Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, December 14, 2015

Problem with so-call African American Negros is Bleached White Skin wannabe Caucasians who talk but don't identify with Black and the reality of their true foundation!

When I stated on my last blog that I cannot and will not accept the term African American as the essence of my being in America I meant every word as a Black man living in America as Hebrew whose lean age and heritage is the Seed of Jacob, House and Land of Israel.  Sun-Son of Simeon. My Spiritual Journey will affirm the truth of it!)   There have been many who were brought to this nation Via Slavery in chains and shackles,  gave or sold their Birthright and foundation to the Slave Masters just to be accepted here and around  the Western World of vampires, greedy snakes and thieves like Judas, who sold Christ out for chump change. These sellouts helped to set up White Zionism-the Ashkenazim and Sephardi Jews in Europe and in doing so-committed Suicide!  Judas along with the Sanhedrin Council was  apart of  Black genocide then and now through the Christian  Church and Arabic Islam.  They want Jacobs birthright-plain and simple no longer laying claim to Black inheritance of American slaves and  the destruction of their Families, Culture and free Slave Labor...a debt still owed with compounded interest (never paid!)  These insane hypocrites work their denial  as African Americans,  accepting this System through the Black females as heads of house holds, jobs and Religions. (Christianity and Islam who accept Abraham, Esau and Ishmael ...not the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob!  This is why "Chancellor Williams' wrote the Destruction of Black Civilization-Pure Genocide on the part of Esau and Ishmael' and why Malcolm X had to go when he found that the Hunt foundation ' was giving money to sustain the activities of the Nation of Islam" under Elijah among other things and Khalid Mohammad was taken out after he went to Mecca and found  the real deal behind his so-called Arab Brothers in Islam. ( They feel nothing for Black hating them with a passion!...The Twelve disciples of Christ disowned him and left him hanging by himself-only God and  Divine Intervention' could and did pull him out of that sellout!  With all the energy of a Two Million Man March lead by Louis Farrakhan, asking who ever heard of the feet leading the head? My answer to the Final Call' God!  What was the point ...coming together saying, "We Must Do Better As Black Men!" Are you kidding?...  while at the same time, many of them were being sold to the Devils of Sciencetology'!  This get's us back to the so-call  African Americans promoted by Rev. Jessie Jackson and others.  Given the History and foundation of Black slaves here in America, the only folk arriving here, not of their own free will but as Slaves laying the foundation of this nation with Blood Sweat, unheard of astrosities and forced free slave labor. Loosing identity,  freedom, language and families culture and land. There is no way Blacks as Slaves could maintain this notion of an African  Citizen in America!  On the other hand, Blacks, who come here from South America, the Caribbean, Belize and Africa with an American Passport under the guidance of Bleach Moors-Creoles-Mulatoses Octoroons and White slave owners  from the Black Continent and here, can come to America as Africans in America.  In that Status and position claim any an all goodies belonging to the foundation of Slaves!... Black folk!  Goodies are given to them stilling their voices and actions concerning Restitution-Land and Reparations because Free Slave Labor and the Constitution  never made the Slaves free Men, Governing themselves, on their Land-they control!  Instead, Blacks are and were given the opportunity to fight and die on distant shores  and this land with Black Judas sellouts at the helm for Caucasian White Zionist  and Christians calling themselves Jews who want to rule the world claiming Supreme power over Blacks who raised and gave them the knowledge they are now claiming as theirs. They now have the unmitigated gall to claim too be somebody they're not as the 'Original Black Israelites of the Scriptures and Land Mass of Jacob' whom they're trying to destroy as Black! Oop's...they failed -it all back fired  in (1963-1968) when Reuben crossed the Jordan in the Rapture-Aliyah! Took  the throne walking the 'Kings Highway entering the Door of Life!  Defeated the Armies of White so-called Israel and the United States of Zionist America. Isis dethroned along with Egypt and the Judas sellouts of Ethiopia now living in the heart of the Vatican in Rome, having defeated the Moors controlling and living in the Western Hemisphere.  Reuben's Action was  also the undoing of those living and calling the shots in degrees of Masonic and Greek orders who will never give credit where it's due- to 'The Living Most High God' in Jacob and the Black Seed in the House of Reuben-knowing that without  the Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Reuben's action in the Faith  and in the living Most High God-everything Black, across the Planet would have been wiped out by these blood sucking vampires calling themselves Jews-Christians along with the 'great takers' of Spirits in Islam!  This then is the true meaning of the chaos these lying thugs and sissies have laid before the truth of Black and their hatred of Black...there demise in Armagedon !  I say again...A Satanic Devil is still a Devil as a pig is still pork and a Leopard never changes it's spots. Integration is the devils play house, keeping Blacks from the truth and kind!   Stay Well in Faith-the claim still remains ( A debt unpaid) to the foundation of the Nation in Black- Spirit to Spirit- Soul To Soul Love Self and Kind...Reuben(C) 12/14/2015  we're all not the same! Claim your Land in Black and solve your Nation's problem ! Reuben-Seed Of Jacob Sun -Son of Simeon by Faith in Faith and the Kings High Way...No Trick No Game No Lies!                       Reuben Beckles

