Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Black Power In The Middle Of Stimulus-ADebt Compounded

Across this land in the United States Of America, the people demanded transparency and change-power was about to change hands peacefully in a system called the greatest on earth. The tower of Babel was in full swing by way of the news media-television, radio, newsprint,word of mouth...all were encouraged to come out and vote-flyer's and bill boards were paraded every where proclaiming the greatness of the two party system of conservative and liberals! Democrats vs. Republicans. Both of these organizations were labeled by a Southern Governor just a few years back as (twiddle-dee- twiddle dumb ) while stating there wasn't a dimes worth of difference between either of them...segregation then, now and forever! As the current melting pot developed and moved along with the blind leading the blind hopes were running high that America's fifty states would finally taste the fruits of it's first female President! However, twiddle dee and twiddle dumb would have none of this-as two male contenders rose from the bowels of hypocrisy proclaiming their fortitude and intelligence-none better to lead and guide the nation and the free world! Entered a Colored Black and White Campaign! This nation and nations around the world enjoyed their greatest media moments as the two giants hit the world was even touted as the Messiah...for white folk and accepted by Black folk! Money men and women rose to support the cause from within and out of secret societies-churches-political and educational institutions ! Across the board they came...all wanting change and transparency; after all, these were two of America's best-educated in the nations greatest educational institutions; two wars were raging abroad! Young men and women, warriors from around the world, were dying and being exploited in two countries stating too have in their possession weapons of mass destruction- In the end was proven to be not true! This is a nation that seems to tout education and learning as the essence of real value and substance, yet, I suspect that if asked certain questions most of these young folk who would be leaving these shores to die or be maimed both mentality and physically-being lead by their Political, Economical, or Religious leaders could not answers these questions...( Where on the worlds map are these lands located? What are the names of their heads of state? What type of government do they live under? What is the nature of their diet, topography and geography? What is the nature of their family and religion that sustains them? Is education important to them and do they know the Black man's history in and on this land and the land from which they were taken?) It is my opinion that few if any have given any thought to or have any knowledge of the above questions. This in part is why I've stated now and in the past why I've taken the position of land and reparations in prophecy as it relates to most Black folk and our descendants in America, which includes compounded interest from the point that slavery was suppose to have ended. Not only having been dispossess but given nothing for free labor!! Today the nation is crying mismanagement and poor sending the nations of the world into financial chaos and insanity! All this is happening on the backs and foundation of free labor...a debt that has not been paid in a nation controlled by educated folk! This leads me back to the campaign which was interrupted by both candidates leading both parties of high power legislative lawyers( who signed the unread Stimulus Package!) This as it turns out rewarded the thugs and con men of the pyramid and ponzi schemes at the expense of the crying tax payers who are losing their jobs and business across the country while the money men print funny money with no value or backing to keep the financial system in place and growing as the citizens and their generations who thought they were free with the revolutionary and civil wars being fought. Today, they find themselves as slaves to the money men of England and their common wealth-the Caucasians who claim to be Israel of Biblical History. The Black Judas sellouts in this nation-along with Rome and Ethiopia-Esau and Ishmael who through jealousy and envy are creating wars trying to sell off the lands of Jacob and prophecy. This is Black Truth. The Black woman in this nation gave her man up which is causing a tremendous problem because she does not want to admit her involment with other nations of the world. This came to lite in the sixties when Reuben Seed of Jacob, moved across all the boundaries of the world on his Spiritual journey-found the King's Highway and found the door in the East and entered it to take the throne-lived to come back and state the Royal truth after the sellout-by Isis and the royalty of Shrinedom and masonry! Who is Isis? The snake of Egypt which up until this point had never been dethroned-She put her self and many cuacasian conspirators into the fire trying to fight prophecy and the house of Reuben who lived through the Judgement for self and kind...a Judgement which is not for sale-cannot be bought or taken which was God given! Ask the Zionist of the "One Day War" in Nineteen Sixty Eight! The people around the world have been so busy scheming, plotting, and lying because of jealousy and the fact that Reuben was born in America as a Black man, who was suppose to be nothing and was told even less! So the truth is America and the world stand with problems on top of institutionalized insanity... A President born of a Black man from the common wealth of Kenya and a white woman. The man is in love with George Washington, a former white President of the nation who thought nothing of Black folk except as slaves along with Abraham Lincoln who really wanted nothing to do with Blacks whom he thought were unequal as people. This in the mist of a Black woman who had given up the Black man as nothing! This is what caused and is causing the shock in America, but is not spoken in so many words! Strange how the truth comes to light in prophecy for Black folk in relation to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob(Israel) the debt in compounded interest remains the same for free labor-in the form of Land and Reparations and it doesn't matter what China, India or the Black African Judas sellouts on the continent say or think-we in America did not put ourselves in this state of perpetual enslavement only to be told we have never had it so good! Home foreclosures, collapse of financial institutions, schools, and bad weather is just a part of things to come until this matter of slavery and free labor to which the world has benefited is addressed and moved in deed -not just drawn up and signed as a document unread as was the "Stimulus package" by educated men!! Lawyers in particular! 4/6/2009 Reuben Twelfth House Seed Of Jacob living in America