Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Up close and personal=Faith Seen and unseen Karma and Black Justice taking place here and around the World !

Secular law relative to impostors and disbelievers cannot and will never replace Divine Law and wisdom in action.  No lie, trick or game!...Personal and to the point as Reuben, seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon, linage and house of Black Hebrew ( Israel ) in sovereignty !  Today, as we demand freedom and Justice relative to this nations foundation in brutal slavery, lies and deceit to  land, in the form of Exodus to the continent from which the slaves and their descendants were ripped from their sovereignty and families, placed in chains and shackles to suffer beastly crimes unknown-unseen in human or Spiritual reality, all rooted in " White Supremacy, selfishness and total greed!  This situation was all facilitated then and now by Black leadership, Male and Female who were in complete control of that continent. The chaos that followed the slave movement must be and is placed in their lap as Judas sellouts.  No one could have entered that Land without their knowledge and sanction-which they gave up for profit!  Today, they have become lying wenches and begging bitches taking crumbs from their White slave Masters, along with these punk sissies in the pulpits with their hands out begging...down on their knees like the NFL Gladiators submitting to these Demonic Satanic Devils whom they serve in their Greek, Masonic Fraternities!  With nothing...Money makers that have built nothing of sustained value for future generations they claim to love and be apart of showing they feel nothing for Black self and kind, yet choose to be recognized as leaders with college degrees, surrounded in Black poverty!  ...with no land --banking institutions-businesses!...   nothing, while their white counter parts in Europe and other parts of the world see the hand writing on the wall of Justice and Karma in the Divine order of things.  ( Seen and Unseen...Known in Prophecy)!  It's no joke or laughing matter that Hurricanes Fires and flooding following the slave routes are taking place, destroying land resources and lives in the South moving north east and west!  Consider this...Florida and the damage done to retiring Jewish impostors and their stolen identity living like kings and queens because they have been able to buy off and destroy a multitude of Black folk...same is true in Texas Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolina's with more to come across this land! say nothing about Puerto Rico and other areas in the Grand Bahamas.  I mention Puerto Rico because they're not considered Sovereign  citizens but Aliens-given status under the 'Fourteenth Amendment' ( same as Blacks...not accepted by White Caucasians!   What else will be washed ashore that will be brought too lite...meaning people who thought this was their System and Country only to find their time is up!  They have been played and used, yet, none can make the claim for Justice but Black and their descendants as slaves that free slave labor built with compounded interest and Land-copy rights, patients and other valuables of Reparations and Restitution outlined in other Blogs!  Instead of standing with honor and purpose many have join forces with lying wenches and begging bitches and their soul mates in the pulpits of pimps and hustler,  with Judas sellouts like Esau relative to Jacob, down on their knees to the devil and Satan 'shouting, 'we submit,  Massa  boss man'!...  all, while  forces of Divine Justice move across the land for Black slaves and Gods chosen in the Faith!  What Faith?  The faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  (C) 10/6/2017  So now you know ( with more to come and there won't be a thing anyone or thing can or will do to prevent ( God...Supreme Lord of the Most High from doing his will that most thought was a game, lie and trick!   The Devil is still a low down dirty devil, a zebra never changes it's strips or a leopard it's spots.  Where do you stand?    From the Door of Life and Faith of Black Israel I am          Reuben Twelfth House of Israel...Sun Son Man of Simeon Beyond the Jordan and Spiritual Throne.  Righteous path of the Kings Highway and Rapture!  Seen-Unseen!                 Reuben Beckles

Monday, September 18, 2017

Where do you go from here Black Folk knowing you were going to be wiped from the Planet as insignificant by your so-called friends and brothers around the world and primarily in America?!

