Black Folk Action and Truth by Reuben Beckles

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Spirit-Knowledge in Action for Justice and truth in Black Power rejected!

There are several true reasons for the above title as it relates too Black folk in America,who didn't then nor now believe that there legitimate actions while still in Slavery could and would free the world! First, was that slavery was over in (1968-"One Day War") not in talk but in action by yours truly...Reuben, Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon..from the twelfth house, foundation of Israel! A Black House in Prophecy and lean age of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob! How the problem was to have been solved you will learn before I close this blogger. The second problem was and is Identity Theft perpetuated by White Zionists of Europe known and accepted by Black Judas sellouts who sold them the real knowledge of Israel because of envy and jealousy and in the Spirit they taught the Caucasians how he does what he does through the religions and secret orders around the world how to destroy cultures and maintain Slavery-sitting in the black ground calling the shots and accepting crumbs! These Black Judas sellouts along with their Caucasians friends, whom they now call brothers also helped to create this insane melting pot in the tower of Babel-to hide their hands-Coloreds-Creole-Mulattoes-Octoroons how to sustain Black on the bottom-white on top because of self hatred. This enables these monsters to talk freedom-Justice and Equality for all-except Black and that's the problem with freedom as slavery was to have been ended in America. Those behind the scenes, accepting the crumbs were already free...but what about those Blacks on the bottom what was their lot in the foundation of freedom as they were brought here in chains and shackles and stripped of everything including language and family and ended with nothing within the frame work of the Debt for free labor in action-even under the American Laws and Constitution! Today, knowing tremendous benefits have accrued to the Black Judas sellouts and their and their Caucasian slave masters they tell entitled Black Slaves you're free-go to work-get a job as they manipulate the money system and the job market for the educated middle class-with Blacks slaves still on the bottom as people from all cultures and nations walk and stand on Black Slaves ...who have received no Justice in the form of (Land, Reparations and Restitution). However, Truth and Justice has a way of resolving all things in truth! The Social-Justice and Political institutions are crumbling-the monetary systems around the world are in shambles in the face of (HR 40) and John Conyers-Political Bill to the study the effects of physical slavery into mental paranoia. Up pops an organization headed by Afro-American political institutions-Schools-Churches-Activist in secret socialites under the Umbrella called N' Cobra-promoting what they called Reparations. This organization like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. knew the legitimate aspirations of Black folks relative to Restitution-Reparations and Land was real -more important they knew it was all related to Black Power and Prophecy! Just like Judas, they took the money that came into the communities across the land for those on top and left those on the bottom and in between asking the question...what the hell happened? This was done to delegitamatise Prophecy in Black Power in an attempt to Commit God killing! Walking the Kings Highway for Black in Black and our claim for Land -Reparations and Restitution broke their backs and spirit-same as their white Zionist Caucasian brothers who tried to steal Canaan-Jacob's Land in Prophecy Knowing the claims and monies they're stealing around the world is a claim in Identity Theft knowing they are lying thieves in sheep's clothing! These Judas sellouts are insane telling the Mexicans who are a cross between the Indians and Spanish of Spain they are entitled to Jacob's people