Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scarce Tactics-concerning America's Debt Problems designed to surcomvent Truth-Solution to Black Slavery and Debt owed!

After all is said and done Truth stands and debt will and must be paid to Black slaves and their descendants with Land and compounded interest along with other items mentioned as policy stated in other copyrighted materials and Blogger by yours truly ( Reuben-son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob-known here and around the world relative to Divine Prophecy and Law. Truth and Law that this nations leaders( Ministers-Politicians-Activists-Bankers-Judas Sellouts and other money interest have been hiding for years! If one listens and watches closely and you know your history you will come to the ultimate truth-all this noise about America and the world debt is about the Black foundation and Identity theft-the sellout of Jacob's Land and the twelve houses of Israel-wrapped in economics-politics and religion designed to keep the poor down and out and the truth in the dark. Oops! The Nation is crumbling-the greedy phonies are lost looking for answers-mad because they thought Wars-a colored President who hates Black-using phony coloreds as Black solution in education-on radio-in front of television camera's making unreal policies for national consumption would set the phonies free in their new world order-oops! that to failed! Who do they blame-the half black President" Obama! He like his followers take orders being led to believe they were in control. Half Black-Black or Colored-he's not wanted in the White House -He can not deliver the Birthright and it's people-at any price! He and the Judas sellouts got what they wanted ...the melting pot-common wealth-a head ache-the debt! Question-what do you do and where do you go from here? My position has not- will not change! Check the record-this is my stand-my position-what's yours? Reuben-son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob! (@) 7/27/11 Reuben Beckles

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Pulling No Punches-They Can Tear This Country Down-You will Find Me Standing As A Black Man!

The above means I'm not looking for loop-holes and excuses for being...Reuben-Son of Simeon Seed of Jacob-speaking from my platform in the United States Of America, concerning slaves-Black folk who are made to believe they're free with no land-a piece of parchment they hold in their hand called a degree of achievement from an institution of higher learning-they earned it and should be proud after being told they are the leaders of today-leading the way to a brighter future. But here's the rub-they find themselves in debt just like the Nation with no job or financial means to create one if that was their desire so they're left begging wondering about the future while leaving their history and status behind .."Shackles and chains"slaves with animal status and a lot talk about (13-14-15 amendment and Yankee's shedding blood for the poor slaves who were never paid allowing them to do for self! Even the emancipation proclamation wasn't about freeing black slaves but it was about unifying the nation's land mass because the slaves were giving up free labor in the south and the north wanted in on the action plain and simple. The North couldn't complete under this Republic called a Democracy of...Freedom-Equality and opportunity-For whom the Slaves? I think not, they were being set up with and for unconditional love put in motion by secret societies and the African Methodist Church and other religious denominations who believed in slavery then and now."President Lincoln told them- Black Slaves and free white men could could never be Equal in equality and opportunities would be slim and none-Liberty would only come through separation with the ability to fight and die for some wealthy land and slave owner's! When the time came for real freedom and separation-Mr Marcus Garvey stepped up and was roundly denounced as a fraud by both White and Black liberal do-gooder's. Blacks were stooges in a classless class system for white slave owners and politicians-whites had the means to set up a country on the west coast of Africa called Liberia, which would be controlled by coloreds from the plantation who upon command from white slave owner's would beat Black slaves into submission- it was called law and order! When Marcus Garvey stepped up-coming from the Caribbean he didn't know the treachery or trickery of those placed in power by the U.S. Government to block his arrival! This they did- Mr. Garvey's possessions were taken from the "Black Star Line" and he was not permitted to put his feet on his own land-by Creole'Mulattoe's Octoroon's...white men children from the plantation! Same line of males whom Dr. King spoke of as being apart of his High Commission-opting for jobs and recognition-because as he stated-Reparation earned would break the Nation and he wasn't for that! So what happens to the class of graduates across the land with the degrees of parchment in their hands and the youngster's they're leaving behind-your children? What's their future? Unconditional Love you'll find is a cop out for ignorance and pollution with no moral or spiritual foundation to build and grow! America is the land of opportunity for thinker's and doer's who either have wealth or want the opportunity to create wealth on the land of free men-equal in this society. If African American so-called educated Blacks continue to opt out as slaves knowing the truth of Black slavery in this Nation and the spiritual demands that must be placed on this nation in the form of Restitution-Reparations and Land as all Nationalistic peoples do- then you are through and in the end no Black Power-no God- no truth can or will help you knowing you don't want the truth and don't want to help yourselves because it requires love of self and responsibility-God is! (c) 7/2/2011-Reuben Son of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob Reuben Beckles