Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Black solution to slavery in America not wanted!!

Solution to Black slavery in America is not wanted because of the Judas sellouts and his imps in the upper and middle class calling themselves African Americans. They are located in all areas of American life-boneafide pretenders afraid that the truth is coming out and the covers will unmask them-with no wisdom and hate for themselves and kind. It's like watching Nelson Mandela sell out South Africa to England-common wealth of Europe and the Zionist-there and America-while Bishop Tutu talks love for all living in Florida,telling the world he can prevent Armageddon with the rest of the Judas sell outs -all in the face of God and Prophecy as they drink Oil for tea- for nutrition. All this in the face of Black man's solution to the question of slavery in America. Thugs and gangsters of this calibre will tell the flock they were given an option they couldn't refuse-as they take money under the table at the expense of the innocence flock who put their lives on the line for truth and a better life-as they rub elbows with you in their houses of religion-knowing they are serving the Devil as the country is invaded going to pot! Look around you and watch the activities relative to the 'Protocol of Zion in full swing'-it tells you..keep them blind-give the people a show! So-they give you Alvin Green-of S.C. they claim no one knew! Black heavy weight party members out front making the most noise. these are the same folk whom Dr. King and members of the SCLC and others during the insane actions of the sixties stated they knew Reparations was due to Black folk-but it would break the country and they weren't about that-instead they opted for a hot dog-acceptance of the few and funny money under the table! Today, they represent they same folk trying to castigate Alvin Green knowing the system is broke-the money changing banker's stole all the money-the leaders across the broad signed stimulus' package which no one read leaving the free white tax paying American citizens along with their Judas black sellout friends holding the bag as boneafide political and economical slaves-making them responsible in their present status for the debt owed to the original Black slaves who were never paid which includes their descendants-knowing this is not the black man's system and land. Today the Black man's claim for Reparations and land is stronger than ever to be given in the form of Gold and Silver-platinum-ships-well digging equipment-tractors and a host of other things needed for the slaves (prodigal sons and daughters) to return home on their land enabling them to take care of their business knowing there much to learn much too do relative to themselves and kind. This is Black thought in action! Reuben-son of Simeon-Seed of