The question ask and statement made, is no joke.  This is a Spiritual- Divine War that is facing the world and especially America because of it's position and actions here and abroad !  The Christian Gentiles within the Vatican under White Supremacy was given knowledge and taught by Ethiopians within the Sanhedrin Council along with pretending impostor Zionist Jews in the house of Judea and Western Europe know this truth, as does the rest of Europe-Central and South America. The 'One Day War of 1968' involving yours truly, Reuben, Seed of Jacob- Sun Son Man of Simeon along with the action Walking The 'Kings Highway' Rapture and 'Door of Life-ending in the defeat of Isis and Caucasians from Europe pretending to be Hebrew, Israelites( Israel) of Biblical  Prophecy and Scripture is no joke !  Slavery, Sovereignty, Land was at the core of the chaotic sixties then and now.  What kind of a game do so-called Black Leadership think they're playing, with the lives of so many innocence Black folk at stake?  What provisions have they made for the flock, as Slaves you claim to be leading? ... and their entry to and on their lands from which they were taken?  Or, are you trying to suggest as did the leaders of Ancient Egypt-Hebrews are slaves!  Property,  and can't leave!  We own them!   This is part of the madness and preached insanity, given in action, while they and others cut up and divide the lands, resources and people to suit their needs?  Time and Prophecy demand to know... where's the Justice in such folly and who do you truly represent?  During Noah's time, no one believed Rain would come!  But it did!'  Egyptian rulers thought 'Moses had no power and couldn't take the Children from among them' but he did!  Today, America, and her Black Judas sellouts are faced with the same dilemma relative to Black Slavery and Justice ending ( 6,666 years of slavery and dependency  of Black folk in the faith of Israel' whom the leadership thought they had effectively sold out!...'until Reuben' came through with demands for Freedom Justice, Sovereignty Reparations and Restitution that is Non Negotiable-On Point and No Compromise-game or trick! This is no game knowing our Birthright is not for sale involving Land and Sovereignty' with no exceptions that includes members of my family that knew the truth of my actions but opted out like the 'Disciples of Christ' taking the thirty pieces of silver- claiming they didn't know him!  Today, these folk are not among the chosen Number and they know it!  Too much envy, jealousy and hatred and like the Late Dr King- will be shone the 'Promised Land' That Reuben entered'...but they and their kind will never enter!  They have  sold themselves and Spiritual land and Wisdom out for these demonic people and system which is why you'll hear nothing from them but their Proxy's and  Colored impersonators in crime, pretending Black in 'White Supremacy!'  ...faking it too make it watching devastating mass destruction around the world in 'Fire Air earth and Water' with other unknown elements in 'Hurricanes, Tsunami's , Earthquakes, Flooding, acts of Terrorism's all over the place while America-the United Nations and friends alike find America and it's democracy as a System to rule no more!  God of the Supreme Lord is!' (C) 9/18/2017)   The Devil and Satan know it and so does the Black Judas lying sellout thugs in the pulpits across the land, which is why you don't see or hear from them as the' Divine Spirit of the Creator' works it out! ...NON NEGOTIABLE!  JUSTICE and NO COMPROMISE!   Black Truth in Faith and Israel -Abraham Isaac and Jacob and you can take that to the Mountain Top and Bank it! ...No Game lies and Tricks because the Devil is still a low down dirty devil-speaking with fork tongue!         Justice in Divine Judgment!              Reuben Beckles

Monday, September 11, 2017

Up close and to the point in Analysis and Action as Separation in Spirit mind and Soul has already begun and in Place!

