Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Why Slavery continues with Blacks on the Bottom going no where-But Trusting with talk and no action for self and kind!

Cultures and nations around the world have learned the hard way... Trust, but show me in active deeds is there mind set.  However, black slavery, the nation within this nation continues in America with Blacks on the bottom trusting any and everybody.  Black leadership and their flock are still believing and trusting in White folk, Colored folk and others to be civilized and give them justice.  The heads take  payoffs.  Set their underlings up to kill one another and in general commit suicide talking Law and Religion...waiting on Jesus!  Critical analysis of  truth should give credit where it's due  knowing Slavery is over,  but the responsibility  of self governing with freedom and justice is beyond them not wanted.   That's why the solution to the racial problems, continues while other nations and people seem to  take the lead for them. Why it's easy for a Colored person to ascend to the Presidency of these United States and do nothing for Blacks and their kind but talk, smile, without a clue as to the real nature of this demonic system for blacks.  Solutions rooted in Reparations, Restitution and Land can't be raised or accepted by monsters who think they are superior.  Only Divine action will move them in this direction!   Slaves claims and their descendants for genocide and free slave labor is rooted in this system  and a debt owed is not a picture they want to view as animals pretending to be civilized and human.  It is my opinion having lived almost eighty five years on the's a game of self hate, selfishness and greed- hatred for God and everything Black.  For the most part, the flock along with the leadership have sold their souls spirit and minds to these Satanic Devils and impostors for money and jobs.  Black Judas sellouts push  Caucasians, Latinos, Coloreds and others as the heirs and rightful  owners  to the Black Birthright as the seed of Jacob! These Judas sellouts are the same as Esau and they know it!  How can a Man of History' Hitler' do what he did too these impostors calling themselves Jews, which is  stated in your Religion as Christians  and you embrace them as So-called Blacks, selling your knowledge and spirits to the very people God is fighting according to Scriptures while killing your own?  The 'Rwanda' situation poses a similar problem as indigenous blacks were being dispossessed  and looked down on by other Blacks who were educated by Europeans to do the dirty work of white folk who wanted  to destroy the people, culture, then take the land.  When the people rose up against them as enemies from within,  they're called terrorist!  Then there is the  International Monetary Funds coming out of the United Nations telling certain African Nations, unless they accept 'Homosexuality they will not be given assistance'.  What kind of nonsense is that?  Charlie Manson, of" Helter Skelter' fame saying," screw it up!  Let Blacks straighten it up!"  Dr King Jr. leads the flock into this burning house so that Jessie Jackson  and others could and did kill him off,  coming up as millionaires in the ' Rainbow Coalition!'  Elijah in (1975) said" after his death, there would be no more Islam".  So what is the Nation doing, but  talking Black.. selling out to Scientology?  My question is as Reuben Seed of Jacob ....what's with all the talk, no action going no where?  My actions while working for the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper,  Mr Sanford Alexander, was strictly  for self and kind only to find most were  against themselves in particular, Blacks  who had given up their real solution of faith in their God and Prophecy,' the 'Kings Highway and the 'Door of Life!'...  all while I was fighting for them as Black!    'The One Day War In 1968, defeat of Isis and the Phony state of Israel along with those bloodsucking Vampires trying to steal the Promised Lands beyond the Fertile Crescent.  Lands of Reuben Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh.  My actions must be tied into 'Watts' and jail time. Black freedom' all ear marked for destruction which had nothing to do with Civil Rights-voting Rights!  But Divine Rights. God Given, which was understood by the Evangelical Minister,  Juarez Tiarina  who spoke to a Black Audience in the sixties concerning Reparations for his people here who wanted to return to Mexico.  His appearance was in the Second Baptist Church located  on the EAST SIDE  of Los Angeles, attended by many local leaders which included 'Jim Brown'  Stokely Carmichael' 'Dr  Maulana Karenga' Legon' and others.  Don't take my word for this check the record and ask them. I don't talk just to make noise or  make lite of my Divine Intervention of the Most High.  The Aliyah-Rapture!  From where I sit, I would not be here were it not for that Divine Intervention.  Dr King saw the Land from the Mountain Top, but I was made Heir and crossed over taking the Throne.   It's not  for sale and can't be bought as one of my Sons found out who was in the Navy after I was abandoned by my wife and family.  My Son a  stone warrior under the American Flag found his Father was no Joke and what I am saying, is no joke! The nations around the world have been coveting that land for centuries and can't enter.  Speaking to Black folk, as slaves in this land, how you came to this land and your foundation Is extremely important: " why the talk and no relative action if you claim to know who you are?   By faith as Reuben seed of Jacob Sun Son of Simeon I moved into Black Israel and the 'Prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob as real as the nose on your face.  The  claim of 'Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars in Gold Silver Diamonds Land and other Valuables with Compounded Interest in Copyrights and Patients Is real and never changes except Interest. This is no Joke! A  Leopard doesn't change it's spots...a pig is still pork, the devil is still a devil.!  "The Supreme Lord of the Living Most High Is!"   (C) 9/29/2016 From the Kings Highway and the door of Life-stay Well-Black is Beautiful!                  Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Black Hebrew Analysis and Spiritual Truth concerning-Aristocracy of Mulattoes-Black Africans On the Continent-French-Mexicans-Spainish Latinos!

