Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Mind to Mind- Soul to Soul- Spirit to Spirit- Black Slaves in America only group of People to arrive here againest their will- No Pay Earned-Due!

As  2016 /  comes too an end many wonderful and strange things are about to happen to a people long over due Justice!...the slaves and their descendants in the form of truth and justice relative to the foundation of this nation.  Strange because, the so called powers  that think they're in control along with those who benefited most, have begun to look at themselves as untouchable gods while Black slaves worked and fed  their demonic thirsty appetite's and ego's.' with language like " Glad to see 'Michele and Barrack Obama leave the White House'  why don't you leave here and go back to Africa!? screwed America, up!"  While I'm not a fan of the President, it was you, and your kind who voted him into the Presidency, because, Blacks didn't have the numbers to place him  in that seat of authority.  Now, you're moaning and crying because you can't deal with the truth with your lazy behinds   being comfortable, directing the actions of Blacks whom you thought to be inferior!  Now your people are saying " Blacks,  go home! "  Strange, because Blacks never, arrived here on their own to become your 'friend, enemy or equal.  Blacks were beaten, kidnapped and sold into our present condition where we were Lynched, Castrated, stripped from our Families, Land and Culture to build a home for you and yours.  This is why the debt you owe is so tremendous and owed with compounded interest ...worked from Sun Up to Sun down with no pay...all while being Whipped, beaten and shot down even today, while taking care of your off-springs!  Going home would be a pleasure with Reparations Restitution in hand-for valuable labor earned!  By the way, while your educated accountants are putting our demands and claims in order, sent your army back to the land of our origin and clean the land of your people, of displaced European stock, occupying land that's not theirs -East -West -North and South...including the Middle East where your phony Brothers calling themselves Jews are trying to steal land that doesn't belong to them and this includes those calling themselves ( Palestinians) Land and Prophecy of  Abraham Isaac and Jacob- Claimed by yours truly 'Reuben  Seed of Jacob!  This action taken and acted upon by you and your kind to promote your own well being would help,  instead of constant mistrust, lies and deceit .  It would also help to clear the minds and information you have given to Black women you thought was yours when you told them we're all the same ( One)!  When she acted on this nonsense- she now, hates herself and you don't want her or your women either once she found out she couldn't  get you into the Promised land' that President Elect- said he would do, only too find out he can't-God is real- alive and Black!  ...Not a Woman!  What does she carry- a womb, to carry, Man's Seed of Life!  It was and is The Black Man with a Penis that Walked The Kings Highway and entered the door of Life!  Challenged and Defeated the Phony State Of Israel-( One Day War Of 1968'- they're nothing more than Bloodthirsty pretending Vampires.  Do your homework, you too will find, 'we are not all the same.'  Female to Female will never produce Life nor Male to Male!  Greed, fakers, lies and deceit  will get you nothing but disappointment, hurt and death! It is not the role of the woman too look down at the Man and be looked upon as the God Head ...but to submit -bring forth life  relative to the King and God, from the Divine Creator!  ...Black!   Not a Fake  nor impostor trying to be, but, he is the original!  Black and beautiful  from the Divine Creation!   Homo Sexuality, lies , deceit, fakers and pretense is totally out of order!  You claim Supremacy in White Superiority, what need do you have for the slaves who built the foundation of your nation?  Slaves you claim you don't need or respect!  Check the record, check the claim and know Black land whence we came, is ours!  Black Power-with Love and respect for self and kind!  Black is truly Beautiful- Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Is.   (C)    12/30/2016     Spirit to Spirit- Soul to Soul Stay Well!    Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob-   Truth, no fake  no impostors ! A pig is still pork and a Low down devil is still a devil and not to be trusted!   Reuben Sun Son Man  of Simeon- Jacob Seed!               Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Up front and on point-United Nations waking up to Fake Impostors calling themselves Jews of Biblical History in Scripture (Fakes)!

