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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Interesting situation shaping up in America! Slavery-Black Judas sellouts under umbrella of love for everybody in a divided house along with a Two State solution for Middle East Region!

If it weren't so sad and contemptuous we could all laugh together as Black Judas sellouts and there Colored and White puppets pretend love for everybody committing suicide having no place to run, no place to hide because they have been unable to take over and destroy those whom they hate and envy including the American Indians who welcomed them on these shores.  Check there history and the part played by the ( Black Buffalo Soldier's).  What is the difference between this country inability too deal with the solution to Black Slavery and those brought to these shores against their will, beaten, slaughtered, now speaking one language  not their own-then pronounced you as free as citizens 'with nothing!' ( Land, Debt for free slave Labor and crimes of emmince  magnitude.   Surrounded on all sides by people who have nothing but contempt for Black, then as now, but hide out under the cloak of Law under God,' seeking to make whole a nation of people with love, divided by them 'Under White Supremacy' and their pretending Jewish brothers whom they hate and are now running scared pretending to be a people they're not!  Flip the coin and what do we find?  These are the same impostors trying to create a state and steal some land not belonging too them with an identity not them or theirs, trying to control a people they're not even apart of .  Black Hebrew Israelites.' They're running scared with Donald Trump in Political Office' looking for acceptance after receiving tremendous tributes from around the world as impostors.   Fake identity thieves which was told of them in the 'Book of Revelations.  Second Chapter in (Bible).  The real expose came as a result of ( Reuben's Action in the  War of (1968) Jacobs Seed (In Black Israel )  where the Zionist Army was defeated  in Battle after they had crossed over the Jordan, some six miles.  God enter in a cloud and spirit wiping them out!   Reuben crossed over in the Rapture of the Jordan into his land taking his Spiritual Throne defeating...Isis, her armies of Black Brown White -Men and Women...Sons and Daughters located in her 'Spiritual Book of the Dead'!  All done in relation to Divine Judgment by the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High!  What are they looking for at this point in history. A way out of the trick they placed themselves in an  'President Trump's Ultimate Deal' after failing to lead America into the Promised Lands.   ( Love and Acceptance) with the Black Caucus, Judas sellouts leading the way into the burning house  here and across the water in a region and land not theirs. Two State solution. Really?  Neither Palestinian nor so-called white Zionist  Jews claiming lineage of Abraham,  without Isaac and Jacob like the Muslims, belong there!  Making their claim Divine or Legal in the region has no value and absolutely illegal!   It's like claiming to be the Mother of a Child that you were unable to have and bring into the world.  No concept of the wisdom that follows blinded by trickeration, greed and selfishness.   Trump- Kusher...Benjamin Netanyahu, Black Judas sellouts relative to the Nine and a Half Tribes of the Original Houses can't help the situation with Reuben representing the Original Two and a Half Tribes beyond the Jordan.  (  Reuben the Chosen...  Gad  Manasseh) lands  which is what Sanford Alexander of the Herald Dispatch Newspaper wanted along with the Birthright.    Legon' representing the Black Book store in medi-physical knowledge wanted and coveted it also in the Sixties as  Creole Mulatto's.  Their hatred for Black is very deep and profound.  I know, because after the fires of 'Watts' a meeting was called in the community by them to get answers as to how they might proceed as a dominant force pretending Black!  I was invited.  The place was packed.  After a minute into my solution ( Ninety percent walked out!)  With the Black Woman in their corner having issues with herself, she sold him out, joined them, along with White folk.  Schemed and plotted  to throw him off guard by hiding his children and cooking up lies, landing him in jail hoping he would drop his guard, leave his belief, faith and wisdom and return to her insanity orchestrated by the organization that captured her, but couldn't use or control him! None of it worked! ( Reuben's Birthright they couldn't steal or buy as Jacob's seed.  They Failed!!  None want a real solution too a real problem.  This is what Prophecy and God has said about it's Solution involving the region,  Reuben's actions.  Sense the land can't be taken and not for sale!  "  They will' shout and claim Love, Peace,  Peace'  but there will be none!"   So it is with Black America's Slavery and their claim with compounded interest and land that, Black Judas sellouts don't  want and White Supremest and others, can't deal with !   So what you have entering the equation of chaos are the Mexican , Spanish Latin's,  who also hate and  fighting Blacks as Caucasians under the Vatican as Christians, who are telling the World,  they need a New international currency with the Vatican in control, removing Zionist authority and money key, exposing  these impostors deceit and lies in the  'State of Zionist White Israel, known in Ethiopia, Egypt and all of Black Africa, not to mention here and other parts of the world! (C) 8/22/2017 Truth is what it is as Black is Beautiful.  No Game  Lies and tricks!  Reuben Seed of Jacob and the Kings Highway   -Door Of Life'    Sun Son  Man Of Simeon.  Stay Well!           Reuben Beckles


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