For sometime now we have been talking, writing and acting in behalf of slavery in America, self and kind.  No games, tricks and lies as 'Reuben seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon in Black Israel!   So it is, in today's, America.  Everyone talks about slavery as a commodity you can buy and sell.  Put on the fence smile, organize communities through churches, mosques, temples and educational institutions- put some money in the hands of so-called Black Leadership in hopes the real problem will go away and the criminals representing fake representation along with pimps, punks sissies in the pulpits and their  constituency of lying wenches and begging bitches will keep the truth out of sight and under control.  Meaning, Sovereignty, freedom, Land and Justice for 'Genocide, Conspiracy to Commit God Killing of his Chosen, in Prophecy in Jacob!  ...Abraham and Isaac !  This in addition to a debt for free slave labor.  Identity theft and impersonation  of and in stolen cultures and languages.  Families are now languishing on slave masters land- in jails as mules for money making machines of Latin South American Cartels-controlled by American interests and the Vatican!  This and other crimes  committed by Judas, Black and White thugs gangsters now blaming all crimes on Blacks...filling the jails across the land doing the time!  ...while the Conspirators pit one group against another, such as Blacks against Latinos !  Oop's enters Divine Intervention and 'Reuben's Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom and Action!  Colored folk, along with impostors of Caucasian origin pretending to be part of our linage and inheritance are phonies, cannot and will not, get the job done.  Their minds and truth are not rooted in justice.  I don't care if they're part of the Million Man March, under Farrakhan, Bishop Jake's, Jessie Jackson,  Sir Hillary Beckles or a whole host of other so-called leaders across the landscape!  If they were truly working for Freedom, Justice and Sovereignty as was 'Marcus Garvey and others like him, the job of Exodus and Separation back to the Continent and Middle Eastern Region would have been complete.  That is not what they wanted then nor now!  What they wanted is integration to hide their crimes, money and the White female in this System. Having sold their Spirit and Soul to the Zionist impostors, they are going to pay the price.  Can't run from this one!  ( 6,666 years are up and Slavery is over! This system, land  and those in control know it!  The Africans who come here along with Blacks from other parts of the world have full knowledge of Prophecy and the role blacks living under this system have played in the building of this land as a Nation.  They could care less.  They  are envious and hate the Blacks here whom they couldn't destroy and can no longer use!  When you see and understand the Divine Elements of ' Fire Air Earth and Water along with other related unseen forces with the devastation it brings, know that the hidden truth is,  that it's not only happening here, in America, but around the World in Places like Australia , Central and South America, Mexico, all over Europe and Africa!  ....Ooph's,  forgot the ' Caribbean and grand Bahama's!  ...Sinkholes, Earthquakes, Tsunami's flooding of Monumental Proportion and terror, not to be believed, but seen and felt!  ...Like Katrina,  Harvey,  Irene, Jose and more -not mentioned! Know this.   You can check the record among non-believers or other wise;  I didn't start my journey yesterday and I'm not Caucasian  or an accident!  My actions-claim and truth is NON- NEGOTIABLE AND NO COMPROMISE!  This is not a game and our claim, is what it is, for truth and Black Sovereignty!  'White Supremists and your kind should know the value of Separation and Sovereignty relative too Europe while your Jewish lying Brothers using and controlling Latinos immigrants are taking over your system and land, tried to destroy Blacks and failed!   Other Jewish Zionists have taken over and control Negro, Black and Latinos organizations with Jobs and the Money Key to destroy You and Your Sovereignty!   In your greed and selfishness,  you refuse too understand the claim and position of the Black Slaves and their descendants who didn't and don't want your system or Land!  For those who do... like begging immigrants- which includes, those of the Million Man March under Farrakhan- Dr King- ACLU, NAACP and others  who enjoy manipulating your trust, land and economics,  give them a job cleaning up and rebuilding the aftermath of the storms in the South and East-fire's and earthquakes in the West like the Slaves did ( as free Slave Laborer's who couldn't afford to get sick...moan groan on land, in a system. not theirs!  Let them rebuild all these lands here and aboard being devastated by your insane acts of beastial,  inhuman activities!   Test the Water of truth among Blacks...those who don't want Justice in Land and Sovereignty-Reparations, Restitution and Divine Problem!  They're free to stay here, under you!  (C) 9/11/2017       Stay Well-Black Truth In Black Israel!  From the Kings Highway and Door of Life" I Am Reuben-Seed of Jacob In Truth and Action !  A Leopard never changes it's Spots and a Devil is still a Devil.  God of the Living Most High Created and made the Prophecy. Believe it or challenge it too your own detriment!  Take it or leave it! This is a Spiritual war  with Divine solution for Black Slaves In Black Israel!  The Truth Is What it Is!  The Claim remains with Compounded Interest and our Land is not for sale at any price!    Reuben Beckles

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Up close and Personal-Time to call the Situation for what it is ! The righteous Spirits are angry and God is Mad and speaking from the Kings HighWay 'Reuben Seed of Jacob is asking 'How long before the Nation deals with righteous Truth of Slavery and it's Solution?

