Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

A Chain reaction by China-Russia and White Impostors as Identity thieves in Nucular-Plutonium Atomic Destruction!

Simple knowing, insight and logic.  This nation and there leadership around the world, don't have the ability to stop  the insane destruction on the horizon having created weapons of fear and mass destruction.  They don't  believe in Prophecy thinking they were and are Gods in the Universe. They have no choice.   With Satan and the fallen angels as their head-the Exodus from the Garden, fakery  and leadership of Black Judas sellouts with their followers  fighting the 'Supreme Lord of the living Most High, they know they are not counted in that 'Royal Number' relative to the 'Kings High Way, Israel and Door of Life!'  They are Masters and Monsters of Destruction!  Don't take my word on this.  Check their written words and actions in newsprint -Libraries- Colleges, Universities.  They're so inadequate it's a damn shame!  There's no place to run or hide.  The 'Nine and a  Half Tribes in and of Judea and  Judas sellouts  pretending love of Jesus dying for them and their lying partners in this 'mass conspiracy' can't help them. They are walking on borrowed time by trying to hold the true   Black Israelites and slaves Of Hebrew linage  in check relative to  the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and their Divine claim of Justice by 'Reuben' seed of Jacob in the form of Land, Sovereignty, Reparations, Restitution with Compounded Interest.  This isn't just talk,  but action, to be taken towards  their home and land on the Black Continent and middle Eastern Region.  White Superiority and jealous Black Judas sellouts and their helpmates in these horrendous crimes can no longer be hidden by the breaking up of homes, families, language, culture and identity theft covered  by Immigration legal or otherwise.   Legal and Civil Law can't and will not protect  Colored Bastards Children that even their White daddy's don't want, but use them as a buffer too Black, as scapegoats and means to get over in fakery.   This is a 'Spiritual War and claim.  No amount of deception or fakery can fool the Divine Creator!  If this isn't true...let  them tell the world how Reuben-living in America,  as a Black slave, in the Linage of Jacob's seed,   was given the Word in the Original Hebrew tongue- took action in the 'One Day War of (1968)!  Defeating white pretending Israel and Isis.  Claimed and was judged  in his Own identity and  Rapture... Walking the Kings High Way, entering the Door of life' saving many Black lives here and across the planet by faith!  Don't be fooled... many will not make it having sold their souls to the Devil and Satan in Religions and secret society's.  Exposing them while showing ' God's intent and Power '  without which ...I could never have done the things ask or required of me as the Seed of Jacob' Son, Sun Man of Simeon! This holds true for the 'Spirit leaving the body of Christ  which was never found and a whole Host of other men including 'Marcus Garvey- Malcolm X- my Twin Raymond 10 X.  God IS and Black Truth is Beautiful in Black Power'.  (C)  8/2/2017  Spirit too Spirit - Soul too Soul Truth and Love too Truth- No game trick or lies!  From the Kings High Way and 'Door Of Life In Faith!     Reuben in Spiritual Truth!  The Devil doesn't believe and not to be trusted as a leopard  never changes it's spots-whether members of the family or friends( same Is true in the Wisdom of Divine Judgment!                 Reuben Beckles


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