Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prophecy and Destiny-Rise of Black Power-End of Slavery-Jacob's Israel In Black-Spiritual House Of Reuben!

Starting with the first President of this Republic and into the Twenty-First Century this Nation's foundation was deception and hypocrisy! It was alleged Washington had the faith of Abraham and Wisdom of Lincoln in the Fatherhood Of God and the Brotherhood of Man! One portion owned Slaves while the other used the slaves as cannon fodder and death to build the White Nation called the United States Of America! Black Buffalo soldiers same as the Tuskegee Airmen were used within this Nation State to slaughter and kill off the original owners of this land(Indians) while slavery was and is perpetuated in Christainity and the Church(African Methodist) -Catholic! Their counter point was Arab Islam - Judas and absolute slavery relative to Ishmael and Esau who are trying to claim the birthright of Jacob relative to the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and the blessing of the Spirit...all ending in folly with the actions and motivation of "Willie Lynch" Americanism and Identity Theft in the form of the Black woman and President Obama the half white half Black President because this nation will never place in their political highest office A Black man who loves himself-his God and kind! The Caucasians pronouncements of Freedom-Justice and Equality and Brother hood of Man does not include the Black Man and never will which is why the slaves were never paid for free labor in the form of Land-Restitution and Reparations because to them you have more value with flowers after death enabling them to use your woman and children as the great whore!...attending his institutions ie. Churches,Temples,Mosques-which he sanctions in the west trying to take over the East! His joy has been Judas the sellout king and his ability to deceive the world with Identity Theft as you the slaves brought forth his sons and daughters while denouncing your own kind receiving his gifts of Lynchings, Burnings, Water hosings, Beatings-broken and destroyed families, homes, Language, Animal status for scientific experimentation and "Willie Lynch The Making of the Negro"! This man tried to tell his Caucasian brothers which they didn't believe even to this date because because of Judas-and their sellouts ie. (Secret Societies-tied to the churches and Mosques and Temples!)...beware of the phenomenon (Meaning=Divine Intervention-Spiritual Holy Ghost! ...this after President Harry Truman drop the Atomic Bomb! Reuben son of Simeon walked the King's Highway and entered the door in the east to his land and throne-seed of Jacob in Prophecy! The Official Government spokesmen for the nation under their experts in 'Psychiatry' picked me up stating I was insane...suffering from disablement and paranoia's to be detained at all cost-this because I sent information to all their entities relative to payment of and freeing of black slaves in America! After Five days in their hospital settings their courts and Lawyers witness me walk out a free Man!...All this was happening while the Government and state department and the war machinery was put in place to have the fictitious State of Israel-move to take over the Land of Canaan-Jacob's Land in Prophecy! As we know with the help of ISIS and Egypt they failed( "ONE DAY WAR!"-1968 Divine Intervention!) Isis and the spirit of the black woman along with the male Judas sellouts have been using all and anyone they could to keep their failure a secret this includes using the minds of black youth within the family structure to fight Black male authority relative to the Prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and faith-which all churches use to speak on but in today's world of faith they no longer see it's relevance having sold the real knowledge to all who had the money to buy it forgetting the real truth of faith was in the blood line and DNA of the spirit- which the Nation of Islam-Arab) calls Spook-ism as non-believers! the war goes on between Christendom and Islam...while the Judas sellouts make and take the funny money and sit on the real knowledge. Today we are going to pull the covers off some of the people who have been hiding this Wisdom and knowledge while telling the people and around the world I was nothing-dead-a trouble maker and not to be believed until they come face to face with the truth and end with Elijah Muhammad under Islam taking black spirits and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. having his head blown off after he was raised in the spirit and shone the land that he- disbelievers, male and female pretenders-Satan and his imps will not-cannot enter! The land nor the spirit is not for sale-cannot be taken or bought and Identity Theft is nothing more than pure folly... Now to the names of those hiding out under the spirit and numerology under my birth and can't get away from truth and divine intervention! ...George Washington- First President, April 30/17 89-March 4/1797 Thomas Jefferson- Third President,March 4/1801-March 4/1809 James Madison - Fourth President, March 4/1809-March 4 /1817 James Monroe- Fifth President, March 4/1817-March 4/1825 Andrew Jackson- Seventh President, March 4/1829-March 4/1837 James Knox Polk- Eleventh President, March 4/1845-March 4/1849 James Buchanan- Fifthteen President, March 4/1857March 4/1861 Andrew Johnson- Seventeenth President, April 15/4/1865-March 4/1869 James A. Garfield- Twenty- President, March 4/1881-Sept.19/1881 William McKinley Twenty fourth President, March 4/1897-Sept.14/1901 Theodore Roosevelt Twenty Fifth President Sept.14/1901 March-4/1909 William Howard Taft Twenty Sixth President March 4/1909 March 4/1913 William G. Harding Twenty Eighth President March 4/1921 August 2/1923 Franklin D. Roosevelt Thirty First Present March 4/1933-April 12/1945 Harry S. Truman Thirty Second President April 12/1945 ...Atomic Bomb These are some of the Presidents giving rise to the Black man in Jacob's Israel -not Caucasian ...but Semitic Black...more names on Next Blogger ! February 29Th/2012(c) @ Reuben...son of Simeon Seed of Jacob(Israel) Reuben Beckles