Game players, hypocrites , impostors, disbeliever's and Black Judas sellouts as wolves in sheep's clothing think everyone is asleep ...God is dead.  All there is, is the 'Here and Now' !  Wrong.  History, land and people are being Judged and Karma is real.  You don't have too believe the Spirit and truth is real.  It's  just as real as the claim for Reparations, Restitution and Land is real for Blacks living in and under this demonic system knowing ( 6, 666, years of Slavery is over.)  It's obvious the Slaves masters benefiting from the spoils of greed and selfishness have no intentions of extending real freedom and justice to Blacks and their descendants who didn't come here willingly.  Blacks who are counted in the Royal Numbers are saying" Time is up...enough is enough !  Sense those who are benefiting the most in powers of authority can't be reasoned with, who is really in control?  'Supreme Lord of the living Most High God'!  Fire, Air Earth and Water in Prophecy by Faith on the Square. 'Watts, Katrina- Harvey,  Irma for Starter's and more to come ! Defeat of ISIS, The Rapture By Reuben along with the 'One Day War- 1968!...Spiritual Judgment: earth quakes in places you wouldn't believe along with Tsunami's uncovering weapons of Mass destruction and hording of foods and other supplies to sustain the Nation while attempting to wipe out the last reminants of Black Slavery.  You say " Can't happen here-this is America!'... Really, what do you think made America, Great? ...( SLAVERY!)  Free slave Labor!  A debt owed!  You think this is a, observe and feel the impact of Natures fury starting along the Slave Routes in Africa creating havoc in it's path...there and here.  Don't you believe for a moment that those holding illusionary power don't know what's happening.  They say nothing because they thought they had it made having the knowledge but not the Wisdom or power to stop the devastation they created.   They thought by buying off negro- black Judas sellouts and others they would be saved in times like today.  They were wrong!  Not even their Colored sons and daughters pretending to be apart of Blacks just claim and linage in Jacob can help the situation, neither can the influx of (La Raza) Mexican Latinos ( crying foul under Obama and Clinton reign of Immigration and Political power= DACA)  can save the day for them.  There job was too wipe out Blacks who represent the foundation and building of this country's  free labor system and memory.  All it's attended ill's and crimes they committed.  These folk befriended Blacks.  Destroyed their homes and communities with Graffiti, dope and a Superior Attitude, gaining entry into the job markets, financial, political and educational institutions.  It didn't matter if they were legal or illegal they were given a free ride on the backs of Blacks free labor!  This hold true concerning Blacks from Haiti and Creole  Mulattoses  whose see themselves as Frenchmen!  Basically they're the same as those from Louisiana who feel nothing for Black.  So if you follow the Path of Harvey and Irma to the Black Continent you'll find Sierra Leon- Chad, Ghana, Liberia and other States including Uganda and Congo where organized slavers participated in the slave movement with Europe in Spain, Belgum , France, England . A little investigation by you, will turn up the truth on others and give incite as to why there are so many Blacks entering this country and want nothing to do with Blacks here  accept for the money and White Supremacy,  having no love for themselves or Land they gave up on the Continent. They're just like the Mexican Latinos who have no place too return to.  They really want those born here and slave laborer here...dead!  So when to see the immigrants under DACA crying foul, using their children, don't be surprised when others from other nations cry "Racists'!  Especially, Blacks, from these other areas who feel nothing for Black here-notably ( SIR Hillary Beckles- product of England By way of Barbados, who, along with others in the Educational, Religious and entertainment fields find it politically helpful to sustain themselves  in this 'Conspiracy  to Commit God Killing'  known through their actions, thinking 'the Spirit of The Living Most High is a Joke!...If this is not so-be for real and show the flock...the way too true freedom on their land, in Soverienty !  This is a Spiritual War with a Divine solution, knowing, this is not our land or system.  This demonic demon will and must pay for what He, has created.  It's best if  these  Judas sellout, lying pimps and hustlers in the pulpits with their lying wenches and begging bitches,  'sit down and shut up!'  Your game is over!  (C) 9/7/2017 Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Son Man of Simeon .  From the King's High Way and Door of Life!  Love Self and Kind. Black is Beautiful,  as Black is Israel.  No Game Trick or Lie, in Divine Judgment! The Devil is still a Devil and a leopard never changes it's spots!   A change is coming are you prepared?                 Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Interesting situation shaping up in America! Slavery-Black Judas sellouts under umbrella of love for everybody in a divided house along with a Two State solution for Middle East Region!

