Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hoax and joke-by Black and White Judas Sellouts using National and International deceptive Tricks of Folly- to keep Black Slaves In America!

What's so important about Black slaves in America? It's because they were the minds and builders representing free labor on this land in the 'Wilderness of North America!  They didn't come to this land of their own free will, but as 'Captive Slaves, in Chains and Shackles.'  They  and their descendants are the basis and foundation on which the claim for 'Restitution, Reparations and Land is made in the form of Land, valued Currency, in the sum of ' One Hundred Million-Billion- Trillion Zillion Dollars in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Land and  other valued valuables, including Copyrights and Patients. The claim is made by and for, real people, Blacks, who are told in talk and action - we're nothing and should be greatfull, for our enslavement by the great White and Black demonic forces of the Black Boule and Illuminate of Europe! ...knowing, this isn't our land  or System belongs to Black Slaves - whether in Judaism ,Christianity or Islam!' Fake it-Til You Make It! ...  is their Moto'! What they want in there (Lust Greed selfishness as Satanic Impostors) is our identity, Mind Soul and Spiritual Birthright.  Land in Israel.  (Jacob in  Divine Prophecy) which is not theirs to have!  This truth is made known with the action taken  by 'Reuben -Seed of Jacob in the 'One Day War' of (1968)!  This is the center piece of chaos around the world, Religiously, Socially, Politically, Economical and Legally.  This is Divine Wisdom and truth, they all, want to bury, not wanting too touch the Solution of ( Black Slavery) in all it's attending ills in America.  Whether in social gatherings in homes, legal or political events, religious houses, on Universities or College campuses It doesn't matter.  The real Solutions hardly ever come into focus or if they do, the agent provocateurs are there to make lite of the situation laughing it off as a hand out,' saying' that was then.  Meaning Slavery.   We live in today's world!'  How dumb is that?  'Fake it till, they make it.'  These same agent Provocateurs are urging us too vote for the lesser of two evils, who really don't give a damn for so-called minorities in Black as the claim,  they want power, fame and fortune, at the slaves expense and you give it to them as willing slaves in the form of Donald Trump' whose Empire' is being destroyed here and around the world by Legal and Illegal immigrants'.  He signs an Executive Order to stop the destruction of this nation as he see's it, by ill legals...only to be hounded and discredited by his own of wolves in sheep's clothing, pretending to believe in a Nation of Laws-Under God! as women and men pretenders..Sure they ( don't) standing on the backs and misery of Black Slaves whose free labor in chains and shackles built the foundation of this Land.  In return-entire family's were wiped out-languages and cultures completely destroyed while Men Women -Fathers and Mothers along with Children were burned, Lynched, Castrated, jailed, raped and sold like cattle to the highest civilized' terrorist!...this and more, all, in the face of these  glorified gangsters, sissies, punks and pimps who don't want real solutions to this nations problems as his women shout," We Want Equality-Open the Doors to More  Continued Slavery!  Up With Integration, Down with Hate!....I say;  I'll take my Land, freedom, Separation and Justice in a hurry!   Black Slaves who need you and don't want Justice or believe in prophecy, I say, "Good Luck- Just don't get in the way. Too many of you hate yourselves and want nothing to do with God, 'The Creator. This is an illusion, you think you know and see, in the devil's, altered creation.  Mind too Mind-Spirit too Spirit-Soul Too Soul !  A Leopard never changes it's spots nor a Zebra it's stripes. (C)       Reuben, Seed of Jacob- Sun- Son of Simeon coming from the 'King's Highway, Door of Life'. God of the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High!   Christ Said,"  Pick up your Cross; which means; Action and growth, within and for self and kind!  Love and Faith in God and Prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob which you'll find ' It's so deep- you can't get under it'.  So High, you can't get over it and so wide, it narrows at the door's opening !    Stay well-love self and kind-move in truth- the devil is still a low down dirty devil!....   Fake to the Bone  and highly deceptive.  God Is!         1/31/ 2017       Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Religous and Secular hoax beng played out on world stage by bloodsucking vampires claiming identity of Black Israel-headed for wipe out en mass destruction!

