Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Up close and personal=Faith Seen and unseen Karma and Black Justice taking place here and around the World !

Secular law relative to impostors and disbelievers cannot and will never replace Divine Law and wisdom in action.  No lie, trick or game!...Personal and to the point as Reuben, seed of Jacob Sun Son Man of Simeon, linage and house of Black Hebrew ( Israel ) in sovereignty !  Today, as we demand freedom and Justice relative to this nations foundation in brutal slavery, lies and deceit to  land, in the form of Exodus to the continent from which the slaves and their descendants were ripped from their sovereignty and families, placed in chains and shackles to suffer beastly crimes unknown-unseen in human or Spiritual reality, all rooted in " White Supremacy, selfishness and total greed!  This situation was all facilitated then and now by Black leadership, Male and Female who were in complete control of that continent. The chaos that followed the slave movement must be and is placed in their lap as Judas sellouts.  No one could have entered that Land without their knowledge and sanction-which they gave up for profit!  Today, they have become lying wenches and begging bitches taking crumbs from their White slave Masters, along with these punk sissies in the pulpits with their hands out begging...down on their knees like the NFL Gladiators submitting to these Demonic Satanic Devils whom they serve in their Greek, Masonic Fraternities!  With nothing...Money makers that have built nothing of sustained value for future generations they claim to love and be apart of showing they feel nothing for Black self and kind, yet choose to be recognized as leaders with college degrees, surrounded in Black poverty!  ...with no land --banking institutions-businesses!...   nothing, while their white counter parts in Europe and other parts of the world see the hand writing on the wall of Justice and Karma in the Divine order of things.  ( Seen and Unseen...Known in Prophecy)!  It's no joke or laughing matter that Hurricanes Fires and flooding following the slave routes are taking place, destroying land resources and lives in the South moving north east and west!  Consider this...Florida and the damage done to retiring Jewish impostors and their stolen identity living like kings and queens because they have been able to buy off and destroy a multitude of Black folk...same is true in Texas Mississippi, Georgia and the Carolina's with more to come across this land! say nothing about Puerto Rico and other areas in the Grand Bahamas.  I mention Puerto Rico because they're not considered Sovereign  citizens but Aliens-given status under the 'Fourteenth Amendment' ( same as Blacks...not accepted by White Caucasians!   What else will be washed ashore that will be brought too lite...meaning people who thought this was their System and Country only to find their time is up!  They have been played and used, yet, none can make the claim for Justice but Black and their descendants as slaves that free slave labor built with compounded interest and Land-copy rights, patients and other valuables of Reparations and Restitution outlined in other Blogs!  Instead of standing with honor and purpose many have join forces with lying wenches and begging bitches and their soul mates in the pulpits of pimps and hustler,  with Judas sellouts like Esau relative to Jacob, down on their knees to the devil and Satan 'shouting, 'we submit,  Massa  boss man'!...  all, while  forces of Divine Justice move across the land for Black slaves and Gods chosen in the Faith!  What Faith?  The faith of Abraham Isaac and Jacob  (C) 10/6/2017  So now you know ( with more to come and there won't be a thing anyone or thing can or will do to prevent ( God...Supreme Lord of the Most High from doing his will that most thought was a game, lie and trick!   The Devil is still a low down dirty devil, a zebra never changes it's strips or a leopard it's spots.  Where do you stand?    From the Door of Life and Faith of Black Israel I am          Reuben Twelfth House of Israel...Sun Son Man of Simeon Beyond the Jordan and Spiritual Throne.  Righteous path of the Kings Highway and Rapture!  Seen-Unseen!                 Reuben Beckles


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