Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Let's get real-can't create hell for the righteous and innocence then blame them because you find you and yours in the bottom of the sess-pool! Black Is Beautiful!!

The root cause of this insane folly is Reparations-Restitution and Land-with compounded Interest- Black Slavery and the unpaid debt in compounded interest on free, institutionized slave labor and genocide!  The wealth accumulated by these insane Satanic Monsters here and around the world is staggering in proportion to the poverty and sickness that came along with it.  To these thugs gangsters-hope to-die sissies dressed in ties and business suits who run around the world as protectors of the 'White Supremacy State' with Black Judas Sellouts, their help-mates who lie, steal, trick, intimidate nations and their pretending leaders that they, are in safe hands.  Truth is, they are the cream of demonic leadership!  They don't want 'Solutions' they can't control!  They feel nothing for 'Black and it's original state in Black, is Beautiful and positive.  They want Servants and their land of resources to fill their greedy coffers, building their ego's like their armies now in movement across 'Eastern Europe in  preparation for 'Armageddon' in the name of protecting their allies?  They see the real war among themselves coming into focus-relative to prophecy they didn't and don't believe  relative to Black Faith and Jacob Seed!  They know and understand that like Egypt they don't want too pay the debt of free Slave labor and let the slaves leave for their own land!  The so-call religions-insane Politics and funny money in the game of Economical Finance cannot save them nor  their  family's as they bathe in tremendous wealth at the expense of the Black Slaves...whom they despise and hate!   Black Judas sellouts think they will get away, free. ' Oops, Divine intervention say's no!'  Much has been done, said and given to Black Slaves across this land in the past and present relative to the mental and spiritual state that keeps them bound, rotting away pretending they have arrived in freedom-even as the system crumbles.  This is the profound meaning of Slavery-thinking you're in a place and state you're not...even to the point of not realizing where you came from and why in relation to your foundation !  In my mind there was only one true Black Man who came to this Country as Black-for Blacks in deed  substance in Action!  Marcus Garvey! Others talked but his was pure Action.  He made clear the course, being called a Buffoon-Monkey by the Creole-Mulatto and others who were controlled by the Justice and State Department! their head( W.E.B  Du Bois. The late Prof.'John Clark' '.stated...if Creoles Mulattoes are with you send them into the White Camp for a week-then allow them entry in the Black camp. Let them make a choice as to whom they choose to be!  He knew their deception-they're  really White Caucasians and want nothing to do with Black other than too drain their Spiritual wisdom and Knowledge as do many others!  The Picture on the front of a Black weekly-where Donald Trump is Holding a Black Baby with a halo around his head while he gives the baby a bottle with a White nipple means, according to 'Francis  Crest Welsing' was one of the ways blacks are introduced too homosexuality from birth-by the mother-and the White image! Their were and are many Black men and women who have put themselves on the alter for the freedom of Black only to be sold out by Judas from within to keep slavery alive.  But these Mulattos-Creoles are not apart of that truthful Spirit-which in my mind includes 'The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago and the receiving of Twenty to fifty Million Dollars in Gold and Silver to  the Mexican government for the sale of this land and people. Involving the Zionist, Askenasim and Sephardic Jews.  Much like the Luisiana Purchase and the peoples attitude towards Black!  Farraklan, Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton-  NAACP-URBAN LEAGUE...Your Ministers and Bishops in religions and secret societies right across the board are not about Black freedom!  Sorry, no more space and time...for now, I'll end with a little action truth and thanks to Mr Sanford Alexander of the Herald dispatch weekly for enabling my actions relative to prophecy and truth.  For my  truth I was beaten -place in Jail on concrete floor-family taken -told I was insane! But, I was released with my Spirit in tack 'stronger in wisdom and knowledge of self and kind, 'Watts' became part of the equation. I walked the Kings Highway- fought ISIS and the Book of the dead!  ...along with her Brothers and Sisters in Phony White Israel and Impostors trying to steal the Promised Land that Donald Trump thinks he will lead and give too these hypocritical phony's of America  trying to buy and kill the real Black Hebrews and Seed of Jacob!  Will not happen!...The real Black Spiritual Warriors, relative to Divine intervention in Prophecy that I had to go through in the Rapture-Aliyah before I could cross into that land is no game -no trick and no lie!  Faith in Action by the Divine Creator-is not confused and doesn't state fact  that can't be backed in action.  I don't care what types of weapons you think you can use to take that which isn't yours!  Black is Beautiful...God the Supreme Lord of All (IS!)  A Leopard doesn't change it's spot! Esau and the Devil is still a devil and a Pig is still Pork!...take that to your bank; The Tsunami of your destruction that you can't see is on the way!   Reuben seed of Jacob- Sun Son of Simeon in the Faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob...Black is Beautiful as is the' Door of Life'!! (C) 3/31/2016     Reuben Beckles

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lying hipocrates and despots leadng pack into hell-pushing slavery pretending 'Black Lives Matter'!