If it weren't so sad and contemptuous we could all laugh together as Black Judas sellouts and there Colored and White puppets pretend love for everybody committing suicide having no place to run, no place to hide because they have been unable to take over and destroy those whom they hate and envy including the American Indians who welcomed them on these shores.  Check there history and the part played by the ( Black Buffalo Soldier's).  What is the difference between this country inability too deal with the solution to Black Slavery and those brought to these shores against their will, beaten, slaughtered, now speaking one language  not their own-then pronounced you as free as citizens 'with nothing!' ( Land, Debt for free slave Labor and crimes of emmince  magnitude.   Surrounded on all sides by people who have nothing but contempt for Black, then as now, but hide out under the cloak of Law under God,' seeking to make whole a nation of people with love, divided by them 'Under White Supremacy' and their pretending Jewish brothers whom they hate and are now running scared pretending to be a people they're not!  Flip the coin and what do we find?  These are the same impostors trying to create a state and steal some land not belonging too them with an identity not them or theirs, trying to control a people they're not even apart of .  Black Hebrew Israelites.' They're running scared with Donald Trump in Political Office' looking for acceptance after receiving tremendous tributes from around the world as impostors.   Fake identity thieves which was told of them in the 'Book of Revelations.  Second Chapter in (Bible).  The real expose came as a result of ( Reuben's Action in the  War of (1968) Jacobs Seed (In Black Israel )  where the Zionist Army was defeated  in Battle after they had crossed over the Jordan, some six miles.  God enter in a cloud and spirit wiping them out!   Reuben crossed over in the Rapture of the Jordan into his land taking his Spiritual Throne defeating...Isis, her armies of Black Brown White -Men and Women...Sons and Daughters located in her 'Spiritual Book of the Dead'!  All done in relation to Divine Judgment by the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High!  What are they looking for at this point in history. A way out of the trick they placed themselves in an  'President Trump's Ultimate Deal' after failing to lead America into the Promised Lands.   ( Love and Acceptance) with the Black Caucus, Judas sellouts leading the way into the burning house  here and across the water in a region and land not theirs. Two State solution. Really?  Neither Palestinian nor so-called white Zionist  Jews claiming lineage of Abraham,  without Isaac and Jacob like the Muslims, belong there!  Making their claim Divine or Legal in the region has no value and absolutely illegal!   It's like claiming to be the Mother of a Child that you were unable to have and bring into the world.  No concept of the wisdom that follows blinded by trickeration, greed and selfishness.   Trump- Kusher...Benjamin Netanyahu, Black Judas sellouts relative to the Nine and a Half Tribes of the Original Houses can't help the situation with Reuben representing the Original Two and a Half Tribes beyond the Jordan.  (  Reuben the Chosen...  Gad  Manasseh) lands  which is what Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper wanted along with the Birthright.    Legon' representing the Black Book store in medi-physical knowledge wanted and coveted it also in the Sixties as  Creole Mulatto's.  Their hatred for Black is very deep and profound.  I know, because after the fires of 'Watts' a meeting was called in the community by them to get answers as to how they might proceed as a dominant force pretending Black!  I was invited.  The place was packed.  After a minute into my solution ( Ninety percent walked out!)  With the Black Woman in their corner having issues with herself, she sold him out, joined them, along with White folk.  Schemed and plotted  to throw him off guard by hiding his children and cooking up lies, landing him in jail hoping he would drop his guard, leave his belief, faith and wisdom and return to her insanity orchestrated by the organization that captured her, but couldn't use or control him! None of it worked! ( Reuben's Birthright they couldn't steal or buy as Jacob's seed.  They Failed!!  None want a real solution too a real problem.  This is what Prophecy and God has said about it's Solution involving the region,  Reuben's actions.  Sense the land can't be taken and not for sale!  "  They will' shout and claim Love, Peace,  Peace'  but there will be none!"   So it is with Black America's Slavery and their claim with compounded interest and land that, Black Judas sellouts don't  want and White Supremest and others, can't deal with !   So what you have entering the equation of chaos are the Mexican , Spanish Latin's,  who also hate and  fighting Blacks as Caucasians under the Vatican as Christians, who are telling the World,  they need a New international currency with the Vatican in control, removing Zionist authority and money key, exposing  these impostors deceit and lies in the  'State of Zionist White Israel, known in Ethiopia, Egypt and all of Black Africa, not to mention here and other parts of the world! (C) 8/22/2017 Truth is what it is as Black is Beautiful.  No Game  Lies and tricks!  Reuben Seed of Jacob and the Kings Highway   -Door Of Life'    Sun Son  Man Of Simeon.  Stay Well!           Reuben Beckles