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Wisdom knowedge experience in action bringing 2015 too an end-Black Is Beautiful-No Game-Lies or Tricks-If it's not for You...tune out!

Let's break it down from the foundation of truth and go up and destroy these lying hypocrites pimps and hustlers who would wipe out all truth and righteous wisdom if they could.  As a Hebrew...Black Man living in America I do not accept the term( African America as promoted by rev. Jessie Jackson and others who have made millions by this deceptive move to destroy and do away with the truth of Black folk within this Nation and our real foundation relative to Slavery and free slave labor-a debt not paid-but owed, with Compounded Interest-which is wrapped in the meaning and Divine Truth in the Book of Revelations, pointing out the Impostors of those claiming to be Jews.  This was followed by the US Organization and one Mr. Ron Karanga who supposedly created Kwanzaa which has been around for thousands of years on the Continent Of Africa (Land of the Blacks) meaning he didn't Create a Damn thing!  What he and others did was to take so-called Black Dollars away from the money making celebration of Christ and his birth to a money making scheme called Kwanzaa which begins after Christ-Mas!  The African American replacing term Black was and is design for Black Judas sellouts coming here as (so-called  Christians ) along with their conspiring White Slave Masters here and across the Atlantic.  Esau Ishmael Arabs White Zionist from Russia and all over Europe involved with the Sanhedrin Council all had an agreement to do away with Blacks all over the world! The Original Created folk!  Let us not forget the Genocide which was suppose to have been wiped out in South Africa, but still remains because of Nelson Mandela and his over all policy of inclusion)  not Independence and Freedom.  The real deal was and is(White Coloreds Creoles Yellows Reds Mulattoes Octoroons.  More whites and Moors with Blacks on the Bottom!  Today-all over the Continent wars are being fought based on Greed resources and Color with White Supremacy at the forefront!  Many of these groups move out coming to America because they see Armageddon on the rise(in the hell they created) they are called Africans In America...replacing Black and the real foundation of America( Slavery and Free slave Labor, the Debt, rooted in Compounded Interest due to Blacks coming through their DNA and Ancestry which these other impostors can't claim!  This is why Integration and Religion is pushed so hard across the land hoping Blacks will accept and forgive only to be wiped out which was the real depth and meaning of the Sixties.  It was the House of Reuben as the Seed of Jacob In Black Israel that turned the tide of History in behalf of Blacks as the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God made His Sovereignty in the Spirit known!  It was ISIS-Egypt and the Moors who claim to be White-not Black who were defeated in the process because they were raised by Ethiopia  who had given the knowledge to the Vatican on how to defeat these once worlds powers over the earth.  In turn it gave rise to the 'Sephardic Askenazism so-called Zionist Jews of Europe! ' Black Judas sellouts and Moors have been Bleaching  and  dying their skins for centuries hating themselves and the unseen Spiritual forces of God in Israel who were the same forces that Murdered Christ and known believers!  Same forces that on a weekly basis fill the Money Plates of the Pimps and Hustlers in the pulpits in the name of Christ-and if you don't Submit in the Name of Religion ...(Islam)  you loose your head! America, now claims to be fighting Isis. While the Ministers of  so-called African American peoples in the Church and their leaders hold Secret Meetings supporting the money men like' Donald Trump'-Running scared because of Reuben's action by faith who defeated them and made them all accountable for the Chaos they created!  Trying to steal the Land and Birthright in the Name of Blood thirty Lying pimps and sissies is a pathetic joke with no value and substance.  If I Lie-come to me Straight up as I'm not running nor Hiding as a Leopard doesn't change it's spots-a Zebra it's stripes and a Pig is still Pork eating any and everything that's pure Garbage!  From the Door of Life and the Kings Highway in Action...I am Reuben(C) 12/5/2015 Sun Of Simeon Seed of Jacob  Faith in Prophecy Abraham Isaac and Jacob!  Stay Well ..Love Self and Kind!    "Lest We Forget"      Truth         Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