Don't let the above title mislead you as Critical Analysis in action and truth will be the determinate factor as to why black slaves in America are looked down upon-despised and ear marked for destruction how we were bought to these shores and for what purpose  against our Will!  Free knowledge, slave labor and theft of our birthright and land, was our lot ending with so called 'Emancipation-Genocide and Conspiracy to Commit God Killing!'  ...Saved by Divine Intervention.  As slaves and their descendants, we, who are called (Negro's-Blacks relative to the foundation and building of this Nation cannot and don't claim this land as ours as much as our so called leaders want us to accept this insane position which will end in our final destruction.  ( No Land- Birthright-Identity  all set in motion with the Nationality Act -Civil Rights Act- Voting Rights Act-Human Rights and Land Act-Immigration- Student Education and Deportation Act-Land and Currency, Transportation and Ethic acts along with Colored Codes designed by 'White European Zionist Jews, Political and Monetary  acts rooted in 'the Colored apparatus of White Supremacy!  The Claim of Black slave Reparations -Restitution, Land for a debt owed in unpaid free slave labor and identity theft will have no meaning along with the additional claim of ( Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion-in Dollars-Land- Gold-Silver-Diamonds and other Valuables, such as Copyrights and Patients.  The slaves have been given nothing but a road to death with fake integration and will end like the situation in 'Rwanda'  where the movie dialog opens from an international racial point of view with the indigenous people being looked down on walked on and despised by members of their own who had been educated and trained in Belgium with the U.N. as part of the  insanity.  Enters the long knives!   'Hotel Rwanda' some very interesting information!  'Santo Domingo' ( Haiti- rich but the people remain poorer  than poor- controlled by Creoles and Mulattoes who made it possible for France to remain a force in the world of politics and remain economically wealthy on the backs of Blacks to this day, even though, 'Toussaint L 'Ouverture  defeated both ' Napoleon and Rigaud ', the leader of the mulattoes  on the battle field.  What can Blacks in America claim today under their mulatto leadership in places like Philadelphia, New Orleans, New York City?  Truth is they married and have children by Black woman claiming Sovereignty over Black men born in this System who got nothing and continues catching hell while you accept them as brothers in the name of religion and Law. They feel and act the same as their White Counter part in 'White Supremacy' and was part of the plot to destroy Blacks in the sixties-with Esau at the head and Legon' using Medi-physical Knowledge and the Black woman to take over the House Of Reuben' which also failed in fire as lying wenches and begging bitches in the pay of punks in the Pulpits!  I don't intend to give Black Africans a pass who come here from the land of the blacks of their own free will and choice, setting up businesses and land projects for themselves and kind, feeling nothing for the blacks who made the way clear for them to stand on the foundation they take for  granted.  They too, despise Black folk in America, thinking they have arrived with White Women on their arm going to some of the best schools that money can buy while landing positions that should be going to Blacks here which would enable them to do for self and kind.  But then-these are some of the sons and daughters who's  fathers  and tribes helped European Zionist slave traders and money men facilitate Slavery and destruction of Black folk on the land because they want too be white and accepted, wanting to be the 'Nelson Mandela's -Mobutu's  of Africa-giving it up for White bloodthirsty vampires males and females.  I mentioned ( Spain and Mexico) and that's because during the time of the Sanhedrin Council and Black exchange of knowledge and Spirits, a lot of crazy stuff was going down which can be seen and felt today giving rise to the Jesuits in the Vatican with knowledge from Ethiopia and their College in the heart of the Vatican along with the rise of the Sephardi Jews in Spain who now want nothing to do with Black.  'Lest I forget'  the role of Mr Sanford Alexander of the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper' who used me too achieve his aims within White Supremacy' only to watch his dreams go up in smoke because I crossed over the Jordan into the 'Promised Lands'.  He left here, went into Mexico looking for warriors to help him destroy me and my kind which also failed, ending in a hatred for Black...a rising tide of Mexican businesses with attitudes of anger against blacks and a race to capture the Black woman whom they thought would give them the power to take the Throne within the Promised Lands' because she thought they could make her God! Many of these folk became Masons and  Eastern Stars.  