Slavery exists because lying gangsters pretending to be upright males and females have been found to be nothing more than two bit sissies-pretending Justice by and for Black freedom but really hate themselves-having sold their souls to 'White Supremacy' and these Satanic Devils!  They don't feel anything for Justice and Black freedom in America or around the world!  This is why real freedom and Justice has been talked about but never put into action in the form of 'Reparations Restitution and Land. The real records reveals most Black folk in positions of authority and education want White skin-Straight Hair or wigs-with Long finger nails. False Breasts- false behinds and the money too buy into a false fake White society going no where, with no foundation of meaning  and purpose other than to state, they have arrived!  Take the late Governor of Arkansas...big Bill Clinton.  They call him the first 'White- Black President!  Really. More Black Men were put behind bars under his watch than any President before him. The Black females faired no better, becoming more accessible to White folk and others.  But, they loved Big Bill!   An act of insane folly as was the situation in the South Carolina Church-headed by so call Black folk...a Minister and Politician who taught his followers to love every body-including Satan!...who walked into their house of Worship.  They prayed for an hour or so before the White boy, looking like the picture of whom they thought was (Jesus-hanging on the wall).  They were so happy to have him in their mist that they didn't notice the gun he was carrying or the reason  he was there too blow them away. He just pulled out a Gun and blew nine of them away-with no intervention!'  He went to court a few days later. The family was summoned into court where they stated "( We Love Him- We forgive Him!... We're  all Christians!)"  What kind of insane religion is that? You figure it out!  Just completed reading a Los Angeles, Weekly Newspaper. So-called Black Publication with a White Politician head- lining the issue.  ( Donald Trump, leading the Demonic pack,  telling Americans if and when elected he would lead them all into the promised land-this while, holding a Black Baby sucking on a bottle after he had kissed the baby on the lips in a rally for American White folk. This all happen because their was a deal made behind closed doors with Black so-called Clergy to help this Money Machine enter the White House! There's no doubt in my mind that money was promised and given along with Black folk present and future generations.  More Judas dirty tricks.  The more I observe cases like this and others the more I understand why their has been no solutions to this Black insanity in America!... For the most part, this Black female is not the Black man's Woman.  Even though, he wants to believe the opposite is so.   She hates him, herself and the children she brought forth  by him.  He fights and dies for her and what he thinks is their country.  she does nothing of real substance in his behalf, saying, she doesn't need him, thinking, she's as much man, as he!   Now, times are changing. He's letting her know: 'I don't want you, we're not on the same page.  Let's stop playing this game!  He's now in a frame of mind to understand what's really going on! Economically, she works. Not for him or their best interest nor even children.  If there are any she'll lie about the Father to hide her actions he goes to jail or in the arm forces. In any event, she's placed in the position to control the action and minds of this relationship to the detriment of what was once a family unit. If we cross the ocean from where the slave movement took place into what is known as South Africa, and other area's on the Continent, we find the Mother's leaving their family's for long periods of time to take care of White Family's  while her own Man and Children did without!  The white child is raise by her to be Superior over her Black Child.  This action gave rise to the situation  we witnessed in South Carolina!  It's a continuation  of the break down of the Family structure within what we know as slavery today! What's the truth of this insanity?  she wants to take the Man's position or God!  Economics-family-politics- education  class and colored institutions to keep slavery alive  with Black solutions on the back burner.  Oop's- Divine intervention enters into the equation and  hell has everything upset  while the rulers and Judas sellouts run for cover. The unpaid debt of free slave labor mounts with Compounded Interest!  This is what America and the World faces today with no belief- no faith!   From Black Israel, the door of life and the Kings Highway.(C) 3/18/2016     Reuben...Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon  Black Power in the Faith -Abraham Isaac Jacob.       Reparations Restitutions Land-'Lest We Forget"   Anything less is folly aimed at destroying Black Is Beautiful!  A pig is still Pork and a Devil is still A devil! ...A leopard never changes it's spots. God IS!     Reuben Beckles    

Thursday, March 03, 2016

A Divine Blessing To Seed of Jacob-Israel Reuben from the foundation of Wisdom And Action From the Supreme Lord of The Living most High God-Happy Birthday-March Fourth-Black Power!