How's this for some insane madness? White Supremacy in Donald Trump-Trumps Ben Carson and so-called Black leaders and Ministers in the Church!

The secret meeting behind closed doors by  Donald Trump and leaders of the Black churches across the nation shows us what a sorry bunch of whining pimps and Hustlers these so-called leaders have become accepting the country and white supremacy as their Gliding Lite and future!  They are the same as their Politician Brother in the White House whose promotes and accepts same sex marriage and so-called gay rights--not truly understanding that these folk are motivated and controlled by atheist men hating Lesbians and Transgender want'nabes all wrapped up in Isis Taro cards and the Book Of The Dead who hate Male authority with a passion, who will smile in your face-take you to bed and take your spirit, rendering you helpless and feel nothing! rise to Homosexuality across the land and the great fight between the Male and Female-especially in many of the Black homes-which is why their are no Males as Father image-this also is true in other Cultures and people  and the Catholic Church who are just not honest about revealing the truth as this Government and others run around the world blowing up folk telling the people they're fighting the New Terrorist' -Isis and the Islamic State. Orange is the New Black!  This Is because they have been unable to destroy the Black Man and Prophecy, especially, here in America which was and is the true goal of  'White Supremacy.  Black Judas Sellouts along with other Nationalities around the World  want the Birthright of Jacobs Seed( The Black man!)...who fought them all knowing Slavery was over in the person of 'Reuben'  from the Twelfth  Tribe and House of Jacobs Israel through the Kings Highway and the Rapture dethroning Isis-defeating White so-called Israel and saved Black man around the world.  This is why the Nations around the world are in total chaos-they were and  are fighting the Spirit and Prophecy of the Most High God...and lost!...while Reuben in Action lives!   Another point to be made is why Ben Carson left this country in the dead of night on a mission to Jordan'  hoping to get into the Land I speak of-he failed!  Came back with a report on the refuges camps made possible, they claim, fighting the Islamic Terrorist group called Isis (Really!) note...Ben Carson's rating fell almost to the bottom of the pack while Donald Trumps rating rose, supposedly because of the support given to Trump by the Black Clergy all in the face of Divine Royal Truth...they are all I big trouble as they are now trying to promote the Black woman as God!!  good luck, she's being used as a pawn and is in many cases taking the role of Dethroned ISIS... going for the dumb stuff using spiritual witch craft and sorcery to carry out her will among unsuspecting boys and girls raising hell in many homes.  All to defeat the Black man's fight for real independence and freedom in Restitution-Reparations and Land leaving her in and about White Supremacy and her attempt to destroy the Black Man!  Leaving her and this nation is seen as a terrorist act by the Government and her along with the Mulattoes-Creoles-Moors and other White Want-nabes!  Their hatred for Black is profound because they hate themselves and can't across into the promised lands told by Judas they could!(C) 12/2/2015. Truth in Faith "Lest We Forget" A leopard doesn't change it's spots-a Elephant is still heavy and a sorry Pig is Still Pork!   The Devil is Still a Devil!  From the Door of Life and the Kings Highway Mind to Mind the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High is Still God...Spirit to Spirit -Soul To Soul  Black Love and Purpose is real and we're all not the same!  Love yourselves and Kind!   Reuben Seed Of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon Stay Well -By the way...A  Zebra never changes it's Stripes!   Israel!   Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Why all the confusion and chaos around the U.S. relative to Black Folk and their Pastors who have become political in the Jaws of SATAN !

