Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Where do you go from here Black Folk knowing you were going to be wiped from the Planet as insignificant by your so-called friends and brothers around the world and primarily in America?!

The question ask and statement made, is no joke.  This is a Spiritual- Divine War that is facing the world and especially America because of it's position and actions here and abroad !  The Christian Gentiles within the Vatican under White Supremacy was given knowledge and taught by Ethiopians within the Sanhedrin Council along with pretending impostor Zionist Jews in the house of Judea and Western Europe know this truth, as does the rest of Europe-Central and South America. The 'One Day War of 1968' involving yours truly, Reuben, Seed of Jacob- Sun Son Man of Simeon along with the action Walking The 'Kings Highway' Rapture and 'Door of Life-ending in the defeat of Isis and Caucasians from Europe pretending to be Hebrew, Israelites( Israel) of Biblical  Prophecy and Scripture is no joke !  Slavery, Sovereignty, Land was at the core of the chaotic sixties then and now.  What kind of a game do so-called Black Leadership think they're playing, with the lives of so many innocence Black folk at stake?  What provisions have they made for the flock, as Slaves you claim to be leading? ... and their entry to and on their lands from which they were taken?  Or, are you trying to suggest as did the leaders of Ancient Egypt-Hebrews are slaves!  Property,  and can't leave!  We own them!   This is part of the madness and preached insanity, given in action, while they and others cut up and divide the lands, resources and people to suit their needs?  Time and Prophecy demand to know... where's the Justice in such folly and who do you truly represent?  During Noah's time, no one believed Rain would come!  But it did!'  Egyptian rulers thought 'Moses had no power and couldn't take the Children from among them' but he did!  Today, America, and her Black Judas sellouts are faced with the same dilemma relative to Black Slavery and Justice ending ( 6,666 years of slavery and dependency  of Black folk in the faith of Israel' whom the leadership thought they had effectively sold out!...'until Reuben' came through with demands for Freedom Justice, Sovereignty Reparations and Restitution that is Non Negotiable-On Point and No Compromise-game or trick! This is no game knowing our Birthright is not for sale involving Land and Sovereignty' with no exceptions that includes members of my family that knew the truth of my actions but opted out like the 'Disciples of Christ' taking the thirty pieces of silver- claiming they didn't know him!  Today, these folk are not among the chosen Number and they know it!  Too much envy, jealousy and hatred and like the Late Dr King- will be shone the 'Promised Land' That Reuben entered'...but they and their kind will never enter!  They have  sold themselves and Spiritual land and Wisdom out for these demonic people and system which is why you'll hear nothing from them but their Proxy's and  Colored impersonators in crime, pretending Black in 'White Supremacy!'  ...faking it too make it watching devastating mass destruction around the world in 'Fire Air earth and Water' with other unknown elements in 'Hurricanes, Tsunami's , Earthquakes, Flooding, acts of Terrorism's all over the place while America-the United Nations and friends alike find America and it's democracy as a System to rule no more!  God of the Supreme Lord is!' (C) 9/18/2017)   The Devil and Satan know it and so does the Black Judas lying sellout thugs in the pulpits across the land, which is why you don't see or hear from them as the' Divine Spirit of the Creator' works it out! ...NON NEGOTIABLE!  JUSTICE and NO COMPROMISE!   Black Truth in Faith and Israel -Abraham Isaac and Jacob and you can take that to the Mountain Top and Bank it! ...No Game lies and Tricks because the Devil is still a low down dirty devil-speaking with fork tongue!         Justice in Divine Judgment!              Reuben Beckles