Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, May 19, 2014

Black So-Called leadership is the real problem In Black communities across the Land Under Judas-Promising something for nothing!

The title of this blogger can be seen and felt by anyone living in or out of these United States. If you get to the root of why so much chaos and denial on both side of the spectrum-Black-White-colored and others is because we are in a deep and high spiritual war that is both mental and physical-the goal being power and economics-covered by Identity Theft!...where Black is nothing and remains on the bottom-so that the future of the children remains bleak and non-existence .  The so-called Black communities are paid by the government through what is called faith based churches who see to it that the members remain docile and obedient to the will of those in authority who make the Laws against the govern so that they create nothing for themselves as a class or individuals.  These Faith based entities are controlled and governed by the Sanhedrin Council-the House of Judah from which Judas emerged through the selling out of Christ and the denial of his twelve apostles!...while at the same time making sure slavery stayed in tack by converting nations and nationalities to what they call the religion of Judaism  and the Caucasian blood sucking vampires within the synagogue of Satan now in the Vatican of Rome-along with the Ethiopian college from within that entity!  Ask yourselves why are Blacks in every body's business but their own?  My answer to you-the resources and slavery coming from Black lands  represent hundred of trillions of's big time business and that is why the question of free labor and the debt owed is never talked about or claimed by these sissies calling themselves Men...they are all in on the take (in denial!) This knowledge is tied into the Phony state of Israel-claiming to be Hebrew Israelites relative to the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob and it's all a lie known to Esau and Ishmael and those in the Black House of Judah now controlling the Vatican-which is why the pronouncement  by the Vatican recently took place" Christ is not coming back!"   This also why Black Politicians across the land take a written oath to that phony state to support it-while running for office and after they get in office to make sure all legislation involving that state is passed. This is a secular state and it has nothing to do with the Black Divine State of Jacob that these thug and gangsters are trying to destroy relative to prophecy!  This is also why the Black Churches and other religions want nothing to do with the debt owed-Black power-Reparations-Restitution and Land! ...from that point why the congregations never speak about the Ascension-Aliyah-or the Rapture ...because it's Spiritual and they are not!  They talked it but their actions prove them liars!  They want no Land and Sovereignty and the responsibility towards God-Self and Kind and in their denial and sellout of their history and game playing in this land have become Atheistic settling for crumbs under a female society where the male has no connection to his Divine Maker and therefore no authority in the home or other wise.  Watch the son's weaker than weak as they submit to the Mothers and young girls while older men walk around in a daze or join  the arm forces to fight and die in some distance land totally unwilling or unable to talk about real Black Solutions for themselves and Children or put their lives on the line for what they talk and know to be the truth-or they just accept the status quo!  All this becomes extremely personal to many as I with help from my woman sent much knowledge and wisdom here and around the world based on my actions and solutions not just talk for the benefit of talking-but action for the slaves who are the foundation of this nation within the prophecy of Jacob-God self and kind only to find for the most part most folk are in denial and want nothing to do with me or God -Our Divine Creator-which a part of the Aliyah-Rapture in action for a purpose-in and of the Divine order of it is told you will stand before the Bar of Justice and meet your maker-if you be worthy-it's  a fact no play thing!  The young boys-men must return to the head of their fathers-as King one with their God or there will be no future.  The chaos within and without the land today is a true testament to that faith known in the Kings High Way-the One Day War! Watts-and Jacob's Israel-  ! You or your kind cannot have a woman who hates her Father or claim she's equal to the Man but she loves you...Man Is A Life Giver and God Sustained it!  Unless you can claim the land under your feet-over you head and on both sides of are not and will never be free!  This is not Black man's home!  Black Power-Black is Beautiful   Where do you Stand Black Man?  I am Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Sun of Simeon-I speak only of who I am and what I've done in action!  The Living Most High God Is Real...Israel In Black!            Reuben Beckles(C) 5/19/2014