Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Holocaust-Caucasian imposters as Jews-Black Jewish Sellouts as Partisipants-fasinate the Hypocrisy- Nothing In Anonymous Proxy!

It is my opinion that history and facts will show there was no greater Holocaust on the planet than the Black Slave trade and all it's attending ailments living today.  Cultures and peoples have been entirely wiped out. Living under the shadow of the Atlantic ocean which produces the largest grave yard known to Man are Black Folk. Black folk who gave so much towards the advancement of humans yet are placed in a position of nothingless in the twenty first century.  So called leaders in so call melting pot of America, push Democracy like milk and honey like the new promised land for black slaves who have been tarred and feathered, lynched, castrated, chained and shackled removed from one continent to another-given one language and left with no family structure or culture. Labored like animals for blood sucking vampires whom they call humans from Europe!  These Judas pimps, sissies, pimps and punks -Lawyers Educators stand on and before the world as men and woman of righteous truth and valor crying from the pulpits of Satanic pomp of lies and trickeration that they, represent the best of best among black folk-for  the most part they're Ministers-Elders -Bishops-and politicians-activist who have no sense of real value and self worth except the value they find in money!  Besides deception, fun and games, they push...Transgender-Same Sex integration-producing nothing of self worth towards self and kind but Hell!  These folk moan and groan about  peace and brotherhood-Justice-love unconditional-while at the same time fact show, they hate themselves pushing Caucasian Jews from Europe who have nothing to do with the real people of Israel (Jacob seed Culture and land!) Check the record call truth-there politics, language, culture and financial stability comes from and is rooted in Europe as a total land mass.  Never in the Eastern area of the middle east or Asia!  It wasn't until they came in contact with the Real Black folk and their convergent to what they call Judaism that they learn about real civilization and value.  Today, all we hear is about them  and there European Holocaust. Denied by many of there own kind(Caucasians)!  ...Black Judas sellouts were paid big time to say nothing and go along with the imposter's while at the same time putting their own kind in pure hell all over Africa and the middle East-this because of  their lust for money-greed and power, pushing white supremacy  in white, over Black-known in the Vatican and the Catholic Church today which was started in Egypt and Ethiopia.  The facts and truth are being kept secret all over the world and has really gotten out of hand as these imposter's are creating terror and fear in governments and nations around the world as the real Satanic force coming out of Europe!  Things have become so bad that not even so-called righteous blacks in high positions  will admit truth. They're afraid to confront these impostors with the truth and the creation of Zionism-Sephardim or Ashkenazim that came out of the Sanhedrin council-knowing there  defeat. (So-called White Israel) in 1968"One Day War!" and broke there power.  Blacks were to be wiped out all over the world-that how deep Black Judas sellout was and is.  It didn't happen because of Reuben's involvement-the Kings high way-in Black Israel-Jacob's Seed and Divine Intervention!   To escape Hitler-and the truth, Zionist states were set up by pretending Caucasians calling themselves Jews of the Scriptures with Black folk as scrape goats using Esau and mulattoes, the money key along with Black identity the die was cast and lost relative to Prophecy and faith in the Christ Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-The I AM- the cross over in the Aliyah-Rapture in Jordan by Reuben and the Twelfth house of Israel...leaving Judas and the submitted cast to ponder and deny the Zionist states of (Austria, Belgium , Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland .  These folk can deny Christian values in Christ and the resurrection but cannot deny the holocaust and there interpretation as  so-called Jews!  Read and watch the Black members of Congress and the chaos created when Netanyhau came to the United states...all living in fear and denial as Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago's Mayor offers Blacks, Money Reparations! Bandage-Where's the Land...where's the Identity. Where's the Justice?   (C) 5/14/2015   Reuben Seed of Jacob-Sun -son of Simeon Faith-Abraham-Isaac and Jacob- Prophecy-Reparations Land and Restitution...No trick No Lie No Game!!           Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Age Of Aquarius-Conspiracy Too Commit God Killing For White Supremacy And Continued Slavery!

