Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Eye On The Prize U.S. Corporation Black Slaves 2007

For sometime now, I have written about and to a people in America, as part of a black nation because I thought we were the same: about truth, justice and divine intervention as it relates to prophecy. I write the same agenda in 2007 but I don't assume we are the same and we all don't want real freedom nor can we stand in the light of justice, as we don't care to know who and where we are nor do we want solution. As an individual, a man...A King, one with the spirit of my God and nature, I write this in the first month of January-2007. I write to my conscience, soul and spirit-land of Israel-a Hebrew Blackman as were my father and mother for which I make no apologies or excuses and I will not hide my hand and pretend I don't know what I am saying or that I don't have knowledge and wisdom. Knowing the history of this nation and government I refuse to let smoke be blown up my nose while you rob the bank, rape,lynch,lie pollute the air, land, and water and tell me in the name of Jesus or whom ever, we're all the same and must have mercy and for give when I know you conspired to replace and destroy me. You cannot lay this insanity at my feet-at my door, you reap what you sow-what goes around comes around. From the four corners of the planet earth you claim to be free, with the greatest system in the world. This is a nation of free speech with Churches, Mosques, Synagogue,Temples, Legislative thinking bodies of government, courts, police and educational institutions-cities, towns and states claiming to be a melting pot of togetherness in a system of lies and deceit who lock step together keeping the slaves in line-printing funny money keeping the Bank and bankers alive for a class system that says the poor are lazy_ can't and won't work,yet, the facts remain, they and their ancestors built the country and were never paid. Tremendous sum of money were paid and continues to be paid on top and under the table in gray matter and secret to black Judas sellouts who hate themselves, while making the innocent pay dues in black and white, all, while this nation perpetuates and maintains slavery! Check the records, the slaves are taught they are free, they can become anything they want. I remain a Black Man A King. Put that talk to the test, then you too, will know the truth when you understand, you make no policies and this is not your land, unless, you choose to be a sissy with black Judas sellouts and the colors calling the shots in the name of blacks for whites. If you are true to yourself, your spirit and the truth of your God, you will be guaranteed jail time! It will not be because you robbed a bank, raped a woman, killed someone or reckless eye balling! This society is designed by degrees to keep you in line and beat you down. To show you their folly as did I in the sixties to the present time, ask yourselves a very simple question...after their conspiracy and desire to wipe us out, kill us off, why weren't they successful? How were we able to find the kings highway and walk through the door in the east beyond the Jordan and take the throne? Their job was and is to block! They came in under Admiralty Law-Laws of the constitution across the land and the big lie! Why and how did Divine intervention take place, especially, sense none of them and no one told me anything? I make this observation concerning this truth, if I don't tell you who will? They were in power and they knew the truth. I tell you because, I am the seed of Jacob- son of Simeon and the spirit of my God lives and is real! Credit is due where credit is due! It is my opinion that these folk don't believe in prophecy. The pimps and hustlers feed you the book called the Bible but they don't believe it themselves especially, as it relates to divine prophecy. These so called teachers will never impart the real truth to you and you will be forced to fight the good fight and walk alone. In doing so, slaves themselves will become your enemies, who work for the Black Judas sellout and the white power structure. You will go to jail for yourself by yourself and only the spirit of the living god will force your release. A miracle within law as it relates to divine prophecy. Ask yourself, who has the faith if two or three times a week the people attend the buildings which houses organized religions? The people meet and give their hard earn cash and wealth while conditions around them remain the same as they wait on death and glory. Children, both male and female are pushed into the armed forces to serve and die or be maimed or lose a limb for a demonic system on a land called the U.S. Corporation, owned by the British Empire and other forces. The slave masters knowing the slaves have lost their collective minds feed you more religion knowing you're going nowhere and will do for yourself, nothing! One of the major religions around us claiming to be speaking and doing for black folk called for and got a million more march on a week end where their was no business in the buildings. The people walked drove and flew to the capital of this nation where their leaders have no voice no vote talk to some dirt-accomplishment; we are peaceful slaves. This is, if you don't know it, is for colored folk, to control black folk like the NAACP who keep you begging in the white man's house. Your leader's are suppose to be learned men and women of high education and knowledge. If you're constantly begging with them in the forefront, how just can that be and for whom? These folk want the house of Judea and the promised land on the other side of the Jordan; this is priviledge and key wisdom and if you don't straighten this situation out you will all be residing in hell sense you love everybody including the devil while you hate yourself. What do you think caused the "One Day War" of (1968) Reuben said, "I will never give my faith and land-birthright up and the Zionist phonies got wiped out trying to steal the land the same land the late Dr. Martin Luther said he was shone by God! The land is not for sale now or any other time at any price and before any of them or their kind can take it or steal what doesn't belong to them, they and their kind and world will be turned into ashes along with the Black Judas sellouts! The eye on the prize has never been integration and insane phoniness. I stand in the lite of the Kings Highway and wisdom, on the Land of Reuben, seed Jacob-in the articles of faith, belief and knowledge." This is not just talk! Walk the talk and you too will know-this is not a game!

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