Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Amazing Controversy-Black Educated Thinking Man want to be President of America and the sinking Ship!!

Oop!  Black female didn't want Black man- gave him up to this system by lying hiding his children, hoping he would die or languish in jail-didn't happen-Black colored woman steps in pretending a table of love-turns out to be a demon trying to take his Spirit, failed, says he's guilty of performing undue mental cruelty!  Neither can accept the truth of Black man's Spiritual insight and real love for self and kind not wanting to believe they're Slaves-non citizens of this land wanting nothing to do with the foundation of Black Free Slave Labor.  Truth is, they thought and wanted to be accepted Caucasians !  So goes the families across the land in one form or another. Too them after all the talk and controversy they prefer...'White Supremacy'!  The above situations may seem strange in times like these but think about this as a change of pace as the nation goes to pot-Noted Doctor, Ben Carson running for U.S. President on the GOP platform trying to share some of his wisdom and insight to his White Educated Brothers by suggesting they not entertain a Muslim President as the head of this Judea Christian Nation...obviously referring to the Constitution and Sharia Law.  Big Controversy?  I say the simple truth is 'You Can't Serve Two Masters'!  My thought, let the controversy rage on because if these bloodsucking imposter's aren't willing to make amends and atone for the foundation of slavery and free labor, the hell you'll receive if you ever attained the White Man's office-which you won't if you be a true Black Man-it won't be worth it!  I am Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon(C) 9/22/2015  I say give it to the Pope and let him show you what's real ...Black Power!    Reuben Beckles

Monday, September 21, 2015

Satanic U.S.Goverment in tail Spin rejecting Truth And Divine Intervention opting for Thieves and Their Governing of Faith Based Religious Orders!

 The U.S. Government and their participation with Religious orders and Secret Societies across the board-have been able to maintain it's hold on unpaid Slavery of Black folk-relative to free Slave Labor because of what is known as "Faith Based Religion and the Non-Profit Buildings that gives them Status in the Black Communities  and Colleges around the Country.  This includes Greek and Masonic Orders that has a Spiritual Base that has gone rotten too it's core-so secret-it's no longer Secret.  This is why if you don't belong you're always asked 'What Church Do You Belong?  What Organization are you apart of or what's the name of your Rabbi or Minister?  If you replied none,  the conversation is cut short and you're left in  isolation wondering 'What's the problem?'    You want answers but none is forth coming if you're  living by faith-in truth!  This truth, is what's causing the down fall of America, and Nations around the world.  You're given crumbs hoping that by doing so the Non Citizens Black slaves will accept these Bloodsucking vampires as Brothers giving the phonies time to prolong their demise and you will fall into the pit of  doom with them!  This why the push for integration and no solution!  Talk with more talk-no solutions. Million Man Marches going nowhere but to more conventions while the streets and alley's are filled with Veterans and the Homeless in association with everything and every one-that has nothing to do with Prophecy and real Black freedom-Restitution-Reparations and Land!  You're told 'Stand up for your self and families' while the Policy makers are paid to destroy you and your families through Schools-Faith Based Churches-participation in Wars not of your own design or making as you take an oath to up hold a Constitution not designed for you  but a Constitution you swore to up hold on a land that's not yours-on a land that's killing you daily ! Even the Religions you join in the language you speak you don't understand as you live for everyone other than yourselves and kind believing this Culture is yours until you wake up to the reality in another Religion being wiped out- shot down in the name of that same religion-by the person calling you Brother! These things and others of a detriment to Black folk across the broad continue to take it's toll because you're living in denial and refuse to give Credit where it's due-and admit the root cause of the real problem is the foundation of Slavery! Also, the Solution came in the Sixties ending Slavery. Jacobs Seed,  the Land and House of Reuben came through in the Rapture- Watts was a defining moment in the awaking and uplifting truth for Black folk!'  The Kings Highway was found and walked by a true Hebrew from the House of Israel(Reuben) crossing over the Jordan which  the Nations of the world were trying to claim couldn't -didn't!   But Black...Reuben did! ...destroying Isis and the phony Jews(Caucasians) pretending to be Israelites (Satan and Black Judas sellouts...supported by the U.S. Government and many countries throughout the world!  You say no ( Because you're in denial and on the take-knowing  to travel the real Highway you will and must pay a price! Freedom and Justice in Prophecy is not just is real in Action! Soul to Soul-Spirit to Spirit- Love to Love of the I Am That I Am...Truth In Black Power and Faith.  Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon(C) 9/21/2015                   Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Original Black Creation in Black Hated Across the Board By Satanic Forces-Pretending Love And Justice!