and blessings under the Mormon Church and Catholic church which is why they move in and around Black folk as Latinos to gain acceptance-and why they never talk about the Treaty Of Guadalupe Hildago and how the government of Mexico, sold the people and lands they are trying to claim within the U.S. states as theirs . Truth is they must now confront their own who are raising hell with the long knives-dope trafficking in black communities and the Pope's visit from the Vatican into Mexico, all relative to the Treaty and their relation to their entry into the money state of what they think is (Israel)!..and their participation with the Black Church! One of the more deep seeded problems with Black folk in America,is their trust they place in all people especially, those they claim are people of color as they lend themselves to all forms of usury and hypocrisy! "Lest We Forget" the foundation of this nation was and is Black Slavery and a debt is owed the Slaves and their descendant's and no other people can make that claim but the slaves and their descendant's. We know our journey in and on this land has been long and hard but we don't have the right to loose sight of what's real...too many people have lost their lives from the Black continent here claiming kinship with certain Indian Tribes who today want nothing to do with Black! ...meaning Judas and his imps have black folk believing we are all the same-Brothers as they attempt to wipe Black out in the talk of freedom Justice and Equality for all as a free people! Look around you the politicians say they gave you freedom and the vote-therefore you're free to do his dirty work and promote his system and livelihood while you think you're independent and free-but the Judas sellouts know better-you can't build and sustain a factory with nothing! When he's through using you and what you think is your kind he removes you from his office leaving you with no voice or ability to make policy for yourself and kind(example...Bernard Parks-ex Chief of Police and the eighth council district of Los Angeles. Jan Perry-Ninth Council District-female thought she had it made) only too find that behind closed doors-both were removed from office leaving whom they represented thinking they too were free and independent moaning and groaning about they had been tricked by the same white folk who had bought them off with crumbs from the Reparations table as an entire middle class-where are you as a people going from here knowing most don't want Black Power in God and truth-you gave that they move you down south from Georgia, home of Black culture and homosexuality-to Florida, and a young Black youth(Trayvon) shot down like and animal and like his father who had taught him thought he was free and didn't have to worry about race in Black and White- but now shout with the Justice no Peace!...this cry is heard across the nation as we will make the truth plain for all to know as you walk with truth and have the Wisdom to understand-today is time for the real black truth who understand the real revolution of freedom from slavery and chains and Shackles is rooted in(Reparations-Land And Restitution! This account is not about Usury-Trickeration and Crumbs! It is Prophecy-and freedom in account of more than One Hundred And Fifty Trillion Dollars in Gold and Silver with compounded interest from eighteen sixty five at today's going rate-from the Black Continent here! ...back home using what ever is needed from this account to send Black slaves and their descendant's home to their land. What ever is needed to perform this action for goods and services will be performed by whites and others here in need of Jobs- by Blacks on the Continent as Blacks here return home as the Prodical Sons And Daughters Bring Justice where Justice is due! Other wise, listen too the bullies of war-blow the world up and Blacks will still leave knowing their is no back door to my house and Blacks will still leave in truth en-mass under Divine intervention! Reuben @(c) 3/23/2012-Son Of Simeon-Seed Of Jacob Reuben Beckles