Their can be no justice  without truth, love and Wisdom to sustain the blessings in life without believe and faith from the Life giver!...I know this  is factual having lived to see my eighty forth birthday,bringing forth seven children while helping to raise one foster child.  Raised not in the Church-Mosque or Synagogue, but with and in belief and faith in the unseen but knowing, without, Lies Games or Tricks to be seen across the length and breathe of this land which claims to 'Desperately Seek And want Answers' to the multitude of problems besetting this nation and the world!...Primary the Black world called the 'Land of the Blacks-Africa) the Diaspora in the Middles east-Caribbean- Central and South America along with the continuation of Slavery in these 'United States of America'!  In everyone of these area's at this point in time the situation of the problems can be found in jealousy, selfishness, greed, envy, color ( White Supremacy) and the casting aside of Spiritual Faith and it's destruction among the people who have adopted religion of go along-to get along and the hatred of one's self and kind!  The Analysis and rise of White Supremacy on the Black Continent  is about Blacks hating themselves-selling their spirits and land to Europeans for favoritism and White women...finding no value in who and what they were given by the Divine!  Today, in the twenty first century, they claim nationhood and Sovereignty among the Republics in the  world involving the UN but refuse to admit there involvement in the Black Slave trade and death of their own kind including Black Hebrews who in many cases helped them raise there status on the Continent, opting instead, for greed  and selfishness!  They don't even want to admit it was we, the Black Slaves of America, during our revolt and revolution here in the sixties which saved them from complete and total annihilation from European powers which were supported with the help of 'Black Judas sellouts, Creoles, Mulattoes, Octroons and quadroons-who as now, hate Black!  Today, they feel nothing for So-called Black Slaves of America, coming here from all over the world pretending to be Black surviors  of the American scene-entitled to Land Reparations and Restitution and the Seed, Birthright of Jacob!  They are not the Seed nor did they go through the Hell heaped upon Jacob's Seed in Black on this soil.   They never arrived here in Chains and shackles, lost their language, family land -been lynched , burned, castrated-worked for nothing -denied education-force raped then watched, the women who were in labor by these monsters  hanging up side down while babies were cut from their wombs, all, while raising white men children!  These whites and blacks impostors' Askenaizim Sephardic Zionist from Europe and their Black Judas sellout brothers have one thing in common 'Destroy Black Jacob's Seed and claim the Black Divine Birthright!' ...Given in Prophecy in the Faith of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  Prophecy and Faith  they have given up. No longer claiming the Faith including many Black Slaves in America, living in the religion of Christianity claiming their is nothing for them to do.  Jesus died for them and everyone-even though,  his twelve disciples denied him!  Now come the real deal when Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Sun Son of Simeon Challenged them all in Prophecy during the Sixties-walked the Kings highway in the Rapture-Aliyah...Defeated Isis and impostors of Black Israel, Crossed the Jordan-Took the Spiritual Throne and Land of Reuben. Was Judge by the Supreme Lord of the Living Most High God-demanded freedom and justice for the Black Slaves, Israel and their unclaimed Wealth in Free Slaves Labor (Unpaid Debt-Owed by nations of the world with compounded  interest from actions of free enforced slave labor! As a foot note to History concerning the African and Mexican ... the African denial of his Slave participation in all it's attending ills is a crime in it's self as he and his children come to these shores feeling nothing for Blacks here but reaps the benefits from the Black foundation while the Mexican ( A cross between the Indian and Spain also feels nothing for his Indian linage  seeking to claim this land as his, trying to removed Jacob seed as what he and his leaders call monkey's not telling the truth about his birth on the planet by way of the Indian nor the 'Treaty  Of Guadalupe Hidalgo'  where their leadership sold them and the land out for thirty to fifty million dollars in Gold and silver.  Even the religion and culture they now serve came from Black! 'Lest we Forget"  who we are and what's in store relative to Divine Truth and Prophecy before the door of heaven is closed!...No Game No Trick No Lie!  Prophecy in Faith is Real as is the Birthright and Land. The sellouts claim of pie in the sky is nothing more than a joke is in for a surprise.     ( C)  3/4/2016     Reuben, Seed of Jacob ...Sun Son of Simeon!     From Door and Life of the Kings Highway!   Reuben Beckles