Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, June 26, 2017

Critical analysis in action relative too down fall of America and slavery here and around the world!

This was truth given to the disciples of 'Christ' even, as they denounced him and sold him out. " Go ye not in the way of the Gentiles or Samaritans-but to the lost found sheep of Israel!  Knowing this from generation to generation'  what is the problem with 'Black folk in America? ...Loss Identity, Free slave labor and integration controlled by impostors, demonic demons and Black Judas Sellouts from the tribe of Judah land of Judea- Egypt- Ethiopia and the Vatican.  From Europe, they all covet the land -birthright and prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!  Knowing the relationship of Judea and Judah to Israel, a middle class was setup by the 'Coptic Christian Church of Ethiopia, to deceive the slaves and disinherit them from sovereignty, birthright and land !  Today, even as Semitic, these deceivers of truth, do not consider themselves, Black!  Many of these folk coming from that area of the world are placed in leadership positions here in America too keep the deception and chaos going, knowing the time and thought process  of the real revolution concerning real freedom for the Slaves and their descendants is at hand  and slavery is over! The Bible and Protocols of Zion' speak to this issue ...Soul too Soul, King too King.  Today, many of these so-called blacks are holding seminars on the question of slaves in America ad the Black Slave problem. A problem they created by selling Black families, brothers and sisters into slavery.  Nevertheless,   they come from places like South Africa, Uganda, Kenya and other countries on the continent, throwing us a bone with no meat' concerning our destiny in the form of Citizenship and Land that's controlled,  not by them, but the Europeans powers in their hire!  You who are the subjects of Black Israel' and  rightful heirs in prophecy, will have nothing to contribute or say in your own behalf.  They would have to admit...your God, Is the Divine Creator and they had a hand in your destruction... and failed! They need you and their leadership has been a dismal failure!  Even under the leadership of Farrakhan and the Muslims who are fighting God!  Now they must stop this game playing here and there and answer the Question of Sovereignty and Land! ...all in the form of 'Identity, Restitution Reparations and Land relative to the Prodigal Sons and Daughters'!  I am Reuben Seed of Jacob  Sun Son Man of Simeon-Black House Israel!  Black is Indeed Beautiful in Wisdom  and Action coming from the Kings High way and the 'Door of Life!  By faith in Action and Judgment. 'Watts- Defeat of and exposed of ISIS.  Blood thirsty vampires of White Israel and merchants of death and identity thief and their attempt to destroy everything Black on the Planet relative to Esau and Prophecy and the denial of Christ!  Soul too Soul-Spirit too Spirit  Truth too Truth...Action by Faith! If Black is not Supreme and Truth is not Truth but  a Lie, where would we be today if Reuben, Black...Linage- Hebrew seed of Jacob would have failed to come through relative Prophecy?    What if the acts by faith were taken by White- Red- Brown Yellow and everything in between  including lies of Judas sellouts? Anything and everything except...Black!   Reuben is not  accepted because of envy, jealousy and Divine intervention!  This is not a popularity game or contest!  No Lies-game or tricks!  Justice will reign !  This is not Black man's Land!    The Devil is still a Low Down Dirty Devil!    God Is Supreme  Lord of the Living Most High.  The Claim remains the Same with Compounded Interest !  (C) 6/26/2017  Reuben Beckles