Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, March 03, 2006

African American Negro-The Man And Black Power

I rose in the month of my birthday-March. What time is it Black folk? It is time for the action of separation and truth if you know who and where you are. I do not throw rocks and hide my hand pretending I don't have wisdom, experience, knowledge - nor was I afraid to take action to find the truth. I searched and asked many-no one said a thing! From the sixties til now our knowledge based on faith and action has gone all over this country and the world. Activous, Politicians, Churches, mosques, Temples, Ministers, Elected representatives, Colleges and Universities, Educators and just plain folk who showed and interest along with Daily and weekly newspapers- Radio and T.V. stations- Lawyers and the Internet and a host of websites. In this nation that thrives on slavery, mediocrity, hypocracy, money, lies and deciet, the African American Negro thinks he has arrived-has it made and is free in this burning house, he calls his home! He thought by throwing the Black Man and Black Power to the wind he would be accepted and enjoy the crumbs and mediocrity-coasting in this insane society they hate themselves. Building houses of worship they have religion but then so do rats after a certain amount of training! The African American Negro has opted for Civil Rights, Integration and paper, he calls money. At the end of his day, he's still a slave-more so now than his forebearers could ever be! He has become an upper and middle class ZOMBIE! He rejects his own history-Reparations, Land and Nationhood-making his children, pure cannon fodder, talking a new covenant for what they think are sleeping Black folk and love while they practise the art of hatred and deciet towards the nations of the world living in this country waxing fat at their expense. He finds himself in every nation around the world in a warriors uniform fighting a cause this nation has declared war on-standing tall in and for a constitution that's not his or hers. He owns no land and the house is burning! Mother nature is showing her defiance through Rita and Katrina with more to come as the African American Negro completely shows his disregard for Divine Prophecy and the word and works of God- they serve the devil well! Growing, Building, Talking-doing nothing for themselvethey get mad at the Black Man who loves himself and kind-his God!...knowing that Black Power is capable of going againest all odds in relation to prophecy. He knows the different between him self as a Hebrew-an Israelite in relation to Jacob and those claiming to be Jews-they want the Black Man's birthright-wisdom, faith and land as it relates to prophecy and God's Authority! This is what the Black Judas sellouts and pretenders cannot have. It was Black Power that want Land-Freedom and Independance-it was the Judas sellouts that created present day upper and middle class- Black power came to place Black folk-Israel on their own land to build and grow and not in an insane burning house! The burning house was accepted-freedom and land was rejected! Reuben, rebelled againest the tide of folly and chose the Judgement and Rapture in Black Power...found and walked the Kings Highway-entered the door of life and land and took the throne-It's called Divine intervention! Those in this nation and other nations around the world who knew this truth along with their secret societies and organizations conspired to block and kill us off-they failed! Their crime...Conspiracy to commit God killing! They chose the burning house, they knew what they were doing and wanted nothing to do with Divine Prophecy! BlackMan's history in this nation is design to move him towards Justice and a righteous course ...Reparation, Land- Exodus! As the seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon, I declare that there is no choice but to go and do for self! To hell with these lying selfish-mediocre organizations and their lying pimps!

Reuben Beckles