After joining,  they found lies deceit -hoodo, voodoo, witchcraft, sorcery was on them- that yours truly, was in none of their insanity.  They move into what they thought was black neighbor hoods  buying up black churches working for White Zionist -talking Jesus forgives along with the rest  of the impostors.  My question is, supposing they had been successful in there attempt to destroy me and take the land over?  Would Black Hebrews Israelites be alive today?  What would be the state of the land in the house of Reuben ?  Would our claim for Justice be heard and acted on in behalf of the Black  Nation within this Nation  relative to prophecy and seed of Jacob in the faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob?  I'll leave you to answer this question as Divine intervention and judgment  has already taken place which is why the claim stands as it stands the world over and Black is still beautiful' .  We're all, not the same!  God Is...Supreme Lord of the Living Most High and Creator of the Universe!  Now take that to the bank....a Leopard doesn't change it's spots and a devil s still a devil! (C)  9/20/2016     Reuben Seed of Jacob and the Kings Highway.                      Reuben Beckles

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Why Blacks failed during the sixties to achieve freedom and real change for self and kind!

You can't integrate with your enemies whom you see as your friends and hope they will get you out of the dilemma and hell they placed you in through trickration lies and deceit! their Constitutional, Democratic Republic with  Black Judas sellouts-in Religion-Law- Activist, phony organizations and Politicians, they gave us speeches- marches-rallies and demonstrations that were planned and doomed to fail.  Integration and 'we've come along way, but for whom?'  Take note and history will prove me correct.  The 'whom' was and is for 'White Europeans, Zionists, out of Russia and other so-called communist from around the world. Sephardi and Ashkenazim  Jewry!  These are the folk in the main who bought the Spirits and Minds of what I call 'Black Judas-Sellouts'!  They were and are the Punk Sissies and greedy hypocrites who wanted money-fame and integration!  They had spiritual knowledge and low self esteem-just like Judas in relation to Christ.  They took the money and jobs using Black Slaves en-mass  giving the poor-innocence and ignorant a chance to vent their frustrations by singing-marching and having rallies going no where knowing the detriment of 'cause and effect' in slavery of the mind spirit and body being emasculated to a point of servitude and inaction  created this situation.  Only with  the approval of the Slave Masters and Judas sellouts would things move in a different direction.  The real benefits would be given to the Whites of this Republic Politically and remains in force today!  When the so-called Civil Rights was given, schools integrated  along with housing and desegregated arm forces the death of Black Warriors increased.  Judas from all over this nation rushed to the forefront with their lying wenches and begging bitches  mouthing, Love, like 'Dr King' Free at Last- free at last ( thank God Almighty-We're free at last!)!  ...with nothing!  No Land you Control- government,  laws, currency, schools of higher learning sustained and built by self and kind where politics and self governing politicians are not brought and sold like ice cream.  Self esteem is part of identity of character from generation to generation as Men are the order of the day and their female counter part is not a shame too say "We Are One!"   Sorry, won't do it !  Integration has proven to be folly.  "Black Lives Matter, only when you as Black give up your Black inheritance and sellout to Judas and their phony vampire brothers claiming to be Jews of Black Israel'.  These were nothing more than thugs and vampires claiming something not there's but accepted by six or seven client states on the Black Continent' as original Jews' ...including, Ethiopia who claims to be a part of the 'Ark of the Covenant'.  As it turns out they will be seen as nothing more than glorified Punks with no Value same as those now living in America as White with no conscience or shame!  Laughing at Black Slaves they find here. This is part of the reason why a majority of Slaves in this Republic  have been unable to move in the direction of Real self determination.  No land.  No Spirit!  The positions I take as Reuben,  Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon in Action with Truth of Divine Intervention  are real with no apologies. The Rapture/Aliyah  along with the claims in Values of Land, Reparations and Restitution are just as real knowing the Devil and Satan his Imps are still Animalistic punks and sissies !  