Justice and time have joined minds and hands bringing to an end, satanic rule and deception of these bloodsucking vampires, using the titled of Israel and( Original Jewish Israelites) to lie, steal and create havoc the world over, claiming a Black Birthright of Jacob that's not theirs as Caucasians.  Hitler found this truth out and went  to war. the big cover up is that they were taught certain knowledge  of what is called Judaism by Black Judas sellouts.   Because of  hatred, envy and jealousy like Esau- certain blacks move against themselves.  teaching these Europeans who lived in Russia for over five hundred years as Ashkenazim, Caucasians and in Spain and Portugal as Sephardi European Jewry. They were never apart of Black Israel.  The knowledge they received as Caucasians was so heavy, they began to subject their own people and kind into a hellish condition of political and economical genocide.  Through  slavery, they were able too amass tremendous wealth using Blacks as a wedge between themselves and their European Occidental kind.  They were never apart of  eastern,  Semitic people...never Black, as they are trying to claim today!  The vote in the 'United Nations Security  Council'  is a step towards denouncing them for who and what they really are... Bloodsucking thirsty, Satanic Vampires. Like Farrakhan' and his nation under Islam', pretending truth, fighting the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God!'  Like Esau...can't stand truth!  They have nothing to do with the Faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob   The next move these hypocritical impostors intend to make having been exposed and defeated by ' Reuben, Seed of Jacob- Black House and Land of Israel in the 'One Day War of 1968)  will be  to use their Nuclear  weapons  to create (WWW3).  It will be designed to send the nations of the world into a panic mode, hoping, the world will submit to there beast like insanity and recognize them as the true (Hebrew Israelites)  knowing they're just a bunch of Zionist Phony scumbags!... Black Judas sellouts- male or females can't  help them-nor can they enter that which they covet...( The Promised Lands!). This includes, Egypt and  Ethiopia  as part of this 'White Zionist Supremacy!  There world is falling apart with Black Power and Divine Truth Rising with an on going claim and Debt, owed to the foundation of slaves and their descendants ( in compounded  interest ).  Reuben, Seed of Jacob...Sun Son-Man of Simeon (C) 12/27/ 2016 " Lest We Forget" Mind to Mind-Spirit to Spirit- Truth to Truth...Soul to Soul. Respect your Self-Love yourselves- stay well, God Is! Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Oop's- Why all the uncertainty about the President-elect-up front -personal and on point !

Can't get around it, Trump's your President and 'Big Bill and Hillary' waited too long-can't get over. All is not lost, Arkansas is still a beautiful state and President Donald Trump must now deal with reality and truth and let the world know who's really running the 'White House' It's true state of affairs considering the foundation of this nation was and is Slavery,' a debt unpaid-with mounting compounding interest' as it's roots including land, to the Slaves and their Black descendants.  While IMMIGRATION' is a major problem concerning this nation ( legal and illegal) the real issues are the concerns of a whole group of Black folk who arrived on these shores against their will in chains and shackles-forced to work and build the foundation of this Nation that enabled you 'Mr Trump,  to make tremendous wealth and now to protect your values and wealth by becoming it's President.  You can't just run to members of the Clergy who have been trained as pimps and hustlers, Ministers, around this Nation speaking one language to keep the Slaves as Slaves, in ignorance...with nothing but jail time and talk after loosing their language, culture, families, land, sovereignty dignity and self worth be beaten, lynched, castrated among other forms of insanity then forced into free slave labor then told, ' You are free under the Laws of your 'Constitution and the 'Three - Fifths Compromise' where Blacks were nothing.  Today' we're told, " Black Lives Matter" being shot down, burned and denied our just due as Men Women and Children with true freedom on their land!  Your founding fathers knew and understood the difference between Black and White along with their standing on the world stage   knowing talk, alone, wouldn't and couldn't make Blacks free!  I'm sure that you along with your fore bearer's understood the reason for not allowing the slaves education.  It was too permit White folk the time to learn from Black Judas Sellouts about Black Divine Knowledge and Wisdom which is now in full force by Caucasians Europeans  calling themselves' Original Jews' from the Linage of Abraham, knowing they're liars, thieves, and impostors not of  Black Original origin!...Isaac and Jacob!  They are Bloodsucking Vampires, causing hell all over the world, claiming Land and a Birthright not theirs, but, it is the Land and Birth Right of Jacob's Seed  Land of Blacks and Prophecy.  I know, because it's Spiritual and Divine as Reuben, Seed Of Jacob.  I went to War in (1968) A war that these Zionist pretenders created, and lost, trying to Steal the Promised Lands of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  As the Seed of Jacob-  Reuben, we defeated them in  'Divine Intervention'  walking the Kings Highway - crossing the Jordan, entered the Door and took the Throne' in Judgment, as Black for self and kind! This is no fake -Lie trick or game nor is the claim I'm making for the Black Slaves In this land!  It would be almost the same as Hillary and Big Bill trying to claim the 'Presidency'  or as a Black, Brown, Red or yellow man- Creole or Mulatto after the election has been made and certified  by the 'elite of secret political, electors.  (C) 12/21/2016   Reuben, Seed of Jacob  Man Sun Son of Simeon. "Lest We Forget,  Stay well, Love self and Kind, Knowing Black Is Still Beautiful and GOD IS Supreme Lord Of the Living Most High Creator!     Love and Respect yourselves!  Satan and the Devil is Still a faker- A Low Down Dirty Snake and Vampire and Hates the truth knowing a Leopard Never changes it's spots and the Truth remains, the Truth!...    On Point  Soul to Soul   Spirit to Spirit  Mind to Mind   Love Truth and Justice!                       Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Psychiatric Genocide across America to destroy Black folk and the essense of their Wisdom and truth !