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Action up Close -personal and too the point Concerning the seed of Jacob Reuben in Black Israel!

The confusion of Black slavery in America has a great deal to do with current leadership here and abroad and their refusal to deal honestly with past and present situations concerning land, people and resources.  On the Black continent, history and prophecy has no relevant meaning accepting the current status as created by European powers and the changing of historical lands relative to what is known as tribal identification going back thousand of years.  The British- French-Germans-Belgium's,simply sat down and changed the Maps already in existence  to suit themselves at the expense of the Original people they claimed to discovered.  With the doctrine  of greed and discovery under the Vatican in Rome they chopped he continent to suit themselves. The  knowledge given to them by the oldest Republic on the Planet ( Ethiopia ) was used. They don't consider themselves Black,  here, or on the Continent.  They now have a College in the heart of the Vatican, leaving, Ethiopia Black, after Creating Egypt  and entering the Vatican.   Through trial and error they came out White which is why Europe and the so-called leadership feel nothing for it's people across the continent and Zionist Bloodthirsty  impostors can tie up that continent Politically, Economically, -Militarily and Educationally with no thought of the past!  This also holds true for the situation concerning educated Black fools in America  and the attitudes of the Black females-coveting themselves, at the same time, hating themselves with no Man-suggesting Caucasian Zionist is there Soul Mates in the form of Creole- Mulattoes- Colored Latinos-Indians  everything but Black whom they don't submit too, 'Original Black.' Instead, she's running around, out of order- finding out, nobody wants her in her crazy state.'  She  gave up her raised position along with her male counter part for some dumb stuff going no where-perpetuating the continuance of slavery in 'Western Civilization and Culture'!  Mad... because Reuben, Seed of Jacob-Chosen by the Divine Spirit of the Living Most High God to End Slavery- fight the Devils and Satan-' Declare Justice, Independence and Sovereignty in the 'Fires of Watts'  Divine Judgment in 'The One Day War of 1968'...defeat of Isis in action and phony impostors claiming the Birthright of Black Israel- knowing it was Black Judas sellouts who sold out too White Zionist for peanuts , integration and a job with no land as Reuben crossed the Jordan took the land and Spiritual throne of Black Israel while Negro Blacks here and round the world were shouting and claiming to be in love with Jesus, with the Devil and Satan on their tongues arms in their religions and secret societies, claiming, 'Reuben was nothing!'   Question? What do you do with the claim made by Reuben in behalf of the Slaves and the Situation in Charlottesville' Virginia where Caucasians here and in Europe know the truth behind this impostor lying about his true identity that's in your spiritual book but never came out until Reuben stood and was Judged by Divine Intervention! (C)  Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon and the 'Door of Life from the Kings High Way!  Stay well - Black is Beautiful and God of the Most High is no game , trick or lie!  8/17/ 2017              Reuben Beckles

Monday, August 14, 2017

Up close and personal in the house-tribe of 'Reuben' linage of Jacob-Black Israel and claim made for Blacks slaves living in America!

