Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Gentification-'Critical Analysis' A new form of Slavery accepted by Black Judas Lying Hipocrates and sellouts!

The sellouts of Blacks here and around the world didn't just involve  funny money on paper, it was a transformation rooted in identity and color- the essence of the spirit and soul from with in the human system because it was not just physical, but Spiritual !  From self worth and sovereignty, valued identity and lost of land and connection with prophecy and the Divine Creation and it's Divine Creator!  This is why the world is going crazy and was shook up in " 1968 and the One Day War- involving ' Reuben's actions as part of Jacob's Seed and linage of the Twelve Houses of Biblical, Ancient, Black Israel!  Reuben's activities  didn't begin with ' Watts Revolution, the defeat of Isis within the 'Book of the Dead' relative to the phony State known as White Israel.  It was because of the Nine and  half tribes, who for tribute, selfishness and greed, sold their Wisdom knowledge and connection from the West Bank of the Jordan and the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to Western European peoples, lands and cultures giving rise to the  Askenasim, Sephardic peoples   of Russia, Spain  the Ukraine and other parts of Europe! While these activities were taking place across the world,  I as a young boy was being shaped for inclusion within this system-rebelling all along the way   ...charged with crimes and situations I didn't commit nor could I explain.  What  I did know then and now' The System was not for me or my kind! How I managed to survive to this day and known only by the Creator!  What I do know is these Black Judas sellouts and these identification impostors and thieves are playing a loosing hand which is why they can't and will never embrace the real claim of the Black slaves in this land as they hold on too perceived leadership!  " They can't go back to the Lands they gave up and sold out !  They have no Spiritual Claim or Connection and don't feel a damn thing for Black folk and their plight here! They are the same as the African and others coming here for what they see as the good life !   Gentrification, is there demise in Slavery!    They are given Jobs with no foundation or substance,  owning no land or resources  they gave up to Europe and American interest building their Satanic Empire in and for 'Democracy and it's demonic rule   sitting on the foundation   of Black Slaves, demanding-Justice, Reparations Restitutions and Land from under Identity thief and usury! Example; all they received was forty thousand dollars and a Job...they bought a house for (four  hundred thousand in a neighbor hood  and surrounding area that are going for  $700.000 and taxes just went up!  ... The devil who printed the money whom they work for decides to show his true intent and he doesn't want to hear a damn thing about you being a good Black Brother and you having no place to go...fool!     You end up with nothing!  Say hello too 'Gentrification '!  (C) 7/27/2017   Reuben  'Seed Of Jacob.  Sun Man of Simeon.     Claim with compounded Interest remains the same!   Black is Beautiful...No Lies Games or Tricks!             Reuben Beckles


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