Many times yours truly has stated...'no lies, games and tricks, it's because, when you love your self and kind and are shown certain facts and truth through 'Divine Intervention' which doesn't include-witchcraft, sorcery, hoodoo voodoo mambo jumbo along with gaming, so- called religious houses and scheming practitioner's, you'll soon come to realize the insanity and depth of Black slavery in all it's forms and demonic intent, which is to destroy Blacks here and around the world.  The push for integration is no joke, especially, here in America, where the order of the day was, complete and total separation - Master, to Servant in White Supremacy or death.  ...truth is, some of this knowledge and action was transferred from the Black Continent and Judas sellouts here!  Many don't want to admit it and it is for that reason much of the Continent is in turmoil today.  Leaders  selling the land, minerals and people to 'European Occidental slave masters for crumbs-rooted in greed and selfish, envy of primarily, Ancient Hebrew (Israelites). It's also  the cause for much of the confusion among Blacks among themselves here, in America.  Once we found out who we were, and began watching the' Nation of Islam under Elijah Mohammad, Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan. I realized something was not right.  It had been written  the Hunt foundation was behind the scenes financially, using  'Arab Islam' promoting the religion for Creoles, Mulatto's, acceptable Coloreds, Jewish impostors and Christianity to promote Genocide of the true 'Black Israelites',  seed of Jacob in  Prophecy.  The late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated in his last speech, relative to the 'Mountain Top and seeing 'The Promised Land' as a  Christian.  The Land ( President  Elect Donald  Trump, stated, before his election ...he would lead America into the Promised  Land.  Strange, they all want the same land that doesn't belong to them or their kind.   This is the same land spoken about in Prophecy!  Strange, because this  was the same land that was ask about in major news print in the sixties,  when 'Reuben, Seed of Jacob, working for 'The Herald Dispatch'  Black Newspaper stepped up 'Spiritually' in the physical, 'denounced those Bloodsucking demonic vampires calling themselves Jews' and went to War' defeating them in what is known, as the 'One Day War!  In (1968) including Isis and the Hellenic organization of Greeks , Muslims and Shriner's...all wanting the Promised Land including other Nations  around the world using deception, talking, knowing the Land didn't belong to them ...they were all defeated as 'Reuben ascended in the 'Rapture Aliyah'  walking the Kings High Way to the Jordan, crossing over up stream, leaving Billions of Warriors in Battle at one another's throats.  Entering the door of Life  We sat on the Throne.  Returning to the Office of the Herald Dispatch' and owner  Mr Sanford Alexander, I was thrown into jail, beaten beyond all moral perception and charged as being insane, yet, walked out of  a White Court room- A Free Man!  Asked yourselves,...'What was the Crime?"   Today, there are 'Psychiatric Hospitals all over the place, charging black folk with mental illness and crimes never committed,  whether in combat service  or not, draining insurance companies dry, all because of there insane commitment to 'Esau'   who is not entitled to  the birthright of Jacob!...trying to kill the Seed of Jacob and Reuben's claim for Justice In Black Israel and the end of Slavery in the form of Land-Separation-Restitution Reparations ( One Hundred Million Billion Trillion, Zillion Dollars and Minerals - Valued compounded interest at the current value rate and growing, including copy Rights and patients.  'Lest We Forget,'  A Devil is Still a Low down  Dirty Devil in his own house and this, is not, the Black man's house nor System and why a system of talk prevails in 'Showtime!'  aided and funded by White Supremacy In Black Judas sellouts-White Protocols in white Zionist pockets'.....give them a show!  Reuben seed of Jacob-Sun Son Man-of Simeon-From the Kings High Way... No Fake games-Lies nor Tricks,  so don't lay your organization game players at my door!...Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Lord is real here representing no sissies or punks in the Pulpit!   Faith in Prophecy and Black Abraham Isaac and Jacob ...Reuben (C) 2/14/2016                Remember-A Zebra never changes it's stripes nor a Leopard it's spots and Black is still Beautiful!    Reuben Beckles

Monday, December 05, 2016

Judgement and Critical thought process in action-no fake lie or game!