Chaos, here and around the world under the pretense and slogans of Women's rights and total inclusion for everyone, is a joke and a insult.  It's all promoted by the same Zionist hypocrites and  impostors who promote 'Black Genocide in South Africa and all over the Black Continent for White European Interests and Black Judas Sellouts, rooted in Power, selfishness and Greed!  These are the same folk who set up the NAACP for Colored folk, pretending to be liberals while 'fighting Blacks' whom they hate, finding ' Coloreds, willing students to be used like Judas, for a price! ...while building weapons of mass destruction in South Africa and stealing land in the 'Middle East'  where neither they, as impostors, nor the Palestinians belong!  Black historians know this truth as do those in secret societies along with the United Nations and their prime mover, to get recognized, ( Ralph Bunch!) who received the 'noble peace prize.  Coloreds gained acceptance as Black and given jobs as business owners while slavery and all it's diabolical  Ill's among the Black population continued!  This folly, used by the 'Nation of Islam under' Elijah Mohammed,  didn't really recognize 'Marcus Garvey ' but used his insight and knowledge of Black Power, while at the same time giving Black folk a 'White Octoroon'  as a Black Man, as their Savior, all funded by the Hunt Foundation.  He couldn't continue on that path-so he told his followers in (1975) 'after his death, "there would be no more Islam'.  He didn't know what it would be- but it wouldn't be Islam" All this in the face of 'Dr   Duboise'  who called' Marcus  Garvey' a Clown and Baffoon' yet, left America to settle on the land of the Blacks'  under 'Pan Africanism! a Black man?  This nation has been full of Black folk who knew and understood Slavery and the plight of Black folk yearning to be free yet, allowed themselves and children to be used as canon fodder in integration going no where!  In resent times educated so-called leaders know....but change up!  Dr King-into the burning house!  Farrakhan,...usury, of Blacks to help him fight  God !...Roland Martin, speaks for many; their sentiments and feelings( I ain't  goin  nowhere!"  Yet, have no agenda relative too solution, other than integration of Civil Rights-cause Black Lives Matter!' ....Keep Hope alive!'  President Donald Trump" Vote for me!   You've given up everything; try Me' sense you like being screwed!  These folk live in a country where it's President wants to make it great again. On what?  The foundation of Black Slavery and a debt owed for genocide and free slave labor.  A country where White men of power are being told by their women they want equal  rights across the broad, waving signs and slogans in Marches as Transgender, gays-lesbians same sex marriages given to them by a president you say is Black in the form of legislation.   but came forth with no solutions, for Black!  As a Colored boy,  he came forth with nothing!  Not one damn thing, while you embraced his smile trying to tear him down on the few important things done for you and this nation, controlled by that phony state of Zion White Israel with it's capital In Tel Aviv. These are a people who threw the Blood  of Blacks they claimed to rescued from other parts of Africa  into the Mediterranean, claiming their blood as Black, was no good-dirty!   Now, they're trying to claim the land and Royal House of 'Jerusalem ( Gods Land- Gods House as their Capital!)  How's that for fakery and trickeration  after their defeat, as exposed monsters and impostors in the ( One Day War of 1968?)  Quiet as it's kept, if you look and check the Mo-behind the chaos, you'll find these same European, bloodsucking vampires in the back ground pulling the strings, trying to set up housing on the west bank of sink holes  sold to them by Black Judas sellouts there and here, in America!  What they're going to find before there mass destruction will be a test of their belief and faith as was the case of 'Reuben, seed of Jacob and the Twelfth House of Black  Israel at which time there was no talk but, action, in Aliyah and Rapture, with Reuben walking the Kings high way  and entering the Door Of Life, surrounded by a War and warriors too vicious to be believed!  This time around, these lying impostors, will bring total destruction to themselves and kind!...God is!  No lie game or trick!  Black is Beautiful-stay well Love honor respect Black self and kind!  Soul too Soul- Spirit too Spirit-love and Faith in the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High! Faith of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob     (C) 1/24/2017    Reuben Seed of Jacob -Sun Son  of Simeon, House of Israel-Claim for slaves and descendants real!  Reparations Restitution Land ! No fakery and impostors !      Oops!   The devil is still a devil as a pig is still pork-not to be trusted!!      Reuben Beckles          So Deep, You Can't Get Under it.  So High, You Can't get Over it!  So Wide. ,.you can't get Around it!  Justice  and  Sovereignty!  Divine Truth is -The Divine Creator!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Meaning behind Conspiracy in action to destroy Black Hebrew-Israelites as slaves in America-"Seen Too Late!

