Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Black History-illusion-sham-the feel good month of February

Real Black is beautiful throughout the ages twelve months a year; so why one month in the United States of America? I say, it's the mind set of the system to keep black folk asleep as we study the unfinished business of others as we march toward -land -freedom and real independence, not wanted by this nation and others as blacks in this nation and around the
world represent untold wealth. Love of self -truth and prophecy is not in this nations interest. I sat down to write and think in terms of the beauty of what was God given in the universe and on the land-the joy of real freedom-my thoughts were interrupted at the point of no return because of greed, selfishness, hate and envy! Suffering and misery was the lot of millions on the high seas and on the land of north America. These our Black ancestors, bled, fought and built this nation and never got paid-built so that white supremacy would dominate and endure. The Emancipation was not designed for Black freedom and Liberia, was a sham...Marcus Garvey and the Black star Line proved that when he was blocked by Creoles and Mulattoes, supported by the United States government from setting foot on the land of the blacks. As we know Blacks were not permitted to read and write-but this did not apply to Creoles and Mulattoes who were accepted then as now and not considered Black...therefore, their solutions for Blacks as Black is nothing but a sham! What is the truth as Blacks move through time, looking for freedom on the plantation- while catching hell? Moving from the south, to the east-north and west didn't solve the problem nor was it intended to do could it? The nation at large moves and operates under White Supremacy far removed from the Blacks mind set. Under the umbrella of the Blacks Judas sellouts and the Mulattoes, you are handed integration-all designed to keep you blind-in line and at the end, death! Check what they call the gang problem- where they are given dope to sell and turf to protect. Money is made, things are brought, families torn apart, members are killed, jails are full and the system that controls and prints the money, live on. Truth is the system is perpetuated and controlled by white supremacy and the black female! When the female has a child she is given a birth certificate-that birth certificate has a number which is forwarded to the federal bank who in turn forwards it on to wall street where it is sold on the market as future earning for the Queen of England-as the female says she's free and integrated with and for the white man! Go to college, where she joins a sorority for acceptance-gets a degree and joins the church- marries and controls the male as a drone for White supremacy...this is a Greek thing! Under the Egyptian method it's done differently as the Creole and Mulattoes use their women to capture black men under Isis and the Zionist Caucasian Jews who are not the Jews of the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who were and are the real people of Canaan, the Jordan area. Isis job for these men is and has been to render black men helpless by taking their spirits-putting them in the cross-crisscross and double cross, for mulattoes and white supremacy! They work together in the name of black-knowing they are not black. They get away with it because black women work with and for them even to the detriment of Black children because they hate themselves! This is why there is trouble across the land and they will never submit to the truth of the Black God and and why they support White supremacy. During and right after what is known as the civil rights movement much money was lost by white businesses and White supremacy which was pushed by the advancement of colored people(NAACP).White folk sued to recoup their losses and won. A deal was cut for colored acceptance...non-profit corporations of every kind and nature was setup in the name of Black folk including churches which are controlled by White supremacists organizations and through these organizations-Black folk are paying off big time-Black History month is a sham and why the waters of real black history have been altered concerning reparations, land, freedom and independence! Check our website @
2/15/2007 Reuben Beckles