Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Truth in Action can't be hidden forever-Divine intervention like Karma will create a Tsunami to Black Judas leaders and their hipocritical followers !

For sometime now I have watched and listened to the New Afro-American and their hypocritical Judas leadership across the board push for Equality and acceptance while accepting crumbs and at the same time leading their flocks over the cliff because they can't rise to the mountain top. With knowledge and organisational skills they talk to other nations and the larger communities in America, in and for the benefit of Black folks in and out of the melting pot! Now the truth comes out...we're all not the same in or out of this insane melting pot. These folk had the real spiritual truth but gave it up for a Job and entry into the Political and Educational arenas taking orders from the Slave masters who control the media and financial institutions here and abroad-those who also regulate the colored class system. The solution to slavery and the class colored insane society has always been and still is a very simple one to solve which starts with the love of self and kind along with the knowledge and belief in your God! What happens when you get married and can't get along-or you get in a place Spiritually where you don't belong and theirs always a problem-absolute hell- you leave -you separate! take what's yours -you go! Many men Black men before you and I arrived at this same conclusion have been over looked and wiped out relative to this race question! Why?...because it's always been relative to the Spirit and the Divine which Judas is well aware of and the slave master can't understand nor attain as he sees the physical that he controls that gave him the wealth he cherishes above any and everything! In all cultures he uses Judas and religions against themselves helping them to maintain their ego's and greed! The Protocols Of Zion-"too Serve the Devil-Vol-One and two" will show you his true intent! When all else fails...he hands out a few crumbs from the assets of free labor(Reparations) he tells you some crazies from over seas is attempting to disturb and take his domestic tranquillity along with his producers of wealth(YOU)! He creates a war for you to fight on some distance land-a people and culture you know nothing about- promising you equality and freedom if you get back. Many returned and are still waiting and fighting for his promise to materialize! He's taken your Jobs-Land if you owned any-the vote he gave you-as many are serving time in his institution he calls jail if he doesn't blow you away first-he creates an atmosphere of hate where your woman says and acts like shes as much Man as you in his system of money and smiles!...while she produces children not for you but him! This gets us back to Karma and Divine intervention! Judas-Truth and the Slave Master-why your Leadership wants nothing to do with Solution! They would have no one to walk on-no foundation! All they want to do is sit back, think about what to do with your accumulated wealth-Reparations and Land that would enable you and your kind to work on your own future and destiny! These folk would have everyone believe no one has been working on the problem and it's real solution-that the "Kings Highway I walked and traveled in 1963 and received the Wisdom was nothing in terms of self identification-truth and Justice-this is because I returned and they couldn't and didn't kill me off as they were selling out talking" walk by faith-not by sight!" Enters the Fires of Watts and the "One Day War!"(1968) God...Doing business- divine intervention taking care of real truth and business relative to the Rapture(Aliyah)! Seek and you'll find the real war right on these shores on this land and your leaders know it reaping the harvest of the doer's building nothing as they cry and beg with harden hearts and deception going no where-look around you - they have taken much creating nothing wheres the truth of their intentions and the Wisdom they impart to their followers of death?...they now cry out for you to Vote-Vote, vote...for whom-for What? as they claim...I speak folly because I say and know this is not in keeping with in or on the land or of it's system in Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac Jacob which your leaders used to teach and speak on! The action and choice is yours as this is not folly nor a game! (c) Reuben Seed of Jacob Son of Simeon 8/13/2012 Reuben Beckles