Black Boule and Illuminate, represent demonic monsters in both Black and White to keep Slavery intact for the Power elite  and money makers around the world.  In Europe, they are known in Zionist, Ashkenazim, Sephardi circles from Europe, coming to America-joining forces with Coloreds as acceptable Blacks in Law- Politics-Mosques-Churches-Temples and secret social orders, all,  pretending to want Justice and freedom for the builders of this Nations, Slaves.  Check there action and records.  What you'll find is, hypocrisy, lies, deceit, fakery and death using 'Abraham Lincoln' and the American dream to justify there madness!  This President did everything possible to hold this nation together. He took the Black Slaves from the Slave Masters and States, put them under the control of the Army and made them wards of the 'Federal System' where they stand today.  Not in a state of independence and freedom-building on their land, with a future for self and kind, but building, fighting and dying, perpetuating the status quo of White Supremacy' for the Illuminate, and Black Boule!  This is why, out going President' Barrack Obama'  didn't do a damn thing for Black folk...he worked  for Colored and White folk- transgender, same sex marriage, gays and lesbians and more jails, like Ex President Clinton, with Blacks on the bottom-busted homes speaking one language, thinking they're free, with no economics, land or future, in a system of death!  Barrack Obama, was and is well aware of this knowledge and truth as are many other educated fools lying too and pimping Blacks all over America in the name of freedom.    So, when you see the in coming President Elect into office and asking your so-called leaders, placed there by the Boule-Pretending Black with an agenda of real solutions for Blacks, don't be surprised, if it's not forth coming because they're nothing but lying sissies, punks, in the Pulpits of lying wenches and begging bitches like 'Isis in the 'Book of The Dead' who don't want Justice or Freedom!  What's really coming to the surface and light is the big problem within the black communities across this land, the role the 'Nation of Islam playing out under Louis Farrakhan ' who told his White counter part in the news media, who asked him as Minister, what can We do-to get from under this mess?... answer" I can't help you!  I'm fighting God too!"  He came on the West coast, talking, looking for recruits, hoping too take righteous Black Spirits. Elijah,  told him and his follower's, there would be no more 'Islam when he was gone.  We are left with and in a new year- a new President and real claim in knowledge and action for  freedom and Justice.  Claimed and owed,  Black slaves in this nation and not fakery, games and lies with no land and future as slaves and their descendants.  The Boule and others who feel nothing for Blacks and Justice can't make a righteous move or claim relative to the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac or Jacob let alone the birthright and land of Jacobs seed that yours truly( Reuben made in the (One Day War In 1968), Or the dethroning of Isis while taking righteous spirits In the 'Book of the dead' known around the world from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Vatican, Ethiopia, South America, United States and the United Nations.   Her stanch ally in so-called White Israel was also defeated just like the 'Palestinians' who are trying to claim land that's not theirs.  It belongs to Original black folk and their descendants,  not these blood thirsty impostors of European ancestry  lying too the world, making claims because of lying Judas, black sellouts in the camp of Esau, Satan devils.  Like Eve and many black females and their Judas sellouts they  part took of the forbidden fruit, now, going crazy, pushing integration and other forms of death only to find-their lives will end, in implosion! The time has come for real answers and solutions... Supreme Lord of the living Most High Creator is real just as his, Divine Creation. The Kings Highway and the Door of Life.  Prophecy is real or I wouldn't be here today as Reuben, Seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon-Twelfth House of Israel from the Spiritual throne and land Beyond the Jordan making the claim in behalf of black  slaves, and their descendants- knowing they must want and act on it ...the same as I did, not knowing, but believing by, knowing!    Mind too Mind.  Spirit too Spirit. Soul too Soul!  Black is Beautiful,  Stay well ....Land Reparations Restitution.  Claim has been made for a debt owed .  Can't continue in games and folly. The  devil is still a devil and not to be trusted-a leopard never changes it's spots.  Respect-honor and love self and kind!  (C) 1/19/2017     Faith -Abraham Isaac and Jacob  from the  Kings Highway-Throne and Door of Life!  Reuben  Seed of Jacob!           Reuben Beckles

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Divine action across the board and Conspiracy comes too lite" Seen to Late! God's Judgment! Reuben seed of Jacob!

