Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, July 25, 2014

To young Black Players of NBA-caught in the Arms of Slavery reaping Cause and Effect!

It is truly a sad situation to watch young Black talented basketball players get caught up with bloodsucking vampires not of your own  making! Some of your team mates who come from other parts of the world know of the slave foundation in this nation and could care less about the dilemma  facing you-your careers and family. I don't know the extent of your knowledge concerning the History and Black slavery  as the foundation of this nation but  what I do know from what I hear and read is that you are all being used as a gigantic scheme as pawns in the game of  so-called civil rights and freedom.  You belong to the nation within this nation of Black folk who were brought to this land in chains and shackles to labor and serve European Caucasians-aided and enforced by Black Judas sellouts, Politically, economically and religiously.  I am sure that  many of you are aware of this truth...but like many of us across this nation- we are living in total denial and are reacting to the action and statements made by your slave master( Mr Donald Sterling) the Billionaire- who is reported to have stated that your people don't help one another- but he, Mr Sterling pays you and your family a very good and heavy salary-for food, clothes, housing, cars and jewelry  and other things to play and entertain white folk who buy and sit in the audience knowing most blacks are entertained while watching TV.  I'm no apologist for any white folk-but I know truth when I hear it and I'm sure you do too!  This Country was created for white folk and as such is maintained for that purpose.  so why the confusion?  He and his circle of friends and business associate all know and feel like the Slave Master to the Slaves-you and others like you are not free on this  land in this country!  You would do well to fight for what's yours.  If not- stay well and continue on as Pawns in the game-between the Zionist Jews-in identity theft and the Christian Gentiles-claiming this system and land!  Where is your land and system? Should you want more information tune into www.        Bloggers-you-tube and Twitter!  (c) Reuben   Seed of Jacob  Sun of Simeon.         Reuben Beckles   July 25th/2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Black folk-White folk in denial can't stop Karma-cause and effect-time and Justice will rule

One might think after reading some of my information from time to time that  I'm anti-white...think what you will-what I am, is pro self and kind-my God -the I am- is our history  our foundation in this nation called the United States of America...Slavery and the Effects we are suffering from it today and not even recognize it!  If you look at certain people and their nationality in this country and know that it's root-foundation is based on color. You can't help but see that Slavery is alive and well in the total scheme of things relative to the Black man because it's his spirit and death wanted here and around the world relating to covetness-envy-jealousy and prophecy ! It does not matter how you look at the world or from what country you view Black folk, what happened and continues happening to Black folk here, has never had such a demoralizing condition  going on as it is in these United  States.  No people-White-Yellow-Red-Brown or Black Judas Sellouts -Creoles-Mulattos-Octoroons or any other folk can claim the absolute hell that the Black Man went through and endures to this very day-bar none!!  For Black and White folk among others to claim-forget the past- you're free is an insult that defies description -especially those in high positions educated in some of the most respected institutions of higher learning living in the Status Quo of Denial while pushing everything white and denouncing everything Black! What I'm saying is no game -no trick.  Many of our children are suffering today because they haven't a clue and the elders, their parents, aren't being for real with them!  Many Black adults have been in the armed forces, fought and died for a  piece of the promise of this democratic republic-while many came back destroyed mentally!  Still slavery goes on!  Check the record-many Black politicians -business and religious folk who knew and know who they were and are, sold their spirits and souls out to the devils of Satan-watch how they support that phony state of Israel who are nothing more than Blood sucking Vampires and are the same ones who helped and continue that deception and chaos in what is known as (Israel-Palestine in the Middle East today) aided and abetted by the militant of what is known as Isis warriors.  These warriors of Isis came out of and were setup by Egypt as a buffer to prophecy and Black Israel=Jacob and his Seed!  These black and white folk don't want the world to know the connection to the Kings High way- and the "One Day War of 1968!... the dethroning of Isis-by yours truly-Reuben-Sun of Simeon-Seed of Jacob because of my sellout by Blacks to Whites who are living in denial under Identity Theft!  This is why during the sixties Dr King and the SCLC denied the land mass then told the world to leave those blood sucking vampire alone-the land belonged to them-knowing he and the church leaders  lied!  America was to be their stronghold in Christendom!  Ethiopia Egypt Greece Rome The UK and the United States Government were all in on the sellout-even the Nation of Islam was apart of the sellout- followers of Ishmael and Esau pretending to be Black along with Coloreds and Moors who along with the Witnesses who are claiming the Birthright of Jacob !  It did not and will never happen because of my truth in action and Divine intervention by the Supreme Lord of the living Most God-I Am...relative to Mr  Sandford Alexander and the 'Herald Dispatch Newspaper, which was located here in Los Angeles , California. Check the record for the truth of my actions which is known to the Justice-State Departments and the white House!  This why the hell in the middle East -the U.S. Egypt-Rome Greece Central South America-the Carribean is intencifing. Justice and truth-the claim for real freedom and land Reparations-Restitution cannot be buried and denied!   Once you check the record of my truth(Reuben-Black from the Seed of Jacob and Divine intervention ask yourselves, why are Blacks in this nation in so much turmoil...and what game and role is the Black woman playing in the melting pot of acceptance while proclaiming we're all the same when she ask "who is your minister?  What Church do you belong too? When you say None!  Why does she get mad-turn and walk away?  If she gets mad and claims Black Man is not her Man-then who is her Man and where are his values-his Land and what is the future of the children she claims as hers?   (c) Reuben July 21/2014    Seed of Jacob Sun  Of Simeon     God Is I Am.........." Reuben Beckles"