Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Freedom Justice Reparations and Land For Black Slaves Of America Not A Position for Immitators Liars And Thieves In Gray Matter!

      Time to reveal the real cause of truth relative to Justice for Black slaves in and of America, as game playing time is over.and not seen in gray matter but black and white in the real foundation concerning Black folk and our dilemma in America.  As Reuben-Son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob,born in this country, of Black parents and family life-I come  from the foundation into Manhood of Spiritual and Divine truth and I am not about to back down on any level knowing time is late and this is serious business!  I lived it...walked it...I speak it and  qualified to stand on it!  The problems we are having across the broad concerning Reparations-Free labor and Land is not only because of identity theft here and abroad- it's because of the special relationship your leaders have with the financial, educational and religious institutions.  Their ability to almost completely disregard and over look the hell that got a whole nation from a different continent to these shores against our will in chains and shackles, and shutter in pain and agony when I think of the hell heaped upon Black folk-male-female children in animal status! Since we were stripped of everything and was taught one language(English)   Many of us have trouble understanding this dilemma big time thinking because we are of lighter skin color or have achieved many degrees in various disciplines that we have arrived over and above the less fortunate-I suggest you think on this the next time you're in a business meeting, coming off an elevator-in a restaurant, cafe or places where many peoples congregate from many different cultures speaking to their own kind and you can't understand them and you belong to this melting pot speaking one tougue-(English) ask yourself why?  Think about slavery and you'll find the answer !  Sometime back, my family and I sat in on a public meeting where some JR. and High School students were discussing the ramification of Reparations for Black folk!  It was amazing and sad to listen where one group of colored and white student took the position that they were doing Black folks a favor by giving us crumbs while suggesting how we should use our crumbs which was geared towards their betterment -the other group was made up of Latinos suggesting black folk were lazy-crazy and would be taking something out of the pockets of their hard working parents while suggesting Blacks weren't entitled to anything!  Again step aside-think and do your Black home work!...then study the Treaty of Guadalupe Hilda go" Mexico, gave the land and people up for Twenty to Fifty Million Dollars in Gold and Silver-the same Land they are now trying to claim in the U.S.! Now know and understand this as Black folk, if yours truly had not taken the position of war fare under Black Power and Divine Intervention in the Sixties here and in the Middles East relative to Israel and the House of Reuben on the other side of Jordan and the Fertile Crescent in relation to the Aliyah-Rapture-everything Black was to be wiped out across the planet and the Caucasians would have claimed the God head -the Land under what he called the Law of Discovery-He would have done this with the help of the Black Judas sellouts and Black females who hates herself and the Man! The brown woman who wanted his Spirit with others in ISIS -with knowledge of Greek -Rome-Egypt and the fictitious State of Israel and the Mormons looking on!  Again for those who claim Reuben does not speak truth-create a forum and come to me and this truth will never back down!  This why the chaos and the solution is not wanted!  It,s not gray matter! My mentor-Mr. Standford Alexander of the "Herald Dispatch" Black news paper...location Los Angeles, California. who told me nothing but found a way to show me all-which involve Prophecy!  For now we end with America and Constitutional Law-Real Estate Common Law-Arabs and Sierra Law International Law-Admiralty Law -Ancient Free and Accepted- Ancient Free and not accepted Accepted! Spiritual and Divine Law!!      Reuben Son Of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob'S (Israel)  @(C) 10/-/2-2012     Reuben Beckles

Monday, October 01, 2012

African American So-called Black leaders Don't Want Solutions Justice And Freedom For Black Slaves In America-Loosing the Truth Of Foundation

To those who are aware of time and action relative too my name and copyrighted material know that I believe in giving credit where credit is do and not throwing rocks and pretending I didn't or don't mean what I say while looking for a way out so as to back down when the going gets rough! Any person interested will find this truth when I sign off as a Black man, in the Divine prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-from the House of Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon relative to the walking of the Kings-Highway in action and the Wisdom surrounding it! My position is simple and to the point as it relates to the American Black slaves-America and the world in general...because the chaos runs very high and very deep because the Black slave were told they were free but in fact they're not as they were not paid for free labor or given land to sustain themselves families kind and descendants even as they were forced to participate in the building and foundation of this nation! Yet, as a people we were told you're free-go for yourselves in this wilderness of North America, as a despised and hated group of people called animals-who were stripped from a land mass, culture, language, families-to be lynched- castrated-beaten ed, stomped-abused and misused beyond all moral perception-only to end up in the pit falls of identity theft-then taught to love-fight and die for any and everyone other than self and kind to this very day-all in the name of hope and religion where Jesus loved and died for us all- so says the slave masters!...who denied the slaves any form of education for over a hundred and fifty years but now expect those same slaves to help them out of the insane chaos they now find themselves in...hoping unconditional love will kick in as the slave masters find a loop hole to find a way to wipe the slaves and their righteous demands out! The Constitution and certain Amendments along with so-called civil rights has been an attempt to stall for time-using psychological and germ warfare-loss of jobs an incomes-poor education and hot wars off the real solutions to their condition-payment for free slave labor in the form that enables the slaves to produce his own wealth on his own land , creating his own system from the action and thought process from his own spiritual mind! As real solution and change takes place the nation and the world will recognize the Black Judas sellouts on the Continent and this land for what they really are-hypocrites and slime bags of the highest order-cock roaches brought to lite in a country called Rwanda! These were and are the same type of folk who made it possible for the rape of the continent from day one! These are the same folk who create strife in religious-educational and political institutions-controlled by secret societies and sustained by certain women unknown to them until they join what is known as the in crowd! These hypocrites reside in organizations such as the Illuminati-Shrinedom-Masons Eastern Stars-Isis-and Daughters Greek letter organizations-Fraternal and sororities and other organizations unknown to the masses because both black and white work around the clock day and night to keep truth and justice from the slaves-...the one thing neither want is freedom and Justice for Black folk! The greatest mistake know to the world because of jealousy and greed was Judas attempt to sellout the original houses of (Jacob's Israel) and do away with prophecy in the name of Jesus love unconditional- suggesting that the Black houses on the East side of The Jordan hated God and themselves so that they would be able to use Esau and Ishmael as a spring board to take over the houses sustain by God (Reuben-Gad and Half Tribe of Manasseh! This is what caused the (One Day War Of 1968-The Ex poser of the Caucasians and wipe out of Israel and those claiming the Land under Identity theft! ...My Walking of the Kings High way and entering into the door of life-the Aliyah...Rapture! Your leaders know it-refuse to mention or talk about it because they were too busy conspiring to kill me off-coming from the foundation-because they wanted like ISIS in the Garden of En den to take over and become God! They were Blocked-Failed and were wiped out -ran into hell and I ascended to the land to the Spiritual throne!....No!...this is not a Joke! For those who think it is come to me with your wisdom and knowledge--take the land that those in that fictitious state failed to do. This that I put on paper-copyrighted is something done in action by yours truly in the prophecy of my God in lite of those who came before me and I do not and will not back down one inch! I give credit to the truth and spirit of prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! For those who think I am a phony and lie about my stated purpose for the people and Black Slaves with Justice in America-come to me and prove me wrong as I lived it-walked it-speak it and stand on it...this is not a game. For those who think other wise -don't talk it do it-if it's not yours and you think you can steal it-it won't happen! @ October 1/-/2012 (c) Reuben -Seed Of Jacob-Son Of Simeon -Reuben Beckles