Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Up close and to the point in Analysis and Action as Separation in Spirit mind and Soul has already begun and in Place!

For sometime now we have been talking, writing and acting in behalf of slavery in America, self and kind.  No games, tricks and lies as 'Reuben seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon in Black Israel!   So it is, in today's, America.  Everyone talks about slavery as a commodity you can buy and sell.  Put on the fence smile, organize communities through churches, mosques, temples and educational institutions- put some money in the hands of so-called Black Leadership in hopes the real problem will go away and the criminals representing fake representation along with pimps, punks sissies in the pulpits and their  constituency of lying wenches and begging bitches will keep the truth out of sight and under control.  Meaning, Sovereignty, freedom, Land and Justice for 'Genocide, Conspiracy to Commit God Killing of his Chosen, in Prophecy in Jacob!  ...Abraham and Isaac !  This in addition to a debt for free slave labor.  Identity theft and impersonation  of and in stolen cultures and languages.  Families are now languishing on slave masters land- in jails as mules for money making machines of Latin South American Cartels-controlled by American interests and the Vatican!  This and other crimes  committed by Judas, Black and White thugs gangsters now blaming all crimes on Blacks...filling the jails across the land doing the time!  ...while the Conspirators pit one group against another, such as Blacks against Latinos !  Oop's enters Divine Intervention and 'Reuben's Spiritual Knowledge, Wisdom and Action!  Colored folk, along with impostors of Caucasian origin pretending to be part of our linage and inheritance are phonies, cannot and will not, get the job done.  Their minds and truth are not rooted in justice.  I don't care if they're part of the Million Man March, under Farrakhan, Bishop Jake's, Jessie Jackson,  Sir Hillary Beckles or a whole host of other so-called leaders across the landscape!  If they were truly working for Freedom, Justice and Sovereignty as was 'Marcus Garvey and others like him, the job of Exodus and Separation back to the Continent and Middle Eastern Region would have been complete.  That is not what they wanted then nor now!  What they wanted is integration to hide their crimes, money and the White female in this System. Having sold their Spirit and Soul to the Zionist impostors, they are going to pay the price.  Can't run from this one!  ( 6,666 years are up and Slavery is over! This system, land  and those in control know it!  The Africans who come here along with Blacks from other parts of the world have full knowledge of Prophecy and the role blacks living under this system have played in the building of this land as a Nation.  They could care less.  They  are envious and hate the Blacks here whom they couldn't destroy and can no longer use!  When you see and understand the Divine Elements of ' Fire Air Earth and Water along with other related unseen forces with the devastation it brings, know that the hidden truth is,  that it's not only happening here, in America, but around the World in Places like Australia , Central and South America, Mexico, all over Europe and Africa!  ....Ooph's,  forgot the ' Caribbean and grand Bahama's!  ...Sinkholes, Earthquakes, Tsunami's flooding of Monumental Proportion and terror, not to be believed, but seen and felt!  ...Like Katrina,  Harvey,  Irene, Jose and more -not mentioned! Know this.   You can check the record among non-believers or other wise;  I didn't start my journey yesterday and I'm not Caucasian  or an accident!  My actions-claim and truth is NON- NEGOTIABLE AND NO COMPROMISE!  This is not a game and our claim, is what it is, for truth and Black Sovereignty!  'White Supremists and your kind should know the value of Separation and Sovereignty relative too Europe while your Jewish lying Brothers using and controlling Latinos immigrants are taking over your system and land, tried to destroy Blacks and failed!   Other Jewish Zionists have taken over and control Negro, Black and Latinos organizations with Jobs and the Money Key to destroy You and Your Sovereignty!   In your greed and selfishness,  you refuse too understand the claim and position of the Black Slaves and their descendants who didn't and don't want your system or Land!  For those who do... like begging immigrants- which includes, those of the Million Man March under Farrakhan- Dr King- ACLU, NAACP and others  who enjoy manipulating your trust, land and economics,  give them a job cleaning up and rebuilding the aftermath of the storms in the South and East-fire's and earthquakes in the West like the Slaves did ( as free Slave Laborer's who couldn't afford to get sick...moan groan on land, in a system. not theirs!  Let them rebuild all these lands here and aboard being devastated by your insane acts of beastial,  inhuman activities!   Test the Water of truth among Blacks...those who don't want Justice in Land and Sovereignty-Reparations, Restitution and Divine Problem!  They're free to stay here, under you!  (C) 9/11/2017       Stay Well-Black Truth In Black Israel!  From the Kings Highway and Door of Life" I Am Reuben-Seed of Jacob In Truth and Action !  A Leopard never changes it's Spots and a Devil is still a Devil.  God of the Living Most High Created and made the Prophecy. Believe it or challenge it too your own detriment!  Take it or leave it! This is a Spiritual war  with Divine solution for Black Slaves In Black Israel!  The Truth Is What it Is!  The Claim remains with Compounded Interest and our Land is not for sale at any price!    Reuben Beckles