Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Action up Close -personal and too the point Concerning the seed of Jacob Reuben in Black Israel!

The confusion of Black slavery in America has a great deal to do with current leadership here and abroad and their refusal to deal honestly with past and present situations concerning land, people and resources.  On the Black continent, history and prophecy has no relevant meaning accepting the current status as created by European powers and the changing of historical lands relative to what is known as tribal identification going back thousand of years.  The British- French-Germans-Belgium's,simply sat down and changed the Maps already in existence  to suit themselves at the expense of the Original people they claimed to discovered.  With the doctrine  of greed and discovery under the Vatican in Rome they chopped he continent to suit themselves. The  knowledge given to them by the oldest Republic on the Planet ( Ethiopia ) was used. They don't consider themselves Black,  here, or on the Continent.  They now have a College in the heart of the Vatican, leaving, Ethiopia Black, after Creating Egypt  and entering the Vatican.   Through trial and error they came out White which is why Europe and the so-called leadership feel nothing for it's people across the continent and Zionist Bloodthirsty  impostors can tie up that continent Politically, Economically, -Militarily and Educationally with no thought of the past!  This also holds true for the situation concerning educated Black fools in America  and the attitudes of the Black females-coveting themselves, at the same time, hating themselves with no Man-suggesting Caucasian Zionist is there Soul Mates in the form of Creole- Mulattoes- Colored Latinos-Indians  everything but Black whom they don't submit too, 'Original Black.' Instead, she's running around, out of order- finding out, nobody wants her in her crazy state.'  She  gave up her raised position along with her male counter part for some dumb stuff going no where-perpetuating the continuance of slavery in 'Western Civilization and Culture'!  Mad... because Reuben, Seed of Jacob-Chosen by the Divine Spirit of the Living Most High God to End Slavery- fight the Devils and Satan-' Declare Justice, Independence and Sovereignty in the 'Fires of Watts'  Divine Judgment in 'The One Day War of 1968'...defeat of Isis in action and phony impostors claiming the Birthright of Black Israel- knowing it was Black Judas sellouts who sold out too White Zionist for peanuts , integration and a job with no land as Reuben crossed the Jordan took the land and Spiritual throne of Black Israel while Negro Blacks here and round the world were shouting and claiming to be in love with Jesus, with the Devil and Satan on their tongues arms in their religions and secret societies, claiming, 'Reuben was nothing!'   Question? What do you do with the claim made by Reuben in behalf of the Slaves and the Situation in Charlottesville' Virginia where Caucasians here and in Europe know the truth behind this impostor lying about his true identity that's in your spiritual book but never came out until Reuben stood and was Judged by Divine Intervention! (C)  Reuben Seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon and the 'Door of Life from the Kings High Way!  Stay well - Black is Beautiful and God of the Most High is no game , trick or lie!  8/17/ 2017              Reuben Beckles


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