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black Trust in Action And Divine Truth-Declaration Of Independence-Black Power!

Since the publication of our last four to five Blogger it appears that we have stirred the pot of Justice, Liberty and Truth relative to the foundation of Black slaves in America and the debt of Land, Reparations and Restitution owed for free labor and "Conspiracy To Commit God Killing!"...The hell that was heaped upon a certain people is because your kindness-your love and belief in the brotherhood of all men and people was taken as a sign of weakness-compounded by the Blackness of your skin in the form of all colors...the darker, the more hell and suffering has been your lot and continues today. Today, many of us continue to suffer because of the games other peoples and nations play in the form of jealously and usury not understanding how we survive in the total scheme of things that they understand would have completely wiped them out from day one. Much has been said and written about Black and White and why the two peoples find it difficult to get along in harmony. I submit to you and the world that the basic cause is Spiritual-when and how they (WE) were created. You will find the truth in Prophecy, but to make things a little plainer read "Too Serve The Devil" vol. one & two. Whole cultures and peoples were destroyed by these folk because of selfishness, greed and color and their inability to over come their feeling of inferiority which continues to this present day. Today, if you listen to their cried of peace, love, brotherhood, trust, study their deeper meaning in the form of education, justice, political and monetary uncertainty occupy social unrest-to drop the bomb or not to drop the bomb and their religious pretence of loyalty to God while they blow folks up around the world in the name of peace and stability you'll find the real meaning for black folk is to have you beg and drop your guard-your belief in God as you know him in the spirit so they can continue their revolution to wipe black out! Today in this society and around the world many blacks have been bought off only to end up killing themselves leaving their children to suffer as the hand s of these demons pretending to be humans. They want the trust of unsuspecting blacks whom they can use against themselves. In America, they want your Land, Reparations and Restitution rooted and based in your foundation of slavery in chains and shackles and a debt owed! If you can be used into a corner of Trust in behalf of this nation and it's ruling class-it means you don't know who you are and you don't care! You have lost sight of God self and kind and someone else will obtain and use that which should accrue to you-your blessings-your wealth! Trust misplaced is very dangerous if you're not careful.! The melting pot is a mine field of usury, trickeration and death. Consider this in fact and trust worthy truth... many Latinos and others know your history and theirs and many will tell you we're on the same page until they tell you this land you're both standing on belongs to them and their kind. They don't want you with their woman-they don't want you in their neighborhoods unless you submit to them while they laugh at you selling you dope to kill your mine while they expand their businesses-Asians do the same thing. The Caucasians, on the other hand in particular the Zionist, smile in your face, gives you a crumb, let's you play with his woman, whom he feels nothing for-puts you in politics to make policy for his betterment and your death ...puts you in his army-air force-navy marines-special forces and sends you over seas in the name of his constitution to fight and die for his special interests-people looking just like you who are trying to live and survive. Many wake up too late only to find they're fighting themselves as the war goes on right on the very land they left making the world a better place...for whom? The slaves and their descendants are still poor and didn't get a damn thing but a kick in the behind while the slave master and his kind laugh at you and your kind! You say Trust them-things are getting better. I say it's about Black destruction and Identity Theft -Trust !...his actions and deeds are not worthy of (Our) my Trust! These folk gave one of your most trusted politicians fifteen million dollars to study the effect of slavery in the person of John Conyers (HR 40) what happened? off-still no Land -Restitution-Reparations while the pretending Jews of Europe continue to bomb Palestine with their eyes on Iran trying to move on what they think is the back door of Canaan-the only thing they Will find are Black warriors waiting on them Just like the "ONE DAY WAR-1968" relative to Reuben and the Rapture-Aliyah-Ascension(TRUST) Reuben Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon (C) 3/14/2012 Reuben Beckles

Monday, March 12, 2012

Talk with No action for real Spiritual Justice and Truth Is nothing but Talk-In the end Creating nothing but more Chaos In Chains and Shackles!