Devils to the core. ' God Is Supreme Lord of the Living Most High in Jacobs Black Israel.   " Lest I forget',  Paul Robeson found out too late the Zionist Communist of Russia  wasn't the answer!  Martin R. Delaney returned to these shores after leaving Africa finding he couldn't live with the Black Judas sellouts on his continent, while Marcus Garvey took the only true action that holds true today. By faith in action created the 'Black Star Line' only to be sold out by pimps hustlers and thugs surrounding him who were servants of the State Department. Colored Mulatto's pretending like today, they're Black, while facilitating White Men Sons who hate and despise Black!'  Another note of interest concerning the 'Herald Dispatch News Paper and owner Publisher, Mr Sanford Alexander was full of surprises and deceptions!  I worked selling advertisements and was very good.  What I didn't know was that he and his Black-Brown and White Organizational brothers  had been bought off  by  'Jewish Zionists Impostors'  selling out Black Israel  in Jacob'.  His Spiritual partner in this crime was none other than Mr  Legon'  the Creole Mulatto  using Medi physical Knowledge to entrap and destroy me and my activities. Like Isis, they failed and it became a shocker too them and the world when I Spiritually Crossed the Jordan  through Divine Intervention in the Rapture / Aliyah- receiving a Divine Blessing taking the Throne and Land of Reuben  wiping out their scheme and death trap set for me hoping to process the Land and Power they coveted.  It all ended  with 'Legon' and his Book Store  going up in flames!  I walked away  from Mr Alexander and his Business leaving he and his wife in one of the most horrendous Spiritual fights you could ever witness!  No Lie- No Trick and no game!  Keep the Faith in Truth. Stay Well...Black Power and Black is Beautiful! (C) 9/8/2016   Reuben Door of Life-Kings highway!                      Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Critical Anaylsis and inaction by Black slaves in America is integration and feel good comfort zone!

Across this land many of us do not relate to our foundation as slaves being put in this demonic condition against our own best interest and free will.  We don't even question the reason for our slavery and why it was necessary to make it a crime if we were taught to read and write and speak in our original tongue.  Not only have we adopted and speak the Occidental language which we truly don't understand, we can't even recognize the trickration it places us in, too our own detriment, seen to late-integrating with folk  who hate and despise everything of value they know and see, we stand for.  They see you a 'child like-weird-mean-perverted -ignorant-stupid, too dark and easy to manipulate but good for there self interest as white...anything but Black!  One day you wake up and find what they want is your Soul and Spirit!...which you have been given by and from the 'Divine Creator'.  This is why we have been able to come through their demonic actions, so much so, that if the tables were turned, they would have wiped themselves out centuries ago!  Nations and Cultures after Cultures have been unable to figure out our existence to this present time!  Time, going back before 'Christ'...and this horrendous slave trading with all it's attending Ill's.  Jealousy and envy is something, when a people's knowledge can be hidden from them while impostors can impersonate you and your kind because of anger, envy, selfishness, greed and a foundation of no substance, while you the ' the low down, dirty slaves are taught you're worthless and no value', who built the foundation of this nation-from which the nations of the world has profited  in ways you can't even imagine because those with imaginary power chose not to give you and your kind credit where due.   Think about this when you're feeling down and out and think you're alone, Black History should have us all working -jumping for joy with the list of names to numerous too mention.   However, allow me to mention a few in this current day atmosphere ...Giants like 'Paul Robeson,  Martin R. Delaney,  Marcus  Garvey who set a path that makes others pale in wisdom, knowledge and understanding!   It is my opinion that there is a profound reason as too why there is a lack of movement towards real freedom and Independence towards Land-Reparations and Restitution! ' Integration- Occidental Language, Pimps-Hustlers Sissies in the Pulpits along with the almost disbelief by Blacks, that Satan and the Devil are wrapped in the Caucasian Cloth as One under 'White Supremacy and the Black Judas sellouts of Judea and Ethiopia, not forgetting, these Lying Wenches and Begging Bitches who want nothing to do with truth in Black.  You must remember, (many are White Men's Son's and Daughter's pretending Black-facilitating everything White.  