Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Up close and personal in the house-tribe of 'Reuben' linage of Jacob-Black Israel and claim made for Blacks slaves living in America!

Let's get to the point as to why the confusion between Black, White Red Yellow and Brown who represent people, languages land masses and cultures-who covet ' Israel, God's Chosen, representing Twelve Houses.  The bible reflects this in Numbers and other parts of 'The Holy Scriptures' from which truth was taken and changed to give legitimacy and sameness to the people and nations of the world knowing it would only end in chaos and confusion. Whose behind this insanity?  Original Black Satanic Forces and Judas sellouts who Spiritually were thrown out of heaven- who hate God of the Most High' with a passion.  In the back ground of all religions and secret societies they have been receiving tributes in money and other gifts to keep their lie alive about loving ( God-Jesus in righteousness and faith in the Promised Lands and Israel-Jacob's seed!  The real Goal is too destroy God -his Chosen and prophecy! Satan uses and points the finger at the White Caucasian demons that he created in Europe and other places around the world to do his dirty work of lies deceit and destruction ending in the demise of -'Israel Iran. Iraq- Syria ( Mesopotamia.. all Black areas that no Caucasian Europeans could enter.   Same is true with all of Africa-Land of the Blacks unless those who were in control allowed it to happen.  Those in control were Blacks even before European Slavery came into being.  They copied and embellished  what they saw among Black folk.  Today, many blacks point their finger at white while many of them held Blacks in Slavery and captivity on this land under this demonic Democracy.  I am not justifying the horrendous crimes committed by Caucasians or relieving them of the claim for free labor and all it's ills of beastly crimes against unwilling blacks torn from the roots of there land, culture and foundation!  This is in part why the so-called Black leadership is unwilling to deal with the real solution which is 'Separation and Exodus-with Reparations, Land and Restitution!  Because, it follows, that those Blacks coming in under the ' Constitution are also held responsible along with their White Brothers in Crime!  Do you think that Satan and these Black Judas sellouts pushing White Zionist impostors as the 'Original Jews-Hebrews -Israelites are going to admit their part in the 'Conspiracy to Committ God Killing-erase the real knowledge within The Holy Scriptures, then include out right lies, distortions  and fabrications concerning Jacob's Israel and the Twelve Houses by stating 'Reuben would never excel as first born- unstable as water and not entitled to the blessings of first born or anything of substance and value.  His inheritance they claim was given to 'Joseph.  Consider this   ( Joseph is not mentioned in Numbers or Chosen among the Twelve in Israel.  The claim is also made concerning 'Moses,' claiming he never crossed over the Jordan nor was the truth stated about the Word and knowledge being  given to the entire world, when it was Paul' who never saw 'Christ!...and yet, he ventured into areas and taught people, the knowledge, where it was never intended.  The facts are;  certain knowledge and truth will loose it's meaning in the translation and demonic forces know this.  Jesus told his disciples...all of  whom denounced him" go ye not in the way of the Gentiles or Samaritans  but, 'The Lost found Sheep of Israel!"  Then and now... just  the opposite is taking place!  Why, to  destroy 'Reuben and the foundation of true Black Israel.  Wiped  Reuben out and the bloodthirsty impostors rule because the 'Nine and half tribes sold their portion and souls out to the Devil with Satan hating and having nothing but contempt for God in Heaven, The Garden and Esau's inability to get away with the lie going left.   But Jacob, went right!  Today, the Slaves are unstable as water because they have no stability in a system on a land that isn't there's.  Moving among nations, cultures and peoples speaking one and many jealous tongues trying too wipe out owners of the land and birthright of ' Reuben- Gad and half tribe of Manasseh  given by God through Jacob... hated and coveted by the envious world of non-believers.  Herein, is the great story behind the Actions and faith of Yours truly, Reuben' Seed of Jacob- Sun Son Man of Simeon in the Divine Judgment and Royal Black Stone that the Judas sellouts  from Judea refuse to accept.  The Divine Creation by the Supreme Lord of the living Most High God Rules!  Satan  in all his pretense and illusion of power has nothing but a burning house in fire and chaos along with a multitude of fools as agent provocateur-knowing the Devil is still a low down dirty devil-a lying theft who tricked himself! (C) 8/14/2017 Unable to destroy Black Israel in Jacob  then take the Land and Birthright of Reuben who crossed the Jordan in the One Day War of 1968 and Rapture!  Walked the Kings Highway entering the 'door of Life' defeating ISIS and her claim to fame in the 'book of the dead' giving life too black slaves in America and around the world enabling the devil and Satan to kill and destroy themselves without slaves participation!   Up close and personal....Reuben seed of Jacob!  Son Sun Man of Simeon!  No Lie game or trick!  Black is beautiful as is no duplication can make it other than what it is!  Love self and kind!       Reuben Beckles


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