Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black Truth-Time To Clean House-or Die In Deception With a Lie

Real freedom, Justice and Equality start with- for and among self ! This does not mean an organization as such-it means an organization of self. An organization from within a building structure loaded with people in these times and country means a destruction of action and truth! Cleaning house should not be difficult if one claims to love ones self given the historical foundation of our past in this nation. In today's atmosphere of confusion, deception, hypocrisy and just plain insanity-leader's across the land are crying out for change, integration and equality under a new covenant. Upper and upper middle class African American Negro numbers are decreasing in spite of their education thinking they were and are white and have arrived as white folk and for the most part Black is nothing! Their status of money is getting funny as they bury their minds in religion under the Industry of Death, known to their white counter part as Psychiatry, leaving them with no real foundation as they state..."we have come along way"let the past go as they cling to those who have them enslaved. They follow the 'common wealth of nations; those who let them down into the pit of despair while killing off those of value! Today, we should understand the reason as to why the slaves and their descendants were not permitted to learn reading and writing. Competition in today's world places the slave master in the front of the bus and Blacks as a so-called inferior in the back of the bus with the Asian thinking he's above Black...that Black is completely void of freedom and understanding when it comes to solution and this insane cycle of poverty and all it's attending ailments across the board within the depths and heights and spirit of land and reparations. They see Black along with others as a pure gold mine. In his present state they have been able to capture the mind and heart of his woman-through money-image and religion-while she teaches his children against him, while he's in the street looking or in jail being taught and broken in a system that's totally against him. Breaking him down like Dehlia broke Samson. Today, you have ISIS-under Egyptology and the book of the dead who take spirits while they work for the Zionist Caucasians pretending to be the original Jews-they work for Greek College and University organizations in and for the colored line-in and out of government and educational institutions along with many other organizations. His spirit is use in his name against himself! All this is done because they don't want him to claim himself-for himself under Land and Reparations. This is called Identity Thief! We witnessed the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was a Champion for civil rights; a champion who came out of the Black Church-in a situation where blacks were denied everything. Who was he truly fighting for as blacks took the fire in all that hell and to this day they remain with nothing but a few jobs that are being down sized and shipped out of the country and a dream that still leaves Blacks short changed. This was the same man who told the world from this nations capital to leave whom the Bible calls Satanic Devils, alone as that Land in the middle east belongs to them when it doesn't! It belongs to Jacob( House of Israel_Black) This was a Spiritual sellout...plain and simple and prophecy tells us their will be no peace! Prophecy nor the Land is not for sale! Non-negotiable! After he and his organization got all those black folk abused-God in his spirit and wisdom took him to the top of the mountain-showed him what he missed and what he had done to the people in truth! It was then he started talking about we will get to the promised Land-only after he and others had given it up! What happened next he got his head blown off! Consider this this nation truth and righteousness is not for the Black Slave, it's for the slave master and his seed, that why you don't make Policy, political or otherwise, living in a Spiritual State of Psychological Warfare and the jails and schools are full of Black folk trying to prove otherwise. Most don't have the mean to create and build businesses for themselves and if they did-we are taught to hate and not trust one another so we find other means to put food on the table and in doing so-land in jail! All we have taught to our woman and children in our absent is going down the drain and the system enforces this insanity and your woman become the father and the mother protected by the system who is the slave master-owner of the system! This is why they tell you forget the past we today weren't responsible. They choose not to talk about the past because in it is your solution rooted in pure Divine conciseness for today's dilemma! To continue on this insane path of deception and hypocrisy mean you are completely void of all that's Human, Spiritual and Divine and not only don't have a future -you don't want one! Our Solution in Black is real because I moved on it when most said I was insane and didn't know anything-yet-move by faith! I have no intention to become a slave and pretend as a hypocrite-seeking to destroy self and kind for the benefit of the slave master and other demonic forces. Divine intervention is really something to behold and it real-if you are real!
Reuben Beckles-1/12/2008

