Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, July 31, 2017

More Critical insight And Analysis in the form of Integration and freedom with no land Soverienty and loss identitiy!

Why no freedom,  no Justice under this system on this land called the ' United States of America?' Because your 'leadership' are made up of lying wenches and begging bitches and their pimps and hustlers in the pulpits!   Much blood, tears and havoc have been heaped on Black folk before, during and after arriving on these shores in chains and shackles with all the attending ills surrounding this episode of 'unwilling entry'.  We're told (Slavery is Over!  You're free!)  Yet, Black slave rebellion and the 'Real Revolution continues.  Created Black and Beautiful within my DNA starting within the Divine Creation...  I am No Accident!'  So what's with this insanity called ( Legal, Civil and Human Rights ? )   Experimentation and investigation to make wrong right. Who's benefits?  The 'White power structure and pitiful black Judas sellouts pushing the advancement of their Colored off springs who were not accepted by their White daddy's, whom he called 'Mongolian Negro phobia,  Bastards, whom he had no use for.  His White women whom he also hated... preferring young boys then and now, convince him to open and setup schools for his children...Colored-Creole Mulattoes Octoroons and others. One of the institutions  of note, known in many circles today, is called 'Howard University.'  It was only  in present times,( sixties) called a 'Black University ' during the Black Power Movement of the Sixties!  White men's  sons and daughters were not accepted by their white daddy's so they opted to join the evolution and revolution of Black slaves. This is where the true black movement went down hill.  White sons and daughters turned traitors turning all black movements and activities across the land  into forums  for Colored and integration acceptance, using Black and the colored key!  That's what's  wrong across the broad today. Colored's faking it to make it in Science, Medicine, Legal profession, Education, Politics,  serving as commissioners , Religious Institutions, welfare agencies-Psycho ....Psychoanalysis Mind Institutions-Arm forces and Police Departments all relating to this system, Sex- Book Of The Dead in Isis ...Summing you to Jury Duty to convict you as a Non Citizen  with no identity, Sovereignty, land or Righteous claim with Justice. Ancestors and you, the descendants who came to these shores unwillingly!  (C) 7/31/2017  This in part is what the true Black Revolution is about. No game tricks and no lies!   Still Waters Runs so Deep,   you can't get under it- like a Tsunami, it's so high, you can't get over it and so wide it narrow at the door like a needle in a hay stack.  Black Power -Stay well!   Black and Beautiful-Truth too truth...Soul too Soul Spirit too Spirit . Can't fake to make it...God Is!   From the Kings High Way and Door of Life!  Reuben seed of Jacob, Sun Man of Simeon......Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob -remembering 'Lest We Forget' in motion 'the devil is still a devil -not to be believed or trusted!     We are all- not the same!   Action Taken!         Reuben  Beckles


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