Title is truth.  Felt and known, 'seen too late' by Black and White Judas sellouts who wanted Black Israel and land in Jacobs seed  promising the Nations and Peoples of the World that they were not only the people of Scripture and  covenant, but would inherit, the 'Promised Land', as they went about taking, lying, stealing and in general reeking terror over the planet...knowing they were nothing but bloodthirsty hoodlums and vampires  punks and pimps in the pulpits of Esau, Ishmael housed in the Clandestine houses of the Devil and Satan and their secret societies, filled with male and female impostors-controlled by lying wenches and begging bitches in denial, whose job was to destroy everything righteous and Black! Non believers under the cover of greed and usury found out 'Too Late-they failed'!  Judas had made promises they couldn't keep nor was it their land or birthright  to give or sell!  Instead of moving and working in half of the true black folk in prophecy ( Black Slaves In America) these Black Judas sellouts became tremendously wealthy by telling the world that all nations would receive the blessings and spirit of the' Living Most High God ' if they would follow them-they could enter the 'Promised Lands of  Israel' and faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  It worked for awhile until  the 'Truth' came out, falling on the Ears and Actions of Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Sun Son-Man of Simeon- whose land and Birthright of the 'Twelfth House' came alive.  These monsters went to war against him  in ( 1968) thinking  he would roll over and play dead , after the nine and a half  tribes had sold out their lands  Spiritually, on the West Bank with the denial of their God - unknown  to Reuben!  By Faith, Divine Intervention took place in Reuben's behalf as he moved from the foundation of  'Spiritual  Black Slavery' in America, horizontal, then vertically through the Billions of warriors in battle, all, at one an other's throats, he found the Kings highway  and the ' door of life' defeating and dethroning 'Isis' and those pretending vampires calling themselves of ' Black Israel'...Jacob seed of which they're not-but lying  Satanic thieves, which is why they and there imp's were defeated the world over, causing Ex President Johnson, to step down creating Chaos in the United Nations while exposing the Black Judas sellouts In Secret orders, Churches, Mosques, Temples in legal and political entities ...all claiming faith in Judaism, Islam and Christainity.   Hence, the 'Promised Land that Reuben went to war for, entering in the Rapture-Aliyah and door of life, taking the Spiritual Throne, that only the Spiritual God of Divine Creation could give! ...knowing, we're all not the same and not entitled to the 'Divine Royal Blessing' nor the claim of Reuben, for the Black Slaves never paid for a debt of free labor  as the only folk  and their  descendants, coming to this land in chains and shackles against their will now speaking one language with no land and purpose for self and kind! Justice and truth is on the table!   (C) 1/12/2017    No fake -Lies nor games!  The Devil is still faking and a low down dirty, lying monster!  Black is Still Beautiful - Love self, respect kind.  God Is!  This truth in action, has been moved  on, denied and' seen too late',  by lying pretenders. The solution is what we know  and claim  it to be. Believe it!'   This is not our land nor system.'  we're not- all the same! Reuben Beckles

Thursday, January 05, 2017

On point-on time-in truth concerning slaves who don't want freedom and justice relative to Reparations!