The spirit of truth as Divine intervention continues relative to Prophecy...Jacobs' Israel in Black America, relative to our foundation in Chains and shackles-free slave labor-a debt never paid ...but owed! Who cares said the majority as they continue to accept the crumbs hoping the truth and the revolution will just go away as the sellout continues. Surprise...Justice is a monster when confronted with a wall of Divine intervention based upon life and death as those who accepted death cry out for face saving Ideas-not Ideology and fact of truth! At this point I feel it only Just that more names be included in our list of people and institutions who have received the knowledge and wisdom of my God in Black power in prophecy and Spirit of Abraham-Isaac and Jacob-the foundation of the slaves in America, who wasn't about just talk for the benefit of the slave masters and their Judas sellouts who have been hiding the truth while reaping tremendous profits and benefits at the expense of those bought here in chains and shackles-and their descendants who today are told they're free to compete with nothing-including land-keeping them in a complete state of usury and confusion! Many of the name I will give you are the same people who didn't care then nor now as too the condition of those suffering under extreme condition called poverty and paranoia! "Eternal Promise-Baptist Church-CA.; Figueroa Church of Christ-CA.; Bethel Church of Christ-CA.; Bethlehem Church of Christ Holiness-CA.; Philadelphia Baptist Church-CA.; New Bethel-CA.; King Solomon-CA.; Jerusalem Baptist Church-CA.; Galilee Baptist Church-CA.; St.Mark AME Zion-LA.; Tabernacle Of Faith-CA.; St Paul Baptist Church-CA.; Upper Room Christian Church-CA.; Ward African Methodist Episcopal Church-CA.; Redeemer Presbyterian Church(U.S.A) CA.; New Light Cogic-Santa Monica, CA; Faith Tabernacle-Compton,CA. United Methodist-Vermont Square CA.; Four Square(Avalon Zion)CA.; Greater Mount Olive-Church of God in Christ-CA.; Church of the Living God-Los Angeles, CA. and surrounding areas are the same across this land relative to black areas-a church on every corner yet conditions in inner cities despite talking faith no real action is taking place by those talking leadership relative to God--as other nationalities come to these areas grow and prosper-whether selling dope-going to school on Reparations money-going in business extracting the wealth of black folk while they talk brotherhood and peace for everyone while blacks remain in the pot hole of despair talking what's up!...we gotta' march-demonstrate!...playing the colored game! A mind is a terrible thing to waste (more talk-no action!) even though colleges and universities abound! Here are Colleges and Universities that received our knowledge and wisdom. Bowdoin College-Maine; Vassar College-Poughkeepsie, NY; Skid more College-NY; Syracuse University-NY; San Diego State University-San Diego,CA.; Dillard University-New Orleans,La.; Xavier University-New Orleans,La.; Rutgers University, New Jersey.; St. Josephs University- Pa.; Rust College-Miss.; Tougaloo College-Miss.; Baylor University-Texas; Jarvis Christian College-Tx.; Wiley College-Tx; Barber Scotia College-NC.; Bennett College-NC; Johnson C Smith University-NC; Livingstone College-NC; Saint Augustine's College-NC; Shaw University-NC; Wilberforce University-Ohio; Benedict College-SC; Calvin College-SC; Saint Paul's College-Va; Virginia Union University-Va; University of Virginia-Va; College of William & Mary-Va; Tuffs University-Mass.; Boston College-Mass; Fisk University-Tenn.; Stillman College-Ala; Talladega College-Ala.; Arkansas State University-Ark. ; Bethune Cockman College-FL.; Interdenominational Theological Center-Ga.; Morehouse College, Ga.; Paine College-Ga.; Morris Brown College-Ga.; Spelman College-Ga. This is just a partial list of Colleges and Universities yours truly has communicated with relative to the question of Black slavery and reparations in this nation, as well as Rep. Patrica Schroeder-Colo.; Sen. Joseph Bidden-Delaware.; Sen. Robert Dole-Kansas.; President George Bush; Rep. Tom Tauke-Iowa.; Alan Simpson-Wyoming. And the whole Political and Judicial System. Their collective Silence speaks volumes and their non-action even more in these turbulent times. This is my position in and on time as I have not change one inch and have no intentions of doing so ...the Actions I have taken is real as are the people, for whom we speak-realizing the numbers of dis-believers here and around the world may think it's a joke-stand and declare yourselves-fight my truth and Prophecy-my God as Black and take the Land I represent as did the Aryans and Caucasians Zionist who have been buying off Black folk-creating breeding farms consisting of Black females-while Lynching the Black Males through castration-beatings- burnings-injecting him with all kinds of diseases for experimental purposes and destroying his families with all kinds of games to completely demoralize him and his kind-ending with the "One Day War" of 1968 and the denial of his birthright which you can't have and must suffer the consequences of your action while you talk peace and love with words not deeds in action! Why should we trust you now that Divine Intervention has shone you for what you are and you must pay the price? Truth and Justice does not play games! Reuben Seed of Jacob, Son of Simeon (C)@ 2012/March 12th. Reuben Beckles

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

No Matter What-God Is as is My Faith Wraped in Believed Knowledge and Action!