It has come to my attention that the call has gone out from the Church and Mosques leaders that their Brotherhoods, sometime next month, are to meet in Washington D.C. demanding Justice or Else, from the 'Obama' Administration.  This is a truly weird situation supposedly coming from Black folk-for Black folk.  Strange, because history shows us that both religions have joined hands in promoting the death of Black while promoting 'White Supremacy!...not only in the Church and Mosque but in and apart of Masons and Shriner's along with their female counter parts of the Eastern Stars!  The problem is that at the end of the Day-Caucasians Whites want nothing to do with Black-but through Usury-claim the knowledge of Black to perpetuate their Empire.  Think about it-Black Judas Sellouts were the Prime movers of the Enslavement on the Black Continent along with the 'White Caucasian Impostors of Judaism' in the form of Zionist-Sephardi Ashkenazim Black converts.  Minister Louis Farrakhan along with Christian leaders are now suggesting they unite with Latinos and others to demand Justice and acceptance here on this Land, in this System!  They say, they and their ancestors built the foundation of  the Nation and helped raise the Children of these bloodthirsty vampires.  Justice and Acceptance!? Where were they when Mr. Sandford  Alexander of the Herald Dispatch-Weekly  Newspaper here in Los Angeles set yours truly, on the righteous path to real Justice and Freedom as Reuben, Seed of Jacob?  I can tell you where they were-collecting money-pretending Brotherhood and love-breaking up Homes -putting the Black woman against the Black man-while working with Esau to capture and kill the Seed of Jacob and proclaim the Birthright as theirs!  Like the pale face-White Israel-and reddish brown colored Isis, they failed!  They don't want real freedom and Justice-they don't want to pay Justice to Karma thinking the "Ten Thousand Man Death Squad will save the day and a back up of what they claim is a Million Men!  They are the same folk who ask "Who ever heard of the feet leading the flock-who is Reuben? ...he has no followers! "  All I can Say is," I am That I Am- didn't ask how many Men did I have surrounding me?   I moved by Faith in Action-Heaven Opened, I Walked the Kings Highway Crossed the Jordan-entered the Land-Sat on the Throne of Black Israel' came back with a Spiritual Solution for Self And Kind-rooted and based on the Foundation of Slavery!  Not accepting that which is not mine to accept.  I was Judged by the same System of Demons and released!  I must give credit-where credit is due-knowing a leopard doesn't change it's spots-nor a Zebra it's stripes and a pot roast of Pork is still a Pig!!  Numbers in Gold and Silver means nothing to the I Am That I Am." Clothed in trickeration  lies, deceit and impersonation has no value.  Remember this...Blacks were the only folk ripped off coming to this land from another Continent against their will and performed' Free Slave labor'.  I don't care if you claim to be Egyptian-Ethiopian -Moors-Christian, Moslems or pretending Jews-You will not kill off The Faith of Abraham-Isaac or the Seed of Jacob of which I am-Prophecy remains!  Reparations Restitution and Land is the order of the Day! (C) 9/9/2015            Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Of Simeon-Action Taken-by Faith...Take That To The Bank!   God Is The I Am-That I Am!             Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Black Judas Sellouts as so Called Leaders Involved With White Supremacy Knee deep in Deception-Usury and Money Political Schemes To Hold Black Slaves In Check!

Religion, Law, Politics and Money within the circle of pretending Black awareness  where Black males function and deception seems to be at the root of continued Black Slavery in America, headed by Esau's jealousy concerning the Birthright of Jacob and his Seed.  Those  within the frame work of Secret Societies and their degree's of studied and learned information, manipulate truth causing much chaos and death in the name of Religion and brotherhood!  They have no intention to fight for Justice and truth, opting instead, to push the female as head of the family, nation and history where Black Man's function is to protect and die having no wisdom or God in the name of Jesus who died for us all, relieving the individual of responsibility for our willful, insane acts. It's only after we are moved by the Spirit in truth that we act righteously -sometimes "Too  Late,"  that we find, there is indeed, a Bar of Justice-A Divine Creator of Judgment who Judges the DNA or Spiritual Blue print in association with the I Am-That I Am!  This is part of the Divine Birthright that belonged to Jacob-a Birthright, Esau and others today, claimed Jacob Stole!  They lie!  Jacob Stole nothing!  It can only be given by birth from the Divine Creator!  Esau knew it-but didn't understand it's value and in a moment of defiance and hunger-released his claim as  first- born!   Problem is, it was Jacob's birthright from the womb and not Esau!  Today, the problem with Black folk as non-citizens Slaves-act as Esau-pretending be someone or somebody they're not as they watch prophecy unfold before their very eyes-living in denial!  Time has brought about an awareness of their Conciseness.  However, Black nor White with very few exceptions believe in giving Credit where Credit is due.  They know this Land and System is not theirs.  The Masters they serve and people they follow  as Israelites is not for real!...  In many cases just to be accepted. Blacks leave this land to fight and die  for these Demons who feel nothing for them they don't feel a damn thing for themselves, why should they feel anything for you?  Many of these Black mercenaries have traveled into distant lands found the truth of their origin and still reject the true foundation and meaning of themselves and kind  in relation too their condition and being in America-opting for crumbs and acceptance!  From the Seed of Jacob Sun Of Simeon and the original House and Land of Israel 'Reuben was Called from the foundation to fight the Good Fight-in Spiritual Warfare...did not hesitate for one second-this while no one else came forth  to claim the Birthright of and in Israel-'Black Man'! Today, many of these non activist claim we're all one!    Yours truly paid the price- walked the Kings Highway-entered the Land-took the throne-defeated Isis and the Bloodsucking Vampires calling themselves White Israel'-closing their mouths in action in the 'One Day War' (1968) -Divine Reason and Purpose in the DNA Blue Print.  All this and more was and did take place while Black Judas sellouts-Male and Female were selling themselves and families to a Satanic Chaotic force into the Arms of Esau and the name of Jesus-who died they claim.. for us all!  They're all deceivers of truth and lying hypocrites hiding out in denial-crying for peace-love and brotherhood-looking in fear at Justice and Divine truth-Karma!  Land Reparations-Restitution in Separation!  Sovereignty! No Trick-deception-lies or Imposter's! From the 'Door of Life' and the' King's  Highway' Reuben-Seed of Jacob Sun Of Simeon (C) 9/2/2015   Soul to Soul- Spirit to Spirit -Love to Self and Kind God Is-I Am  ...Black Power-Faith                Reuben Beckles