Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Eminent Domain-Gentrification just another form and denial OF SLAVERY and Still Water Runs Deep means nothing too So-called leadership and Black pretender's here- on black Continent and Middle East Region!

Time for true examination of so called black leadership in America, and it's effect on the Black Continent. There continued acceptance of European impostors as Black "Original Peoples' in Black History and Prophecy.  Let's call it for what it is! Folly!  A Divine Spiritual Sellout after the war in Heaven and rebellion against the Divine Creator!  ... involving the 'Nine and a half tribes of Black Israel known to Egypt-Vatican and Ethiopia' with the Region in the Middles East called the 'Old  World.  These Nations and peoples along with others around the world are well informed as to how the Caucasian impostors became knowledgeable  concerning Black.  It was during during the Sanhedrin 'Council' and the havoc it created  which brought about Black Slavery and accounts for the  continued enslavement of Blacks here and around the world! It was an action of pure hatred and jealousy ...envy of the Divine Creator!  These scumbags and impostors are now hiding out as satanic forces behind the scene's in religious houses of Synagogues, Churches and Mosques.  Secret social organizations playing these silly political games of acceptance through  Immigration, Civil and 'Human Rights'.  All for the advancement of Colored Folk. ....Creoles Mulattoes Qctoroons primarily White, Caucasians who had there way with Black women while their men languished in jails or in the armed forces.   The darker, the better!  These women now fight for White, pretending too love Black!  That same strain is still fighting God,  living on the Black Continent, pushing' White Caucasians'  as Semitic Jews in Prophecy keeping Blacks in Check here and in Slavery.  They or their off spring don't give a damn for  Blacks as they arrive here willingly, following the paper money and White's as Sons and Daughters of 'Political Kings and Queens of the land- owners of the people and resources they gave up sold to European and American Capitalist.  In other cases they created wars allowing the real folks of the land to be blown up wiped out!  This holds true concerning those from Belize- The Grand Bahamas, Central and South America Mexico whose involvement in Slavery was not the same as here. It was totally different from the American slaves in 'THE UNITED STATES!'  Their job here is too emulate, use and destroy the Blacks born and living here in this system along with their descendants,  builder's   of this nations  foundation  and claim  they have with compounded interest on the nation and the system for 'Free Slave labor and horrendous crimes of Human Destruction under 'White Supremacy along with their demonic allies! rise to black sustained death on the bottom, caused and maintained by so-called Leaders of yesterday and perpetuated by those in limited authority today! Take your pick...'  (C)7/29/2017  ....I am Reuben seed of Jacob, Sun Man of Simeon, from Black Land and House -linage Of Jacob and the Kings high way.  Defeated Isis from the 'Book Of the Dead'! White vampires, imitators  and identity thieves in white usury, to destroy Black Zion!   " Tom Joyner-Danny Bakewell  Sr. -Tavis   Smiley -Macine Waters- Eleanor Holmes Norton -Herb Wesson ( President La. City Council) -Louis Farrakhan-Nation of Islam- TD Jakes( Bishop)  DR Ron Maulana  Karenga - Larry Aubry-  Minsters, Males and Females.  If I left someone out to your liking include them in your thoughts-space is limited and ' Still Water runs Deep'-Black is Beautiful and the Tsunami wall of justice is high!  Truth in Action remains the truth in Black Israel and the '  Door  of Life along with the' The Kings High Way!  My Actions  and thoughts have no  place in Imminent  domain  -Gentrification and nowhere  in Slavery! God Is!  The devil is still a low down dirty devil and a leopard never changes it's spots!  Without land and sovereignty across the board, you're still Slaves and can make no policies except for your White Slave Masters and White  Daddy!  You be the Judge! ' The One Day War of 1968- Rapture and Divine Intervention let the world know I am not a joke and the Land is not for sale at any price....No lie  No Trick and No Game with your White  Woman on my arm- playing your game of integration-going no where!  In the Revolution of Faith in Abraham Isaac and Jacob-on the move.  Stay well .          Reuben Beckles               


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