Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Up close and Personal-Time to call the Situation for what it is ! The righteous Spirits are angry and God is Mad and speaking from the Kings HighWay 'Reuben Seed of Jacob is asking 'How long before the Nation deals with righteous Truth of Slavery and it's Solution?

Game players, hypocrites , impostors, disbeliever's and Black Judas sellouts as wolves in sheep's clothing think everyone is asleep ...God is dead.  All there is, is the 'Here and Now' !  Wrong.  History, land and people are being Judged and Karma is real.  You don't have too believe the Spirit and truth is real.  It's  just as real as the claim for Reparations, Restitution and Land is real for Blacks living in and under this demonic system knowing ( 6, 666, years of Slavery is over.)  It's obvious the Slaves masters benefiting from the spoils of greed and selfishness have no intentions of extending real freedom and justice to Blacks and their descendants who didn't come here willingly.  Blacks who are counted in the Royal Numbers are saying" Time is up...enough is enough !  Sense those who are benefiting the most in powers of authority can't be reasoned with, who is really in control?  'Supreme Lord of the living Most High God'!  Fire, Air Earth and Water in Prophecy by Faith on the Square. 'Watts, Katrina- Harvey,  Irma for Starter's and more to come ! Defeat of ISIS, The Rapture By Reuben along with the 'One Day War- 1968!...Spiritual Judgment: earth quakes in places you wouldn't believe along with Tsunami's uncovering weapons of Mass destruction and hording of foods and other supplies to sustain the Nation while attempting to wipe out the last reminants of Black Slavery.  You say " Can't happen here-this is America!'... Really, what do you think made America, Great? ...( SLAVERY!)  Free slave Labor!  A debt owed!  You think this is a, observe and feel the impact of Natures fury starting along the Slave Routes in Africa creating havoc in it's path...there and here.  Don't you believe for a moment that those holding illusionary power don't know what's happening.  They say nothing because they thought they had it made having the knowledge but not the Wisdom or power to stop the devastation they created.   They thought by buying off negro- black Judas sellouts and others they would be saved in times like today.  They were wrong!  Not even their Colored sons and daughters pretending to be apart of Blacks just claim and linage in Jacob can help the situation, neither can the influx of (La Raza) Mexican Latinos ( crying foul under Obama and Clinton reign of Immigration and Political power= DACA)  can save the day for them.  There job was too wipe out Blacks who represent the foundation and building of this country's  free labor system and memory.  All it's attended ill's and crimes they committed.  These folk befriended Blacks.  Destroyed their homes and communities with Graffiti, dope and a Superior Attitude, gaining entry into the job markets, financial, political and educational institutions.  It didn't matter if they were legal or illegal they were given a free ride on the backs of Blacks free labor!  This hold true concerning Blacks from Haiti and Creole  Mulattoses  whose see themselves as Frenchmen!  Basically they're the same as those from Louisiana who feel nothing for Black.  So if you follow the Path of Harvey and Irma to the Black Continent you'll find Sierra Leon- Chad, Ghana, Liberia and other States including Uganda and Congo where organized slavers participated in the slave movement with Europe in Spain, Belgum , France, England . A little investigation by you, will turn up the truth on others and give incite as to why there are so many Blacks entering this country and want nothing to do with Blacks here  accept for the money and White Supremacy,  having no love for themselves or Land they gave up on the Continent. They're just like the Mexican Latinos who have no place too return to.  They really want those born here and slave laborer here...dead!  So when to see the immigrants under DACA crying foul, using their children, don't be surprised when others from other nations cry "Racists'!  Especially, Blacks, from these other areas who feel nothing for Black here-notably ( SIR Hillary Beckles- product of England By way of Barbados, who, along with others in the Educational, Religious and entertainment fields find it politically helpful to sustain themselves  in this 'Conspiracy  to Commit God Killing'  known through their actions, thinking 'the Spirit of The Living Most High is a Joke!...If this is not so-be for real and show the flock...the way too true freedom on their land, in Soverienty !  This is a Spiritual War with a Divine solution, knowing, this is not our land or system.  This demonic demon will and must pay for what He, has created.  It's best if  these  Judas sellout, lying pimps and hustlers in the pulpits with their lying wenches and begging bitches,  'sit down and shut up!'  Your game is over!  (C) 9/7/2017 Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun Son Man of Simeon .  From the King's High Way and Door of Life!  Love Self and Kind. Black is Beautiful,  as Black is Israel.  No Game Trick or Lie, in Divine Judgment! The Devil is still a Devil and a leopard never changes it's spots!   A change is coming are you prepared?                 Reuben Beckles


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