As Reuben, Seed of Jacob -in the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, watching (2016) coming to an end there's no doubt in my mind (the Spirit of the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High is real in Prophecy and Black!  The problem is...few know and are willing to move on faith and belief finding the grand judgment in the Spirit that most hate and believe is a game of spooks and nonsense until reality sets in and they learn what they gave up  was and is, real!  The story of 'Esau and Jacob' becomes as real as the nose on their faces.  Much the same as 'The Twelve disciples denouncing Christ, but wanting the blessing. Today, in Western Civilized Culture known, as the U.S. of America, slavery is very much alive and well, because the key elements to make real freedom happen was not present.  Key elements known by 'Black Judas Pimps-lying sissy's and greedy sellouts who point the finger problem at everyone, but themselves, fighting Black and truth! ...which they hate!  This is not always visible to the naked eye nor mind set until after destruction of the innocence and the elation across their smiling faces.  Many Blacks whom you think are Black -Male or female are nothing more than pretending fakes...lying wenches, begging bitches and clowns in the pulpits who hate God and like 'The Muslims in Islam under 'Farrakhan ...they will tell you as pretending Blacks under 'Allah' ...they're fighting God, knowing, they too, fell in ( 1968 and the One Day War' hoping to destroy Blacks and take over Jacob's seed and birthright -same as their lying partner's in crime, these bloodthirsty impostors of Eastern European origin calling themselves 'Jews' of Bible Scriptures.  After slavery, all entities and programs were designed to make Slaves in this nation think and believe they were free...turns out, it's all an illusion  to be enforced by Blacks entering this nation under immigration status, giving up their minds and balls as Black to become, 'White for White Supremacy' and there impostors, Jewish Money lenders. Muslims like Christians became part of the Slave government entities as agent provocateurs who feel nothing for Black, hoping to take Black over and use their spirits against themselves!  This is where  much of Blacks problems reside in addition too Black females hatred of themselves and kind....meaning, family and why most men are not in the family structure...not all, but most!  This is why Slavery flourishes in a dream of sellout and dependency with Genocide as its main goal. The slave masters law, is what they claim it be relative to the 'law of discovery'.  Not believing in or understanding prophecy, these scumbags must and will reap, what the have sown thinking' Divine Intervention' is a game and a joke...God Showed Noah, the Rainbow sign-No More Water but the fire Next time!  Now, is that time in Watts- destruction of a system and land that's not ours as Jacob's seed and Black in prophecy.  Faith-fish washing ashore along the east coast and dried up lakes-fires, east west north and south-showing the world you don't have to believe the meaning of living under Divine Law, but you do!  The Late 'Marcus Garvey' spoke to Blacks of  similar fate to believers and nonbelievers alike relative to solution was blocked by Colored and Justice-State Department officials.  He was unable to put his feet on his land.  Not so this time!.  Fakers, opportunists, Judas sellouts and impostors will never see the lite of day and "Promised Land' they gave up! Our Solution and Claim for Black Israel in Jacob's Land is Reparations-Restitution. Black Lands on the Continent includes the Middle East as yours truly has fought and claimed his land on the other side of the Jordan-not for sale! At any price! (C) 12/5/2016   Reuben   Seed of Jacob-Sun Son,Man of Simeon, the Kings Highway and door of life! ....Under Divine Law and Spiritual Authority! No game No Lie No Trick!  "Lest We Forget and Think The Truth Is An Illusion'.  Satan and the Devil don't want separation and are a bunch of Low Down Dirty Punks and sissies-demons of the highest order!  An Elephant is still heavy a Zebra doesn't change it's strips nor a Leopard it's spots.   Real Black is not fake, pretending!  Real Black is Beautiful knowing truth and the Living Most High of the Divine Creation, Is God....Justice and the Fire Next Time Is! ...So Deep-You Can't  Get Under it-So High --Can't Get over it-So wide you can't get around it!  Love Self and Kind- Soul to Soul,  Spirit to Spirit, Truth to Truth...     Black Power!                           Reuben Beckles