This is why there's no real movement of freedom and independence towards the Middle East and Land of Black Africa !  Before we leave this blog of Critical Analysis and the comfort zone of Black Slaves in America-I will leave you with Eastern' thought in Action- in the Rapture/ Aliyah leaving ' Occidental non action by Black and self worth, relative to the sixties (One Day War-1968)  Reuben Seed of Jacob -Sun Son of Simeon-Man  Stood in Judgment on the Square in front of Pure Black Marble- being Judged in the Soul and Spirit by the 'Divine Creator'  speaking no words-in complete silence- of Claim, Redemption, Cleansing yet, received Divine Blessing in action and the door of Life!   This I know, as do those, who would destroy everything truthful and Black,  were it not for Divine intervention, we would not be on this planet or else where-FACT!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God Is !   No Lie Game or Trick!  Faith, Abraham Isaac and Jacob-I  am  Reuben!  Claim you've read is-no falsehood, like the devil , whose still a devil destroying himself and kind!              (C)  9/6/216)                          Reuben Beckles

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Spiritual Truth and Divine Wisdom Catches up with Bishops Nowadays in their tricks lies and deciet!

Game playing, hooping and hollering 'Bishops and Ministers Nowadays' and their pimps, punks and sissies in the pulpits, supported by their lying wenches and begging bitches, find themselves in a world of trouble using 'Jesus' to make money and hide their participation of Black Slavery in America telling their Black flock to move on and forget the past as they lie and steal them blind with big donations called gifts enabling them to travel, buy land in the Caribbean, Africa and other parts of the world, hoping to increase  favoritism among whites and their colored off springs while holding the majority of Blacks under their thumb in poverty controlled by their lying wenches and begging bitches!  These are the folk pushing plan parent hood and the death in the womb of life' unborn that translates too same sex marriages-transgender operations, integration and dope  addiction for the purpose of 'Black destruction'.  This is all  part of those Black thugs on the continent selling the Land, people and resources to these miserable hustlers and monsters from  Europe and America-knowing there is no way whites and coloreds pretending Blacks could take over the land-take all the resources leaving the poor in mass poverty without knowledge and support of  Black leadership.  The very same thing is happening in Belize and the Caribbean claiming to have so many degrees of building Masonry and character through religion.  If the American scene of Black folk is to be observed in the lite of truth there is no way So-called Black leadership, from the top to the bottom, can be given  a pass!  Slavery is over, yet, continues by these punk, lying sissies and their help mates in Politics and law-education and the pulpits across the land...with their lying wenches and begging bitches.  They have sold their spirits  and souls to these demonic vampires and impostors calling themselves, 'Jews of Scriptures and Prophecy  of 'Abraham Isaac and Jacob' !  These folk have been bought and paid for same as the 'Latinos have done, following colored impostors as Black for economic and political gain .  Now there Mr Donald Trump has come down with his real intent of  'White Supremacy',' closing the borders-giving you jobs and returning illegal immigrant's to Mexico.  Now you're running mad-thinking you were over Black preferring to be White in Masonry  as Sephardic Jews from Spain with dismantled family's, you find yourselves dependent- on the bottom, begging to be accepted while Blacks in Divine intervention'  are coming into the knowledge of self to reclaim self, culture and land from whence we were taken ...claiming 'Twelve Hundred Million Billion Trillion Zillion Dollars in Land-Gold-Silver, Compounded Interest and growing as well as other valuables.' Perhaps you would have been wise to have listened to one of your countrymen ( Juarez Tiarena )who was pushing Reparations for his people instead of fighting Blacks ending in the sellout within the 'Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo!...known to both -'Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.   Remember, Black Folk  were the only folk who were bought to this land in chains and shackles against our will. You stand on our ancestors foundation of 'Free Slave labor-a debt owed to we, their descendants! ( Truth in a Spiritual debt and claim. (C) 9/1/2016      Black is beautiful. Reparations Restitution Land in and for our Culture and people.  Reuben seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon  -Black Hebrews in Israel-Abraham Isaac and Jacob.  Stay well.  Supreme Lord of The Living Most High God Is!!      Reuben Beckles