Saturday, January 05, 2008

A new year in the 21st. century-Black was and is-Supreme

African American Negro-Colored and the human family are terms used for blacks in American society to denied blacks Justice and a permanent solution to the dilemma created and sustained by the black Judas devils of Africa and Europeans and Americans Caucasians who hate themselves in relation to the original Divine creation. In America, under the great experiment and religion they say there is no God-therefore, no Justice, no peace-and everyone must and will serve the Devil! As this is my commentary...I step forward as the seed of Jacob, son of Simeon, land and house of Reuben and the twelve articles of faith stating to the universe, land and peoples of the earth...I will never be a slave and a fool and tool to the foolish who choose to be of the opposite because of their money and titles in the united states of America! There is a Bird who lays her eggs in a very high tree in America. Another bird, not of her kind, watches her from a distance. The first bird leaves her nest in search of food...while she is gone the bird who is watching her goes to her nest and pushes her eggs from the nest and replaces those original eggs with hers. When the original bird returns to the nest she sits on the eggs thinking they are hers when in fact, her seed, has been replaced by an impostor! So it is with the European Caucasians who bought, sold and created hell on the continent of Africa, with the help of the black Judas sellouts-they are now reaping the benefits of free black labor from the slaves now living in America, as so-called free citizens! These free citizens are now called African Americans and people of Color-even though their fathers, Caucasian slave owners, wanted nothing to do with them except as money makers to fill their coffers. Today, we see them in all walks of life pretending to be Black as they are a buffer between the white ruling class with money and the royal house of Black folk! Coloreds are accepted by using the term black. African American, Latinos, Asians, Red, Yellow or Whites know they are not Black and in this society hope Blacks will never rise because of the free Labor and the wealth it produce. While leaving Black in poverty or so they thought as they talked and acted on Evolution, selfishness and greed! These folk had no idea that Black acted on Justice, solution-and the Spiritual Divine...God himself! This truth is happening while the people of color not accepting Black nor the African American negro who thinks he's accepted as white wants nothing to do with Black as he shouts, "A new Covenant And Back in the Day!" Black in the Day" they accepted the truth, with and were apart of Black truth! Today, they are white and accept any and everything of no Black Stands for Freedom, Reparations and Land-as stated in the Book of Life! As a Black man,who ask, Blacks within this nation who claim to stand for the Divine truth to investigate and move in action for themselves, kind and nation for this reality and stop being used in this nation as cannon folder and a fool for those unworthy of your truth, love and understanding, knowing you will never be free under this democratic and capitalist system of death and slavery! Those in position of authority in this system and nation talking about freedom , equality and apology in relation to slavery concerning Black folk in this nation are hypocrites who look upon Black folk as fools-sissy and punks because that's what they are-knowing African American Negros and coloreds choose to be not free...But one of them! Freedom means you control the Land under your feet-on both sides of you and over your head where you and your God control completely-as it stand today all you do is play games with you and yourself...knowing we are all not the same! Consider this in relation to the political talk of free white men and their colored sons were for real in the political arena, such as Conyers-Hr 40 Reparations Proposal commission-for African American study on Black slavery...why wasn't it passed by now? He and his committee got fifteen million dollars for this sham! There was another Bill passed in 2007 (HR-121) Conyers Bill which he stated for Blacks was passed in (1989) and nothing has happened! (HR 121) passed this year-has given1.5 billion to the Japanese...Ottawas-Chippewas, Seminoles, Sioux, Clematis..hundreds if not billions of dollars and millions in land, for them to take care of their business. This action and legislation was taken by coloreds and whites using Blacks while Blacks get nothing? Blacks built this system! My commentary and position says their is no New Covenant, no Back In The Day in relation to Divine Authority, if it were so Satan-the devil and Judas would and could have stopped and blocked me from crossing over and entering the Promised land and taking the throne in relation the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac Jacob...this nation claims to be the people of the faith in relation to divine prophecy yet they blow up the people of the world in relation to Iraq when they didn't cause (911) nor did they cause enslavement of Black folk whose free labor built this nation and they nor their descendants were never paid which today created their poverty and desire to leave America, where there is no justice, no love, no freedom! Reuben Beckles@1/5/2008