Yours truly has just turned Eighty-March 4Th/2012 and was given one of the most beautiful surprises a Man could ever receive-recognition-a beautiful dinner and Limousine service to a lovely home out of town owned by one of my daughter's and her husband. I was pleasantly surrounded by a host of other family members whom I hadn't seen for sometime and their friends whom I also enjoyed. The day-the atmosphere was glorious-love and joy touched us all knowing the memory lives on! Thank you one and all...Dad-Reuben Beckles. "Lest We Forget." the eye on the prize...Truth and Justice remains at this point the only value of real substance relative to the condition of Black folk -slavery and the future to ourselves and kind! Some of us have done and are doing quite well even in these turbulent times but know this-many are called but God chooses whom he pleases meaning there is a reason a divine purpose for what and how we do living and fighting for self and kind walking the Kings high Way in the spirit of God to enter the door of life after leaving these shores and returning alive without touching a Man Woman or child-without a Gun-Knife or weapon of any kind to stand on the foundation of reality and truth as Satan and his imps around the world pretend to be the House of the Divine in Jacob -living and pretending on a land mass not theirs or their kind that they choose to call (Israel) so as too demonize the real House and Seed(Children) of Israel-Black -whom they along with others are trying to destroy as they have been for centuries and failed! Their latest and massive attempt was in (1968) and the "One Day War! and they know it as do others around the world as their Temple is crumbling! Every where these destructive people go...death-destruction and poverty follow-which is the real meaning behind what Hitler did in world war two-they tried to destroy Germany, Economically and politically and why President Truman dropped the bomb on an Asian country and not an Aryan Caucasian Country and why and how America was bought and sold out to the Zionist and the UN called Israel and the money key! This move was to blind- confuse and supplant the real Israel in Black...Jacob in prophecy with these Caucasian phonies who were never in that area of the world and they know it! The real problem is Ishmael and Esau which is what Ben Laden was not suppose to bring out being born in Saudi Arabia, also why Current President Obama, in his war policy, was forced to kill him off-this is the same knowledge MalcolmX found out after he made his journey to Mecca! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted and got recognition from Satan, after selling out and getting many of his own people slaughtered in the name of integration and brotherhood ! It was then God in the Spirit took him to the Mountain Top and showed him the promised Land then put on his mind what he had done giving rise to his last speech-I have a dream! It was also at this time in history we sent information all over this nation and the world concerning the Black Slaves of America and their descendant's relative to Freedom -Independence and Justice in the form of Restitution, Reparations and Land-as we made the (Rapture-Aliyah-Ascension) into the house of Reuben as Seed of Jacob, son of Simeon! The price I paid for self and kind was heavy but I live and it's not a trick nor a lie and the Land nor the throne is not now or will it ever be for sale! This is why Ex President Bush was told to invade and move on Iraq! Why the Zionist state is whining like an empty wagon-'never again as they want to enter Canaan through what they believe is a back door crying" invade Iran" because of it's missile program knowing those Satanic demons that they call Israeli have the bomb like many others including the United States of America and the only Republic Nation to build and use such a weapon! Whose kidding whom? ... since these greedy monsters think they're Gods using Identity theft it will all back fire...this I have seen! ...Justice in Black, God is real as the prophecy of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is real! Thanks for a beautiful day! March the 4/2012 (c) @3/6/2012 Reuben Seed of Jacob-son of Simeon Reuben Beckles

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Doubting Thomas concerning Black Slaves Of America-compounds problems because they refused to stand in the lite of Truth!