I know it's been sometime since you've heard from yours truly but what is time relative to action-truth and continued slavery.  Deception and impostors abound hoping to fine loopholes in our actions-truth-facts and foundation.  Finding no loophole, the door gets smaller the quicksand deepens as facts and truth remains the corner stone of Divine Wisdom in Action as the age of Aquarius struggles to make money their God while eliminating the truth and value of Reuben, seed of Jacob's Israel In Black-the Foundation-the Pisces the Fish who went through hell against all odds to avoid total destruction of Black folk across the planet.Only Prophecy, Reuben's Action in the Rapture (Aliyah) of the great I AM saved the Day in Destiny and Land Beyond the Jordan.  The satanic forces in the religions and secret societies-imposter's calling themselves Jews and Muslims stood together in their sameness of thought and action in Aquarius and Cancer to destroy the Men(Fathers) in the home who had the knowledge of Prophecy leaving the Females as so-call heads along with the sons longing to be the Man-Father. All, went along with the program of blind envy, covertness and jealousy missed the mark!  The Door of life was there along with the Highway but was not traveled or found by them-hence, not even by the Bear of Zionism-Ashkenazim or the Sanhedrin Council representing the Sephardi European Caucasians of Spain and Portugal could stop or block the Spiritual mind and Action of Reuben and the Twelve Articles of Faith.  They all are fighting among themselves trying to find the meaning of the people and action of the Great Mediterranean Sea...Salt Sea...Dead Sea and Scrolls, knowing as Caucasians, the Land nor Knowledge had nothing to do with them nor is it about them as Imposter's, Blood Sucking Vampires-deceivers of truth-thieves who covet the Birth Right and Land of Jacob in Prophecy in the knowledge of Faith in Christ relative to Abraham-Isaac and Jacob in the Faith! Enters the Black Judas Sellouts, representing Black continued Slavery in America, in behalf of Caucasian White Supremacy in the form of Elders-Ministers-Bishops(Pimps-Hustlers and Sissies) who knew and knows the foundation of Black folk in America was nothing more than pure Hell, yet, they refuse too not only address the real Solution( Land, Identity, Reparations Restitution but to move in action towards implementation because in the Age Of Aquarius it's all about deception-money and power...haves and have knot's -color blind society-Love unconditional-never mind the extension of trust! My thought as Reuben- did God tell Satan and his Angels they would be admitted back into heaven-or Adam and  Eve back into the garden of Eden?? Are we fighting for real Justice and Truth or playing games?  I did not put my mind life soul and spirit on the line for fun and game, lies and deceit or sell my Birth Right and Copyrighted material for fun and game...this is serious business a foundation of Spiritual truth in Action from the bottom into vertical wisdom relative to the Divine I Am!  So now-In the Age of Aquarius Chaos reigns with money in denial and no foundation(Feet-Head -Land and Solution because of Conspiracy to commit God Killing!  Try this truth on for size...God is the I AM!  Faith in Abraham Isaac and Jacob is Real!   Christ lived and Died to Live while being denied by his own closes students -The Kings highway was found, walked by Black in Black and the Door of Life entered-One Day War defeated Isis (1968) and the Phony state of what is called Israel which was and is supported by the United Nations-United States- Egypt -Ethiopia-Vatican many South  American and African States, all are in some form or the other being fed by black Ministers-Bishops and Elders in religious houses and secret Societies on universities campuses and the church and this is what gave the sixties the importance across the world from earth into heaven as we watch the Mother fight the son in Baltimore-the enemy from within...Father or Mother?  Who are you?  What do you stand for?...One Judge-I Am That I Am!  No Feet no Head...Solution?!    (C) Black Is Beautiful, as Black power Is!  5/6/2015   Reuben...Not in Anonymous Proxy...Seed of Jacob-Sun Son of Simeon-Faith  Reuben Beckles