Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, August 14, 2006

A Private Conversation-Made Public In Black

The formation of this nation in the beginning was white to black. After a certain period of time and the transfer of black knowledge to white blacks were to have been set free. When freedoms time came-slavery remained-endorsed by the church-secret societies and politics as prophecy went out the window! Blacks began to rumble as American Democracy rose for any and everything white-whites knowing that if blacks ever got over as a Race it was over for white-
History shows a pattern that cannot be denied-whenever the white race became involved with other peoples not of their kind those people taught and helped them into the world of true civilization-but because of greed, selfishness and arrogance the helping hands became savage, inhuman terrorists to be destroyed or a supreme make over in their image! Slavery and the B.S. continues to be found in "Volume one and two...To serve the Devil" by Paul Jacobs-Saul Landau and Eve Pell. So-called black representatives in this nation not wanting real freedom began selling their wisdom and knowledge to other races-red- yellow and brown...Everybody and everything in between-each with their own culture.
Righteousness became maybe and gray and the female spoke for the males! Truth became money -white lies right and black evil. Politics held sway over minds and land! Race became culture ingrained in education and the social order of the day-B.S. continues! If true black rises like cream then the lie can't continue and it's all over for all cause black loves himself!
Black hypocrites and Judas sellouts-red, brown, yellow and white...pretend love and brotherhood, yet, secretly conspire for blacks demise! They enter religions to blind and confuse the righteous minds eye-perfected by Isis to take your spirit...Busting up families, lying, stealing dismantling the land-creating and implementing in the name of freedom -Israel and democracy Identity Thief!
Behind closed doors we say, we talk as men-black men,yet, we don't walk the talk trying to eliminate those who do knowing, we are mere puppets for hire' agent provocateurs. We moan and groan about immigration, jobs, education and reparations as we plan for nothing but integration! Look around you the people who hate you- you love as they reap the benefits of what you've built- the goodness you have sown. These are the people from the land of the blacks which you call Africa! They come from all over the planet to walk on you using their language and culture cause they think you're black, ignorant and asleep. Yes, they're government sponsored-from the Caribbean, Belize, Korea, Mexico, Panama-you name it there here! Many will even pretend to be the Blackman born in America-just to learn what you know! All this and more is happening while the white man gives you a crumb from the loaf you've earned saying he's doing you a favor let's not deal with past-as he deals and lives on and with your foundation of your past blowing your future to hell!...He pays you a crumb to lead the pack as a General, Politician, Teacher-Educator, Policeman, Minister, Businessman cause they don't believe in prophecy and your role in it...The sad truth is many of you don't believe yourselves! Anymore than you believe that Jacob was and is black(Israel) cause you've sold your souls and spirit to the devil! The truth came out because of Watts and the Spiritual revolution- A revolution you call a rebellion and the darkest days of American History! Truth is, the world knows better it was God-in the living spirit-Jacobs seed-the truth you gave up waiting on Jesus and something for nothing! It's like Illegals living and working among you across the land-claiming rights they never earned. What good are laws or policies that sustains the laws when ministers and politicians wheel and deal-never mentioning the truth -right or wrong of it-your race, culture, land and needs of black, that revelations shows us-paid the price in Black!

Reuben Beckles @ 8/14/2006