Meeting behind close doors with Donald Trump as the Main attraction should come as no surprise to any aware person of substance and value.  Such is the way of these money hungry political animals who pretend Spiritual and Divine insight who talk while the flock in slavery, pay big bucks to be deceived, misused -played and tricked by over worked demons and vampires pretending safe haven in the Book of Spiritual truths and prophecy!  These money hungry thugs have become so physically wealthy  that they think and see themselves as Gods who can do whatever they want at the expense of the ignorant and want to be believers!  If you listen closely-every body and his brother is a Minister of God!  These clowns will tell you we are all the same equal in the eye's of God-Jesus Loves You and Died for us all!  Watch and bare witness as the Latinos and Mexicans who are jealous of and hate Blacks and for the most part have joined forces with these Bloodthirsty Zionist of Europe-flood your communities with their presents using your sons and daughters as mules for Drug trafficking and the drug Cartels.  Your Sons and  Daughters get caught, do time! The true guilty party, walks free. Now we have Mexican Congregations preforming a coup to take over black religious houses singing praises they claim to God in their Culture and language-sanction by Black Ministers whose flock look on being told by the Ministers , We're all Brothers while the Ministers  pockets are made full from dope money and the drug Cartels.  They could care less about Black folk.  These thug, money hungry Ministers who work not for the God of Abraham-Isaac or Jacob or even Christ,  who told them to' pick up their Cross and follow him.'  Not to trick lie and steal. Watch as their congregations become more integrated so that when White Politicians and Black Judas sellouts have a problem with some terrorist over seas-they claim we need you the help  on the War front' these Negro so-called Black folk along with the Ministers don't hesitate-they take an oath to a Constitution that's not for them get in a uniform-pick up a gun go over seas and help destroy Cultures and blow some folk up all in the name of Jesus the Christ and the greatest Country in the world' The U.S. yet, do nothing as some young Girls were blown up in the Church.  Nine people were shot down in the church and before the young scumbag was even brought to trial the black families were telling the judge 'they love and forgive this monster! This to my mind is the highest form of insanity showing' we are all not the same-Black nor White!' In Baltimore, A Black Methodist Episcopal African Church was sold from under Black folk claiming they were unaware of the sale by the pastor! ...whose kidding whom?  Satan is demanding money minds and Spirits from these Ministers who are running scared and they have no place to hide.  Hence, total confusion and chaos around the country.  telling me, Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon we're all one people, the same, they find no need for Reparations Restitution and Land-this is their Country their government !  This in the face of the only folk brought to this Country in chains and shackles against their will as Slaves. Built the foundation of the land with free Slave Labor as our Cultures and families were torn apart and today,we speak one language-made to hate one another for a White face and White Supremacy!  Separation and return to the land of Origin is the only way out of this insane mess. White and don't give a damn for your freedom and well being because in truth it's Spiritual and Divine-anything other than this, is folly!  This is what Ministers-Politicians-Lawyers World travelers along with Black Men and women in and out of secret societies don't want known because of their participation' the sellout in truth!  Nor do Creoles, Mulatose, Octoroons and Blacks who hate themselves. These same lying asses gave you a' Two Million man show' headed by Louis  Farrakhan which is nothing more than Dr King gave the people with his quarter Million before he was shown by God he led the people into a burning house- it was the Spirit of God that took him to the top of the Mountain and showed him the truth! Yours truly, showed them in action we got into the Door of Life -made our Rapture in the Aliyah by way of the Kings Highway-Dethroned Isis-exposed and beat the army of phony Caucasian So-Called Israel. Exposed the hypocrisy between Egypt and Ethiopia-their involvement  in the Vatican along with the unpaid debt owned to the Black Slaves of America-with compounded interest!-Donald Trump - Black Ministers and the deal that was made behind closed door cannot pay for this debt  and he Cannot take the U.S. into Israel -it's  not his to give!.. It does not belong to them!.'Lest we Forget'...Black is Beautiful-Israel and the land beyond the fertile  Crescent is Jacob-which is why Ben Carson made a sneak getaway into the middle east ,, but they won't tell you-instead they talk about refugee's.   From the Door of Life and the Kings Highway I am Reuben by Faith in Israel and God of the Supreme Living Most High-Seed of Jacob Sun of Simeon(C) 12/1/2015   Soul to Soul-Spirit to Spirit Land ...God Is  Abraham Isaac and Jacob  Love in Black Power-No Game No Lie No Trick!   Love Self And Kind!         ...Reuben Beckles