As the country called the United States Of America declines and the black slaves who thought they were free and accepted begin to realize their non-importance in the scheme of things while being kicked to the side abused and missed used many of them are just now beginning to recognize the lite -wisdom and truth of my knowledge and stand knowing we paid a price for this truth that didn't start yesterday...also knowing that many had this knowledge but took the crumbs refusing to stand for what is real and just because of the stench of slavery and all it's attending Ill's as our foundation! To leave one's foundation suggesting slavery never happened is pure folly-but to do the slave mastered bidding just to be accepted is something so different that I have no words to describe it! It is said I am not who I say I am-it is also said I didn't do what the world knows was done relative to Black Power as express in many of my Bloggers-moreover, that we didn't share our knowledge in action that was done for the benefit of the Black slaves, Restitution, Reparations and Land=Jacob's Israel! As this point as promised I submit more names to the list of Black and White Newspapers-Political Individuals and Institutions-Ministers and Religious Organizations-Colleges and Universities and never ask any of these folk for a dime to cover our expenses while recognizing the seriousness of our position and time. In Los Angeles the Central news Bureau covers a large region that has under it's umbrella some ten weekly newspapers--Beacon Weekly-Inner city, Mobile, Ala.--Arizona Informant, Phoenix, AZ--California Voice, Berkeley, Ca.--Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco Post, Oakland Ca.--Black Voice News, Riverside, Ca.--Voice News and Viewpoint, San Diego, Ca.--Afro-American, Washington News Observer, District of Columbia--West side Gazette, Fort Lauder dale, Fl.--Times, Miami, Fl.--Sentinel Bulletin, Orlando Fl.--Herald, Savannah,Ga.--Fact, Seattle, Wash.-- Voice Of the Black Community, Decatur, Ill--Chicago Defender, News Crusader,Chicago, Ill.--Western Spirit, Paola, Ks--Baltimore Afro-American, Baltimore Maryland--Bay State Banner, Boston Mass--Richmond Afro-American and Planet, Richmond, Va.--East-Nation Of Islam-Min. Farrahan, Chicago, Ill.-- Speaker of the House(Willie Brown) Sacramento,CA--Arkansas Gazette, Little Rock, Ar-- News Sentinel, Knoxville, TN--Times, Los Angeles, CA--Herald Examiner,Los Angeles, CA--Wall Street Journal(East Edition) New York,NY--Wall Street journal(PCE), Paolo Alto,Ca.--Bee, Sacramento,CA--Union, San Diego,CA--Post, Washington,DC--Post Intelligence, Seattle,Wash.--Eagle and beacon, Wichita,KS--Beacon Journal, Akron,OH--Journal and Consitution,Alanta,GA.--U.S.A Today, Los Angeles,CA--Urban League(John Mack)--C.O.R.E(Roy Innis-Celes King)--Dr. Benjamin Hooks--Rev. Jessie Jackson-- Interdenominational Ministry(Frank Higgins)-- Black Caucus, Julian Dixon--California Black Lawyers Association, Oakland California.--House Speaker Jim Wright, Washington DC--Raymond Beckles,Qahim, Seattle WA.--Charlene Hunter Gault--Ted Koppel--Carl Earle's, Att.--Max cine Waters--Robert Brock--Danny Bake well,Brotherhood Crusade, Sentinel Newspaper--Rev.T.L. Kirkland,La.--Rev. Price La.--Dr. Cecil Chip Murray-- Bishop. Blake,La--Dr. Dumas Alexander HarshawJr.La.--Sanford Alexander-Publisher Herald Dispatch--Rev. J.B. Hard wick --African Methodist Episcopal Church, Office of Senior Bishop, Nashville,Tenn.-- Phillips Temple-Minister Of Education--Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta Ga. Dr T. Shannon--More House College, Atlanta Ga. History Dept.-- Tuskegee Institute University. Dr Hawks/ Political Science--University of the South.Swanee, Tenn.-Indian and Black History--Fisk University,Nashville Tenn.--Le Moyne-owens College, Memphis Tenn. Black studies--Stanford University,Ca.--Grambling State University ,Grambling La--All Universities and state Colleges on the west coast and other parts of the nation too many to type at this time-but I think you got the point ...we did our home work- we walked what we talked! Confusion and turmoil-deceit usury and lies are all design to keep slavery alive and Eyes off the prize relative to Black slaves without land and a real future given to you by your God...Prophecy-Israel ..."Lest We Forget!"The Kings highway and the "one day War was and Is Real in Black as is the prophecy of Abraham Isaac and Jacob! Reuben son of Simeon-Seed of Jacob! March 4th/2012 (C) Reuben Beckles