Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Black Stands Alone-Colored White Pretend Black crying for white daddy as Judas sellouts and Zionist throw them the bone of Racism

Time to clear the air concerning the Black dilemma and slavery in America! With all the various peoples-nationalities-organizations-religions coming to America claiming the melting pot-they come to America-to get wealthy and build for themselves and kind a better life claiming allegiance-to a people and system that purports to be civilized and humane until you open your eyes to the truth and reality of it's foundation. Chains and shackles involving and entire continent of Black folk-they considered animals-pure savages-who endured conditions unknown to Man-to build the foundation of this land-only to end up in this land of plenty-with a promissary note areas of their concentration-east-west-north and south going to hell as they talk-education-religion and politics...have and have-nots-as those coming here from around the world prosper and grow-telling the slaves how great it is where they came from. The slaves listens -continues to build fight and die in every endeaver-the slave masters demands-which includes teaching and pushing the slave masters children to be all they can be-located in the Urban league-National association advancement for colored folk, ie. free and accepted Masons, Shriners-Greek org. and religions who really feel nothing for Black and truth as it relates to their agenda. The question arises...what is their agenda and solution for Black? To make friends with Black Judas sellouts who feel nothing for themselves and kind-those who love bright-lite too white-those who are willing to bring about the destruction and elemination of Black-for white!-This is a fact! Whites were created on the continent-Blacks were sold out on the continent by greedy-selfish-jealous Black's who controlled the populous-which included Israelites(Hebrews) because they didn't believe in the Spirit and power of an unseen God-and they don't believe to this day! This is what you see-this is what it is!...submit or die! Who did the Buffalo soldiers fight and die for in this nation that they helped to destroy? Check the inhabitants known as the American Indians. Ask your present President whose Father was Black-who ran a campaign as if Black was non-existence-but as I understand is a Prince Hall Mason A Man who was exalted into the white house -found the truth About Simeon-his son Reuben of the Twelveth house of Israel-Seed of Jacob...and Black Power who came to help Black folk to become free-this president wants nothing to do with this truth! Even the late President Johnson to whom the knowledge was sent-as well as the department of State and Justice did not act this foolish! Let's clear the air...the nations of the world are trying to stand on the backs and necks of Blacks here in America-hoping Blacks will kill themselves and will not claim Reparations -Restitution and Land while the other Nations through their secret societies and religions convert to Islam and Judaism-hoping to claim the body of Christ the Land and God head - especially these non-Jewish-converts of America; Zionist who had the money- aide of Egypt-knowledge and action of Isis and Racist of the U.S.Goverment to stall and do nothing to solve the Black man's dilemma on this land in this system. Clear the Air Reuben-Seed of Jacob-Son of Simeon Walked the King's Highway-entered the door in the East and took the Throne- It's not for sale-Lands -not for sale! This is not a game...charge is Conspiracy to Commit God killing! Black folk must be paid and given the option to stay or leave and do for themselves on their land! (@) ...July 26 2010 Reuben...son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob(Israel) Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Phoney Agent Provocateurs-raising hell in name of Black Solution-mad having fallen for trick as tricks!

Interesting times to be living on the planet-to be specific -the United States of America' where all peoples have a base or foundation-except the Black man. These men of color not only have a base or foundation but with it comes a land mass-history-language-culture that can be passed on from generation to generation-they include-white-yellow-brown-red-I will finish with the Rainbow. This list does not include Black-Slaves of America! This Man has been used and misused so long-it's hard to even consider him a Man-many fools don't today-even though to nations of the world know and study him from the root up-In the beginning he came from the Continent-Land of the Blacks-traveled the world and Universe-creating and building Nations and things that cannot be duplicated today-yet he came to this Nation in chains and shackles-giving this country-giving this nation a foundation second to none-based on free labor-even as his language was taken-families broken-beaten-kicked -stomped -castrated-lynched-lied too on and about. There was nothing too wicked that wasn't placed on this man head to feet-yet-he stands today...hated and despised by many of his own because he's not bent and broken-that which is true and Just-relative to free labor-and land-not based on someone Else's Identity-Land and deeds-but his own in relation to Divine Prophecy. Many people and nations around the world know these demands are real and have meaning but have been living so good-so long they don't even want to entertain the thought of Black man leaving them. This includes the Black man's woman who have been working in behalf of these other men's nations and nationalities-while bring forth their seed. Their seed pretends to be him-pretends to have his wisdom and knowledge-so that all of his creativity will accrue to them and their off springs-leaving him as a slave with nothing!...Including his Land Base-his foundation! Many groups have been formed in and around his communities which are controlled by demonic-Black-White-Red-Yellow and Brown folk -agent provocateur, pretending to have his interest at heart-but their intent is too kill him off-because of greed-jealousy-envy and pure hatred of themselves. They do all this in the name of being apart of the greatest nation on earth-a nation of laws-where money talks-and Divine law doesn't count-or so they think! enters frustration and reality with crumbling of their financial institutions and governing Political parties-the buying and selling Of America by-Yellow Men of Asia-especially China-who owns much of America's debt-which includes the debt owed too Black Slaves-who were never paid for free labor! Another part of the world that wanted in on the band wagon-Red and Brown Man-Esau and Ishmael- Arabs and the Emirates-Oil producing countries-who were also was responsible in part for the destruction of Black Civilization-who now offer the same as Christianity-peace in the name of Islam-while buying up the national debt-along with the Slave! Black solution has been given by Black for Black-slavery is over-Reparations and Land, as the world watches the next two greedy sovereign powers (Russia and China) in prophecy! Jacob Seed-Reuben-twelfth house-Israel-son of Simeon @(c) July-6/2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Black Truth-Prophecy In Action-Old School-New School