Let's get to the point as to why the confusion between Black, White Red Yellow and Brown who represent people, languages land masses and cultures-who covet ' Israel, God's Chosen, representing Twelve Houses.  The bible reflects this in Numbers and other parts of 'The Holy Scriptures' from which truth was taken and changed to give legitimacy and sameness to the people and nations of the world knowing it would only end in chaos and confusion. Whose behind this insanity?  Original Black Satanic Forces and Judas sellouts who Spiritually were thrown out of heaven- who hate God of the Most High' with a passion.  In the back ground of all religions and secret societies they have been receiving tributes in money and other gifts to keep their lie alive about loving ( God-Jesus in righteousness and faith in the Promised Lands and Israel-Jacob's seed!  The real Goal is too destroy God -his Chosen and prophecy! Satan uses and points the finger at the White Caucasian demons that he created in Europe and other places around the world to do his dirty work of lies deceit and destruction ending in the demise of -'Israel Iran. Iraq- Syria ( Mesopotamia.. all Black areas that no Caucasian Europeans could enter.   Same is true with all of Africa-Land of the Blacks unless those who were in control allowed it to happen.  Those in control were Blacks even before European Slavery came into being.  They copied and embellished  what they saw among Black folk.  Today, many blacks point their finger at white while many of them held Blacks in Slavery and captivity on this land under this demonic Democracy.  I am not justifying the horrendous crimes committed by Caucasians or relieving them of the claim for free labor and all it's ills of beastly crimes against unwilling blacks torn from the roots of there land, culture and foundation!  This is in part why the so-called Black leadership is unwilling to deal with the real solution which is 'Separation and Exodus-with Reparations, Land and Restitution!  Because, it follows, that those Blacks coming in under the ' Constitution are also held responsible along with their White Brothers in Crime!  Do you think that Satan and these Black Judas sellouts pushing White Zionist impostors as the 'Original Jews-Hebrews -Israelites are going to admit their part in the 'Conspiracy to Committ God Killing-erase the real knowledge within The Holy Scriptures, then include out right lies, distortions  and fabrications concerning Jacob's Israel and the Twelve Houses by stating 'Reuben would never excel as first born- unstable as water and not entitled to the blessings of first born or anything of substance and value.  His inheritance they claim was given to 'Joseph.  Consider this   ( Joseph is not mentioned in Numbers or Chosen among the Twelve in Israel.  The claim is also made concerning 'Moses,' claiming he never crossed over the Jordan nor was the truth stated about the Word and knowledge being  given to the entire world, when it was Paul' who never saw 'Christ!...and yet, he ventured into areas and taught people, the knowledge, where it was never intended.  The facts are;  certain knowledge and truth will loose it's meaning in the translation and demonic forces know this.  Jesus told his disciples...all of  whom denounced him" go ye not in the way of the Gentiles or Samaritans  but, 'The Lost found Sheep of Israel!"  Then and now... just  the opposite is taking place!  Why, to  destroy 'Reuben and the foundation of true Black Israel.  Wiped  Reuben out and the bloodthirsty impostors rule because the 'Nine and half tribes sold their portion and souls out to the Devil with Satan hating and having nothing but contempt for God in Heaven, The Garden and Esau's inability to get away with the lie going left.   But Jacob, went right!  Today, the Slaves are unstable as water because they have no stability in a system on a land that isn't there's.  Moving among nations, cultures and peoples speaking one and many jealous tongues trying too wipe out owners of the land and birthright of ' Reuben- Gad and half tribe of Manasseh  given by God through Jacob... hated and coveted by the envious world of non-believers.  Herein, is the great story behind the Actions and faith of Yours truly, Reuben' Seed of Jacob- Sun Son Man of Simeon in the Divine Judgment and Royal Black Stone that the Judas sellouts  from Judea refuse to accept.  The Divine Creation by the Supreme Lord of the living Most High God Rules!  Satan  in all his pretense and illusion of power has nothing but a burning house in fire and chaos along with a multitude of fools as agent provocateur-knowing the Devil is still a low down dirty devil-a lying theft who tricked himself! (C) 8/14/2017 Unable to destroy Black Israel in Jacob  then take the Land and Birthright of Reuben who crossed the Jordan in the One Day War of 1968 and Rapture!  Walked the Kings Highway entering the 'door of Life' defeating ISIS and her claim to fame in the 'book of the dead' giving life too black slaves in America and around the world enabling the devil and Satan to kill and destroy themselves without slaves participation!   Up close and personal....Reuben seed of Jacob!  Son Sun Man of Simeon!  No Lie game or trick!  Black is beautiful as is no duplication can make it other than what it is!  Love self and kind!       Reuben Beckles