Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Debt Owed to Slaves-Foundation-Bottom- Middle-Upper Class-Blacks Not Wanted-Where Do You Go From Here?

Summertime has come and Graduates around the country emerge en mas. We know knowledge time and education is a beautiful and joyous moment in every graduate mind regardless to the discipline studied. Now comes the reality and facts-the real challenge concerning Black folks in this Nation and it's slave system. The solution as I see it is very simple, yet very deep high and beautiful. Deep because as Black folk-we must ask ourselves a very simple question-do we love ourselves-kind-our God?...descendants from Black slaves, bought to this land in chains and shackles and labored in and under conditions unheard of in the universe coming from a place on this earth that was God given and survived. The people we survived from left us with a legacy so strong that only we can feel-taste smell and know it-however-freedom is not free in this so-called free society as the labor of the do-Er's has never been paid and the slave masters know this is the real inheritance awaiting the descendants of Black Slaves. I've said it before and I'll say it again...the unpaid account due in the form of Reparations, Restitution and Land has accrued with compounded interest from about the time of 1863 in the hundreds of trillions of dollars and this nation and the world knows it having benefited from the rich harvest they have enjoyed to this very day! This knowledge is known in every country of the world which is why this nation wants to keep Blacks here divided and in chaos -educated with experience, education and no wisdom, land, no banking, economical system where one does for self and kind like all other folk. If the political system can give you freedom controlled by the slave master he can tell you you're free by giving you a job-put a few dollars in your pocket where you spent with him-create and build for him and his children while yours do without as he cooks up some scheme to have you fight and die for him on another man's land! ...promising you Equality and Brotherhood should you return in one piece with a sound mind. But here's the rub...if the politicians controlled by the money men( slave Masters) give you freedom and Jobs-they can also take what you thought was freedom and eliminate your jobs through what is known as free enterprise and at this point your family is gone-money in the bank is gone- you don't control the money you use-the house you own now in fore closer with no vision for the future having no purpose as you have become totaly dependant on the slave master which is his goal. He then create a job for your woman and moves you the Man into his jail system and she claims she's now the head of the house-now hell reigns supreme with unconditional love with you the male looking for a job while he says give us time things are getting better! Living in this system you and I both know there is no trust in this society from the men and women who benefit and control it- their game is to control - destroy you-control your woman your children and their minds becoming perpetual slaves to the system-Caucasian Aryan mind and Black Judas sellout's along with the Identity theft of the Caucasian Zionists! Don't take my word printed or otherwise because I speak truth look around you and show us what you are about in creating something for yourself and kind and on whose land? You and others have just been given a certificate of excellence meaning you have Graduated in this nation that isn't going to create anything for you--as Black but he will create for himself and kind even as he Say's the employment picture is bleak what about yours as Black folk or do you still claim we're all the same?...while he shows you just the opposite. Now entered a little wisdom and justice for your self and kind! Draw on the unpaid debt-you must make it known as trillions of dollars await you-claim your continent-sent some of your best minds across the Waters to the land of the Blacks-cover the continent with the best of your Graduates minds in the form of Prodigal sons and daughters coming home with Love not Guns hatred and foolishness- well digging equipment-tractors-building-supplies-you name it it's been produced here-I know and you know it because you produce it here! Your so-called leaders are claiming the economy here is in bad shape put yourselves in the position of claiming your own destiny by doing for self- give jobs to those who want jobs here knowing the need is greater there. Let this be a start of allowing wisdom to penetrate our minds and hearts as the continent
awaits the reality of our home coming- our living- our giving- our truth. Look deep into your own solutions-you will be given the wisdom and knowledge to make it happen-what good is a certificate of graduation if you can't rise too your full potential in wisdom and spirit! Reuben-son of Simeon Seed of Jacob ... Reuben Beckles@(C) 6/19/20