Twenty first century in U.S. of America-Black men in this country must be for real with themselves and others relative to their foundation and truth or be wiped out-game playing and burying ones head in the sand is over! Black man's foundation in this nation is like no other man's on the planet-talk from the White-Yellow-Brown-Red and anything in between relative to equality-freedom and justice is about putting other folk houses in order and harmony-at your expense. You are lead to believe white women is your goal in image in black and white-Black women left you to fight the good fight as she fought you for all these other nations and peoples of the world as Isis-divas- mother's -professional-rooted in religions and secret societies -like Judas proclaiming unconditional love in the name of God and Jesus! This game is played out under the umbrella of Economics -home -churches and politics...the melting pot of the common weatlh of (Europe-England) and the Selling of Spirits-to Caucasian Zionists calling themselves Jews-who have nothing to do with the prophecy of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-These folk want the identity and land of the Black Man-here in America-promised to them By Judas-in the name of Christianity-in an attempt to do away with the prophecy of Jacob-Canaan and the twelve Houses of Israel. The "One Day War of 1968" will attest to their Conspiracy-failing in their attempt to steal the promise Land for greed-selfishness and contempt for God and "little people!" Their acts in deed -is an act to commit an act of'conspiracy to commit God killing-and they will pay! Today they're hiding out with the weatlh and money they stole and the lands they occupy-ruling with laws they feel nothing for and people they hold in utter contempt! It was Reuben who fought them on the front line of defense in prophecy-old school-who did not and would not sell out-rendering new school under the constitution and their acceptance of folly with no foundation in chaos. Enters the so-called new black man -in the person of Obama-President Obama-a Colored man who reads a script written by and for the advancement of Colored white folk-and the Black Judas sellouts talking about "Immigration Reform" and white folk coming to these shores to make a better life for themselves and families-while Black folk and their families came to these shores in chains and shackles-slave labor who never got paid to say nothing concerning their descendants and the land from whence they came. One of the greatest news stories of late in relation to this trend of thought is Helen Thomas-who said the occupiers should leave the stolen lands and identity they are trying to steal and return to Poland -Germany-Russia-United States and where ever else they came from-they're not Semitic! How about Black folk here in America? What about Esau and Ishmael who are promoting all this insanity in the name of "Oil producing Republics?" While we are on this subject-what about all these other folk coming to this nation standing on the backs of black free slave labor-who never received Land nor reparations for free labor-that includes -Latin Latinos-of Central-South America-Mexico-Carri bean -Belize and Africa-relative to the Catholic Church! Truth is Truth! Many family's south of the border-got money under the table when this land was seeded to the U.S.-Families down their would have the world believe they received nothing as they feel nothing for their own-til it suits their game politically-same as Africans who are selling their own out today instead of making it better for their people to live-but then-they too will pay to Prophecy! None can run or hide from the truth-Katrina-Catastrophic dilemmas in the Gulf and else where because of greed-same is true as the volcano eruption in Iceland reeking havoc in Europe and elsewhere along with their financial institutions-and America's failing Empire as they give lip service to the Black slaves who can-will and must speak and act for our selves! Many may think this is just talk and a game-then let the individuals-Armies and game playing fools try and take over Canaan -Prophecy Black man and his Spirit in God-You too will learn and know the truth in the new school with no foundation! Reuben-Seed of Jacob @(c)July 3-2010 reuben beckles