Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ooph's Busted-didn't believe a Leopard never changes it's spots And the Devil is still a Low Down Dirty scheming Devil!

These  educated,  informed groups, willingly accepted the class system within the Demonic boundaries of Slavery and Financial Capitalization of all people on the Planet-controlled with 'White Supremacy on top- Black on the Bottom!   All made possible by 'Black Judea sellouts ( Jews and the Sanhedrin Council trying to replace Prophecy and Jacob by stealing the birthright and Land of Israel .  Not only were they envious and jealous of Israel but Christ, during Roman times.   History and Critical Analysis properly understood in today's times will make it clear as too their real intent on the Planet, denouncing self determination and Black Power-pushing funny money, integration and White Identity Zionist who are nothing more than bloodsucking vampires as a thorn in the side of Israel from 'Egypt and Ethiopia, even in the ' Pan Hellenistic Councils of Greek Institutions  in the American form of Government and Culture.  Today, you will find their lying conspiring hands at work in Religions and secret societies and fraternal orders!  There partners in crime, the Caucasian Zionist pretending Jews of Europe, deal with 'Governments -the Money key- deception and Land!'  Using the Identity and ancient spiritual knowledge of the 'Nine and a half tribes of Israel in Judea which was sold to them in the form of tribute to this very day.  These sellouts have been waxing fat under the term' Original Indians of this Land ...Negro, Afro American, African American, Black and Latinos-Creole, Mulattoes , Quadroon, Octoroons and under the protection of the Vatican and La Raza ( The Race)!, to include the Nation of Islam!'  All these folk and others are paying Tribute' too these Judas sellouts, promising them entry and wealth in Israel while at the same time denouncing  'Black Israel and Jacob as Spookism on the bottom of the totem pole!  Oops  ...busted by 'Prophecy and Divine Intervention ( Reuben, Jacob Seed and The (One Day War- 1968 by The Rapture and the Kings highway into the Door of Life and the defeat of ISIS.  Leaving 'Donald Trump's  America -China- European Union, Central and South America-Mexico- Australia-Canada, Russia  the  Ukraine and the Black Judas Sellouts in a world of hurt knowing prophecy and the Land  of Reuben, Simeon-Gad and half tribe of Manasseh is on time, point and real ... not for Sale!  This  is not our system nor land  of 'Colonial gentrification and usury!  Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God is real along with the Divine Claim for Slavery, Identity Thief and crimes unmentionable! (C) 7/25/2017.   Truth is on the Table!  No lie-trick or games!  From Iran Jordan -Saudi Arabia and all Countries and Sovereign's recognizing that phony bloodsucking bunch of European vampires that also includes those blood thirsty lying Black devils pretending leadership on the Black continent and Middles Eastern Region!  A Plague On Your created and started this mess!  Clean it up...word)  You too will be destroyed!!  Reuben, seed of Jacob, Sun Man  of Simeon  From beyond the Jordan and Door of Life!      Faith   Abraham Isaac Jacob!                          Reuben Beckles


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