle class status based on color with no understanding and wisdom hiding out as slaves in the African Methodist Church-certain parts of Islam as Muslims descendants of Ishmael and Esau claiming lean age to Abraham-saying nothing of Isaac and Jacob-whose land and identity they are trying too steal and sell today! Much of their knowledge is coming from secret societies but they will never let it be known until you join them! The late Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. told the world to leave those Caucasians alone in what is called the Jewish state-knowing they were not the Jews or Hebrew Israelites of prophecy and scripture. The world found this out after the "One Day War Of 1968"All he wanted was jobs for himself and those around him. To solve America's problems and debt is to solve the slave problem of Land Restitution and Reparations-or continue on the path to self destruction-bring in other Nationalities to supplant the slaves with nothing-using the benefits of slave reparations is pure folly-even with the help of free Judas sellouts! (c) June 30 2011 Reuben son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob - Reuben Beckles

Friday, June 17, 2011

Old School- New school- Back in the day

Slavery in all its forms in America is a terrible situation when the mind has been depleted of culture, history, and truth. I was reading some Twitters a few days ago and came across a young man who questioned some of the black activities which involved fires and other forms of destruction within the black community across the land- Watts in particular! His statement was: "Back in the day, niggas was destroying everything!" What's the point of your destroying your own communities? On the face of it, it sounds real until you dig into the truth. It's like the Old Testament- there had to be a foundation and this young man like many others didn't have a clue. If he remains in that ditch like many others they have no future of real substance. Many a brother, man, and father fought and died to keep truth alive to bring forth a glorious future. To do so one must have a strong foundation. It's not enough to know the history of chains, shackles, lynchings, burnings, castrations, broken homes, poor education (if any), reckless eyeballing, and being treated like animals by police and citizens who now call themselves patriotic. "Lest We Forget" the foundation close to home and time. Watts, like traffic tickets, was nothing to be played with. It was designed, like the system, to keep blacks down and poor! Crime then and today perpetuate the community. The business and home mortgage companies are ran and owned by outside interests here and abroad. Watts in particular (back in the day) was a cesspool for smiling demons and thugs selling garbage as food with high interest rates- everything else you brought was 4-9% higher than other areas! Dope was sold to keep you blind and dead under the table, and to keep hope alive, you were fed religion- nothing more than organized body and spirit takers. To make ends meet, your mother left the area to raise other people's children, and in many cases went into prostitution and welfare. When the welfare worker came around to see if a man was in the home, they would have to jump out the window so the woman's county check wouldn't be cut off. During this time, many a mother spent much of the day and night making clothes to put on her children's back or washing hand-me downs! There are many things I could say having lived back in the day. I hope we have opened the window to make some of the curious investigate some truth relative to the lies they are being told and the folly they claim to be living in freedom. Which brings us to the present day situation of the unfinished revolution of self, God, and Black power as we didn't just arrive on these shores from nothing to something. The nation your ancestors built on this land is crumbling and you are told you're something with a promissory note- "forget the past, let's come together and build as one people." What separated you and when were you paid for free labor enabling you to put your own house in order? Where's the Justice? Where's the land? Is this your system or have you even thought about the truth of it? There is not another people in this land that came here as you worked like you, stripped of everything like you- pure Genocide! You want to believe you have a black President in the White House who represents all people but you are entitled to land, restitution, reparations. Even the banker's and big businesses got a stimulus of tax payer've got what? Debt, foreclosure, and people looking for a job! To get people of your stature and background to a point of self hate is terrible and sad, especially saying you know and love God. This is where we part company knowing I will not be in the bucket of crabs going nowhere but over the cliff believing in everyone, loving everyone, but self and kind!

Reuben Beckles, Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon. 6-17-11