Mind to mind, spirit to spirit, deception, among Blacks, in America, concerning solution and justice relative to Restitution and Reparations is the denial of slavery.  How, we were brought to this land and for what purpose?  This is the root cause of our lingering hatred for one another and compounded confusion, not realizing  ( Slavery Is over and with it comes personable responsibility.  Problem is, all real creative thought process for self and kind was stripped from us during and after our journey to this land in chains and shackles for the sole purpose of working for someone other than self.  The foundation  we built,  but we don't own it- nor any of the fruits created from it! We created a system of tremendous wealth enjoyed by others all over the world yet, remain on the bottom, looking up,  killing- fighting one another for the benefit of White Supremacy' and become angry when you are told by some...( blacks, go home!).  What you don't realize is, it's a simple statement of fact and truth.   However, that conclusion is not wanted by your leadership in the White power structure and never by the black greedy, selfish, Judas sellouts and their power structure which is why en mass, across the board, blacks have nothing of real commercial value they can offer as a legacy to their children upon which they can build and sustain a future!  What these thugs and gangsters do, is point to the religious and political houses of lying pimps-sissies and con men, under non profit status, talk, take your money to keep Blacks poor and in poverty for the wealthy ( Lesbians, gay's, homo- sexual and transgender folk who don't for the most part create life, but take life as a culture .  Keeping blacks in confusion is a business apparatus of death !  ...creating nothing for self and kind with no future!   You read the 'Book' and your leaders proclaim it's a poison 'Book' let me intrepid it for you,' lest you go astray you're told.  They are the devils across this land working for 'Esau and Satan getting fat with your ignorance and wealth.  You're not told who you are and that 'Book is a spiritual Book', which involves black enslavement in America and the  only way you'll find this out, is when you're ready by ' Divine intervention' which will take place and you will be shown in your original language-when and how to move. God showed Noah...they didn't believe until it was too late!...Sodom Gomorrah, too late!  Khalid Mohammad under Farrakhan-too late!  Raymond X my Twin, under Elijah Mohammad too  late! Malcolm X, too late!  The flock is intentionally left in confusion because they think we are all the same in this melting pot of immigrants and controlled insanity!  The Aryans and Judas Sellouts in Christianity.  Ethiopia and the Vatican along with the 'Sanhedrin Council-not to forget 'Gog and Magog  in Russia, fighting these bloodsucking Vampires calling themselves 'Judeans Jews Of Israel' as they tried to make  claim on the 'Promised Land of Black Israel( Jacob) knowing they're phony's and were exposed and defeated in the 'One Day War' of 1968 !' Reuben Seed of Jacob, took the Spiritual Throne  in the Aliyah Rapture across the 'River Jordan'  as  Black Man. ( Hebrew Israelite) to the dismay of the world  and shock of the late 'Dr Martin Luther King Jr who led his black flock into integration and this burning house' as he stated it.  He, like many other Blacks didn't believe the truth of the land, because it was not theirs to process which  is why he was In shock when he saw it, at the top of the Mountain!  ...all, while the 'nation of Islam' with the help of criminal Black Judas sellouts and lying hypocrites  were taking spirits for Mulattoes and white colored folk, hoping to kill off and Clone the Linage and original Black Israelites of Jacob Seed, like myself, who would never join or be a part of these lying hypocrites giving them a way to enter our Spiritual land and do away with Divine Prophecy and Blessing!  The Claim made in Behalf of the slaves here is real and phonies will be destroyed without the slaves.  This they know as Satanic Judas, lying blood thirsty vampires and thieves!  (C) 1/5/2017  Reuben seed of Jacob- Sun Son Of Simeon, Man -No Lies games or tricks from the Door of Life and the Kings Highway ....God Is The Supreme Lord of the Divine Creation- The Creator in Prophecy and Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  " Lest We Forget"  we're all not the same and there fore Reparations Restitution and Separation too our 'Black Home Land' Spiritually is the way-no argument -hands down! This Devil is a low down dirty Devil  not to be trusted! This is not our Land nor system!                Stay well- love self and kind!.. with Respect!        Reuben Beckles